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Shree Durgaparameshwari Prasanna
The effects of Planetary War in natal horoscopes
Acharya V.KUMAR

Graha Yuddha or Planetary War is an important principle in edic !strology" #ts
utility in prediction merits a special mention for it aids in impro$ing the accuracy of
prediction" arahamihira%s greatest classic on !strology $i&"' Brihat Sahita deals
with the concept at length regarding its impact on mundane matters. Sripathi
Paddhathi' Surya Siddhantha ' Brihat Parashara !ora " !ora Ratna " Maana
Saa#ari" etc deal with the method of assessing the strength of planets at war " !lso'
some isolated references on the effects of planets defeated in Grahayuddha are seen in
other classics li(e $ata%a &aradiya 'Sara'ali" Sha(u !ora Pra%asha" San%et
&idhi" !ora Sara" Prashna Tantra" )ai'a#na Valla(ha' etc " #n this article ' )ased on
the information compiled from these classics' # ha$e demonstrated the practical utility
of these principles in analy&ing the natal charts"
What is *raha +uddha *
#n simple terms' close con+unction of ,-ara Grahas%. /u+a' 0udha' Guru' Su(ra '
Sani1 is (nown in 2indu !stronomy as Graha Yuddha" !s we all (now' in the celestial
mechanics' all planets are in constant motion )oth along their own a3is and around the
Sun" -he speed of their or)its around the sun are different from each other and the plane
of their or)its are inclined at $arious degrees so as not to cause any collision among
them" 0ut' during their mo$ement some times they come $ery close to each other within
4 degrees of longitude' at different declinations" 5nder such conditions' the ru))ing of
Rashmi ,rays- of one planet with another ta(es place which is technically called as war
)etween the planets or *raha +uddha" !s a result of this clashing of forces of their
respecti$e rays' planets .either one or )oth 1 )ecome wea(" -heir lustre or acti$ities li(e
speed of rotation6re$olution' etc may marginally $ary" -he physical state of planets in
war is thus different from their normal states" -his $ariation affects the nati$es ha$ing
such a com)ination in the natal charts" #t also creates de$astating effects in national and
international matters the study of which is resorted to in 7undane !strology"
Types of *raha +uddha :
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!ccording to 0rihat Samhita ' there are 9 types of planetary war " -hey are *
1" Ulle%ha : When Planets are posited within 4 )ut not within : and posited in the
same ;a(shatra Pada ' the rims of two or)s of the planets are gra&ing each other
and the disc of one appears to )e ru))ing against the disc of the other" -his is
called as 5lle(ha"

8" Bedha : When Planets are posited within 4 in same or different ;a(shatra
padas )ut in two different rasis' the disc of one planet appears to )e eclipsed )y
the disc of the other" -his is called as 0heda"
:" Ashuardhana :When Planets are posited within 1 in the same na(shatra
pada' the light of one planet mi3es with that of the other" -his is called as

