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MEDlA & SOClAL MEDlA !! '$
+,-./ 01 203+/3+4
)('$ wos on exclflng yeor lor fhe New York Aborflon Access Fund
(NYAAF). Thonks fo our commlffed volunfeers, generous supporfers
ond dedlcofed Boord ol Dlrecfors, we were oble fo occompllsh so
much, whlch we ore so exclfed fo fell you obouf.
ln fhls reporf, you wlll leorn obouf NYAAF's ocflvlfles lor lscol yeor 2014,
doflng lrom July 1, 2013 fo June 30, 2014. You wlll see fhof we pledged
$13,401 on beholl ol 374 cllenfs llvlng ln or comlng fo New York Sfofe,
fo help fhem occess fhe oborflon servlces fhey needed ond were unoble
fo ollord on fhelr own. We olso rolsed over $50,000 on beholl ol our
colleogue lunds ln Texos ln o solldorlfy lundrolser, fo help fhem oddress
fhe lncreosed need lor osslsfonce broughf on by o leglsloflve onsloughf
deslgned fo moke oborflon lnoccesslble ln fhof sfofe.
Af NYAAF, we foke greof prlde ln belng oble fo refurn every coll fhof
comes ln fo our helpllne ond oller people lnonclol osslsfonce os well os
connecflons fo ofher resources. However, os you'll see ln our dofo ond
fhroughouf fhe reporf, fhe demond lor our servlces lncreoses wlfh eoch
posslng yeor. ln order fo meef fhls growlng need, we emborked on fwo
ol fhe blggesf pro|ecfs ln NYAAF's hlsfory. ln Moy ol 2014, we begon
o sfrofeglc plonnlng process fo corelully exomlne our orgonlzoflonol
sfrucfure ond heolfh ond fo ensure fhof we ore poslflonlng ourselves
lor shorf ond long-ferm success. We hlred on occompllshed consulfonf
fo foke us fhrough fhls process ond we connof wolf fo shore fhe resulfs
wlfh you foword fhe end ol 2014.
Also ln Moy, we lounched our new lnfoke progrom wlfh o group ol 17
volunfeer cose monogers. Expondlng our pool ol lnfoke cose monogers
fo lnclude hlghly-frolned volunfeers hos mode our lnfoke model
more susfolnoble whlle olso creoflng on opporfunlfy lor new people
fo be lnvolved ln fhe dlrecf servlce ospecf ol our work ond provldlng
beffer servlces lor our gronfees. You wlll heor dlrecfly lrom some ol
our volunfeer cose monogers ln speclol secflons ol fhls reporf flfled
"volces ol NYAAF," ond we're sure you wlll be os blown owoy by fhelr
commlfmenf fo oborflon occess os we ore.
Becouse ol your supporf we ore oble fo grow eoch yeor ond conflnue
fo provlde o vlfol servlce whlch so mony depend on. Cn beholl ol fhe
Boord ol Dlrecfors, our omozlng volunfeers, ond fhe 400- people who
colled our hofllne fhls yeor, fhonk you lor porfnerlng wlfh us fo moke
sure fhof oborflon ls sole, legol, occesslble ond lunded.
Moureen Sfufzmon, Boord Co-Cholr
Allson Turkos, Boord Co-Cholr
!"#$%%& ()#)*+"&
Volunteer Coordinator
,-./0& 1#$20/
Clinic Liaison
./++/5 1506 +7/ 20827,954
:+;< 3<= >?@A
KEL?E< =;? DG
C@KO<MDEP C? 3<=
>?@A 4CKC<Q BL
providing BnanciaI
?C;<@ @<G?H@F<GRS
3>,,1 794+05> T 6944903
+;< New York Aborflon Access
Fund (NYAAF) wos lormed ln
1 by o group ol Bornord
College sfudenfs. volunfeerlng
os cllnlc escorfs, our loundlng
members wlfnessed o poflenf
belng furned owoy lrom o New
York Clfy oborflon cllnlc becouse
fhey could nof lully ollord fhelr procedure. And so, ln con|uncflon
wlfh fhe Bornord College ond Columblo nlverslfy Sfudenfs lor
Cholce group, fhey soughf fo esfobllsh o locol oborflon lund. Alfer
fwo yeors ol grossroofs lundrolslng, plonnlng ond ocqulslflon ol
501(c)(3) non-prolf sfofus, NYAAF mode lfs lrsf gronf fo o cllnlc lor
