Working with INDIAMART INTERMESH LIMITED was a great opportunity and a great pleasure to me. During the whole research I was considered as the part of the Indiamart family and this proves the cooperation among the various departments and the employees of Indiamart.

The main objective of the research was to study the efficiency of the marketing strategy of Indiamart and to judge its market position, its strengths over the competitors and the way to utilize it to have the benefit. The research was conducted keeping the objective as the aim and the conclusions drawn were that the Indiamart holds a very good position in B2B industry. The marketing strategy of the company was also fulfilling its aims and was up to the mark. The main strength of the company was its customized solutions and the weakness was that it holds a good product range but is costly as compared with the competitors.
The overall conclusion drawn is that the company performance graph is rising day by day showing its progress which could be also justified on the basis of the valuation provided by which are provided in the Annexure. Thus it is concluded that the company is performing well and it is a hope that it will remain in future too that is it will have a bright future.


Today’s companies need fresh thinking about how to operate and compete in the new economy. Today’s economy is made up of old and new elements and is essentially a hybrid. In this chapter, we want to emphasize new elements such as the following: • Companies are increasingly subcontracting activities to outsourcing firms. Their maxim: Outsource those activities that others can do cheaper and better, retain core activities. • Companies are increasingly benchmarking their performance against best-of-class companies anywhere in the world.

Service marketing:
We term marketing a function by which a marketer plans, promote and deliver a goods and services to the customers or clients. In the marketing of services, the providers are supposed to influence and satisfy the customers or user. An institution or an individual may act as a provider who requires professional excellence to influence the impulse of prospects and to transform them into actual customers. When we buy services offered by a service generating organization in a true sense we buy the time, knowledge, skill of resources. The application of marketing principles in the services sector is the main thing in the services marketing: The following key points regarding the concept or perception of services marketing are: 1. It is a managerial process of managing the services. 2. It is an organized effort for providing a sound foundation for the development of an organization. 3. It is a social process helping an organization to understand the emerging social problems and to take part in the social transformation process to justify its existence in the society.


How marketing practices are changing e-business:
E-business describes the use of electronic means and platforms to conduct a company’s business. The advent of the Internet has greatly increased the ability of companies to conduct their business faster, more accurately, over a wider range of time and space, at reduced cost, and with the ability to customize and personalize customer offerings. Countless companies have set up Web sites to inform and promote their products and service. They have created Intranets to facilitate employee’s communication with one another and to facilitate downloading and uploading information to and from the company’s computers. Companies have also set up Extranets with major suppliers and distributors to facilitate information exchange, orders, transactions, and payments. Bill Gates of Microsoft claims that Microsoft is almost entirely run electronically; there is hardly any paper flowing through the company because everything is on the computer screen. E-commerce is more specific than e-business; it means that in addition to providing information to visitors about the company, its history, policies, products, and services online. Most company sites are still just providing information, not doing e-commerce. CDNow, eToys, e-Steel, and ePlastics net are examples of e-commerce sites. E-commerce has given rise in turn to e purchasing and emarketing. E-purchasing means companies decide to purchase goods, services, and information from various online suppliers. Smart e-purchasing goods, services, and information from various online suppliers. Smart e purchasing has already saved companies millions of dollars. E marketing describes company efforts to conform, communicate, promote, and sell its products and services over the Internet. The e term is also used in terms is also used in terms such as e-finance, e learning, and e-service. But as someone observed, the e will eventually be dropped when most business practice is online. E-business and e-commerce take place over four major Internet domains: B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business), C2C (consumers to consumers), and C2B (consumers to businesses). (We will omit government relations like G2C, G2B, B2G and C2G.)


Corporate Information:
We have built ourselves to be self-sufficient. Our guiding principles are a mélange of traditional business ethics and contemporary good governance needs. We set higher and tougher performance & governance benchmarks in our industry as we move ahead. Our customers have always found an integrated business promotion solution more valuable than a simple web presence. Driven by this preference of our customers, we have built ourselves on the key pillars of smart people & smart solutions for business promotion. We have developed an integrated solution delivery framework which incorporates B2B marketplaces, Internet technology and industry knowledge . Iil’s first B2B marketplace -, marked the The diversities of businesses makes it imperative for us to custom delivers our solutions. This presents a great challenge of accumulating & using industry knowledge to deliver high quality solutions. beginning of online presence of Indian businesses for a global exposure

About Indiamart Intermesh Limited:
We endeavor to maximize value for our customers by offering those efficient and cost-effective solutions for business promotion, process support and transaction accomplishment. Our customers have always found an integrated business promotion solution more valuable than a simple web presence. Driven by this preference of our customers, we have built ourselves on the key pillars of smart people & smart solutions for business promotion. We have developed an integrated solution delivery framework which incorporates B2B marketplaces, Internet technology and industry knowledge. IIL's first B2B marketplace -, marked the beginning of online presence of Indian businesses for a global exposure. We today serve our customers through a network of over 50 industry / product marketplaces, making us the largest integrated B2B marketplace network from India. We have always seen Internet as a business facilitator rather than a technology phenomenon. Our usage of Internet technology has therefore been directed towards business promotion of our customers. Today, we cater to over 8,000











The diversities of businesses makes it imperative for us to custom delivers our solutions. This presents a great challenge of accumulating & using industry knowledge to deliver high quality solutions. IIL has developed and established standards for solution delivery and is India's first organization of its kind to receive an ISO certification. TEAM IIL is poised to maximize the value delivered to our customers through continuous innovation and learning.

Vision and Mission:
We endeavor to maximize value for our customers by offering those efficient and cost-effective solutions for business promotion, process support and transaction accomplishment

Fact Sheet:
IIL started its operations in 1996 and has stood its ground even in the toughest times. We had a profitable business even when other companies in this domain found it hard to sustain. Today, we operate from a 18,000 sq. ft. office in Noida (near Delhi), and have 20 branch offices spread all over the country. Our team includes over 550 professionals from diverse background, bound together to serve over 8000 customers.


Highlights: 1996-97 • • Launched as India's first online B2B directory Successfully introduced the concept of free listing and free-query forwarding to familiarize Indian SMEs with the benefits of Internet for business promotion • • Accomplished India's first e-commerce project for Nirula's ( Broke-even within six months of launch

1997-98 • Crossed 100 clients mark • • Launched (India's largest travel portal today) Initiated franchisee network building

1998-99 • Launched Handicraft, Apparel and Finance channels • • Workforce increased to 40 B2B marketplace network crossed 1 million page views/month mark

1999-2000 • Accomplished 'Bharat On Line' - MTNL's online portal project • • Launched auto industry channel Opened branch office in Mumbai

2000-01 • • • • • • • Touched 5 mn page views/month Crossed 1000 clients mark Crossed 100,000 business queries/month Accomplished Online projects for HHEC, Jindal Organization, ModiCorp, Won Britannica (BIG) Award for New Branch Office in Chennai Profits increased by 128% over last year