9" Apasa'ya * Planets )eing posited within 4< either in same6different sign6 rasi and
if One planet is retrograde )ut the other is in direct motion ' the planets are
distinctly separated from each other" -his is called as !pasa$ya"
0esides the a)o$e' Bo.ddha ' a fifth type of planetary war is also said to occur
when Planets are posited within 1 in different na(shatra padas" .0hattotpala' the
cele)rated commentator on 0rihat Samhita' alludes to as many as 14 types of planetary
war the details of which are not a$aila)le in e3tant literature1"
!lthough 4 types of Graha Yuddha ha$e )een enumerated a)o$e' in many classics
such as Sripathi Paddhathi .!dhyaya : = Slo(as 14to 1>1' Brihat Parashara !ora
.?h"8@6 Sl"801' Surya Siddhantha .?hapter >1' Sha(u !ora Pra%asha .?h" :6
Sl"88=8:1'etc two planets are considered to )e in Graha yuddha only when their
longitudes are within 1< " #n such cases' the total strength of each planet should )e first
calculated . in practice' aggregate of Sthana 0ala' Dig 0ala and /ala 0ala up to 2ora
)ala are only ta(en1 and the difference in their strength should )e di$ided )y the
difference )etween the diameters of their discs .0im)a parimaan1 and the result is
(nown as Yuddha bala which is to )e added to the strength of the $ictorious planet in
the north and to )e su)tracted from that of the $anAuished planet in the south" #n the
second method of calculation' 0im)a parimaan is not used and the difference )etween
the aggregate strengths is added to the winner and deducted from the $anAuished"
#n western !strology the concept of graha yuddha is not a$aila)le" 0ut' a similar one
called as the OB0S is employed" -he term is used to denote the space within which an
aspect is +udged to )e effecti$e" Cor aspects )etween planets other than the luminaries
the or) is D< " 2ere' it must )e noted that con+unctions of planets are also treated as a
type of aspect only as per western method" -hese or)s also $ary depending up on
whether a planet is mo$ing towards another .applying1 or is mo$ing away from it
.separating1 while casting the aspect"
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Identifyin# *raha+uddha in a horoscope *
1" #f two or more out of the fi$e ,-ara Grahas% $i&"' Su(ra' 0udha' /u+a' Guru and Sani
are posited in any horoscope within a span of 4 longitude they are said to )e at War
or Cighting with each other"
8" Only these 4 planets enter into Graha Yuddha" Sun' 7oon' Bahu and /etu are ne$er
at war with any planet" ?lose con+unction with Sun causes ?om)ustion while that of
7oon is identified as ,Samaagama%"
:" -he winner and loser in the war are decided )ased on the longitudes or declinations
of planets " -he planet with the lesser longitude is always the winner and the one with
higher longitude is said to )e $anAuished " Planet with more northern declination is
the winner" -he winner is usually large .ipula1' glossy . Snigdha1 and
)rilliant.Dyutiman1" -he loser' posited in Southern declination' is rough' trem)ling'
withdrawing from the other without contacting it' small' mounted' of ugly
appearance' )ereft of radiance and colour"
9" ! planet in con+unction with another which might appear of small disc or dim is
deemed to suffer defeat e$en though he might )e a northern planet"
4" -here is a special rule for /u+a )eing the commander of the planetary ca)inet "
whene$er /u+a is in war with other planets he is always considered as the winner
irrespecti$e of his longitude or declination"
E" !s enus is always )right' he is generally successful whether he appears southern or
northern' according to Surya = Paulisa Siddhantas"
>" Bahu and /etu which are permanently retrograde' ha$e a stronger effect if posited
within 4< of a particular planet" 0ut' they are not considered according to the rules of
planetary war"
*uidelines for understandin# the effects of *raha +uddha in &ATA/ 0!ARTS
1. -he Winner in planetary war is always strong enough to deli$er what it has to deli$er
)y $irtue of its role6 lordship6 position6 status in the horoscope" -he portfolios of the
planet will prosper " According to Saravali ( Ch.5/Sl.40), a plant that has !on in a
plantar" !ar is capabl o# bsto!ing complt happinss and $ingdom that
cannot b bsigd.
2. ! $ictorious planet when con+oined with ?handra and not com)ust' gi$es $ery
auspicious results' $ictory o$er enemies ' a high post in Go$ernment' etc"
3. -he loser is said to )e in /opa a$astha or ;ipiditha a$astha" -he results of this
a$astha are always )ad for the nati$e irrespecti$e of lordship or placement of the
planet in the horoscope" -he portfolios of the planet will suffer" -he more a planet is
stric(en' the more it will harm e$erything )elonging to it" According to Saravali
( Ch.5/ Sl.%&), a plant d#atd in plantar" !ar not onl" loss its potnc to b
auspicious but also bcoms capabl o# bsto!ing mal#ic ##cts in #ull . !lso'
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according to Sham)u 2ora Pra(asha.?h"86Sl":41' a planet recei$ing defeat in
planetary war is said to )e incapa)le of gi$ing fa$oura)le effects"
4. 0enefics who are $anAuished )y a malefic are rendered $ery wea( where as the
)enefic winning o$er a malefic )ecomes much stronger" According to Saravali
(Ch.'%/ Sl.()&), a bn#ic plant victorious in plantar" !ar at birth and is
ssntiall" aspctd b" anothr bn#ic, dstro"s all vils *ust as a gal can uproot
5. #f a planet is retrograde and is $anAuished in a war' the damage is less"
6. #f /u+a is engaged in planetary war and causes /u+a Dosha' there is no e3emption
from the Dosha irrespecti$e of whether it is winner or loser"
7. #f /u+a is within the or) of influence of planets in Graha yuddha' there is no
e3emption from /u+a Dosha"
8. #f more than two planets are at war ' then their relati$e results ha$e to )e +udged )y
ta(ing one as the loser with reference to the other"
9. #f lagnalord is $anAuished in planetary war ' then the nati$e will de$elop enmity with
his Gnathis" . Slo(a 19 of ?hapter 1 of Fata(a ;aradiya1"
1:.#f the planet contri)uting to asceticism in a horoscope is o$er powered )y another
planet in planetary war' eclipse' etc"' the nati$e will gi$e up the order after )eing
initiated in to it".Sara$aliG ?h"806Sl"801"Similar information is a$aila)le in 0rihat
Parashara 2ora as well". ch"">@6 Sl"101"
11. Such planets defeated in planetary war )y malefics gi$e unfa$oura)le results"
. Prashna -antraG ?h"8 6 Sl"@1
12. Su(ra ' /u+a' Guru' Surya' ?handra' Sani' 0udha' Hord of Hagna' Surya' ?handra
are the lords of the months of pregnancy starting from the time of conception" -hese
planets cause a)ortion in the months of pregnancy pertaining to them when they are
in enemy%s camp' d#atd in plantar" !ar, con*oind !ith nmis ' placed in
heliacal setting or afflicted otherwise" .Dai$agna alla)haG ?h"1: 6 Sl"10 =111" !s
per 2ora Sara . ?h"96Sl"81 1' Should any month%s lord )e afflicted' or defeated in war
)etween grahas' ' or com)ust in Surya' the particular process will not progress .the
foetus gets affected 1 and there may not )e smooth deli$ery "
13.One will )e trou)led )y fear of enemies' will incur changes of place' )e worried and
o$erta(en )y $ices if the planet in Prapeeditha !$astha".defeated in planetary war1"
.Sham)u 2ora pra(ashaG ?h"86 Sl"481"
The rationale of *raha +uddha*
#t is worthy to note as to why only the 4 -ara Grahas .Pancha)ootatma(a planets1
are said to engage in war and the luminaries are e3cluded from the pur$iew of Graha
Sun ' )eing the uni$ersal spirit . Fagat !tma 1' is not affected )y -ara Grahas"
Whene$er -araGrahas come in contact with Sun they lose their originality and get
dissol$ed in the uni$ersal spirit" -hat is why planets coming $ery close to Sun are said to
)e getting com)ust or )urnt" -hat means to say that Sun is capa)le of a)sor)ing the
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energies of all other planets as a result of which they lose their identity and indi$idual
influence" -he or)s at which different planets get com)ust from Sun are also different
for each planet )ecause of the difference )etween their astronomical distances as well as
si&es" 2ence' the close con+unction of other planets with Sun is not considered in
planetary war )ut is separately dealt with as ?om)ustion"
7oon is the Dasa significator" 2e is the planet responsi)le for unfolding the
(armic influence of an indi$idual in any )irth )y suita)ly acti$ating one%s mind
according to the designs of fate" -hat is possi)le only if there is a smooth interaction
among the planets" !ctually when planets con+oin 7oon' a special effect is produced in
each case )y the interacti$e energies which creates a corresponding change in the mental
ma(e up of the indi$idual as a result of which he reacts in a particular pattern for each of
the stimulus from the e3ternal world" -hus' the con+unction of moon with other planets
does not cause any destruction )ut only creates a modified synergic effect" -his
phenomenon has )een called with a uniAue name" -he word ,Samagama% is used for
descri)ing the effects of $arious planetary con+unctions with moon" !s such' lunar
con+unctions are not considered in planetary war"
!s already said' the influence of other planets on 7oon actually acti$ates one%s
life" Planets $ie with each other to ta(e control of the nati$e depending up on their role
in the horoscope and )ased on their lin( with the Hagna' Basi' -atwa' ela and other of
)irthGtime conditions" -he strongest planet of the horoscope along with Hagna and Basi
lords usually influences the nati$e to a large e3tent" When the influence of Huminaries
or ?haya Grahas . Bahu and /etu1 )ecome predominant in the horoscope the (armic
effects of the soul are also at play in that incarnation" -he concept of planetary war is an
attempt to understand the impact of the -ara Grahas " #f there is planetary war in a
horoscope' the warring planets are sure to cause significant effects in the life of the
nati$e ' auspicious or otherwise during their Dasa60hu(thi" -he pattern of e$ents is
easily understood if there is Graha Yuddha in a horoscope"
0ase Studies :
;ow ' let consider some e3ample charts and try to understand the role of Graha
Yuddha in these charts" #t can )e o)ser$ed that the effects are $ery significant and as
such the concept of Graha Yuddha merits serious considerations while analy&ing the
natal charts for )etter accuracy in prediction"
;<.!1 : !oroscope of a Male
0irth Details* D"O"0" 09G08G1@E0 ' -"O"0 * 01":0 P7 .#S-1' P"O"0 * 0angalore
Hat * 18G4D ; Hong * >>I:E J
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/etu 01G4@ ?handra