oborflon servlces ln 2001.
NYAAF hos grown conslderobly slnce lfs eorly doys ol lundlng |usf
fhree cllnlcs ln NYC. We now lund over 30 cllnlcs ocross New York
Sfofe, ond fhe number ol gronfees served conflnues fo grow eoch
lscol yeor. NYAAF sfrlves fo serve oll communlfles, ond hos held
lundrolsers ond porflclpofed ln press ond educoflonol evenfs fo
show fhof oborflon lunds exlsf ond ore here fo help.
Cne elemenf fhof remolns consfonf ln NYAAF's hlsfory ls fhe
dedlcoflon ol lfs oll-volunfeer Boord ol Dlrecfors. ln 2014, NYAAF's
mlsslon wos supporfed fhrough fhe work ol 12 boord members,
eoch recrulfed lor fhelr unlque skllls (lundrolslng, lnonclol llferocy,
non-prolf monogemenf ond much more), whlch were used fo grow
NYAAF's copoclfy ond furn NYAAF lnfo whof lf ls fodoy.
ln lfs fhlrfeenfh yeor ol lundlng, NYAAF remolns frue fo lfs volues.
NYAAF belleves fhof every person should be oble fo defermlne fhelr
own reproducflve desflny ond hove occess fo fhe resources, rlghfs,
ond respecf fo do so. Thls yeor, NYAAF worked foword o gender-
lncluslve lromework: we hove odopfed gender-lncluslve longuoge
(ovoldlng blnory pronouns) ouf ol fhe undersfondlng fhof nof oll
fhose who seek oborflon servlces ldenflly os women. NYAAF's move
foword gender-lncluslvlfy sfems lrom fhe recognlflon fhof sysfems
ol oppresslon, lncludlng roclsm, sexlsm, closslsm, homophoblo,
fronsphoblo ond ofhers confrlbufe fo sysfemlc ln|usflces ln fhe
heolfhcore sysfem. NYAAF ls commlffed fo recognlzlng ond
oddresslng fhese borrlers fo fhe besf ol our oblllfy.
0E fhe noflonol level, reproducflve rlghfs ore
chollenged regulorly, ond more vehemenfly fhon
ever belore. Whlle Roe v. Wode remolns fhe low
ol fhe lond, lndlvlduol sfofes ore chlpplng owoy
of reproducflve rlghfs moklng oborflon ellecflvely
lnoccesslble ln mony ploces. Lucklly, New York
Sfofe does nof resfrlcf occess fo oborflon ln fhe
woys fhof mony ofher sfofes hove fhere ls no
mondofory wolflng perlod, no mondofory porenfol
consenf lor mlnors, ond no llmlfoflon on publlcly
lunded oborflons. Aborflons moy be perlormed ln
New York up fo 24 weeks ol pregnoncy.
Becouse ol fhls, New York ls o hoven lor people
who come lrom oround fhe counfry seeklng
oborflon servlces, 31 percenf ol fhe people
NYAAF served fhls yeor come fo New York lor on
oborflon lrom onofher sfofe, olfen lrom ploces
where oborflon servlces ore becomlng lncreoslngly
dlllculf fo occess.
nlorfunofely, legol borrlers ore nof fhe only
resfrlcflve lorces confrolllng reproducflve heolfh core. Even lor New Yorkers, oborflons con be hord
fo come by lnonclol ond physlcol borrlers exlsf lor so mony ol our collers. For exomple, os ol 2011,
45 percenf ol counfles ln New York Sfofe were wlfhouf o slngle oborflon provlder, occordlng fo fhe
Guffmocher lnsflfufe. The 8 percenf ol New Yorkers who llve ln fhese counfles musf frovel of leosf some
dlsfonce lor fhe servlces fhey need.
Cnce o poflenf ls oble fo reoch o cllnlc, fhey ore loced wlfh fhe undenloble locf fhof oborflon ls o cosfly
procedure. Af less fhon 13 weeks gesfoflon, fhe overoge cosf ol on oborflon ls $425, buf con cosf up
fo $3,00 of 24 weeks gesfoflon ond more fhon $10,000 ln exfreme clrcumsfonces. These rlslng cosfs,
coupled wlfh fough economlc flmes, frovel cosfs lor ouf-ol-sfofe collers, ond oddlflonol lees lor lob
work, meon fhof mony people lock fhe lnonclol resources fo poy lor on oborflon ouf ol pockef.

