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This AGREEMENT, made and entered into by and between
________________ of legal age, married to _____________ and a resident
of ______________, herein known as the LESSOR; and
________________, also of legal age, married, to __________________ and a
resident of ____________________ hereinafter known as the LESSEE;
1. That the LESSOR hereby agrees to lease unto the LESSEE
!"E#$R%&T%'N '( &R'&ERT)*
in +onsideration of the monthly rental of __________________________
!&_________* &hili,,ine $urren+y, to be ,aid by the LESSEE in ad-an+e
within the .rst .-e!/* days of ea+h month0
1. The LESSEE shall ,ay for and defray at his own e2,ense, the
+onsum,tion of water, ele+tri+ light, tele,hone or other e2,enses in
the leased ,remises0
3. That the LESSEE shall not make or +ause to be made any
im,ro-ement in the ,remises without ,rior written +onsent of the
LESSOR, it being understood that su+h im,ro-ement in the ,remises
shall be at the sole e2,ense of the LESSEE;
4. That the LESSEE shall not dire+tly or indire+tly sublease,
assign or transfer his right under this +ontra+t to a third ,arty or
,arties, without the +onsent in writing of the LESSOR;
/. That the term of this lease is __________ +ommen+ing from
____________ and e2,iring on _________________.
5. That in +ases of non6,ayment of the rental herein sti,ulated for
two!1* +onse+uti-e months, or -iolation of any +ondition of this
+ontra+t, the lease shall be +onsidered res+inded, and the 7E##'R shall
ha-e the right to demand that the 7E##EE -a+ate the ,remises0
8. That the failure of the 7E##'R to insist u,on s stri+t
,erforman+e of nay terms, +onditions, and +o-enants hereof shall not
be deemed a wai-er on his ,art of the terms of the +ontra+t.
9. That nay and all -iolations of the +onditions of this $ontra+t
shall sub:e+t the guilty ,arty to the ,ayment of damages, aside form
+osts of suit and attorney;s fees.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, <e ha-e hereunto set our hands this ___
day of No-ember,1==9 at Mola-e, >amboanga del #ur, &hili,,ines.
#%GNE" %N T?E &RE#EN$E '(
________________________ and _______________________
Re,ubli+ of the &hili,,ines *
&ro-in+e of >amboanga del #ur* #.#.
@ 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6@
AE('RE ME, a Notary &ubli+ for and in the $ity of >amboanga,
&hili,,ines, ,ersonally a,,eared _____________________and __________________,
known to me and to me known to be same ,ersons who e2e+uted the
foregoing instrument and they a+knowledge to me that the same is their own
free a+t and deed.
WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL this ___th day of No-ember, 1==9 at
Mola-e, >amboanga del #ur, &hili,,ines.