0alance of su(ra dasa
at )irth is 18y 4m 1Dd Surya
Su(ra 1EG19
/u+a 88G::
Guru 08G::
Sani 80G10
Bahu 01G4@
;<. !.1 : Analysis *
#n this horoscope' Su(ra ' Sani and /u+a are in Graha Yuddha" Su(ra )ecomes
winner in its war with Sani" 0ut' he gets $anAuished )y /u+a" !s a result' )oth Su(ra
and Sani are rendered wea( and )ecome potential enough to gi$e malefic results despite
the fact that Su(ra is the lagna Hord and Sani is the Yoga/ara(a for risha)a Hagna
)eing the lord of @
= 10
-he con+unction of lagna lord Su(ra with his friend and yoga (ara(a for the lagna
Sani should ha$e produced e3cellent results in the professional front for the nati$e as
Sani is also aspecting 10
house' its own house" !lthough the nati$e got his first
employment in a reputed PS5 of Go$ernment of #ndia as Funior Jngineer #n ?handra
Dasa' /u+a 0hu(thi immediately after completion of his diploma course at the young
age of 1@ years itself due to the positi$e influence of /u+a )eing the winner in Graha
Yuddha ./u+a is the dispositor for ?handra also1 ' he was unhappy )ecause of his place
of posting )eing far away from his homeGtown"
0esides' his career in PS5 lasted only for a)out 81 years " !s the company came
uinder loss' he was forced to resign his +o) in Bahu Dasa' Sani 0hu(thi" 2ere' we must
note that Sani is the planet $anAuished in Graha Yuddha )y Su(ra" Despite )eing @
lord and aspecting 10
house' Sani could not sa$e the nati$e%s profession" Such is
the o$erGriding impact of Planetary war"
Guru lagna
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;<.!2 : !oroscope of a Male
0irth Details* D"O"0" 88G0>G1@D1 ' -"O"0 * 09"9:P7 .#S-1' P"O"0 * 0angalore
Hat * 18G4D ; Hong * >>G:E J
?handra10G9D 0udha 1>G99
/u+a @G1E