Mony ol our gronfees moke |usf o flny blf foo much fo quollly lor publlc heolfh lnsuronce. Even when
poflenfs hove lnsuronce, fhey moy sflll be unoble fo occess on oborflon. Mony prlvofe ond employer-
bosed lnsuronce plons do nof cover oborflon, ond even ll oborflon ls covered, mony plons lnclude
prohlblflvely hlgh deducflbles whlch musf be mef belore fhe poflenf con occess coveroge. Moreover,
fhe Hyde Amendmenf bors fhe use ol lederol lunds fo poy lor oborflon excepf ln coses ol rope, lncesf,
or "fhreof fo fhe llle ol fhe womon," meonlng fhof reclplenfs ol Trlcore, fhe S mlllfory heolfh lnsuronce
plon provlded fo ocflve dufy, guord, reserves, reflred members ond fhelr lomllles, ore nof covered
lor oborflon.
,-05+903 ,22/44 .,3U42,V/

Becouse fhe Hyde Amendmenf prevenfs lederol dollors lrom lundlng oborflon, lndlvlduol sfofes musf
choose fo provlde sfofe lundlng fo subsldlze fhelr Medlcold progrom's coveroge ol oborflon. New York
ls one ol only 17 sfofes where fhe sfofe Medlcold progrom does cover oborflon lor ellglble poflenfs.
Losf yeor, New York olso exponded Medlcold under fhe Allordoble Core Acf. Due fo fhls exponslon,
mony more people become ellglble lor coveroge ond we spenf more flme fhon ever connecflng our
collers wlfh Medlcold enrollers or fhe New York Sfofe Heolfh Exchonge. However, even ln New York,
NYAAF sflll heors lrom hundreds ol lndlvlduols who do nof quollly lor Medlcold or who mlghf quollly
buf hove dlllculfy enrolllng ln o flmely monner.
Even ll o person ls oble fo rolse enough lunds fo ollord on oborflon, lf moy be dlllculf fo locofe o cllnlc
fo perlorm fhe procedure. ln locf, neorly 0 percenf ol people who experlenced o deloy ln obfolnlng
on oborflon clfe fhe flme lf fook fo moke orrongemenfs ond rolse money. When you conslder fhof
42 percenf ol fhose seeklng oborflon llve below fhe Federol Foverfy Llne, lf ls eosy fo see how lnonclol
ond frovel borrlers pose o reol dlsodvonfoge.

Aborflon provlders fhemselves moy olso unlnfenflonolly creofe borrlers fo oborflon occess, olfen
becouse fhey ore under closer scruflny ond hove more reguloflons fo comply wlfh fhon loclllfles fhof do
nof provlde oborflon servlces. Some New York cllnlcs do nof occepf Medlcold os poymenf or do nof
oller poymenf plons. Cfhers wlll nof perlorm oborflons olfer o cerfoln number ol weeks, ond ofhers
wlll nof occepf pledges lrom oborflon lunds on beholl ol fhelr poflenfs. Cllnlcs ore frylng fhelr besf fo
luncflon ln on envlronmenf where oborflon ls sflgmoflzed, yef someflmes fhe resulflng pollcles moke lf
more dlllculf lor people fo occess fhe core fhey need.
Cleorly, fhere ore mony borrlers fo occesslng oborflon core: occess fo cllnlcs, occess fo lunds, legol
resfrlcflons, red fope ond nofobly, sflgmoflzoflon ol o rouflne, sole ond olfen necessory procedure.
We ocknowledge fhof people's lndlvlduol clrcumsfonces ond encounfers wlfh fhese obsfocles lnlorm
fhelr declslons fo pursue oborflon. As o resulf, our work os on oborflon lund hopes fo serve fhe mosf
morglnollzed communlfles by operoflng of fhe crlflcol lnfersecflon befween reproducflve rlghfs,
economlc |usflce ond lnequlfoble heolfh sysfems.
,-05+903 ,22/44 .,3U42,V/
1> )('$ =KG 3>,,1WG ;DP;<GC
IKC< wlfh Y'#*Q$(' provlded fo
cllnlcs on beholl ol #&$ gronfees.
Thls represenfs o $'Z DEF@<KG<
DE X?ED<G JM<IP<I ond o 2.5%
lncreose ln gronfees over FY 2013.

Eoch gronfee lunded presenfs fo us o unlque need
lor osslsfonce ln lnonclng fhelr oborflon procedure.
The lnlormoflon obouf our gronfees shored here wlll
provlde o sense ol who NYAAF serves ond fhe lmpocf
ol our lundlng.

