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The fastest-growing pizza franchise
in the U.S.

In the $40 billion per year U.S. pizza industry, Marcos stands out.
Fed up with the lack of good-quality delivery pizza, Marcos founder, Pat
Giammarco, sought to create an authentic Italian pizza an artisan pie
created with the fresh dough and the highest quality ingredients


delivered to your home in about half an hour. Delivery pizza is a highly
competitive industry, and he believed if people could get a better-tasting
pizza for the same price they usually pay, they would keep coming back.
Thirty years and several hundred franchises later, Marcos has become
one of the top five delivery pizza franchises and is giving the bigger
delivery pizza brands a serious run for their money.

What makes Marcos unique is the dedication to producing the best
delivery pizza money can buy. Customers may order a delivery or takeout
pizza because it is inexpensive and convenient, but that doesnt mean
they want something that doesnt taste great. At Marcos, we believe a
delivery pizza can be as good as an artisan pizza from a gourmet pizza
shop and still be convenient and affordable.

For instance, dough is made fresh daily in every store using our specially
formulated flour. Our sauce is made from tomatoes developed and grown
especially for Marcos. The 100% real cheese that blankets every pizza is
always fresh, never frozen. And youll find our team members chopping
fresh vegetables daily and using premium meats for toppings.

Marcos is an affordable luxury. The difference? While other national
chains deeply discount and compete over price point, Marcos competes

on quality and authenticity.

The other pizza chains do business like McDonalds, Burger King and
Wendys and appeal to a more price-sensitive customer. Marcos
resembles Five Guys Burgers and Fries still offering a fast and
inexpensive meal but one that is much higher quality. We may charge a
little bit more, but like a Five Guys burger, our pizza is worth it.
If youre passionate about quality and want to join a well established and
rapidly growing brand, Marcos may be right for you.

Our philosophy

Consistency, authenticity and quality. These arent just buzzwords in
the companys mission statement but the lifeblood of the brand that
pumps through the veins of each franchisee in the system. Theyre the
not-so-secret keys to our success.


Founder Pasquale Pat Giammarco was born in Italy and came to
America with his family as a little boy. His father ran restaurants, and its
something Pat gravitated toward as a young man in Toledo, Ohio.

He wanted to make the kind of fresh, artisan pizza he remembered from
his childhood. Giammarco wanted to serve a pizza he could be proud of, a
pizza with integrity. That meant honoring his Italian heritage by creating
every pizza with the freshest quality ingredients available. In 1978,
Marcos authentic Italian pizzas quickly became a hit, and he grew a chain
of pizza stores serving communities in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.


In the mid-2000s, it was president and CEO Jack Butorac who saw the
opportunity to take Marcos to the next level as a high-quality pizza
franchise. He felt pizza lovers deserved something better tasting than
cardboard and he knew a Marcos pizza was what the market was
missing. He became a consultant for Marcos in 2004, and he purchased
the franchise rights to Marcos that same year.

With three decades overseeing the national expansion of restaurant
chains with YUM! Brands, Chi-Chis and Fuddruckers, Jack had the vision
and the know-how to take Marcos from a regional favorite to the fastest-
growing pizza chain in the country.

We wouldnt dream of selling a second-class product. Some Marcos
franchisees started as managers or executives with other national pizza
brands. But when it came time to invest their own money in a product
they believed in, they chose Marcos. It was an integrity issue. If you were
to attend one of our many franchisee conferences, you would hear their
passionate commitment to product quality and the total customer



Quality pizza is our biggest concern

If you asked 100 people what their favorite pizza was, youd probably get
a hundred different answers. But if you let 100 people sample Marcos
specialty pizzas alongside its competitors, the majority of them would
choose Marcos.

When we hired the Proctor & Gamble Test Kitchen to conduct a four-
month study with focus groups, 72% of people who tried Marcos pizza
said theyd purchase it again more than twice the intent to repurchase
of the other pizza delivery franchises the kitchen tested.


If you serve a great tasting pizza, the business will follow, says Cameron
Cummins, Marcos vice president of Franchise Marketing and Recruiting. In
our industry, you are only as good as your last pizza and our customers
repeat their purchases from us because our pizzas are always delivered
quickly and taste better than other options.