0alance of Sani dasa
at )irth is Dy 9m @d
Surya 0EG09
Bahu DG1:
/etu DG1: enus :G4>
Hagna Guru 11G11
Sani 11G1@
;<. !.2: Analysis *
#n this horoscope' Guru and Sani are in Graha Yuddha in 8
house" Guru is the
winner"Sani' the planet $anAuished in Graha Yuddha with Guru' is the 8
= :
lord and
is posited in 10
house and aspects lagna" 8
house signifying primary education is
occupied )y /etu" 0ut' Hagna lord Guru is aspecting 8
house " /ara(a for education
i"e"' 0udha is posited in Own house in >
along with 4
= 18 th lord 7ars' forming a
-hus' the )enefic aspect of the natural )enefic and Hagna lord Guru ' the /endra
placement of 8
lord Sani and 0udha%s position in Own house should ha$e guaranteed a
good primary education to the nati$e" 0ut' -he nati$e had serious pro)lems in Primary
education up to SSH? le$el when Sani dasa was running" 2e could complete SSH? only
with lot of e3tra coaching' )ecause Sani is $anAuished in Graha Yuddha which has lost
its potence to )e auspicious and the portfolios of the planet ha$e suffered"
!lso' during !pril 800> the author was consulted )y the mother of this nati$e for
deciding on the choice of profession as he had got two opportunities' one as 7echanical
Jngineer .Sani in 10
1 and another as ?omputer Jngineer .0udha in 10
to 10
ie"' >
#n spite of the author%s ad$ice to opt for ?omputer Jngineer%s post' he +oined the
7echanical Jngineer%s +o) " 0ut' left it within E months as he could not continue there"
Presently' he is happily employed as a computer Jngineer hardware Jngineer in a
locally reputed company"
Su(ra Hagna
/u+a Guru ?handra Bahu
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!s Sani is $anAuished in Graha Yuddha ' he could not continue his profession in
mechanical engineering field "