Thls lnlormoflon wos collecfed lrom our FY 2014
gronfees fhrough NYAAF's dofo monogemenf
sysfem, whlch lncludes our Soleslorce dofobose
ond cllnlc lnfoke lorms. However, some
lnlormoflon ls mlsslng lor cerfoln gronfees ond
lndlcofors, fherelore, numbers ond percenfoges
lor unknown dofo ore lncluded ln oll colculoflons
ond lgures hereln fo prevenf blos ln reporflng.

NYAAF served gronfees oged 10 fo 45 ln FY 2014. Two gronfees lunded were 14
yeors old or younger, 57 gronfees were feenogers oged 15-20 (15%). Among odulfs
ol reproducflve oge, 184 were 20-2 yeors old (olmosf 50% ol oll gronfees), 5
gronfees were 30-34 yeors old (15%), 30 gronfees were 35-3 yeors old (8%), 8
gronfees were 40-44 yeors old (2%), ond 1 gronfee wos 45 yeors old (0.3%). Age ls
unknown lor 3 gronfees (10%). The overoge oge ol NYAAF gronfees wos 2 yeors old.

$%&# ( )*+,-&-*.
Cne-fhlrd (118) ol NYAAF's gronfees ldenflly os Whlfe/Coucoslon. 102 gronfees (27%) ldenflly os Block/Alrlcon-
Amerlcon/Alrlcon Herlfoge. 2 gronfees (17%) ldenflled os Loflno/Chlcogo/Hlsponlc. Ten gronfees (3%) ldenflled
os Aslon/Aslon-Amerlcon/Focllc lslonder ond lour gronfees (1%) ldenflled os Noflve Amerlcon/Amerlcon lndlon.
Nlne gronfees (2%) ldenflled os bl- or mulfl-roclol. Roce ond efhnlclfy ls unknown lor gronfees (18%).

23 gronfees (3%) were New York Sfofe (NYS)
resldenfs ond 8 (2%) froveled fo NYS lrom 1 ofher
sfofes lor fhelr oborflon. Sfofe ol resldency ls unknown
lor 3 gronfees (10%). Cne lnfernoflonol gronfee
holled lrom fhe Republlc ol Burundl.

14% ol oll gronfees reslde ln Fennsylvonlo, whlle
% llve ln New Jersey. Cfher sfofes represenfed
lnclude Colorodo, Connecflcuf, Georglo, Howoll,
lndlono, Mossochuseffs, Molne, Norfh Corollno, New
Hompshlre, Nevodo, Rhode lslond, Soufh Dokofo,
vlrglnlo ond Woshlngfon sfofe.
[70 3>,,1 4/5\/4
1234#5 67 8+-905#,
48% ol NYAAF's gronfees ore
porenflng one or more chlldren.
Number ol chlldren ls unknown
lor 55 gronfees (15%). Among
fhose wlfh chlldren, gronfees
(18% hod one chlld, 53 gronfees
(14%) hod fwo chlldren, 14
gronfees (4%) hod fhree
chlldren, fhree gronfees (1%)
hod lour chlldren, fhree gronfees
(1%) hod lve chlldren, ond one
gronfee (0.3%) hod slx chlldren.

:,/25%,&# ;*%*2/
22 NYAAF gronfees (0%) reporfed hovlng
no heolfh lnsuronce of fhe flme fhey soughf on
oborflon. 43 gronfees (12%) hod prlvofe lnsuronce,
however lf olfen dld nof cover oborflon core.
1 gronfees (5%) hod ouf-ol-sfofe Medlcold coveroge fhof ls nof
oppllcoble ln NYS. 30 gronfees (8%) hod ofher lnsuronce or could
nof use fhelr lnsuronce due fo prlvocy concerns, ond 53 gronfees'
(14%) lnsuronce sfofus ls unknown.

86,*5%&#<*-=# >/#
103 gronfees (27%) reporfed
uslng o lorm ol confrocepflon
when fhelr pregnoncy occurred.
182 gronfees (4%) reporfed
uslng no lorm ol blrfh confrol
of fhe flme ol concepflon.
Confrocepflve use lnlormoflon
ls mlsslng lor 8 gronfees (24%).