2001-02 • • • Declared as "the only profitable Indian Dotcom, with positive cash flows" by Business World - Cover Story: 14 May 2001 issue Added to its service portfolio - Electronic Trade Offers, and Request for Quotation / Request for Proposal Recognized by CNBC India as one of the only profitable dotcoms in India based on report by McKinsey 2002-03 • Moved operations to state-of-the-art NOIDA development center • • • Launched Online Hotel Reservation System Launched Crossed 2 lakh business queries mark with 12 million page views

2003-04 • Launched Trust SEAL to bridge the trust gap in B2B trade • • Crossed 3000-clients mark Touched 26 million page views per month, generating more than 3 lac business queries. 2004-05 • Became the first ISO 9001:2000 company in its domain • • Launched an online payment gateway Crossed 8000 clients

2005-06 • • • • • • completed ten successful years (1996-2006) Crossed 10,000 clients mark Launched MDC, a four-page online catalog for clients Implemented corporate-wide WEBERP Acquired new office at B-6, Sec 8, NOIDA IIL's Indian Gifts Portal (IGP) team hit the charts with Rs. 1.3 crores


Future Growth Initiatives:
IIL has been successfully serving businesses through its web-based business promotion services. We have been able to make a mark on the global trade map by assisting our customers reach out to their customers globally. While we innovate continuously to offer greater value through our business promotion services, we wish to model ourselves into a global, complete business promotion solutions organization. We are actively pursuing our way into the world of B2B publishing and Trade fairs. Our entire suit of solutions shall be given an international dimension to serve a truly global customer base. Using our experience of serving Indian businesses, we plan to scale our solution delivery framework to the international level and serve customers across national boundaries.

Core Values:
For us they are simple and straight; Take responsibility, work with passion and commitment, move ahead as a team and conserve the integrity. We firmly believe that core values keep organizations stable and focused to the common goal. Our core values have helped us achieve our mission to bring measurable benefits to our customers.

Responsibility, not just of quality work but also of continuous self-development, of our decisions and of our actions. This helps us think rationally and provides a sense of accountability to ourselves, our commitment to customers and to our colleagues.

Work at IIL involves constant innovation and creativity. It involves a continuous thought process to get tangible benefits to our customers, taking into account the uniqueness of their purpose. Passionate people with a determination to make the difference are the ones who make this possible.


Team Work:
"Together we can achieve the impossible" is our belief. Our success is a result of our teamwork. Experts from the field of management, marketing, IT, arts, content & various other disciplines work as a team on every project, every endeavor. Dedication, passion and teamwork are the true means to our mission fulfillment.

We realize the importance of the job & information we handle. We understand the responsibility that each member of our team has to shoulder and we do that with highest levels of trust, honesty and integrity - of purpose and action.

Performance Indicators:
IIL started with a team of 4 people in a 100 sq. ft. room in 1996 and launched India's first truly interactive online business directory. Since then, we have grown to a team of over 800 people operating from 25 offices in India today.

Growth in Clientele & Team Size


Growth in Revenue & Profits


Awards & Achievements:
Success of our customers is our greatest achievement. Their confidence in us and our innovation, to give them the best, has got us applauds from various sources


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

IIL's successful business model featured on CNBC India as analyzed by McKinsey Declared as India's only profit-making dotcom company by Business World (Cover story) Special footage for IIL's contribution in enabling e-business for exporters from Moradabad; Mr. Dinesh Agarwal interviewed (India Tomorrow - BBC News) nominated for Britannica Internet Guide (BIG) Awards for excellence on Internet listed among Top Indian Websites under Business - to business category by Ecomready The best India related yellow pages on the Net - Cosmopolitan Top Indian Site by Termed as 'Online Gateway to Indian marketplace'- The Economic Times Best Travel Site- by India Online: DD News Site of the day - by Zee News Listed in the Top Indian IT organizations survey by Dataquest Intermesh Systems listed in the top 70 Indian IT organizations by Communications World, handicraft & finance top-rated amongst India's most wanted Sites - PC World Intermesh Systems listed amongst Indian IT companies - Dataquest Nominated amongst the Top 5 Indian Sites by Microsoft Termed as The Most Interactive Trading Zone on the Net by The Economic Times bags eighth "BIG" Award from


"Smart Solutions for Business Promotion" is the guiding factor for our R&D and solution innovation. Our approach to customer satisfaction is based firmly on our belief that we offer complete solutions vis-à-vis stand-alone services. We assist our corporate customers in realizing their business enhancement goals through our experienced, multi-discipline teams and a comprehensive set of services, all under one roof. We understand the factors influencing businesses, their markets and diverse needs. This helps us assist our customers by identifying the right solution and implement it in the best possible way Unlike most cases where different components required for corporate websites are sourced from different companies, our customers find it convenient in dealing with a single entity for everything. Our main objective is to bring tangible and intangible benefits to our customers through professionally developed and well-marketed b2b product catalogs. We take into account individual needs and offer assistance in planning & implementing online marketing strategy. Each customer is assigned a project manager, with a team of proficient website designers, programmers, content writers and web marketing professionals. We also undertake the task of web promotion and ensure online visibility. An online buying process, B2B or retail, would never be complete without e-commerce deployment any e-commerce deployment requires three basic things; an online catalogue, a shopping cart and a payment gateway. We offer all three under to one roof. We have our own payment provide single point solution to our gateway customers. ""

We offer business enhancement solutions that can be customized to serve the interests of the SME segment as well as large enterprises, from diverse industries We understand the factors influencing businesses, their markets and diverse needs. This helps us assist our customers by identifying the right solution and implement it in the best possible way. We assist corporate to interact with their customers, keep the stakeholders updated and augment their brand identity on the web.


Working with customers from different industries helped us develop a multi-feature product that makes online product management easy. Designed for the SME segment, it offers global exposure to manufacturers, suppliers & service providers to enhance their sales. We understand global buyer's information needs & behavior coupled with expertise in communicating the right message to them. We offer technical skills & tools along with good business process knowledge for online commerce setup, whether B2B or retail. We are geared to adapt to our customers' unique demands and offer customized solutions with equal ease.

Corporate Websites:
Corporate need to interact with their customers, have to keep the stakeholders updated, create and maintain a brand identity and project various aspects of business. Internet based communication & marketing is today an integral part of their strategic marketing & communication plan and therefore it needs a different treatment than a simple website for a business. We assist our corporate customers in realizing their business enhancement goals through our experienced, multi-discipline teams and a comprehensive set of services, all under one roof. Unlike most cases where different components required for corporate websites are sourced from different companies, our customers find it convenient in dealing with a single entity for everything. We take into account individual needs and offer assistance in planning & implementing online marketing strategy. Each customer is assigned a project manager, with a team of proficient website designers, programmers, content writers and web marketing professionals. We also undertake the task of web promotion and ensure online visibility. With our experience in managing complex and multidiscipline corporate website projects, we ensure better results for our customers with least hassles.


B2B Product Catalogs:
Manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and service providers from the SME segment need domestic & international exposure to enhance their sales. A static b2b product catalog is an ideal first step for them for global presence. Our b2b products catalogs are fully managed, including designing, content editing, hosting, strategic web promotion and its annual maintenance. It is a cost effective tool that reduces time and costs involved in reaching out to a prospective buyer. An online b2b product catalog is not just a showcase of the company and its products, but also a great marketing tool to enhance revenue generation as it caters to the scattered domestic market as well as the international market. Our main objective is to bring tangible and intangible benefits to our customers through professionally developed and well-marketed b2b product catalogs.

