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mirrors.png[/img][/url] [url=

�ON Movie Wall YAMJ is the perfect companion to the SpeedDial NMT skin, which can
be found [url=

[color=#FF0000][b]�ON Movie Wall is in the running for "The Best Movie Jukebox".
Vote [url=]HERE[/url]![/b]

�ON Movie Wall YAMJ takes elements from the XBMC skin, Aeon, to bring you one of
the most efficient and intuitive NMT skins. I have taken elements from tson's 5150
YAMJ skin to display certain informational elements in the most pleasing manner,
from Robinsjexcal for filtering, Unique Black Glas for trailers, and ppp3 for TV

This post will be updated as new versions are released.

Screenshots[/url] | [url=]Video[/url] by
darbyweb (v2.9.0828?) | [url=
v=2PRjJcspgjI#t=3m46s]Video[/url] by Legion455 (v2.9.0929) |
[url=]myiHome/YAMJ/AEON Installation Video[/url] by
gonzalu (v2.9.1214)[/b]

Overscan Tool::v2.9.1024::OCTOBER 24, 2009::
CinemaScope::FOR [url=]r1066[/url]::v2.9.1208::DECEMBER 8, 2009::
2n3h37ny3p361hgvnls3]Overscan Tool Readme[/url]::
2.9.1208.rar]Mirrors[/url]::Overscan Tool included in RAR pack.

Flag Pack (42 Flags)::DECEMBER 8, 2009::

Studio Pack (1,183 Studios)::DECEMBER 8, 2009::
[url=]Share Your Own Flags and Studios Here (Unmonitored
and Experimental)[/url]

Nodak's SmokedGlass Mod::SEPTEMBER 25, 2009::

Nodak's SmokedGlass Mod for coikenMod::OCTOBER 24, 2009::
pmartires's inforightpaneltop1.png Mod::
pmartires's Texture Mods::Installation based on v2.9.0929::coikenMod-Compatible::
LowList 75% Transparent Mod by misticjeff, xXVirusXx, and Grassman::Updated for
Beffa's LowList Mods::DECEMBER 8, 2009::Based on v2.9.1123::
Standard Poster Screenshot[/url]::
1.jpg]Big Poster Screenshot[/url]::
tid=25534&pid=302375#pid302375]PedroCR's Box Mod[/url]
gonzalu's LowList Top 250 Mod::[url=
%20Top250%20Mod.7z]Mirrors (Based on v2.9.1208)[/url]

Until Beffa's LowList Mods and gonzalu's LowList Top 250 Mod get updated, download
the old textures here. They will fill in the missing gap on the right. Read the
included readme to know where to drop the files.
LowList Texture Fix for Mods::

Skin Installation:
1. Move the "amwyamj291214" folder and its contents to the skins folder of where
YAMJ has been installed to.
2. Either rename "amwyamj291214" to "default" or edit the last line of so that it says amwyamj291214 instead of default. In my
experience, this last line in the tends to change it back
to "default" -- so after changing this line and saving it, I would make the file
READ ONLY. To do this, right click on the file, click Properties, check Read-only,
click Apply, and OK.
3. I would recommend removing all previously generated files ("C:\Program
Files\myiHome\webapps\ROOT\feature\myiHome-moviejukebox" for myiHome users) and
regenerating them. For myiHome users, go to Edit > Preferences > Plugin >
Regenerate to regenerate all the files.
4. Remember to put your overscan values back in before regenerating.
5. If you set YAMJ to download Apple trailers, make sure to only set it to
download 1 trailer. This should save you time and bandwidth. Use this line in the file:
*Remember to get the developmental version of YAMJ, found here:
*Remember to put your overscan values back in.

Overscan Tool Installation:

1. Extract the contents.
2. Place all the files on a USB drive or anywhere you can access the index.html
file on the NMT.
3. Run the index.html file on the NMT and follow the on-screen directions to find
the values for your TV.

[b][color=#FF0000]UPDATE - December 14, 2009 @ 2:32 PM EST - Making changes in the and nothing seems to be working? Overwrite the preferences.xsl in
the skin folder with this one:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#FF0000]UPDATE - December 14, 2009 @ 1:17 PM EST - If you're using the
75% Transparency Mod, I've updated the textures to fix the gap in LowList. The new
link is above. Also linked above are the old textures still used in Beffa's
LowList Mods and gonzalu's LowList Top 250 Mod. Read the included readme to know
where to drop the files. Sorry for breaking the mods.[/color][/b]

[b]December 14, 2009 Update[/b]

Well, we knew this time would come. We actually reached 300 pages ahead of
schedule, but this update is just about on time. Thank you for being patient with
me, as I guess I'm a couple pages late with this update. I just wanted to make
sure I got all the small final updates in. Unfortunately, this time there will be
no graphics. This was meant to just be a clean-up of the last update. I guess
there are some things that can be screenshotted, but I figured it was pointless. I
normally use the screenshots to bring more users in, but the screenshots I
would've taken for this update wouldn't really do that anyway. So let's go
straight to the changes.