The business world is starting to take notice:

Marcos is now the fastest growing pizza company in the
Marco's was ranked No. 104 on Entrepreneur magazine's
prestigious Franchise 500 list in 2014.
Franchise Business Review included Marco's on its annual Top 200,
a list of the best systems for franchisee satisfaction.
AllBusiness ranked Marcos its No. 6 Allstar Franchise System for
2013, based on its top rating for strong financial performance.

The Taste of Italy

Founder Pasquale Pat Giammarco spent his early childhood in Italy,
where people used only the best, freshest ingredients available. Pat
wanted his own brand of pizza to be made in the same authentic Italian
way. Here are four reasons Marcos pizza is so much better than the


1. The Dough. Our pizza crust isnt just frozen in some factory and
shipped to hundreds of stores for efficiencys sake. We make the
dough fresh in-store every day from premium spring wheat flour,
specially filtered water and high quality yeast. After analyzing the
type of flour that works best for our pizza in our ovens, we found
Minnesota-grown spring wheat, with its higher protein content,
produces the best-tasting crust.

2. The Sauce. From a recipe developed by Pat and his father, our
sauce packs a punch of flavor. The sauce originally included three
types of tomato one each for taste, color and texture. From there,
growers developed an organic hybrid that included the best
qualities of all three tomatoes, grown in California just for Marcos.
All our sauce is made from these specially grown tomatoes, and a
proprietary spices are blended into the sauce daily in the store.

3. The Cheese. Among the top 25 pizza chains, few use fresh cheese.
Most ship a frozen cheese substitute, called cheese for pizza, to
their stores. We use a secret blend of three fresh cheeses from
Wisconsin and Iowa to blanket our pizzas, giving our pizza a
distinct flavor. Its as good as the best gourmet pizza you can buy in
any town and rare on a delivery pizza.


4. The Toppings. We use only premium, thick-cut and top quality
meats, including several types of pepperoni and our own meatball-
sized sweet Italian sausage. Our veggies are always chopped fresh
in our stores. As for how many toppings we use, you need only feel
the heft of a Marcos pizza box to understand that we place as many
toppings on our small pizza as our competitors use on their large

We pay attention to quality in our other menu
items, too, from our CheezyBread and Cinna
Squares to our wings, salads and subs. Marcos is
an affordable luxury, and customers get the
value. Marcos costs a couple of bucks more than
the other guys, but our customers know were
worth it.

Think about it. For about $4 a person, you get a mass-produced, fast
food quality pizza. For about $5 a person at Marcos, you get an authentic
Italian pizzeria-quality product. Which would you rather have?

Thats why were growing.


Our existing stores have experienced same-store sales increases
almost every quarter since 2004. More and more customers seem to be
making the same decision you would make.

What does it mean to be authentic

Marcos founder Pasquale Pat
Giammarco understands better than
most what makes for an authentic
Italian pizza. Its not about a certain
thickness of crust or a particular
combination of toppings; its about using the best, freshest ingredients
available. Its about making something youd be proud to serve to your
children or your mother. Simply put, its about celebrating good food with
people you love. Thats the beauty of a delivery pizza in a busy and
hectic world, a family can slow down and spend time enjoying each
others company.


He was just 9 when his family moved from Italy to make a new home in
Toledo, Ohio, in 1966, but Pat always remembered the wonderful food he
grew up with in his native country.

In Italy, they take pride in what they serve,
whether you go to a restaurant or to someones
house. In Europe, if they dont like your food,
theyll throw it back in your face, says Pat.

His father made a career in the restaurant
business in the U.S., and Pat would grow up to
follow in his footsteps. In 1978, he opened his
own first Marcos. He had expanded to 112 restaurants by 2004 when he
first met our current CEO and President Jack Butorac. Jack, who had
decades of experience packaging food franchises and bringing them to
market nationally, had a much larger vision. Jack started out as a
consultant and then bought the franchise rights to Marcos.
With an eye toward national expansion, Jack pulled together an
impressive team of managers, many with decades of food franchise
experience at brands like Dominos, Little Caesars and Papa Johns. The
team understood not only how to grow a franchise brand that delights


customers but also how to build a profitable business model for

Business has been booming ever since, and today there are hundreds of
stores in the United States and three countries, and its still growing by
leaps and bounds. One of the keys to our success is the combination of the
best ingredients with a passion for making a great pizza, every time.


Besides the freshness and the quality, theres a bit of an art to making sure
its prepared properly, baked properly, packaged properly and serviced
properly, says Pat. When you put it all together, thats why we beat our
competitors. You cant just lower your prices. That gets them in the door one
or two times, but if theyre not happy with the product, theyre not going to
come back.