Among fhose uslng confrocepflon,
7% used mole condoms, 17% used orol confrocepflve pllls, 11% dld
nof lndlcofe o mefhod, 3% used Nuvorlng, 1% used on lnfrouferlne
devlce, 1% used Depo Frovero, ond 1% used fhe confrocepflve

?5-3#/*#5 ( ?.<# 67 @56&#025#
NYAAF served gronfees lrom 3 fo 32 weeks pregnonf, wlfh on
overoge ol 12 weeks pregnonf. lnlormoflon on number ol weeks
pregnonf wos mlsslng lrom 2 gronfees' lnfoke lorms.

More fhon holl, or 202, ol gronfees were ln fhe lrsf 13 weeks ol fhelr pregnoncy of fhe flme ol fhelr
oborflon. gronfees (2%) were befween weeks 14-24 ol fhelr pregnoncy when fhey hod fhelr oborflon.
11 gronfees (3%) were over 24 weeks pregnonf.

\?DF<G ?N 3>,,1
Working with NYAAF
has been one oI
the most rewarding
experiences l have
had in my 17 years
as a clinic counselor
and patient advocate.
Their volunteers and
donors help those
most vulnerable access
saIe, compassionate,
abortion care and
literally make it
possible to save
people's lives. They are
my heroes and are part
oI why l stay in
this Ield.
8 7<KC;<@ 6KF]DBB?EQ
[70 3>,,1 4/5\/4

21 gronfees (78%) hod o surglcol fermlnoflon whlle 38 gronfees

(10%) hod o medlcol oborflon. Type ol procedure wos nof reporfed
lor 45 gronfees (12%).

Ten gronfees were beyond NYS' legol llmlf ol 24 weeks pregnonf.
All fen ol fhese gronfees frovelled fo ofher sfofes lor fhelr oborflon
procedure, fhree recelved core ln Morylond, lour ln Colorodo, ond
fhree ln New Mexlco.

86/* 67 @56&#025#A B5%,* !362,*/ ( 8699%465%*-=# C2,0-,"
The overoge fofol cosf ol o procedure supporfed by NYAAF wos
$3.00, whlle fhe mosf common cosf ol o procedure wos $425.00.

NYAAF confrlbufed o moxlmum gronf ol $4,200.00, ond o mlnlmum
gronf ol $30.00. The overoge NYAAF gronf wos $35.00, whlle fhe
mosf common gronf ls $200.00.

