Oro Christian Grace School Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City An Analysis of the Book “Tuesdays with Morrie” A Book


Prepared and Submitted by: Melanie Jane B. Tiu 3rd year Romans

Submitted to: Ms. Ellery Uy

Sept 28, 2009

INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH I am Melanie Jane B. Tiu from 3rd year Romans and my teacher in English is Ms. Ellery Uy. The title of the book that I read for my book report is “Tuesdays with Morrie” written by Mitch Albom. The book contains 192 pages and is published by Anchor Books & it’s a FIRST Anchor Books Open-Market Edition, January 2006. The reason why I chose to read this book is because first of all, it is required to read this book. Secondly, this book is recommended to a lot of people, including me, so I decided to read it and see what kind of interesting things are in this book. “Tuesdays with Morrie” is a runaway bestseller that changed millions of lives; there are also eleven million copies in print. The back cover of the book contains a lot of praises of this book. Its summary is not given unlike other books, instead, it urges you to read it and find the real lesson in the book by reading it for yourself. CHARACTERS The book’s main characters are Morrie Schwartz and Mitch. Morrie is the favorite professor of Mitch; he is a teacher and gets sick because of a disease called ALS. Morrie Schwartz is the man behind the story in whom the story is revolving in. He tells to Mitch and the world about life’s greatest lessons that are so simple yet rarely found. Mitch is the student of Morrie, he represents all of us and the problems we had within ourselves. Without both of these main characters, then there would be no story. Other important characters include Ted Koppel, Charlotte Schwartz & Mitch’s younger brother. Ted Koppel is the host of ABC-TV’s “Nightline”. He interviewed Morrie

and went in his house with cameras and everything they needed. He helped in spreading what Morrie wanted to say to the world. Charlotte Schwartz is Morrie’s wife. She takes care of him every day and has been there for him ever since they got married. Mitch’s younger brother had cancer and refused to accept help from Mitch and his family. He was the reason why Mitch had a sense of guilt and anger as well and both of them soon became well with one another in the conclusion. SUMMARY “Tuesdays with Morrie” is a non-fictional book. The country the book was set in was in West Newton, Massachusetts, America. The place the book was set in was mostly based on the house of Morrie Schwartz where most of the interviews happen and also is the place where Morrie and Mitch sit together to talk. The book’s time period was set in the present time. This book is rather quite fast paced, simple, touching and the story is told in a narrative way and also told in a flashback style. It is told in Mitch’s point of view that makes us feel that we are the students and are listening to our teacher. The story starts out with Mitch graduating college and hugs his professor and sets off to face the world himself, promising to keep in touch with Morrie. But what happened was that Mitch, who wanted to become a famous musician, was discouraged by his failures instead he became a sports journalist and buries himself in work. He did not keep in touch with Morrie at all and even with his other friends and drinking buddies. One night, as he watched television, he heard the host of “Nightline” say: ‘Who is Morrie Schwartz?’

Soon, Mitch finally was reunited with Morrie once again. Mitch was nervous because he was not the good student he used to be back then and hadn’t kept in touch with Morrie for so long. Morrie, however, was smiling and hugging Mitch as the two of them met. Mitch didn’t know that it was going to be their last class together. Then a series of discussions about the problems of the generation at present were discussed between Morrie and Mitch held every Tuesday. As death grew closer each and every day, Morrie accepted this and did not pity his self and but instead says that it’s not too late to change, even at the very last moment. He believed that love is the greatest thing. As each and every Tuesday pass by, Morrie’s condition grew worse. The outcome was clear to all. Morrie Schwartz died because of his disease. He passed on serenely while no one was watching him while he was in the state of coma. Mitch had changed. From the person he was before to the person he is now. He looks back at the person he was before and realizes the many mistakes that he had made and wanted to tell him the things he should do. But he knew that he couldn’t undo the past. He told his younger brother he loves him and ended the anger and how far apart feeling for one another and they had a better relationship as brothers. He now lives not how he was living before, realizing what’s important in life, what’s the meaning of our life, it’s not too late to change and that love is the greatest. PERSONAL IMPRESSIONS & CONCLUSIONS I am very touched by this book. It has a certain way of relating to everyone despite the difference of religion. I admit that this book was a really simple read and I love how the author just makes you feel that you were with Mitch and Morrie, sitting

there with them and hearing them discuss over life’s problems and the meaning and importance of life. This is a book wherein everyone can relate. It tells us the truth about why we people do such things and makes us face ourselves & I realized a lot of things that were wrong in how I think about life which makes this book a very precious, heartwarming and sincere book. What I learned from this book is a great deal of things but one thing I really learned from this book is that we can’t survive on our own. We cannot live by ourselves and that all of us yearn for love. We dislike hearing things and topics of touchy-feely stuff because we believe that it would make us weak, talking about our problems and all. We hide ourselves in tough disguises so that people would accept us so I feel that we can’t actually hide anything because God is always there to see the real us in our hearts. Also I have learned to live in the moment, to open up with one another and interact because that’s what’s important, love. I will recommend this book to each and everyone out there. Regardless of age, height, weight, gender, address, nationality, color, philosophy, likes and dislikes. I would like to recommend this to each and every adult so that they could wake up and reflect on what they did on their lives and that it’s not too late to change even when you’re quite old already & the youth so that they could think more about what’s important in life and focus on those things more than material things and follow God. My final thoughts on this book are that it is a great treasure among books. Lessons learned from this book will not only guide us through a mere few years, but help us for the rest of our lives even guiding us in telling us what’s important.

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