The idea behind Marcos was to produce a consistently high-quality pizza,
something customers will keep coming back for. Its one of the things Jack
spotted when he first checked out Marcos in 2004.
And it has to be good enough for someone with an authentic Italian
heritage to be proud of.

I eat pizza almost every day, says our founder. Im proud to serve my
pizza to anyone who comes here from Italy.

Even so, pizza has become a quintessentially American food.
I think Americans love pizza and burgers and hot dogs and tacos and
chicken. I dont think people will ever get tired of pizza. Whoever does a
better job of making it will outsell the others.


Franchisees can invest with confidence

On average, the startup cost for a Marcos franchise is $350,000.
Heres how it breaks down:

Our minimum criteria for new franchisees:



$100,000 in liquid assets. This includes anything besides home
equity that can be converted to cash within 30 days. Retirement
accounts such as a 401K or IRA can be considered.

Net worth of $150,000

Strong credit


Marcos is an approved franchise on
the Small Business Administration
National Registry, which is accessible
to all SBA commercial lenders.

Among the financing options:

MFS Leasing. This is an internal
leasing company put together by a
group of investors and available to
franchisees in Indiana, Ohio and

Marcos Capital. Another internal company has funds available for
startup for certain candidates.

401k rollovers. This option is sometimes paired with another form
of financing to meet the down payment requirements.


Other sources of financing to facilitate other needs, such as
expanding or upgrading POS systems.

Cash. Several people are coming into our system from other
concepts, large franchisees in some cases. This may be the best
option for certain candidates. Marcos will help candidates decide
how much cash to leverage.

SBA. This is the primary way our franchisees secure their funding.

Buyouts. If someone buys an existing Marcos, different financing
options are in place.

Refinancing existing debt. This option can come into play if
someone is buying an existing franchise.

Business success is often a function of good timing, and Marcos time is
now. We are looking for experienced and talented franchisees who want
to capitalize on this timing by getting in while Marcos is experiencing
tremendous forward momentum.

Take the time now to fill out a request for information. After you fill out
the contact form, one of our Franchise Development Managers will reach
out to you.

From dough-making to mopping up, heres
how one franchisees day looks

Although his Franklin, Tenn., store doesnt open until 11 a.m., franchise
owner Stuart Field likes to get going around 9 a.m. He starts out his day
from his home office, checking email, corresponding with his accountant
and working on his budget.

Afterward, he drives to work with a goal of being at the store by 9:30 or
10 a.m. He keeps that time flexible to allow himself a chance to do a little
marketing along the commute.

On the way, if I notice something new going on, I might stop and introduce
myself, Stu says. A growing slice of Marcos revenue comes from


fundraisers, school lunch programs, catering and other non-residential
sales. As a Marcos franchisee, Stu is visible and known in his community,
and networking helps his sales.

One recent day, he noticed the opening of a new hotel in the
neighborhood. I introduced myself to the manager, dropped off menus and
coupons, gave the employees a deal on ordering pizza, he says. The visit
paid off guests now order delivery pizza and the staff recommends
Marcos for catering.


Once hes in the store, his team starts prepping for the lunch rush. Stu
employs an average of 10-15 team members and 4-6 drivers. In addition,
he has a store manager, which makes it possible for him to have normal
working hours. He and his manager almost always work the rush hours
together and stagger other times of the week.

The team cuts up fresh vegetables and sets out bins of premium meats,
fresh cheeses and the newly sliced vegetables along the assembly table.

Fresh dough balls prepared the
afternoon before are waiting in
a special proofing cabinet,
which keeps the humidity and
temperature at just the right

When orders come in from
walk-ins, telephone calls or the website, team members flatten a dough
ball using a dough sheeter, which helps spread out the dough, then hand-
toss it to make a perfect crust.


They then ladle on Marcos sauce and add the toppings.
Once a pizza is ready, its popped onto the conveyor belt for a 6-minute
ride in the oven at 425 degrees, the perfect time and temperature for a
perfect pie. Orders are stacked in warming carriers for delivery drivers to
whisk out the door. Our goal is to be out the door in 19 minutes, Stu
says. Other team members are working the counter, taking orders and
sometimes directing customers to the adjacent small dining area, where
Stu recently added new seating. During lunch, this helps increase sales
because so many office workers prefer to eat outside rather than order a
pizza. Because he can make a pizza so quickly, his customers can get in
and out in less than 45 minutes.