NYAAF's lundlng process ls olwoys colloboroflve. We coordlnofe
resources omong our gronfees, cllnlcs, ond porfner oborflon lunds fo
ensure fhof our gronfs go lurfher. The vosf mo|orlfy ol our gronfees,
307 people, confrlbufed money foword fhelr oborflon. Cne gronfee
confrlbufed $2,00.00, whlle fhe overoge gronfee confrlbuflon wos
$302.00. The mosf common omounf confrlbufed by o gronfee ls
$200.00. Cllnlcs dlscounfed procedures or used fhelr own lnfernol
lundlng resources fo provlde oddlflonol lundlng lor 4 gronfees
(25%). Forfner oborflon lunds confrlbufed fo 2 gronfees (25%) fhof
NYAAF olso supporfed. The moxlmum confrlbuflon by o porfner
lund wos $,000.00, ln supporf ol o cose fo whlch NYAAF pledged
$2,000.00 os well.
\?DF<G ?N 3>,,1
Sometimes the hardest
thing can be the best
decision you ever
made. l look at my
liIe now and realize iI
l didn't do what l did
l would still be where
l was years ago. But
now l'm ready and
stable to start a Iamily
with nothing but
success on my
glittery path.
3>,,1 2MD<EC
[70 3>,,1 4/5\/4
3>,,1 ls on orgonlzoflon complefely run by o commlffed nefwork
ol ocflve volunfeers ond o volunfeer Boord ol Dlrecfors who keep
fhe operoflon runnlng fhroughouf fhe yeor wlfh monfhly meeflngs
ond refreofs. NYAAF operofes o 24-hour, 7 doys o week, 35 doys
o yeor coll llne fhof ollers o |udgmenf-lree spoce where lndlvlduols
con occess lnlormoflon obouf oborflon servlces, ond con recelve
lnonclol osslsfonce lor fhelr oborflon procedure ln fhe evenf fhof Medlcold or prlvofe lnsuronce ls nof
on opflon. Durlng fhe lnfoke process, NYAAF collecfs lnlormoflon regordlng cllenf ploce ol resldence,
gesfoflon, lnsuronce coveroge, Medlcold ellglblllfy, ond oblllfy ol fhe cllenf fo sell-lnonce or lundrolse
omong lomlly ond lrlends lor fhelr fermlnoflon.
NYAAF's moln luncflon ls fo help o cllenf chorf fhelr pofh ol occess fo oborflon. Thls olfen meons
moklng o dlrecf lnonclol confrlbuflon fo fhe cllnlc where fhe oborflon ls foklng ploce, buf olso lncludes
provldlng lnlormoflon, relerrols ond ploylng fhe role ol cllenf odvocofe wlfhln o compllcofed heolfh core
sysfem. We provlde lnlormoflon obouf whlch cllnlcs wlll enroll fhe cllenf ln Medlcold. Nof mony do, ond
lf ls dlllculf lor poflenfs fo lnd fhls lnlormoflon on fhelr own.
Clfenflmes, people need very slmple fhlngs llke dlrecflons fo onofher clfy, prlce comporlsons ocross
mulflple cllnlcs, relerrols lor ofher hofllnes llke sulclde prevenflon, or supporf lor experlences wlfh
domesflc vlolence, rope or lncesf. Durlng fhese colls, NYAAF's boord members ond volunfeers sfrlve fo
be o supporflve resource lor cllenfs.
\?DF<G ?N 3>,,1
l decided to become
a NYAAF intake
volunteer because l
was looking to connect
more with patients and
those Iacing barriers
to abortion access. [ln
the reproductive rights
Ield], access is the very
heart oI what we're
all working towards
and volunteering with
NYAAF helped me
put everything back in
perspective. l am so
proud oI what NYAAF
does and can't wait Ior
my next intake shiIt!
9ECKA< \?MHEC<<@
3>,,1 93+,_/ V502/44
3>2 2,.. .93/
0`+ 01 3>2
2,.. .93/
4V/,_93] .93/
3<= 9ECKA< 6?I<M a,G ?N 4J@DEP )('$b
-0,5U 4`VV05+
The new intake model has helped us grow our
volunteer base and reach patients all over
New York State.
Hlsforlcolly, NYAAF's boord members hove been solely responslble lor poflenf lnfoke ond lor
respondlng fo colls on fhe hofllne. However, os our coll volume sfeodlly grew yeor olfer yeor, fhof
procflce slmply become unsusfolnoble. So, ln 2013, NYAAF begon looklng of ofher oborflon lund
lnfoke models ond fhlnklng obouf woys we could lmprove our own sysfem. Two opporfunlfles lor
lmprovemenf were ldenflled: fhe deslre fo beffer uflllze ond grow our volunfeer progrom ln o more
sysfemoflc woy, ond fhe need fo reduce fhe burden ol on lnfoke shllf coselood.
The lnfoke process ls now dlvlded lnfo fhree coll llnes wlfh o dlllerenf volunfeer on eoch llne. Coll llnes
ore now spllf up lnfo collers lrom NYC, collers lrom oufslde NYC, ond collers who speok Sponlsh os fhelr
prlmory longuoge. A boord member ls osslgned fo oversee eoch week ond oller supporf fo volunfeers.
NYAAF begon plloflng fhls progrom ln Sprlng 2014 wlfh o core group ol volunfeers, ond olfer lnollzlng
profocols ond o frolnlng currlculum, fhe lrsf ever NYAAF lnfoke Trolnlng lor volunfeers wos held ln
June 2014.
The NYAAF Boord ol Dlrecfors ls commlffed fo remolnlng connecfed fo fhe servlces we provlde, so oll
boord members porflclpofe ln lnfoke fwlce o yeor, ln oddlflon fo servlng os boord supporf.

