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GDA holds your hands from the beginning till the end, safeguarding your investment

and time like no one else does.

Inviting franchise proposals for the schools of tomorrow because building schools make an excellent
Global Discovery Academy is laying the foundation for 400 CBSE Schools all across India. The venture was
started to pave the way for a revolution in the Indian education system. We are introducing future schools
to fundamentally re-define what a school should be like.
With 5+ years of extensive research, we are able to establish the concept of GDA playgroup to Class XII
that guides a child towards a better life through better schooling. GDAs Roadmap to my Dreams
platform takes care of long-term as well as short-term goals of the child's future.
GDA has secured remarkable results across different states year after year, specifically in the test markets
of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu in terms of brand value, admissions and economics. We have opened the doors
for entrepreneurs, land/building owners and investors who have an eye for opportunities in an ever
expanding sector that has been providing stable financial flow over many decades.
If you own 2 to 5 acres of land and 3 to 4 crores capital, taking a GDA franchise will surely prove to be a
good investment.
GDAs innovation pillars are:
Learning space design
aHa Packets that collectively drive viral word of mouth
Find out about our industry's best records in teaching quality, admissions, attracting educators, school
operations, capex and opex.
GDAs Background and Vision
Education researchers, Fortune 500 executives, graduates from Kellogg, Stanford and IIM with a
passion to create schools of tomorrow
Revolutionize school education and be an ace education brand in the country
Operate over 400 transformational schools across India
GDA has successfully digitized the shaping of student's lives via the Roadmap to my Dreams
GDAs Differentiators
Unique philosophy designed on extensive research studies carried out across the globe
Architecture layout proposed to create a positive environment and foster quick learning among
All education and co-curricular programs focusing on delivering quality and excitement through
the aHa moments
Sector with Long Term Potential
A $12 billion market, growing annually at the rate of 14%
Parents are looking for high quality schools within their budget
Incumbents are unable to innovate
Opportunity to impart world class education for Indian children at an affordable fee structure
Who are we looking for?
Partners who own/possess 2-4 acres of land (preferably 4 acres) and Rs. 3-4 crores capital
Stable and recession proof returns, higher than industry IRR and margins with early break-even
Entrepreneurs/land owners who want to create an educational institution for a better future

Aggressive ramp-up plan with a target of adding 50 schools for 2014-15 academic year in Tier 2 and Tier
3 towns across India.
Scalability of Operations Established
Tie-ups with national construction, legal, banking, marketing, recruiters, trainers and other
vendor partner
Huge investment in scalable IT systems
Teaching and operations processes codified
Strong Brand and Product Acceptance
Went live in June 12 with a huge record in Vadodara for the first year admissions
Clear validation of pioneer status and customer acceptance of the brand all over India
Parent feedback validates differentiators and value proposition
GDA Schools Operational/Coming Up
Baroda (2 schools)
Gujarat (3rd school is coming up)
Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu (3rd school is coming up)
Madhya Pradesh
Maharashtra (2 schools)
Aggressive ramp-up plan across clusters
Targeting to add 50 schools for 2014-15 academic year
Targeting the following clusters:
Western Clusters
Navi Mumbai
Northern Clusters
Southern Clusters
Central Clusters

Education Sector
Schools of tomorrow offer tremendous opportunities for excellence.
Large demand, high growth, limited alternatives, price inelastic for differentiated products and huge
opportunity for innovators.
Sector - K-12 schools
Shortage of 200,000 schools
Size of K-12 segment was $30 billion by 2012 which is now growing at 14% CAGR
Sector is in need of reform as a new paradigm is emerging
Legacy schools going out of fashion and facing many limitations to innovate new teaching
Customer middle class
Growing middle class and upper middle class with high disposable income, expected to triple
over the next six years
Parents value education, seek quality and are willing to spend on modern reliable education
Education is the second largest expenditure for the middle class
Elite schools are expensive and dont scale up
Private trust schools are constrained by legacy
Missionary have narrow focus owing to founding mission
New entrants focused on speedy entry as opposed to sustainable product advantage
Imitation of GDA model by competitors is difficult to replicate

GDAs Franchisee Scheme
Key facts:
GDA partners with you as school IP and school management company to help you in setting-up
the school and manages it for you
The school will have CBSE syllabus (other syllabus will be added later)
Construction will happen in phases. Total built up area will be 72000 sq. feet spanning from 0-7
Student capacity in one admission shift is 2200
Minimum land requirement is 2 acres, preferably 4 acres. Additional investment required is Rs. 3-4 crore
The rest can be financed by loan. GDA provides assistance through preferred bankers
Higher than industry IRR and margins
Optimised capex investment and early break-even
GDA schemes are structured to meet your risk appetite and financial exposure. In any case, GDA
incentivises itself based on the school performance to ensure GDA has high stake in your schools success.