E- Commerce Solution:
An online buying process, B2B or retail, would never be complete without ecommerce deployment. Though the most common form of online shopping is reflected in retailing of goods and services, our e-commerce solution is suitable for the B2B segment (for negotiated prices, bulk deals, sample exchange) also. For an e-commerce setup, businesses usually approach different service providers to consolidate all components required. We make it easier for our customers by offering fully-managed, consolidated e-commerce solutions. Any e-commerce deployment requires three basic things; an online catalogue, a shopping cart and a payment gateway. We offer all three under one roof. We have our own payment gateway "" to provide single point solution to our customers.

Dynamic Product Catalogs:

Working with customers from different industries helped us develop a multi-feature dynamic product catalog that makes online product management extremely easy. Some companies change their product catalogs frequently as their product designs change fast or they have new products to offer. The cost of updating & sending the updated static/printed catalogs in such cases is very high. A dynamic product catalog, is a cost-effective innovative solution that allows a company to develop/update its online product catalog with full control over its product navigation and product information. Our dynamic product catalog offers following features: • Display management system that allows personalized design and presentation of the catalog. This involves development of a homepage, profile page, enquiry form, static information pages and product presentation layout, based on which the product catalog is displayed. • Product management system that allows clients to update and display products and details. It allows adding or editing product and product details, and upload the changes. • Enquiry basket that allows visitors to select multiple products & add to the virtual cart to send a consolidated order / enquiry and request a quote for the same . It is a system that replicates the physical catalog and at the same time offers the flexibility of updating it as per the customer's convenience of time and location

Multimedia CD Presentation:
Interactive presentation about an organization or its products is amongst the best ways to garner attention of prospective buyers and customers. With increasing competition, suppliers recognize the value of positioning themselves ahead of their competitors. Multimedia CD presentations are an ideal way to achieve the same. Our team’s expertise in delivering business enhancement solutions gives us an edge while we develop multimedia CD presentations for our customers. We assist our customers through planning, designing and content management to


create and impressive and engaging presentation. Our customers would commonly use these CD presentations for trade shows and exhibitions, buyer presentations, product catalog or as give away reference material. Multimedia CD presentations are not just convenient means of presentations, they are handy, have a longer shelf life and can easily relate to the company's brand image.

Customized Solution:
We offer business enhancement solutions that can be customized to serve the interests of the SME segment as well as large enterprises, from diverse industries. Some of our customers have specific requirements that cannot be served with our standard solutions. Their requirements are highly specific to their business and are unique in nature. Such requirements need special inputs and custom solution development. For such instances we customize our solutions or even create new ones, if need be. We have been able to use our expertise in business enhancement combined with expertise in areas like IT, content editing, designing and online marketing to successfully implement customized solutions for our customers.

We offer "fully managed" mailing solutions that encompass management of mailing system, online virus blocking & Spam protection and streamlining of business communication process. Emails have become an integral & critical part of every organization’s external as well as internal communication system. Organizations are finding it extremely difficult to fulfill their need for secure, reliable & multi-discipline mailing from basic facilities offered by ISP and Web-based services. Our solutions are aimed reducing communication costs apart from offering a secure and reliable communication solution. We are experienced in serving mail users across small, medium & large enterprises and have developed the


most inexpensive email management system, with flexible utilities. We offer the best telephonic and online support to our customers as and when required. "Fully-managed" enterprise mailing solutions are aimed at offering hassle free mail management for medium and large enterprises. A web-based, easy-to-use tool for structured business communication management, it comes with power-packed smart reporting features. Online Anti-Spam & anti-virus enabled roaming POP a/c's with web mail offers peace of mind to business users.

Enterprise Mailing Solution:
It is an established fact that almost 80% of the virus attacks are through e-mails and over 60% of the mails are Spamming. Imagine what havoc a virus attack can cause to an enterprise where each individual is handling crucial data. Add to it the work hindrance due to heavy Spam and server downtime. With our experience and technical skills, we have developed an enterprise mailing solution that skillfully tackles these issues. This system can work with your existing mailing system as well, with advanced features. Apart from ensuring 99% uptime for the mail servers, we also power our managed enterprise mailing solution with online virus scanner & Spam controller that enables users to work more efficiently. We offer managed mail servers for companies with large setup and heavy mail traffic that are secure, maintain privacy & confidentiality and are able to handle as many users as an enterprise may have. Our managed mail server solution also allows all internal users to communicate over LAN with other cost-effective features like Auto Dialing, Address Mappings, Auto Reply, Forwarding, and Mailing lists etc. Our solution also lets our customers retain control over certain functions, e.g. creating a new user or maintaining mailing lists etc., giving sufficient independence to them.

POP A/c's with Web mail:
POP accounts with web mail are a perfect solution for people constantly on move. Our pop a/c's with web mail service allows the users to check mail from anywhere,


using e-mail programs such as Eudora or Outlook. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet. Apart from the standard features, our pop accounts are powered with online virus and Spam protection software that enables the user to work more efficiently. Some of the other features of pop accounts are: • • • Multi featured web mail interface, accessible worldwide. Regular technical support 99.9% uptime.

Lead Management System:
Since our inception, we have been offering business enhancement solutions for generating high quality business enquiries. To ensure that suppliers have higher conversion rates, we have developed an effective lead management system (LMS). The LMS automatically organizes all incoming mails and maintains a threaded history of the entire communication. The users have the facility to set the schedule for follow-up. They can compose mails with pre-defined content and use it for regular responses. The users can also feed offline leads received from any other source like phone etc. and maintain a complete history of communication. LMS also generates useful MIS reports that assist individual users to measure the effectiveness of their responses and gives the administrator a complete overview of what is happening at the lead management front in the organization.

We have the privilege of launching India's largest B2B marketplace and more than 50 other industry specific marketplaces. These attract focused business visitors and generate business enquiries for their members. We use our network of B2B marketplaces to assist businesses gain global exposure and do business with global buyers. These marketplaces have a membership of more than 300,000 companies. They together generate more than 40mn page views and over 350,000 trade enquiries every month. They are therefore best positioned to offer maximum exposure and visibility to suppliers to reach out to global buyers with their products/services Highly targeted, animated banners to get high profile buyers and


generate quality business enquiries assured genuine business enquiries, exclusive access to complete advertising space and a customized product catalog Top position in business listings to drive high-volume, high quality buyers from across the globe 20,000+ government and corporate tenders from India, with easy access on the web or through e-mail. Sellers gain instant credibility with Trust Seal and get qualified enquiries from high volume buyers. The wide range of B2B market place services include the following services offered by the India mart intermesh limited:

Banner Advertising:
A banner is the most conventional and popular mode of reaching out to the target audience on the Internet. It works both as a brand building and traffic generation tool for the advertiser. With our 50-plus industries oriented B2B marketplaces, which garner highly targeted viewership from global buyers and Indian sellers, we are best positioned to serve the business generation & brand building needs of large and small businesses. Our industry experts work with the advertisers to identify strategic locations for banner placement and ensure highest click-throughs. We firmly believe that a meticulously planned advertising campaign is the only way to deliver better value for our advertiser's money. We have well defined positions on almost every page of our network; usually in the first screen itself. We serve animated and real media banners in the standard sizes of 468 x 60 pixels and 120 x 90 pixels and are equipped to handle custom sizes for specific campaigns.