People are very time-crunched during lunch, and the conception is it will
take 15 to 20 minutes. People that know us know well have it ready in 10
minutes, Stu says.

The lunch rush dies down around 2 p.m., and Stu and his team spend the
next three hours doing prep work. They prepare Marcos special tomato
sauce and chop fresh bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. They make a
new batch of dough, adding bags of special spring wheat flour to a large
mixer with just the right amount of filtered water until the giant dough
hook brings the batch to the right consistency.

The dough is dumped out onto a large
wooden prep table. Workers use pastry
knives with an expert eye, cutting away
the perfect amount to be patted into a
ball thats placed on a pan and stacked
in a warm place to rise. After rising,
each ball of dough is punched down,
brushed with oil and covered with
plastic wrap, it sites in the proofer,
taking 8-12 hours to rise and will be ready to be made into the perfect
pizza pie the next day.

Dinner picks up just before 5 p.m. or a little later in the summertime.
Everyone stops whatever he or she is doing to handle the rush that
typically lasts until around 8:30 p.m.

Because each Marcos location has a territory that only includes a 10-
minute or less delivery time, drivers make multiple trips and often meet
or exceed the half-hour delivery time goal.

Thats the nice thing about this business, says Stu. You know when youre
going to be busy.


After the rush and handling whatever late orders come in, theres
cleaning up and restocking. The store closes at 10 p.m. Sunday through
Thursday and at 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday so it can accommodate
late night orders and catering jobs.

Throughout the day, the phone rings with customers placing orders, and
more often than you might expect, just call to compliment the staff on
how great the pizza is and say thank you for how quickly it was delivered.

When I first opened, the phone would ring after we delivered a pizza, said
Stu, a 20-year veteran of the pizza industry. I was expecting it to be a
customer complaining because we made a mistake, but shockingly, they
called to say how much they loved the pizza. In fact, in our opening week,
we received over 70 positive phone calls and almost no complaints. Its a
great business to own.


Marcos offers something unique in the pizza franchise segment a
chance to get in on the ground floor.

If you want a chance to run your own franchise with the fastest-growing
pizza chain in the country, we have the experience to help our franchisees


Franchise Business Review included Marcos in its Top 200 ranking in
2014. The ranking evaluates franchise systems for franchisee satisfaction
based on interviews with hundreds of owners with more than 350

Consider this breakdown from Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure
Charts 1 and 2 below provide the average Net Royalty Sales of the 240
Franchised Stores and 29 Company-Managed Stores which were open for
business for 52 weeks in our 2012 fiscal year. The Net Royalty Sales figures after
coupons and discounts for the Franchised Stores are based upon unaudited
royalty reports supplied by franchise owners. Included in Chart 1 are the specific
results for MPI, our largest independently-owned franchisee with 16 Franchised


Chart #1 Net Royalty Sales of Franchised Stores 2012

Chart #2 Net Royalty Sales of 29 Company Managed
Stores 2012


Chart #3 - Statement of Typical Expenses for Company
Managed Stores at Average Volume Sales
The costs presented in Chart 3 below are the actual averages of the costs
incurred by the 29 Company-Managed Stores that were open during the
entire 52-week period ending December 25, 2012. The operating data for
these Stores were re-stated to a common format. Revenues and expenses
were eliminated which did not directly relate to the operation of Marcos
Pizza Stores, or the determination of Store earnings before interest,
income taxes and depreciation and amortization. Some cost categories are
omitted in order not to mislead you as these cost categories are highly
dependent upon factors beyond our ability to explain.





Pizza as a fast-food alternative

Although pizza has its roots in Italy, its so beloved by Americans that it
has become as iconic as burgers and fries. Who eats pizza?
According to a Gallup poll, almost everyone.

Because of its inexpensive price, pizza has become as mainstream as fast
food for time- and money-crunched customers used to eating on the fly.



Pizza is a $40 billion a year industry, and PMQ Pizza Magazine estimates it
will continue to grow, particularly worldwide. Its popularity shows no
signs of slowing down. Citing Technomics Pizza Consumer Trend Report, reported 68% of consumers order carryout pizza at least once
a month, and 45% order pizza for dine-in service monthly or more often.
The potential for earnings is huge.