[b]1) [/b] [b]SetFanart[/b] in the skin-options.xsl will use fanart for your Set
indexes (TV season-select and Boxed Sets). You must currently provide your own
fanart in this manner: Set_Set Name Or TV Show Name_1.fanart.jpg. Furthermore, you
must set mjb.sets.indexFanart=true in the If that
property is not in there, you must manually put it in yourself. Finally, movie
fanart will currenly be cropped/resized based on TV
fanart will be cropped/resized based on

[b]2) [/b] If you're using boxes in LowList, HDDVD movies should now get HDDVD
boxes, and DVD boxes will still get DVD boxes. Before, HDDVD boxes were assigned
with DVD boxes.

[b]3) [/b] Improved container detection. "DVD Video", "MPEG-4", "Windows Media",
and "Matroska".

[b]4) [/b] For SabishMod users - if you are not using TV banners at all, the skin
tells you to use a banners.width=1 and banners.height=1. You'll notice that the
banners in SabishMod are completely one color. Probably gray. You'll see that the
banners.width and banners.height in the "0 BANNERS" profile in the
is set to much larger numbers. This should give you proper banners in SabishMod.

[b]5) [/b] List Mode fixes. I know it's unsupported, but I put in a few fixes for
List Mode. Many of the fixes were given by garp99, so thank you for that.
Previously, when you went into a TV show to select a season, it would give you no
season numbers. You will now see the TV show name, followed by "Season", followed
by the season number. For Specials (Season 0), you'll see the TV show name
followed by ": Specials". For foreign users, these texts can be changed in the
skin-options.xsl (Specials and Season). Also in List Mode, left/right will bring
you back to the top Nav/FilterBar. If you disabled them, left/right will go to the
adjacent entry on the list. Finally, "UNKNOWN" years in list mode will now come up
as "--".

[b]6) [/b] I've noted that you should set tv-banners/-set to false for a true List
Mode experience. If you're using banners and List Mode together, the TV show title
and the page number will overlap when you browse banners.

[b]7) [/b] In LowList, you might notice that there's a gap in the bottom-right
corner of the screen. People who turn their TV's overscan off will especially
notice this. This should be fixed now.

[b]8) [/b] I've added 3 more aspect ratio flags: 2.40:1, 2.41:1, 2.42:1. I've also
tweaked the aspect ratio function to cover from 1:1 all the way to 2.5:1. The
function is still not 100% accurate, but it should work for most cases. For
example, one of the boundaries are 2.414:1 and 2.415:1. You'll get an "?" if the
aspect ratio is 2.414141414:1. As I write this, I realized I should've cut the
calculations to 2 or 3 decimal places. If this becomes an issue for many people,
you can expect it in a future update, whenever that might be.

[b]9) [/b] The skin will now detect what type the 1st extra is (Bonus, Extra,
Trailer), and then will actually say which kind it is. Before, it used to just say
"TRAILER" regardless of what it was. So now if the 1st extra is a Bonus, it'll say
"BONUS". The same for Extra. What I actually wanted to do was to detect all the
extras for a trailer. If there was at least one trailer, then the skin will
display it -- if there are no trailers, the skin will display the 1st available
extra, whatever that might be. This proved to be difficult on the limited time I
had, so this may have to hold off if I ever get the chance to revisit it.

Anyway, I guess that's that. I know many of you will be sad to see (major) support
has ended. I'll still be here, however, answering the simpler questions. I'll also
be working on the Wiki whenever I get the chance. I know there are a handful of
users here who know how much of the skin works, so they can feel free to assist
others if they wish. There have been recent user mods as well, so I like where
that's going. You can still post feature requests since I may still post updates
after extended periods. I'll make sure to go through each page after page 300,
picking up all the feature requests.

I've already said my "exit speech" a couple updates ago, so I won't get into that
again. All I can say is the last ~5 months have been great. This is the 23rd
version of this skin, and it's just over 7.5 times larger than the 1st. I know
that mostly means there have been a lot of graphical changes, but I hope that also
says something about how massive the coding is. I know it can be difficult at
times, but I've tried my absolute best to make it as user-friendly as possible,
both during the setup and during the actual usage. To be honest, up until mid-
August, there really were no options at all. There really didn't have to be any
options because I was mimicking a source skin. Until we accomplished that, then we
put in all the bells-and-whistles.

So until next time, you can still post questions and feature requests. You can
still give the thread a high star rating. You can still vote for the skin in the
Shootout thread (until it closes). You can still buy me coffee. I don't know about
you, but that sounds like business as usual.

Happy Holidays!