Premium Listings:
The premium listings are an important element that draws high quality traffic to a supplier's website / product catalog, thereby generating effective business enquiries for the supplier. It is one of the best ways to reach out to potential global buyers and get them to view products and services offered by the supplier. Packed full of features, it offers top positions to a company's listing in business directory, catalogs and trade leads. Studies have proven that top ranked listings get a higher click rate than the rest. According to our internal assessment, 19

these top ranked listings receive 3-5 times as many clicks as the normal business listings, thus creating an opportunity to garner better quality and quantity of business enquiries. We offer two versions of premium listings - Featured and Normal. The first three listings in a category are reserved for Featured Premium Listings and the next three for Normal Premium Listings. Every listing contains the company name, brief profile, contact information, and direct link to catalog and a link to online enquiry form.

Portal Sponsorships:
Portal sponsorship is a specially designed online promotion program that assists buyers in reaping maximum benefits from a product / industry focused marketplace with least time & cost. As global buyers prefer to visit focused and comprehensive portals for their product sourcing needs, hence these portals garner a niche target audience, most relevant for a supplier. By offering the complete advertising rights of the portal to the sponsor, we make sure that no buyer misses out the sponsor. Along with the sponsorship, we also develop a customized product catalog section for the sponsor within the portal, which can be referenced by the buyers for sending enquiries. This leads to high quality enquiries being generated for the sponsor

Online Tenders:
Thousands of tenders are floated in India by different organizations and through different media. To keep a track of them is a monumental task for any individual. To facilitate access to all tenders floated by the government and private organizations all over India, we started online tenders service. We collect tenders from multiple sources and categorize them to feed it in our classified database. We provide access to over 20,000 current government, corporate tenders and procurement notices from India.

The subscribers can view a tender on using a username













Trust Seal:
Success in business is all about making right & informed decisions. Availability of relevant, verified information is therefore a key requirement. With greater uncertainties associated with international trade, the importance of this information is further enhanced. In order to offer end-to-end solutions to global buyers and sellers, buyers need relevant, unbiased information about the business status of the sellers. And here steps in Trust Seal. Trust Seal is an indication of trustworthiness of a business based upon its verified record of certified documents pertaining to proof of existence, legal status, statutory approvals, affiliations and quality certification. It aims at serving the dual purpose of: • • Offering international buyers the desired business information about the suppliers so that they can make a more informed decision Assisting the sellers market themselves better to the global buyers.

Trust Seal is not an evaluation service but is a symbol of authenticity to the information provided by the supplier. It denotes that information provided by the client has been authenticated and verified by a third party with document proof. This information is available to the buyer on request. A Trust Seal can be offered only to those companies, which qualify the minimum defined parameters of business evaluation.

We offer end-to-end online payment solutions that are as feasible for B2B transactions as for retail. We offer online payment solutions to our customers through It is a fully managed online payment solution that facilitates member companies transact with their customers. It has been developed to serve the needs of B2B as well as retail transactions. Member users can select from multiple payment acceptance options to suit their requirement. They can integrate it with their shopping cart or can use options such as 21

online invoicing, quick pay etc. to receive payments from their buyers. has a solution for almost every online payment requirement, including: Small value payment for samples or an advance • • Payments for custom made products Negotiated price payment is one of the most secured platforms in the world, which accepts payments through major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diners) and e-banking from almost all the major Indian banks. We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your customer’s personal information and their credit card/ debit cards/ net banking details are protected. Some of the main features of are: • • • • • • Fraud detection tool No merchant account required Prompt payments, short payment cycles Compatible with third-party shopping carts Multiple transaction services Highly secure – 128 bit SSL encryption

Single Gateway with Multiple Payment Options: is a complete online payments solution for your business enhancement. This is one of the most secured platforms available anywhere that also enables you to receive online payments by most of the major credit cards and through e-banking from all the major Banks providing online banking facility. KEY FEATURES; • • • All major online payment modes accepted. Highest level security available in India. Multi currency support.


• • •

Online and off line technical support. Online invoice management system. Online payment acceptance interface.

SECURITY: offers the highest level of Security.

ThawteCertified128bitSSLEncryption Suspect Alert & Risk Minimization System

We are the first Indian company in our domain to have received ISO 9001:2000 certification for overall quality management and the organization’s ability to successfully "meet customer, regulatory and statutory requirements". “ISO CERTIFICATION HAS ENDORSED OUR POLICY OF ENHANCING THE VALUE DELIVERED TO OUR CLIENTS BY CONTINUALLY INPROVING THE QUALITY OF SERVICES OFFERED THROUGH STRUCTURED SYSTEMS AND INTERNAL DESCIPLINE.” • • • Our approach to quality has a customer focus philosophy. Our focused approach towards quality ensures profitable returns for our customers. We are accredited with ISO 9001:2000 for our business processes and management system, the first of its kind in its domain in India. We utilize our technical skills and business acumen to bring the best business solutions to our customers.

We are the first Indian company in our domain to have received ISO 9001:2000 certification for overall quality management and the organization’s ability to successfully "meet customer, regulatory and statutory requirements".


We have teams that include professionals from the field of management, sales & marketing, data management, graphic design, content editing, online marketing and IT. We use our multi-discipline skills to determine customer needs, convert them into requirements and fulfill them with an aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

We are the first Indian company in our domain to have received ISO 9001:2000 certification for overall quality management and the organization’s ability to successfully "meet customer, regulatory and statutory requirements". Our quality management system involves a set of procedures to follow: We have a well-defined system of recruiting people based on the requirement. The basic criteria for this are adequate education and training or experience as necessary. • • • • • • We have prescribed training schedules for the newly recruited as well as the existing depending upon their competency requirements Our customer related procedures involve requirement identification, review, and product implementation and customer communication The processes are planned as per the customer requirements. Set procedures are followed for design and development. Internal software’s are used to check the correctness of the designed product. Each stage of work progress is monitored and measured to evaluate performance. 24

We are the first Indian company in our domain to have received ISO 9001:2000 certification for overall quality management and the organization’s ability to successfully "meet customer, regulatory and statutory requirements". We utilize our technical skills and business acumen to bring the best business solutions to our customers. Since our services are human resource oriented, we need to work with a proper plan to get the best. There are prescribed set of procedures that we follow right from recruiting people to delivering the services and their further evaluation and improvements. Training and development of the employees is well taken care of to enhance employee skills. We devote extra man-hours by involving more professionals for each project. The project team generally includes professionals from varied fields such as sales and marketing, data management, software development, graphic designing, content editing and online marketing. Our clients get a consistent input of work progress through the team manager. We ensure that each team member follows the set procedures and checks at every stage of project development and implementation. With all our efforts we deliver solutions that delight our customers by their quality, presentation and profitable returns.