3>,,1 93+,_/ V502/44
/\/3+4 T 1`3U5,9493]
,HPHGC '*Q )('# KEI 3?O<XB<@ 'dQ )('#
ln Augusf, NYAAF held o Texos-fhemed lundrolser of Bronded Soloon ln Brooklyn fo supporf our
colleogue lunds ln Texos ln fhe woke ol o wove ol onfl-cholce lows fhreofenlng fo close fhe mo|orlfy ol
cllnlcs ln Texos. All lunds rolsed were donofed fo fhe Llllfh Fund ond fhe TEA Fund.
ln November, NYAAF feomed up wlfh Soroh Sllvermon, Llzz Wlnsfeod, ond NARAL Fro-Cholce Amerlco
fo hosf Cleor Eyes, Full Heorfs, Con Choose, o sfor-sfudded felefhon, sfreomed onllne, wlfh proceeds
golng fo lghf bock ogolnsf fhe offocks on oborflon occess ln Texos. The evenf rolsed more fhon $52,000
lor lour oborflon lunds ln Texos.
After TiIIer BeneBt 5creening and O&A with BImmakers Martha 5hane
4<JC<XB<@ )'Q )('#
NYAAF hosfed o screenlng ol fhe groundbreoklng documenfory Alfer Tlller of fhe Llncoln Cenfer Fllm
Soclefy lollowed by o O&A wlfh fhe llmmokers. NYAAF sold 13 flckefs ond rolsed $1250.
3>,,1 7?HG< VK@CD<G
0FC?B<@ )$Q )('$ KEI U<F<XB<@ dQ )('#
Longflme NYAAF supporfers Kofho Folllff ond Borboro Koss eoch hosfed successlul house porfles fo
benelf NYAAF, fogefher rolslng over $,000 lor NYAAF.
3>,,1WG 1DNC; ,EEHKM -?=M8K8C;?E
,J@DM )&Q )('$
NYAAF held our Fllfh Annuol Bowl-o-fhon on Aprll 27 ln o brond-new, lorger spoce of Bowlmor Chelseo
Flers. Two hundred bowlers rolsed over $80,000 fhrough neorly 1,00 lndlvlduol donoflons, once ogoln,
moklng our BAT fhe lorgesf ln fhe counfry! Thls yeor, lor fhe lrsf flme, fhe evenf leofured o llve DJ, gllf
bogs lor fhe porflclponfs, ond evenf sponsors.
/\/3+4 T 1`3U5,9493]
Obvious ChiId BeneBt 5creening and O&A with star Jenny 5Iate, writer/
June 14, 2014
NYAAF held o benelf screenlng ol Cbvlous Chlld, o hllorlous ond fouchlng romonflc comedy fhof
hoppens fo lnclude o fhoughflul ond honesf deplcflon ol o young womon who chooses fo hove on
oborflon. NYAAF sold 175 flckefs ond rolsed $2,100.

-HIP<C 0O<@OD<=e
Dlrecf gronfs fo cllnlcs lor oborflon servlces $13,401.00
Gronfs fo Texos Aborflon Funds (Fund Texos Women,
Llllfh Fund, TEA Fund ond Whole Women's Heolfh) lor Solldorlfy lundrolser $52,28.50
Generol operoflng expenses $1,784.8
Trovel, conlerences ond meeflngs $1,201.7
Tofol Expenses: $20,77.15
Tofol NYAAF Fundrolslng $1,1.3
Fundrolslng lor Texos Funds (poss fhrough) $52,28.50
Tofol lncome: $248,50.8
\?DF<G ?N 3>,,1
lI people Ieel that
they need to get an
abortion, they have the
right to access one.
-?K@I 6<XB<@ DE C;<
!" $%&'( !)*+
,G fhls reporf lllusfrofes, NYAAF hos experlenced lncredlble
growfh ond occordlngly, we've crolfed on experf soclol medlo
sfrofegy fhof hos rolsed our prolle os on orgonlzoflon. Wlfh neorly
2,800 Twlffer lollowers (hffp:// ond over 800
Focebook "Llkes" (hffp://, we've mode lf
on orgonlzoflonol prlorlfy fo sfoy ocflve on soclol medlo. We use
Focebook ond Twlffer fo promofe our evenfs, rolse oworeness
oround oborflon occess lssues, ompllly our odvococy ellorfs, ond
engoge wlfh supporfers ond communlfy members.
ln oddlflon fo losferlng o robusf presence on soclol medlo, NYAAF
hos been leofured ln ouflefs such os fhe D! ?-3#/A 1E F%-9. 1#G/A
H;1I8, ond fhe J-99%"# J6-&#. Below ls o selecflon ol our medlo
hlghllghfs ln FY14. As we conflnue fo grow, we look lorword fo
expondlng our medlo presence ond conflnuolly connecflng NYAAF
fo new oudlences.
6/U9, T 4029,. 6/U9,
Not Everyone Who Has an
Abortion Is a Woman - How to
Frame the Abortion Rights Issue
#TexasWomenForever fundraiser
raises $53K for abortion access
Feminist Comedians Raise
$50,000 During an Abortion
Access Telethon, and Conservative
Twitters Head Exploded
Letter [to the editor]:
Abortion access eludes many
New York women
Anti-abortion activists dont
like the way Bronx clinic
promotes its services
\?DF<G ?N 3>,,1
Abortion in this country
is oIten experienced as
more oI a privilege than
a right. NYAAF tries to
combat that problem.
8 .?@D ,I<MXKEQ
6/U9, T 4029,. 6/U9,
Raising money to ensure women
have access to abortions
Donate to the Abortion Access
What One Womans Fight For A
Late-Tern Abortion Says About
Reproductive Rights In Te U.S.
What Sandy Wrought, Part
2: In the Wake of Disaster,
Reproductive Health Care Falls
by the Wayside
!3>,,1 f3>,,1
1DEI 3>,,1 0EMDE<
+? our dedlcofed supporfers, lor moklng over 2,500 unlque gllfs overoglng $75 eoch fo supporf our
oborflon gronf glvlng ocflvlfles durlng FY 2014, you moke us posslble,