The prevalence of home delivery changed the pizza industry in the 1970s
and 1980s. Now, theres room for a new trend in the industry: the
authentic Italian artisan pizza. And Marcos is on the leading edge of that


How does Marcos compete?

Pizza is a family favorite, and consumers show no signs of tiring of it.
What they can tire of is pizza thats mass-produced in pieces and shipped
out frozen to individual stores for assembly and sale. At Marcos, every


pizza is made by hand from fresh ingredients. And while artisan foods
made by independent operators are often threatened by fluctuating food
prices, Marcos is able to offer real value to its customers through the
power of purchasing in large quantities. For $20-$30, you can feed a
family of four at Marcos.

With pizzas popularity still on the rise, many national pizza chains have
crowded the market. At Marcos, however, theres opportunity to get in on
the ground floor. We have hundreds of stores open today, with more than
1,000 stores in development.

Even during tough economic times, when people tend to buy fewer luxury
items, pizza remains a strong value. Pizza is a convenient, affordable

Because of Marcos dedication to high-quality ingredients, we continue to
distance ourselves from our competitors. Why does this matter?
Regardless of the product or industry, high quality is always a long-term,
sustainable niche. Quality never goes out of favor with customers. Marcos
customers can immediately taste the difference, and theyre hooked.


Marcos training, support and business
model eliminate the need for restaurant

We love to recruit franchisees with prior food experience that can be a
real asset. Most people are surprised to discover that some of our top-
producing franchise owners had
no prior food experience. We
want people who love our
culture and pizza and are
passionate about running a
successful business that
customers enjoy.

Marcos will train you in every aspect of making high quality pizza and
running a successful franchise. The restaurant business is fast-paced and
fun but it isnt for everyone. You have to train, develop and manage a staff,
manage lunch and dinner rushes and there are many moving parts. Its


not for everyone. But if you are willing to learn, Marcos can offer you the
potential for long-term sustainable income.

New franchisees will spend about six weeks in a Marcos University pizza
store, learning how to make the dough from scratch, how much sauce to
put on each pizza, how much cheese is used in toppings. If the franchisee
isnt quite ready at the end of six weeks to run his own operation, he may
spend another two weeks in the training store to build his skills and his

The key to Marcos success is consistency, and the key to consistency is
having excellent systems in place to make sure that every pizza, every
sandwich, every salad tastes as good as it should. A piece of CheezyBread
will taste the same in Toledo, Ohio, as it does in Nashville, Tenn. A Cinna
Square will have as much cinnamon in Austin, Texas, as it does in
Huntington, W. Va.

The SBA reports that fewer than 25% of businesses survive 15 years or
more. Weve been in business more than twice that long.


Passion required

Our staff is dedicated to making
sure youre a success. If you make
money, we make money. Its as
simple as that. Thats why we have
area representatives in your
region that you can reach out to
anytime for questions and
support. Thats why we have a
very accessible corporate staff
based in Toledo, Ohio, that is constantly working on ways to make
Marcos a more profitable business.

We can teach you how to make the dough, stretch the crust and bake the
pizzas. We can teach you how to read your profit-and-loss paperwork. We
can teach you how to market your store in your neighborhood, endearing
yourself to every school, home and business within that three-mile ring
around your store.


What we cant teach you? Passion. But if you come in with a winning
attitude, thats what matters most. The reality is, people with restaurant
experience have to learn the Marcos way of doing things just like
someone with no retail food history.

Aside from the requisite skills, experience and capital, the best predictor
for your success is your passion for quality.


The key to Marcos success

Almost half of our franchisees were consumers first; 100% of the people in
our organization are in our organization because they love our product,
says Cameron Cummins, Marcos vice president of Franchise Marketing
and Recruiting. If somebodys on the fence, the first question we ask them
is if theyve had the pizza. If they say no, we direct them to the nearest

Almost half our franchisees came in thinking they were going to spend
$25 on a family meal and left investing $350,000 in a successful franchise.

Think how many restaurants and retail chains you eat and shop in. How
many times have you thought, I am ready to shift gears and do this for a

The ideal Marcos franchisees are:


PASSIONATE. Says CEO and President Jack Butorac, Id rather have
someone who has the passion, because that persons going to make good

Business-minded. We can teach you the pizza business. In fact, we will
teach you everything about the Marcos methods of making pizza during
six to eight weeks in a certified training store. But it helps to have a
background in management, even if its not in the restaurant business.