We serve small & medium as well as large enterprises successfully through our industry focused approach. Our experience and expertise in serving various industries helps us deliver high-value solutions to our customers. “WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY CATERED TO SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE BUSINESSES. OUR CLIENT FOCUS PHILOSOPHY IS VINDICATED BY THE FACT THEAT WE HAVE THE LARGEST CLIENTELE IN THE INDUSTRY.” Over the past decade, we have gained valuable insight in forces that drive various industries. Because of this, we are better equipped to offer effective solutions to our customers. We showcase some of our domestic & international projects that span a


variety of industries. Being recommended for our services & solutions is one of the best compliments that we have got.

Through our understanding and valuable insight in forces that drive various industries, we are better equipped to offer effective solutions to our customers.

Apparel & Garments:
Textile and apparel is a privileged exports sector in India contributing 30 % of total exports. And it has valid reasons. A long history of fine textiles, easy availability of the finest raw material, natural or manmade, classic weaving, manual or mechanized, labor availability and flexible production capacity; India's textile industry is vertically integrated from raw material to finished product, including fiber production, spinning, knitting and weaving, and apparel manufacture. Government of India through export promotion councils is promoting the industry globally by holding fairs and exhibitions. Despite that, our study of the industry brought forth another fact. Not all the companies can afford to be a part of such promotional shows; not all the buyer organizations have a reach to them either. Further there are industries as garment accessories and technology, which some time back did not figure anywhere. IIL tried to facilitate this buyer seller interaction through its marketplace. offered the world an insight into Indian apparel industry, trends and scope. It also presents the latest government policies regarding export-import. The media we offered to them was consistent and reliable. We offered our clients very cost-effective solutions to present their product and interact with each other on a global scale. Through the websites/ catalogs the manufacturers could present their latest and the best products and the buyers and the suppliers both could get the best deal out of it.

Agro / Food Products:
Indian economy is largely an agrarian economy with a large part of the population directly or indirectly involved in the sector. Not just the agricultural produce, India 26

now offers a range of products like canned, dairy, processed and frozen food, fisheries, meat, poultry, spices and food grains.

Unfortunately Indian agro Industry is one of the most disorganized sectors in India till this day. The producers hardly get a decent price for their produce. Though certain government schemes offer minimum fixed price, the middlemen hardly allow these benefits to reach the farmers. We here observed two things. First, this was one sector that actually needed grass root consolidation just so that they could get a decent price for the produce, which in no way was any less than the international standards. Second, that the processed and frozen food industry, again competitive in all aspects, needed and international exposure. The difficulty here was that the quality product was available at the right rates but there was a lack of infrastructure that could project them globally. Taking into account these enormous growing prospects in the agro/ food industry we created a platform that brought all agricultural and related products together. Through this not just the regular importers and exporters but the producers and suppliers also got an identity. This Facilitated larger markets, better market reach and better deals. was another step to organize this sector to an extent. It brings under one roof all that is available for the agro sector; the policies and schemes, exporters and importers and an industry overview. We at the same time customized our other business enhancement services to suit agriculture industry at the root level.

Automobile Spare Parts:


Automotive spare parts and components are a lesser known industry yet a big one. In past few years the industry has grown enormously, even more than the automotive industry itself not only in the Indian but global scenario. This vast industry includes automotive components, accessories, gadgets, spare parts and tools; the consumers being the OEM segment and the replacement and aftermarket sector. Automotive spare parts replacement and aftermarket have in themselves become a major industry. In mid 1990’s the quality of Indian products increased a lot and the prices were considerably lowered. This posed an interesting situation where the Indian replacement and aftermarket industry had geared up to meet the international standards and awaited an ideal opportunity for global exposure. IIL started projecting its clients of this domain through its marketplace. It took time for the buyers to judge the Indian potential in terms of quality but we could project our clients as prospective business options. Industry vertical gave a common platform to the component manufacturers and the buyers alike. Certain SME’s through their focused operations are now serving the global automotive giants directly or through suppliers. Online catalogs and websites have added to the online presence of our clients. The results are quite apparent, Indian automotive parts industry makes original components of major automotive giants like General Motors and Mercedes amongst others. They have, through consolidated efforts been positioned as global players of the sector.

Ayurvedic / Herbal Products:
It’s springtime for Ayurveda and Herbal remedies sector. These have been an integral part of Indian culture but had been overshadowed by the chemical products for quite some time. Rediscovering the long-forgotten herbal formulas and beauty secrets, this area has got a new glamour and zing in past few years. Estimated at Rs 1800 crore, the industry is growing at 25 per cent annually.


The bigger players in the sector controlled the domestic and international market. The ground level companies though doing the maximum production were not reachable. This was a typical situation where the buyers were not exactly looking for a brand but a supplier or raw product manufacturer for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or lab testing and research. IIL had to provide a solution that gave these companies an identity and was cost effective. At the same time we had to provide the right source to buyers. Clubbing the two basic requirements through our business enhancement services and marketplace services we helped them interact on a common platform. We also tried to rediscover the traditional and medicinal aspects of herbs for the future generations through This portal is an attempt to revive the traditional system of medicine and healthcare and at the same time project the manufacturers and exporters in the global market with their full inventory.

Business Services:
Indian Services Sector has been recognized as a specialized industry on a global level for quiet some time now. Indian BPOs and the IT services sector are the key players in this segment. But these are not the only ones. Indian business services is a vast and a very fast growing segment that includes services like education, architecture and designing, transport and shipping research and development, and a lot many of the kinds. IIL in an effort to consolidate them on a common platform formed the services business directory that actually affected them at the base level. Even the smaller or not so privileged services industries have been able to carve a niche for themselves through this effort of ours. Through the IIL marketplaces and web solutions they have been able to make a mark not just in the domestic but in the global market scenario. A classic example has been the shipping services that through their web presence have been able to attract global shipping contracts.


Indian chemical industry is one of the fastest growing and most promising Indian industries. Certain studies estimate the potential of Indian chemical industry to be USD 100 billion by the year 2010. The scenario was not the same always. In early 1990’s India was a net importer of chemicals. Change in government policies has led to a steady growth of the sector. The fact for the day is that this highly potential industry is largely in the small-scale sector, is highly fragmented and diverse. Chemicals are sold directly to large customers or through distribution channels consisting of stockiest and dealers addressing small segments and retail market. Another fact is that just as in early 90’s (and even now), all these resources need to be converged to achieve the mentioned targets. IIL has put a step forward in the direction. We gave all big and small enterprises a common platform to interact with each other and their global counterparts. It was a platform that showcased them with all their potential. was created as a dedicated chemical industry vertical providing industry overview and all relevant industry and business information. Our multidimensional approach got better deals to the sellers as much to the buyers. With their individual presence in a global medium and in the most cost effective way they make the role models for growth and progress.

Construction industry boom can be seen in almost all the developing countries. The demand for supplies is high; supply of raw material, builder hardware, paints, manpower and everything else regarding construction. And India is rich in all the resources. IIL identified that the demand was high in the global market; the supplies were ample in India. The only thing left out was the right harness and projection of the resources and the right suppliers.