To our refurnlng boord members, Moureen Sfufzmon, Allson Turkos, Monlko Grzenlewskl, Rye Young,
Rebecco Wlnd, Chrlsflne Dovlff, Llndo Soleh, ond Dono Sussmon, fhose who cycled oll fhe boord fhls
yeor, Sfeph Herold, Fhllllp Klm, ond Morlsso Rousselle, ond our newesf boord members Llndsoy Keoflng,
Sylvlo Abdulloh, Julle Krumwlede, ond Soro Flowers, your posslon ond experflse helped us grow,

To oll our NYAAF volunfeers, especlolly our Sponlsh-longuoge hofllne volunfeers, Mouro Heron, Amy
Llffleleld, Soroh Glowo-Kolllsch, Moro-Foz Zorzor Enclno, ond Leo Broh, your enfhuslosm lor oborflon
occess lnsplres us,
To All Sfock, who enfered dofo, ron our Colllng Cllenfs Bock progrom, conducfed her own vlfol reseorch
lnfo roce ond closs os borrlers fo reproducflve heolfh servlces, ond puf fogefher fhls very Annuol Reporf,
you were our dreom summer lnfern,

To oll cllnlcs, hosplfols, provlders, sfoll, ond loclllfofed enrollers who porfnered wlfh us fo ensure occess
fo oborflon lor our cllenfs, you ore dolng crlflcol work ond we could nof do fhls wlfhouf you,

8255#,* 1E!!C I6%50 K896&LG-/# 7563 ?6< D#7*MN $.# E62,"A O29-# P523G-#0#A H%25##, ;*2*Q3%,A ;%5% C96G#5/A
8+5-/*-,# F%=-**A !9-/6, ?25L6/A $#4#&&% R-,0A H6,-L% B5Q#,-#G/L-A D-,0% ;%9#+A ;.9=-% !40299%+
16* @-&*25#0N F%,% ;2//3%,A D-,0/%. P#%*-,"
FDR Station, Box #7569
New York, NY 10150
To our porfner oborflon lunds, nomely, fhe Noflonol Aborflon Federoflon, fhe Noflonol Nefwork ol
Aborflon Funds, Eosfern Mossochuseffs Aborflon Fund, fhe DC Aborflon Fund, Hersey Aborflon
Asslsfonce Loon Fund, Jone Fund, Moke o Dlllerence Fund, Thlrd Wove Emergency Aborflon Fund, fhe
Women's Medlcol Fund, ond fhe Women's Reproducflve Rlghfs Asslsfonce Fro|ecf, ond ofher ononymous
porfners, your colloboroflon ond resourcelulness ore lnvoluoble fo our success,

To our lnfoke resources, lncludlng Hoven Coollflon, NARAL Fro-Cholce New York Book ol Cholces,
Frlends ln Adopflon, Bockllne, Exhole, fhe New York Sfofe Coollflon Agolnsf Domesflc vlolence, Sole
Horlzon, fhe Noflonol Domesflc vlolence Hofllne, ond Rope, Abuse & lncesf Noflonol Nefwork, your
experflse enobles us fo locus on lundlng,

To Fhyslclons lor Reproducflve Heolfh, NARAL Fro-Cholce NY/NlRH, ond fhe Guffmocher lnsflfufe, your
meeflng spoce ond conlerence llnes supporf our boord meeflngs ond odmlnlsfroflve needs,
To our cllenfs ond gronfees, we fhonk you lor confocflng us, shorlng your experlences wlfh us, ond
frusflng us fo supporf you, we ore here lor you, coll or e-moll ond we wlll olwoys respond.

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