Community-oriented. Like any successful business, Marcos thrives
when its owners are involved in their communities. Marcos owners work
with their local schools, other businesses, sports teams and more.
Whether its donating to charities, working with Little League or getting
involved with churches or Scouts, there are unlimited ways to make your
Marcos franchise an integral part of the place you live in. A business that
supports its community, after all, will get community support in return.

Team players. Marcos owners are a tight, cohesive bunch who regularly
get together at conferences and share best practices.


Marcos Franchise Reviews

I need to take pride in what I do. Handing the product across the counter,
its got to be something Im putting my name behind. When you look at
other pizza franchises, not that theyre horrible, they just dont have the
quality. Thats what attracted me to Marcos the quality.
Stuart Field, former Little Caesars management and current
Area Representative and store owner, Franklin, Tenn.

I chose Marcos Pizza for the type of pizza, the brand quality. Coming from
another brand for 25 years, my favorite saying to my employees was,
Would you sell that to your mother? I didnt feel comfortable selling that
brand to my mother anymore.
David Knoles, multi-unit owner

Site selection, its funny. With the previous chain I was with, site selection
was, I like this spot, they said, OK, and you took it. With Marcos, its

totally the opposite We do everything we can to try to find the right
locations One of the best things with Marcos when it comes to the growth
opportunity is really availability. Marcos is growing like a rocket Some of
the other chains, theres no growth left. Once they get known, once they
start doing well, people gobble up everything and theres just nothing left
With Marcos theres a lot of availability, theres a lot of growth and theres
a lot of exclusive areas.
Glenn Ajmo, Area Representative and multi-unit owner in Florida

We had literally quit eating pizza for years. I bet we had not eaten a pizza
in 10 years. When we retired from the military, our friend opened a Marcos
in Georgia. We tried it and were blown away. We were just literally wowed
by the pizza. It was so good, we ordered it every week. When we started
looking at business opportunities, Marcos popped immediately to mind.
Obviously we have a great brand.
Laurel Wilkerson, Multi-Unit Franchisee of the Year
2012, Oklahoma

The training is one of the most important things we do for a new
franchisee. If things are off a little bit, you cant go store to store and you


cant make sure everything is done perfectly every time ... I think thats why
its simple to bring someone with a little bit of experience or a lot of
experience into the pizza business, because we have good processes in place
that get someone to make our product the exact same way every single
time, which is the most important thing.
Nick Costanzo, Colorado

The thing I like the best about Marcos, youve got to have a good product
and youve got to have a good image, but I think the timing is perfect. The
company is large enough that its had a few growing pains and its worked
its way through those things and its positioned itself to grow. But its small
enough that theres a lot of opportunity.
Rick Poston, multi-unit owner, Georgia

The hardest part of the business, which is great product its done, its
easy. They have a great recipe. The hard part the service, the image I
was already good at that ... It was just a simple decision.
Tim Brown, multi-unit owner, Alabama


Get in at the right time

With hundreds of stores in the
U.S., Marcos is a proven
concept with wide customer
appeal. However, we arent so
big that we no longer have
prime exclusive territories
available. Many great regions
for multi-unit development still

Many areas still offer exclusive territories with a three- or five-store deal.

Site selection

The better the site, the better your sales. Thats why Marcos works so
hard to find the best site for every single store. With some chains, site


selection is merely a matter of the franchisee picking out a site they like
and the chain signing off on that. At Marcos, things go a little differently.

We look for the ideal location for all Marcos franchise stores, preferably
in a high-density suburban area. An end-cap or inline location within a
community shopping center with a supermarket or big box retail chain
works well.

The right location has:


Good visibility. You can see the sign easily from the road.

Convenient parking. Customers can get in and out easily.

Easy access. Customers shouldnt have to fight traffic to turn in.

Good tenant mix. Co-tenants should be complementary and drive

Rooftops. We need a dense residential population.

1,400-1,600 square feet. Marcos is a smaller operation with low
overhead relative to other restaurant chains.

High traffic. Marcos wants 20,000 cars driving past your location a
day, typical for retail and fast food locations.




