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A disbelieving love . chapter1 :news Jane P.O.V. All of the volturi guards were headed to the meeting room .

Aro called us saying it was important , I found Marcus “ do you know what’s going on” I asked “ no I’m just as curious as you Jane “ Marcus said sober . I rolled my eyes and in single file entered the room. Something told me this was not good . “ something wrong with the volturi they usually come…..” I started saying curiously “ what if they are at war or something “ Emmet exaggerated . I turned to him and raised one eyebrow “ Alice have you seen any visions “ I asked “ no Edward……wait! I see Jane dead “ Alice said while her eyes were still closed . All of us gasped “ what are we going to do “ esme said “ we have to help them “ Bella insisted “ I’m not sure let’s just not jump into conclusions , we are not certain yet “ I said . I debated whether we should go to the volturi . Jane P.O.V. as we sat , you could tell something was way off . I looked at aro he was usually good at hiding his emotions but right now he looked furious . Were we at war?. It suddenly came to me of course I should off know the Romanian coven , want’s their leadership back . How can they get a army ?,I do remembered when Stefan and Vladimir where defending the Cullen ’s half human half vampire Romeo . That vermin , but they knew our weakest spot . The real werewolves ,the full moon guys , not those “ shapeshifters” the Cullen’s have .he suddenly looked at me and nodded I was right. “ dear friends of the counsel I would sadly tell you that we have a situation . We are at war! “ Aro said ,everyone gasped and started whispering . Aro got back their attention “ it’s bigger than a situation it’s a crisis , we are at war with the one and only Romanian coven , they somehow managed to get werewolves at their side . It’s unavoidable , it’s unreasonable but if they want war , war they’ll get” Aro spoke for all of us everyone cheered and the war wasn’t yet prepared but demetri would be tracking there every move so we also would be ready . We got dismissed ,I saw Felix rushing out and soonly disappeared . I did wonder where he was going ,I just shrugged and went to my room . I put my black cloak in the closet and changed into leather black plants, a creamy white short sleeve shirt ,black leather high heel boots, and my black lace sweater. I untied my hair and it let it flow all the way through my waist. I was on my way hunting it was midnight already, I suddenly stopped Felix was coming toward me but with the Cullen’s. the thing was I neither saw Carlisle or esme “ what are they doing here” I asked Felix “ there here to help us I called them “ Felix said “ you called them ,aro is going to get bitter when he finds out and help for what we could fight them off “ I said “ I believe you wont I saw you dead” alice said I glared at her and grabbed her by the neck. “ don’t tell me what is or what is going to happen to me “ I said ferocious beside me I heard a growl “ jasper of course would you like you’re pixie back” I jokingly said “ let her go Jane I wont respond “ jasper said menacing I let Alice go and made my way again toward Felix “ you are so dead “ I said with a smirk on my face . Felix grabbed my arm “ you wont tell aro” it wasn’t a question it was a demand “ oh please I’m not a snitch he may already know so let go Felix neither I would respond “ I said challenging him he let go I walked away “ Jane you will never change just wait until aro kills you !” Felix said I ignored him and continued walking. Romeo p. o. v . the well known Jane left she was certainly beautiful in her own way. Definitely attractive and humorous to watch her challenge. My dad Edward looked at me well he read my Edward P.O.V.

thoughts sucks for him. The so called Felix lead us to a big double room , I certainly remembered them the volturi . Why would someone would forget they were the cause that my parents and family almost died cause of me. But now they were in trouble and we would help them Carlisle and esme would catch with us in a few days while they were gathering people maybe now they were in denali explaining to those vampires who live there. As we all entered in single file I saw my mom and dad holding hands they looked so in love all of them did. Sometimes I just wished I would finally find that perfect piece , so it would be right on my perfect life . Aro , Marcus ,and cauis were all sitting waiting for us. I believed ,“w hat brings you here my friends “ aro said politely as he could , you could tell he was in no good mood this should not be good. Jane p. o. v. as I got my last victim , I quickly disposed of the body and hurried back to the palace. I would not miss Felix getting screamed at or maybe even something worse would happen. People think that I have no “ heart” that I am completely cruel that isn’t true. The thing is I witnessed many things before coming a vampire and once changed I became cruel . I couldn’t and wouldn’t trust know one people in the volturi guard consider this as their family but I didn’t I had no family. The truth in all is that aro was the one who caused the way I am he killed my family and supposed of what was left of me . I still remember that day aro asked back in the 1600s if I could enter his so called society . My dad refused he knew something unusual was wrong with aro in a way he was right . That night all of the guards attacked us aro fed on my family and also fed on me he said my blood was so pure it was irresistible to miss. Since then I always wanted to avenge my family death that was the last and only memory I had of them. So I would be the one to kill aro and that time has finally come. You may all guessed that I ’m on the Romanian side I’m their spy and all of the volturi would soon find out what I’m really capable of .

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