Our clients include not just the construction companies but other related industries as well like builder hardware cement, paints. Brand building was just one part of our task. Due to our dedicated marketplaces and client specific solutions, we have been able to project our clients on the larger markets leading to better business response and creating a branded niche.

Electrical & Electronics:
Past few years have been a little tough for the electrical and electronics industry; political uncertainties, natural calamities and global slowdown. Yet India has been able to record a growth of 6% percent on an average. Electricity Act 2003 and other economic reforms in place, the industry has a great potential. Globalization and fierce competition in the national market forced Indian manufacturers to explore business opportunities in the International market. The point here arose, where to begin. The advertising costs in the foreign media are enormous. Events and fairs were valid ways but with their own limitations. Another major factor was that the products and services involved in this sector were too wide. With that information about the products and markets at hand, IIL started projecting each organization with its USPs in the global scene using its marketplaces and other business solutions. This ensured constant market presence, well managed and displayed data and proper interaction tools at hand for the seller and the prospective buyer.

Indian handicrafts sector is scattered all over the country, mostly in the form of small scale or cottage industry. Carpets, jute work, woodcraft bead crafts or carving and other stone and metal crafts, leather crafts, embroidery, the list is never ending. The variety of material, the variety of crafts and the art involved in each is varied and vivid. Since it was a largely disintegrated and fragmented sector, with hardly any organizational set up they were hard to reach even with a high 31









Keeping in mind the diverse and scattered nature of the industry, we tried to compile most of the information about the maximum number of crafts, materials and styles in This gave us as well as the buyers an insight into the industry, its requirements and an idea about its market. We took up the task of giving them an organized promotion through our handicraft marketplace. Taking view of the limitations faced by the scattered small manufacturing setups, cost effective solutions were proposed that could be easily accepted by the craftsmen. They could now get better deals right from where the requirement was. We hope to continue our efforts in this direction.

Industrial & Engineering Products:
Industrial products and engineering sector has emerged rather gradually in the Indian scenario. Growth has been 6% to 25% in past few years in different sub sectors. And so has been the growth in exports. It is a wide sector that caters to multiple industries. In India, it is highly scattered and fragmented. These products have a large domestic market and the demand in developing countries, especially the ones with manufacturing based economy, is high. Indian engineering products have an added advantage of being cost effective. Looking at this perspective, we realized that an online presence of such companies is a must. Through our marketplaces, company catalogs and websites, we started promoting our clients on the Internet. It was a small step that we took to gain global exposure for our industrial and engineering products clients and wish to further consolidate it through our continuous R&D and marketplace development.

Home Furnishings:
Latest reports suggest almost 30% growth in exports of the textile products. It happens to be the largest economic activity after agriculture. The maximum production of textile furnishing fabrics 32 is still in the SME sector.

India has easy access to the finest raw material, has the capability of manual or mechanized weaving, labor availability and flexible production capacity are other typical Indian advantages. The rich textile craft of India is as diverse as the country itself. To reach out to the individual setups and present them to the world with all their uniqueness was a massive task. IIL through its countrywide network and global presence has been able to it quite effectively. We had the most economical offers for the SME segment of the industry. We used our services for different economic groups and for fulfilling target requirements. The benefit was not just to the manufacturer exporter but to the buyer as well.

Indian Leather Industry comes in the top 10 export sectors of India. Valued at about 2 billion US dollars. It contributes 10% of the world raw material and 2% of the world trade. The other side of these glowing facts is that nearly 60-65% of the production is in the Small/Cottage Sector. While leather shoes and uppers are concentrated in large-scale units, the sandals and chappals are produced in the household and cottage sector. The markets are located mainly in Germany, the U.S.A., the U.K and Italy. The best is available within India that needs to be duly projected and the markets are beyond these as well. The major drawback IIL came across pertaining to this particular segment was lack of international exposure, ignorance of the SSI units and lack of competitiveness. Government was doing its part by offering the right policies and tools like exhibitions and fairs. We had the right tools for international exposure at very convenient costs, our globally promoted online marketplaces and effective business enhancement solution. We had a solution to offer to every participant of the industry. Through these we opened the world of Indian leather to the world. was a complete industry portal having the relevant directories, catalogs and products and leads. It also indexes leather industry and leather craft related products .

Medical & Pharmaceutical:


The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the largest in the developing world. It produces a wide range of bulk drugs and is leader in the manufacture of some of the basic drugs. It is fast emerging as the largest and the cheapest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. The ground fact is that Indian Pharmaceutical sector is highly fragmented with more than 20,000 registered units. The leading 250 pharmaceutical companies control 70% of the market and the market leader holding nearly 7% of the market share What Indian companies need to attain the right product-mix, developing the core competencies and the right exposure to invite JVs and funds for research and development for sustained future growth. IIL has used its expertise in global exposure through Internet, marketplace and through other business enhancement tools. Our information rich portal on health care and pharmaceuticals provides comprehensive information on pharmaceuticals manufacturers, pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer’s catalogs and directories.

The plastic processing sector comprises of over 30,000 units involved in producing a variety of items. The plastic industry here includes finished plastic products to raw materials and processing equipment. Demand for plastics was ever growing. Mid 1990s came with a need to organize the Indian plastics sector as much as to consolidate the global markets. The Indian plastics industry faced intense competition from companies that were globally consolidated. Indian plastic industry needed technological advancements to compete the existing players in terms of product quality; cost and quantity Joint ventures, foreign investments and easier access to technology from developed countries have opened up new vistas to further facilitate the growth of this industry. Phenomenal developments in the plastic machinery sector coupled with


matching developments in the petrochemical sector have facilitated the plastic processors to build capacities to service both the domestic market and the markets in the overseas. We took this as an opportunity to present Indian Plastic Industry as an organized sector. We created an industry vertical,, representing the industry. Individual industries gradually came forward displaying their inventory to the world and giving their global counterparts a tough competition. The small-scale sector also got a platform to present themselves through our customized solutions for them.

Sports Goods:
The global market share of India in this segment is barely 1% but 60% of the sports goods manufactured in India are exported. The reason for such less market share is that Indian sporting goods industry is concentrated mainly in the cottage and smallscale sector Indian sports goods industry has high potential in terms of quality, quantity and focus. The only thing that is missing is international orientation. The fact is that Indian manufacturers have never compromised on quality and that is the reason that most of the produce is exported. Point to be noticed is the maximum exported product is to the OEM suppliers.

Now with increased focus on modern, value added and technology-based items, this high-potential industry promises to forge ahead in the international sports goods market. IIL is not far behind promoting the industry. We have an industry vertical focusing on sports goods from India and presenting manufacturers, exporters and importers of different sports products. Our prestigious clients have been exporting to brands like Adidas, Asics, Dunlop, Decathlon, Fila, Gap, Kookabura, Maxfli, Mitre, Nike, Puma, Rawlings, Reebok, and Spalding.


