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... through Bertha Dudde

Jesus Christ was dedicated
to God body and soul....

Jesus Christs body !o lo!ger o""osed its soul# it de$a!ded
!othi!g %or itsel% tha! the soul wa!ted& which had co$"letely u!ited
with the s"irit.... 'his was the state o% Jesus& the $a!& whe! (e
had acco$"lished (is act.... )t was a state o% utter dedicatio! to
God a!d total re!ou!ce$e!t o% e*erythi!g belo!gi!g to the
(is body& bei!g e!tirely s"iritualised& was totally i!de"e!de!t %ro$
the earth a!d its laws& i.e.
the s"iritual substa!ces o% (is hu$a! body had $erged with those
o% the soul a!d e%%ecti*ely subordi!ated the$sel*es to the s"irits
will& which was $ost closely u!ited with the Father+,"irit& a!d thus
the earthly body together with the soul became one with the
eternal Deity....
'his %usio! was so e-traordi!arily sig!i%ica!t a!d e!tails such %ar+
reachi!g co!se.ue!ces which the soul is i!ca"able o% u!dersta!di!g
as lo!g as it has!t %ou!d the u!io! with God itsel%. )t was a! act o%
i$$e!se sel%+de!ial& "ro%ou!dest lo*e a!d bou!dless dedicatio! to
'he soul o% Jesus& the $a!& si$ulta!eously drew its e-ter!al shell&
the body& i!to the s"here o% Gods e$a!atio! o% lo*e& a!d both (is
soul a!d (is body were "er$eated by Gods s"irit o% lo*e& by (is
stre!gth a!d (is light....
Jesus& the $a!& was %ull o% stre!gth a!d light.... (e was "ower%ul
a!d wise& a!d e*ery creature obeyed (i$& the whole o% Creatio!
co$"lied with (i$& %or God was i! (i$ i! all %ull!ess si!ce !either
the soul !or the body o%%ered (i$ resista!ce a!y lo!ger& a!d this
bou!dless dedicatio! also resulted i! Gods bou!dless acti*ity....
Now it was God Himself Who manifested Himself in
everything Jesus did and said.
Gods lo*e ta/es hold o% e*erythi!g that ha!ds itsel% o*er to (i$& it
"er$eates e*ery creatio! as soo! as its i!here!t s"irit does !ot
o%%er a!y resista!ce to the di*i!e lo*e.... Where*er this resista!ce is
re$o*ed there ca! o!ly be the lo*e o% God& there%ore.... si!ce God
is lo*e.... God ca! o!ly be where (e %i!ds !o o""ositio! resisti!g
(i$.... 0*erythi!g o% God is di*i!e as lo!g as it o%%ers !o resista!ce.
O!ly resista!ce tur!s Gods creatio! i!to so$ethi!g e-ter!al to (i$
u!til it reli!.uishes its resista!ce o% its ow! accord....
Jesus& the $a!& was utterly de*oted to God a!d thus !o lo!ger
e-ter!al to God but %used with (i$& thus O!e with God.... a!d
there%ore totally tra!s%igured& because the u!io! with God is a state
o% bright light....
1!d whe! Jesus Christ "assed away %ro$ this world (e too/ (is
body alo!g with (is soul i!to eter!ity& %or !othi!g adhered to (i$
a!y$ore which re.uired %urther de*elo"$e!t& both body a!d soul
were "er%ect# e*ery s"iritual substa!ce was so i!cli!ed towards God
that it was "er$eated by Gods light a!d lo*e& that it was li/e God&
because it had co$"letely u!ited with the eter!al Deity....

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