;<.!3 : !oroscope of a Male
0irth Details* D"O"0" 18G01G1@4@ ' -"O"0 * 00"80 !7 .#S-1' P"O"0 * 0angalore
Hat * 18G4D ; Hong * >>I:E J
/etu 89G1> /u+a8EG8:

0alance of /u+a dasa
at )irth is :y Em 8Dd
Sani >G:8
Surya 8>G:>
0udha DG80
Guru 8G91
Bahu 89G1>
;<. !.3 : Analysis *
#n this horoscope' Sani and 0udha are in Graha Yuddha" Sani is the winner and
0udha is the defeated planet"
Sani is 4
= E
lord posited in 9
house in con+unction with Hagna = 10
0udha"' )oth aspecting 10
house along with 18
lord Sun"
lord 0udha con+oined with natural malefics Sani and Surya is to )e considered
as a malefic and his placement in chaturtha /endra gi$es e3tra strength to him" 2is
aspect on 10
house' )eing its own house' should ha$e gi$en him a $ery good influence
in profession" !lthough the nati$e was employed in Go$ernment in -elecom
Department as -elephone Operator in Bahu Dasa .Bahu is in the house of 0udha in
lagna1 immediately on completion of his graduation due to the influence of 10
0udha' the nati$e could not raise up in his career " Despite attempting many times to get
through in departmental competiti$e e3amination for promotion to higher posts' he was
not successful due to the fact that 0udha is defeated in planetary war "
su(ra 0udha
Surya /u+a Hagna
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-he winner Sani is aspecting 10
house " 0ut' his domain of influence )eing 4
houses' the nati$e is )lessed with a son who is $ery good in his education" -he nati$e
has no ancestral property or any other source of income" 0ut' has )een managing his life
fairly well without any significant loans or commitments due to the positi$e
influence of Sani' the winner in planetary war" #t is also significant to note that he got
two financial upgradations in his career )ased on his length of ser$ice ' for which Sani
is the significator"
;<.!4 : !oroscope of a Male
0irth Details* D"O"0" 89G04G1@D9 ' -"O"0 * 0:"04 !7 .#S-1' P"O"0 * 0angalore
Hat * 18G4D ; Hong * >>I:E J
Hagna 0udha 19G84 Bahu 1:G88
Surya @G8:
Su(ra :G0@

0alance of Guru dasa at
)irth is 1:y Em 9 d
Guru 1DG:8 /u+a .B1
Sani . B 1
;<. !.4 : Analysis *
#n this horoscope' /u+a and Sani are in Graha Yuddha and (u+a is ta(en as the
winner" 0oth the warring planets are retrograde "

/u+a ' the lord of 8
and @
houses ' is posited in D
house along with Sani ' the
Hord " /u+a and sani are aspecting 8
house " Guru ' the lord of lagna and a
natural )enefic' is aspecting 8
house from his 7oola tri(ona Basi" !s such' the )enefic
aspect of Guru and the aspect of /u+a the winner in Graha Yuddha on its own house '
should ha$e gi$en the nati$e $ery good results as regards 8
house' the a( Sthana"
/etu Guru
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0ut' the nati$e has $ery serious stammering pro)lem and cannot spea( properly"
-he position of 0udha ' (ara(a for speech' in (ara(a sthana . also )adha(a for 7eena
Hagna1 and the ad$erse aspect of Sani ' the planet defeated in Graha Yuddha coupled
with the retrograde aspect of 8
lord and natural malefic /u+a ha$e se$erely affected the
Written )y *
Acharya V.KUMAR