India has very extensive and rich deposits of a wide variety of natural stone like Granite Marble, Sandstone, Slate and Quartzite. These are used for various applications in domestic and industrial segments. Today natural stone products provide modern components for interior and exterior decorations. India happens to be the largest producer of natural stones in world accounting for abou1 27% of the word's stone production and ranking 3rd in terms of tonnage, after Italy and China. Stone industry here is well equipped with modern technology with wide spread use of latest mining and processing machinery Even with such encouraging figures, India still has a long way to go in justifying its potential. Stone industry in India is mainly in small-scale sector, spread allover the country and least organized. The demand for natural stone is high in the international market. The need here was to project them as an organized sector, which IIL did effectively through its marketplace. Another requirement was to project these SMEs to the world with all their potential. The web based solutions we offered to our clients helped in global branding and quality realization of Indian stone and stone products.

Travel Industry is a major foreign exchange puller for India. Year 2004, travel industry accounted to almost 2% of GDP and this year it is expected to touch 5%. The reason being that very few countries in the world have so many tourist destinations as India. Well, it's true but not the only fact. Internet facilities like on-line travel bookings, delivery confirmations on one hand and airlines working at establishing a direct relationship with their customers are the reasons playing as important a role. IIL realized this at the very beginning and was the first one to launch a full-fledged travel portal. This portal gave detailed information on all tourist destinations and other aspects as to how to reach, where to stay and the cultural aspects. We had the largest database of travel and tour operators and hotels in India that could be contacted directly. This was the beginning of Indian travel industry going global through their online presence in the travel marketplace and through their individual websites and



We showcase some of our domestic & international projects that span a variety of industries. Some of these projects have been implemented using our standard solutions, while some have been custom developed based on specific requirements of our customers. An ISO 9000:2001, ISO 14001:2000 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certified company, Town Art is one of the India's unparalleled and inimitable makers of wooden and iron furniture... We serve 6000+ customers in India. We have done projects for SMEs and the corporates. Here we present a cross-section of our Indian clients benefiting from our solutions. With a view to use our experience and expertise for the benefit of international businesses, we are undertaking assignments for global customers. Few of them have been featured here.

IIL selects one project as the 'Project of the Month' on the basis of the business returns to the client after implementing the solutions proposed by our experts based on their business acumen, industry insight and technical expertise’s Town Art An ISO 9000:2001, ISO 14001:2000 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certified company, Town Art is one of the India's unparalleled and inimitable makers of wooden and iron furniture. The professionally managed company has grown steadily over the past eight years, increasing its clientele worldwide. The company uses state of the art machinery to manufacture a wide variety of products ranging from wooden beds to dining sets, from wrought iron furniture items to traditional handicraft items. Each exquisitely carved wooden furniture piece is a masterpiece, exemplifying the dexterity of Indian craftsmen. 37

Town Art became one of our esteemed clients in July 2004. Since then, it has availed a number of services from us including making of the website, premium listing, and keywords.

We showcase some of our Indian projects that span a variety of industries. Some of these projects have been implemented using our standard solutions, while some have been custom developed based on specific requirements of our customers. Triveni Group From a humble beginning in 1930, Triveni Group have transformed into an INR 10 billion company through an interesting blend of people, technology and entrepreneurial spirit. It is amongst the three largest manufacturers of sugar in India and also the market leader in engineering business. Having a global footprint, Triveni have touch the lives of many people by serving customers in the global market with sugars, turbines, gears and gearboxes and water and wastewater treatment. Through web presence the group wanted to project an even higher image and so they contacted us and became our client on September 8, 2000. This helped them to spread their wings apart. Brakewel

Brakewel is a globally reputed company in the field of brake linings, clutch facings and other friction materials. The company was established in 1983 covering an area over 1, 00, 000 sq.feet. Since the time of its establishment, Brakewel has a respectable presence in OEMs, Domestic, Aftermarket and Exports. The company has a technical collaboration with ASK Group, Japan which is one of the largest friction material supplier to various OEM's in the world. The company is an ISO certified company committed


to stringent quality standards. It comprises a work force of over 350 employees and the entire team thrives on meeting the challenges and over demanding requirement of its OEM, export and aftermarket customers. In order to spread its wings the company contacted us and became our client in March 2005. Through its web presence, the company wanted to project an international image and emphasize the quality standards, manufacturing techniques and customization capabilities.

We showcase some of our international projects that span a variety of industries. Some of these projects have been implemented using our standard solutions, while some have been custom developed based on specific requirements of our customers.
Dolma International Placement Corporation, Philippines Dolma International, established in 1989, is at the forefront of the evolution of identifying, verifying and matching applicants for multinational organizations, corporations, non profit making companies, hospitals and information technology companies. The company has grown multifold in its area of service providing long term employment of deployed workers. We provide the best recruitment of all types and categories of manpower for foreign clients.

MSA Engineering Systems Limited, United Kingdom Established in 1991, MSA Engineering System Limited started as a research and development group providing specialized design and manufacturing expertise for niche market industrial products and processes. The company has established a niche in the international market and progresses successfully to develop and acquire specialist products and systems for an expanding portfolio of industrial market.


We have been appreciated for our efforts by our customers, global buyers / visitors and media. Being recommended by a cross-section of people for our services & solutions is one of the best compliments that we have got. "The association with IndiaMART has taken us to the various international trade zones where otherwise it would be difficult for us to reach. If I have not been generated business through IndiaMART, instead increasing my investment each year I would have not been associated with IndiaMART for the last 4 years." Mr. Shawkat Ali, Crescent Tannery "The circle of our business model would be incomplete without IndiaMART and its online payment service. IndiaMART has really changed the way of doing business; moreover it has helped small organizations like ours become truly global. Our association with them has added new avenues in marketing." Mr. Suvojit Pakrashi, Managing Partner - Marketing, Pakrashi & Company "IndiaMART will always offer you the best promotional mix available in the web market, needless to say, they take care of their clients to the maximum limits. We have been associated with IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. for the past three years. We deeply appreciate their interest in developing a website for our group. Even before starting this venture we have been getting regular traffic of business enquiries from IndiaMART. For their consistency in delivering quality services, we are able to position ourselves as a leader in the industry and that has become the reason for our success." Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Managing Director, Bihar Tubes Limited

"IndiaMART not only serve the customers with high quality web services and solutions but satisfy them with excellent customer relationship management as well. We are proud to be associated with IndiaMART and would like to appreciate the team at IndiaMART whose purpose is not only to serve the customers but to satisfy them as well with their high quality web services and solutions. We are very much thankful and grateful to IndiaMART for providing us just the exact thing we wanted - Global


Exposure." Mr. T.K. Basu, CEO, ETS Intarlaken Technologies "Investment with IndiaMART is worth buying especially when you are getting approximately 1000 genuine business enquiries every year. IndiaMART transform our vision, of making largest smoking products webfront, into reality. It is our vision to make available largest and rarest Indian handicrafts to all over the world and that’s too just a click away." Mr. Lalit Kumar, Owner, Shivam International "As far as appreciation goes, we are of the idea that IndiaMART does not need any further appreciation, as the company's name is good enough to represent the foothold in the market with qualitative service back up to its customers. However, as given an opportunity we would like to quote IndiaMART as “Best Channel of Advertising & Spreading Awareness about the Company in the Respected Business Arena." Mr. Nitin Nagpal, Nalsons India " has been instrumental in helping us to generate good volume of business in Home Furnishings & Textile related products. We are proud to be an associated member of for the last two years. We have yielded lot of genuine buyers all over the world. We are highly grateful to IndiaMART for helping us in boosting our business globally." Mr. N.V. Subramaniam, Quality Exports "IndiaMART.COM has been instrumental in promoting our Home Textile products all over the world. They have helped us to get good volume of business through their promotion." We are happy to be associated with IndiaMART.COM and would like to continue this relationship in the future.


