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I,Amado N. Vallejo III, Filipino citizen, of legal age, single, born on the
17th of July, 1990, a resident Cordon, Isabela, being of sound and disposing
mind and memory, and not acting under undue infuence or intimidation from
anyone, do hereby declare and proclaim this instrument to be my ast !ill
and "estament, in #nglish, the language $hich I am $ell con%ersant& 'nd I
hereby declare that(
I& I desire that should I die, it is my $ish to be buried according to the rites of
the )oman Catholic Church and interred at our family mausoleum in Cordon,
II& "o my belo%ed +irlfriend, Chii!a P. Vi"a#, I gi%e and be,ueath the
follo$ing property to $it( -y Isuzu .ighorn $ith plate number .#F 11/, and
my 0ersonal Computer*
III& "o my good friend, R$!he" Na"%ida I gi%e to you my 0laystation / and my
Iphone /s*
IV& "o my faithful friends, K"i!e Ba&&a'a and Da(e Ba&!a I gi%e and
be,ueath to you in e,ual share my sa%ings of 010,000&00&*
V& 'nd to my dear friend, She"o C. Bia)e,I gi%e and be,ueath to you my
faithful dog named 2una*
VI& I hereby designate *l# S!"a$)) Damia the e3ecutor and
administrator of this ast !ill and "estament, and in his incapacity, I name
and designate Ma"ia Ch"i)!ia *"a%ia as his substitute&
VII& I hereby direct that the e3ecutor and administrator of this ast !ill and
"estament or his substitute need not present any bond*
VIII. I hereby re%o4e, set aside and annul any and all of my other $ill or
testamentary dispositions that I ha%e made, e3ecuted, signed or published
preceding this ast !ill and "estament&
I5 !I"5#66 !7#)#8F, I ha%e hereunto a93ed my signature this 1:th day of
8ctober, ;01/, in .aguio City, 0hilippines&

'mado 5& <alle=o III


!e, the undersigned attesting $itnesses, do hereby a9rm that the
forgoing is the last !ill and "estament of Amado N. Vallejo III and $e
certify that the testator e3ecuted this document $hile of sound mind and
memory& "hat the testator signed this document in our presence, at the
bottom of the last page and on the left hand margin of each and e%ery page,
and $e, in turn, at the testator>s behest ha%e $itnessed and signed the same
in e%ery page thereof, on the left margin, in the presence of the testator and
of the notary public, this 1:th day of 8ctober, ;01/ at 1?@' 7appy 7omes,
-agsaysay '%e& .aguio City &

Ti!$) B"a(o A:1 .altazar ',uino, #ngineers 7ill .aguio
city, 0hilippines
Roillo Bo"ja 'guso, "arlac city, 0hilippines
Dema", Ma"!ie- Candon City, Ilocos 6ur,


.#F8)# -#, 5otary 0ublic for and in the city of .aguio, personally appeared(

"he testator Amado N. Vallejo III, $ith Community "a3 CertiBcate 5o&
/9007?: issued at Cordon, Isabela on 8ctober /, ;01/*
!itness, Ti!$) B"a(o, $ith Community "a3 CertiBcate 5o& 1?97:9; issued at
.aguio city on 8ctober :, ;01/*
!itness, Roillo Bo"ja, $ith Community "a3 CertiBcate 5o& C7;?10/ issued
at 'guso, "arlac city on 8ctober 9, ;01/*
!itness, Dema", Ma"!ie-, $ith Community "a3 CertiBcate 5o& :10/?C7
issued at Candon city, Ilocos 6ur on 8ctober 10, ;01/*
all 4no$n to me to be the same persons $ho e3ecuted the foregoing !ill, the
Brst as testator and the last three as instrumental $itnesses, and they
respecti%ely ac4no$ledged to me that the same as their o$n free act and
"his ast !ill and "estament consists of 1 pages, including the page on $hich
this ac4no$ledgment is $ritten, and has been signed on the left margin of
each and e%ery page thereof by the testator and his $itnesses, and sealed
$ith my notarial seal&
IN WITNESS WHEREO*, I ha%e hereunto set my hand the day, year, and
place abo%e $ritten&

'tty& Jose 'drian .onifacio

5otary 0ublic

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