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Extracted from the Articles of Association of

Abundance Centres (UK) Development Trust


The charitys obects (!the "bects#) are speci$cally restricted to the follo%in&' to
advance for the public bene$t education in the United Kin&dom by developin& and
mana&in& learner cooperatives( Abundance Centres (focal places of %holistic learnin&
and collective %ellbein&) and Abundance Centres Development Trusts) and promotin&
co*operation and obective achievement bet%een all such collectives and
or&anisations) and ensurin& that the distinctive ethos (identity) of any Abundance
Centre or learnin& cooperative %hich is %ithin its care( it mana&es or develops is
,urther to this the charity %ill'
(-) To develop( establish and maintain an ethos of abundance in the life of local
communities nation%ide+ "ur services revolve around the development of strate&ic
advanta&e in education( health and social services( centres( Development
Trusts and experiences+
(/) To act as an umbrella or&anisation for Abundance Centre(s) Development Trusts
%ithin the &eo&raphic re&ion of the United Kin&dom( %ith the intention to'
(a) maintain the consistency and conception of the foundin& corporate identity
of Abundance Centres (this includes lo&os( trademar.s( constitutions( articles of
memorandum( o0cially endorsed peda&o&ies) principles( processes and
protocols of practice( overall strate&ies etc)+ Chan&es to member Trust1s
foundin& corporate identities must be approved by this charity (actin& as their
umbrella or&anisation) before $nal rati$cation by the member Trust1s Executive
(b) provide &eneral &uidance on matters of best practice( policy and intelli&ence
re&ardin& relevant localised( national( European and &lobal issues and
developments+ 2uidance and directives may be issued to Development Trusts
for their Executive Committee1s consideration+
(3) To ac4uire( prepare( establish( incubate( protect( administer( refurbish and maintain
as re4uired land and centres of service (Abundance Centres) in basic a&reement %ith
the principles and &eneral intention of brin&in& about community en&a&ement(
creativity( cross*curricula learnin& and5or uni$ed %ays of comin& to .no%
(uni$ that speci$cally enable and enrich the learnin& of the sciences and
maths throu&h the arts( intelli&ent play and the dissemination of %holistic peda&o&ical
(learnin&) practices+
6ithin this broader obective (3) %e are a&reed)
(a) To advance public (community) education( especially that of children( in
culture( arts( mathematics( creativity( the sciences and5or the natural
relationships bet%een them+
(b) To advance public (community) health( %ith the clear sense that health is a
state of physical( mental( and social %ell*bein& (vibrant( creative( perceptive(
determined and &ro%in&) accompanied by a freedom from illness( disease or
pain+ The charity vie%s health as a type of harmony and universally a&reed
human value+
(c) To provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation( leisure time
activities( educational development or cultural development %ith the obect of
developin& communities1 physical( mental and spiritual capacities( respectful to
the diverse expressions of all+ Thus improvin& conditions of life and5or learnin&
capacities as youn& people &ro% to full maturity %ithin themselves( their
families( communities and society as a %hole+
(d) To study and teach the cultural herita&e( arts( sciences and history of
peoples &lobally so that it can be publicly and5or privately performed( told(
expressed( publicised or exhibited throu&h the charity( its Development Trusts(
its partners and the outreach activities of the charity locally( nationally and
(e) To create experiences and centres of learnin& %here youn& people can easily
access artistic( scienti$c and multi media resources( carry out research5studies
and relax+
(f) To broaden the learnin& and experiences of people throu&h local( national
and international travel and cultural exchan&es+ 7ncludin& the
brin&in& in and exportin& of local( national and international experts+
(&) To document and archive the cultural arts( sciences( a&ricultural .no%led&e(
herita&e and history of peoples &lobally throu&h all types of media (%ritten(
audio( video etc+)( to publish( patent and copyri&ht any invention or $ndin&s of
the or&anisation+
(h) To develop parents( teachers( instructors and those %ith the interest( in the
disciplines of creative art( science( mathematics( culture and5or the yehtmr
(uni$ approach to education+ 8esearchin&( developin&
and ac4uirin& educational resources that %ill support the learnin& of educators
and also their ability to &uide( induce( and nurture hi&h 4uality learnin& %ithin
their learners+
(i) To support the .no%led&e exchan&e of teachers %ith other teachers( students
%ith other students and teachers %ith students on a &lobal basis+ Teachers may
be youn&er or older persons( students may be youn&er or older persons) these
realities are subect to individual1s competence and consciousness( also .no%n
%ithin the charity as their !9ractice :evels#+
() To &enerally &ive priority support to children and youn& people %ho are
experiencin& educational or social exclusion( poverty and5or any .ind of racial
(cultural herita&e5.inship) ine4uality+
(;) To net%or. and co*operate pro&ressively %ith local and national &overnment
administrations (members( o0cers( committees( departments( policies < best
practice)( a&encies( schools( community centres( libraries( faith or&anisations( housin&
1 The yehtmr urwukeht (uni$ approach to education is the learnin& peda&o&y of Schools Of
Unifed Learning+ 7t advances and values nature*centred( human*centred( learner*centred and family directed
learnin&+ Also its %ay promotes the unity of the arts( maths and the sciences rather than reductionist approaches+
The term !yeht1mr ur%u.1eht# ( ) is Amahric (a term of the Ethiopian lan&ua&e) and means !uni$ed
associations and other .ey institutional community sta.eholders to further the
interests of communities in re&ard to obective (3) (a) to ()+
(=) To strate&ically prepare the environment (communities( mar.ets( net%or.s(
province5&>at( all types of local and national resources and sta.e*holders) for the
establishment and maintenance of Abundance Centres throu&hout the United Kin&dom
(in particular( thou&h not exclusively) and its various proposed abundance
development path%ays i+e+ communal %ealth capacity development < mana&ement(
local human capacity buildin& and diversi$ed mediums of !trade# and exchan&e
promotion+ This %ill be done in line %ith the charity1s constitutional terms and the
ethos of a charitable social enterprise+
(?) To provide the Development Trusts %ith premium bene$ts( intelli&ence and
services in addition to those provided to the &eneral public+ The charity %ill strive to
$nd %ays to tar&et these premiums to member Trusts1 or&anisational needs and
(@) To develop and provide support for persons residin& and ne%ly formin&
or&anisations existin& in the United Kin&dom in the development of community
proects aimed to%ards the bene$t of local residents( people %ho %or. in the area and
(A) To develop and maintain the charity as a self*re$nin& and self*sustainin&
or&anisation throu&h)
(a) the nature of our internal principles( processes and protocols of
operation (practice)+
(b) a broad and diversi$ed portfolio of hi&hly active fund*raisin& and %ealth
(asset) mana&ement strate&ies in respect to obect (=)+

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