An industry veteran with more than three decades of experience turning
high-quality restaurants into thriving national chains, Jack purchased the
franchise rights to Marcos Pizza in 2004 and became president and CEO
that same year. His vision is to create a lean corporate infrastructure
targeted toward aggressive growth. His favorite pizza is pepperoni and

President and Chief Operating Officer

Bryon provides the leadership and vision necessary to ensure Marcos has
the proper operational, marketing, development and administrative
controls to grow the organization and ensure its financial strength. He
joined Marcos in 2005 as Vice President of New Business Development.
He previously held a variety of executive positions for YUM! Brands and
Yorkshire Global Restaurants, the parent company of A&W and Long John
Silvers. His favorite pizza is pepperoni, sausage, onion and green olives.

Executive Vice President of Operations

Since 2006, pizza industry veteran Dave has overseen all aspects of store
operations for Marcos. He spent 34 years with Dominos in roles ranging
from day shift manager to president of the company; he was a multi-unit
Dominos franchisee for 15 years. His favorite pizza is a toss-up between
pepperoni and sausage.

Vice President of Franchise Marketing & Recruiting

Cameron, who has been with Marcos in his current role since 2006,
developed marketing and sales processes to increase franchise leads for
brands including YUM!, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, Big Boy and Fast
Signs. He also ran his own marketing consulting firm and helped launch
the luxury automotive brand Lexus. His favorite pizza is bacon.

Cathy Hull
Chief Marketing Officer
Named to ExecRanks 2012 list of Top Private Company
Marketing Executives, Cathy is an accomplished marketing leader with


extensive experience in the food industry. Before joining Marcos, Cathy
was CMO of Fazolis LLC and previously worked with Papa Johns and
Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation. Her favorite pizza is sausage, mushroom
and extra cheese on original crust.

Development Project Manager

Joe joined Marcos in 2008 to provide guidance and resources during the
pre-construction and construction phases. The U.S. Navy veteran was
president of Boardwalk Caf Inc. and also worked as a project manager
for a Florida homebuilding company. Joes favorite Marcos item is

Franchise Development Coordinator
Lauren joined the Marcos family in 2009 as a receptionist/accounting
assistant and is now an integral member of the Development Team. She
also oversees the Marcos intranet system. Laurens favorite pizza is
pineapple and bacon with extra sauce.

Vice President of Franchise Operations

Jim oversees franchise operations and communication with area
representatives, employee training and site and equipment selection.
Previously, Jim was director of franchise sales for Yorkshire Global
Restaurants, the parent company of A&W and Long John Silvers, and also
spent more than 19 years with Little Caesars. His favorite pizza is Italian
sausage and mushrooms.

Vice President of Purchasing

Don oversees and educates store operators on product purchasing,
distribution and pricing. He joined Marcos 2007, after previously
working as a Dominos executive and running his own business
consulting group. Don wrote an award-winning book, The Domino
Effect. His favorite pizza is Italian sausage.


Vice President of Sales & Product Integrity

Mike manages the opening and promotion of new stores, product
research, development and testing, and online employee training
programs. He joined Marcos in 1988 as a district manager. His favorite
pizza is pepperoni.

Vice President and CFO

With more than 30 years of experience in finance and management, Ken
has been with Marcos for more than 20 years and has led development
efforts for administrative systems that have helped grow the company to
hundreds of stores.

Compliance Officer

Debbie, with Marcos since 2004, previously worked for Molly Maid Inc.,
where she was responsible for franchise compliance and financing
assisting to new franchise owners. She also was director of Human

Resources for River City Petroleum in Sacramento, Calif.

Director Operational Training

Mark started with Marcos as a Franchise Manager in 1998. Before that,
he was an International Franchise Representative for Little Caesars. He
was with that company for 10 years, holding a number of positions during
that time. His favourite pizza is White Cheezy with chicken.


Next Steps

Joining the Marcos family

By now, you know Marcos is the pizza industry quality leader poised to
become the next big pizza brand over the next two years. Hopefully,

youve also learned that we will not sacrifice quality for any reason,
because thats what has made our stores so successful.
The next step is two-fold. Tell us more about yourself, and we will tell you
more about us.

First, fill out an application and review our executive summary. This will
prepare you for your first phone conversation with a Marcos franchise

One of our franchise representatives or Area Developers will reach out to
you to set up an introductory telephone conversation, where we will
explore the possibility of a match.

Marcos Franchising Philosophy

You can count on us to shoot straight and share what it takes to win as a
Marcos franchisee without sugarcoating. We have a detailed
investigation process, which will help you determine whether or not
Marcos fits what you are looking for.

In return, we are counting on you to shoot straight with us.
We look forward to a healthy, open and honest dialogue.