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Ruth W.

Crocker, PhD
Memoir and Legacy Writing Coach
Ruth W. Crocker, PhD, is a 2013 Pushcart
Prize-nominated author, writing consultant,
and expert on recovery from trauma and
personal tragedy. Her memoir Those Who
Remain: Remembrance and Reunion After
War describes her experience following her
husbands death in Vietnam and how she found
resources for healing.
Crockers essays have been recognized in Best
American Essays and her articles have been
featured in the Gettysburg Review, Grace
Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post,
O-Dark-Thirty, and T.A.P.S. Magazine.
She received an MFA in Creative Nonfction
from Bennington College, a PhD in Nutrition
and Human Development from the Universi-
ty of Connecticut and a Master of Education
from Tufts University. Along the way she also
became a Registered Dietitian.
Crocker worked in health care administra-
tion and clinical nutrition before becom-
ing a full-time writer. Currently, she is the
at Riverlight Wellness
Center in Stonington,
Connecticut, where
she teaches the art of
writing memoirs and
personal essays to
aspiring writers who
want to express their
own stories. She lives,
cooks, and writes in
Mystic, Connecticut
and is available for
workshops, readings,
and public speaking.
For more information on
Ruth W. Crocker and her memoir,
Those Who Remain: Remembrance
and Reunion After War,
visit her website at
(860) 536-3701