P. Balasubramanian, MAXCOP

"Your website should be candidate to Nobel Prize. I am simply astonished by its simplicity and efficiency. You will rank first one day! Thanks to exist! I will indicate your website as ultimate term of comparison." Alessandro Gattinoni, World Trade Center East Lombardy Brescia – Italy "We would like to congratulate Indiamart. We are on many similar programs around the world and yours is the best. We get enquiries from manufacturers around the world, which must go into your programs. We get more offers from factories in Poland through Indiamart than their programs in Poland. Keep up the good work." Jinxing Tractor Company – Australia

This is the right place for you if you wish to gather general information on IIL. We present the facts on IIL and make it easier for media representatives to have access to the information they want. “TO FACILILATE FASTER EXCHANGE OF COMPANY INFORMATION WITH THE MEDIA, WE HAVE BROUGHT TOGETHER THE REAQUIRED POOL OF INFORMATION & RESOURCES THAT CAN BE USED WITH EASE.” Recent and archived press releases and media coverage about IIL.

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42 nominated among the top three at Emerging India Awards 2008 (1 July, 2008) In its successive fourth year, India's biggest initiative for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector, 'Emerging India Awards 2008' creates a global mark with its theme 'Think Global Go Global'. The awards are jointly organized by ICICI Bank and CNBC TV 18 to honor India's most globally competitive SMEs. CRISIL, the nations leading credit rating agency, is managing....

IndiaMART Launches Trade Show Participation Initiative: (3 March, 2008) After stupendous success of Sourcing Guides in international markets, India’s largest B2B marketplace has launched another path breaking initiative to take Indian manufacturers and suppliers to a next level. IndiaMART has joined hands with Triune Exhibitors to bring synergies from online and off-line space together. As part of the initiative, India’s largest machine...

IndiaMART's 'Home Decor Gifts & Crafts' Sourcing Guide for global buyers unveiled at Mega Macao 2007: (19 October, 2007) Reassuring its commitment to connect Indian suppliers with buyers worldwide, IndiaMART – India's largest online B2B marketplace - launched its third in series 'Home Decor, Gifts & Crafts' Sourcing Guide. The guide was launched at one of the largest international trade fair in Asia- Mega Macao 2007, to ensure maximum exposure to Indian manufacturers and suppliers...

IndiaMART in News nominated among top 3 at Emerging India Awards '08: The Economic Times (July 3, 2008) In its successive fourth year, India's biggest initiative for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector, 'Emerging India Awards 2008' creates a global mark with its theme 'Think Global Go Global'. The awards are jointly organised by ICICI Bank and CNBC TV 18 to honor... nominated among the top three at Emerging India Awards 2008 (July 2, 2008) In its successive fourth year, India's biggest initiative for Small and Medium 43

Enterprises Sector, 'Emerging India Awards 2008' creates a global mark with its theme 'Think Global Go Global'. The awards are jointly organized by ICICI Bank and CNBC TV 18 to honor India's most globally....











Every year, gets these internal ideas within the company to convert themselves into more than what they already do. Sometimes, it is to do with their online presence. Some forces declare that they should always have more online payment systems and henceforth convert themselves...

Cover Story: India's Internet Conglomerates: Outlook Business (May 31, 2008) About three million of India's eight million SME's have used online markets, Many large companies like Larsen & Toubro, Aditya Birla Group, Ashok Leyland and State Bank of India use them too. Importantly, almost all the B2B exchanges are already profitable and growing at a fast clip... in Cover Story of HT Media Publication:

(May, 2008)

With the medium of Internet, IndiaMART has provided a platform for various businesses, importers, exporters, middlemen and suppliers to market themselves glob... We want to remain a B2B marketplace: The Economic Times (25 November, 2007) Indiamart is not on the lines of SAP, Commerce One or eBay; neither in terms of business model nor in terms of revenues. Last business fiscal, the company clocked Rs 28 crore turnover. So why doesn't it diversify and introduce new products? The answer to that is also the USP of the company...

Many pronged approach to B2B: The Economic Times (09 September, 2007) IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. (IIL) is venturing into print medium and is doing it at a fast pace. They launched the 'Apparel Sourcing Guide' at North America's largest 44

apparel and fabric sourcing event 'Sourcing at MAGIC', in August end... Spreading the net wide: The Economic Times (06 August, 2007)

The Net casted its net on him, and he became an ally in casting it on others. "I had a dream of connecting my country to the outside world", says Dinesh Agarwal, 37, the founder CEO of India's one of the biggest B2B portals SMEs set to spend $8 bn on IT infra this fiscal: (02 August, 2007) The Indian SME segment can offer huge returns to IT companies. The sheer number of SMEs, around 8 million, make this sector a good bet for IT firms...

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It is said that the well, defined objective is half attained. In order to make sure that a proper research was conducted, it ensures defining the well-explained objectives and outline is a prerequisite. The research objectives of the study are: • • To determine the Market position of Indiamart Intermesh Ltd. To determine the perception of consumer towards the marketing strategy of Indiamart Intermesh Ltd. • • • To know the stability of the marketing strategy followed by Indiamart. To determine the strength over competitors and to utilize it. To analyzing the market expansion in future.


Under the problem to study the marketing strategy of Indiamart Intermesh Ltd. The detailed study of the following things was performed; • • • • • • Efficiency of Marketing Strategy. Comparison of the strategy with the competitors Advantages over the competitors Limitation of the strategy Solutions and suggestions Conclusion



Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. In it we study the various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them. Researchers not only need to know how to develop certain indices or tests, how to calculate the mean, the mode, the median or the standard deviation or how to apply the particular research technique. Researchers also need to understand the assumptions underlying various techniques and they need to know the criteria by which they can decide that certain techniques and procedures will be applicable to certain problems and others will not. Before I start up with the research methodology used, let us have a clear picture or opinion about the types of researches and the methodology suggested for them.

The basic kinds of researches are as follows:

1. Descriptive vs. Analytical research:
Descriptive research includes surveys and fact fining enquiries of different kinds. The major purpose of descriptive research research is description of the state of affairs, as it exists at present. In fact social science and business research we quite often use the term Ex Post Facto research for descriptive research studies. The main characteristic of this method is that the researcher has no control over the variables; he can report what has happened or what is happening. In Analytical Research. On the other hand, the researcher has to use facts r information already available, and analyses these to make a critical evaluation of the material. As in case of my project. (Analysis of financial analysis through Ratio analysis) I have used given data (Balance Sheet), and analyzed it to make a critical evaluation of the material.


2. Applied vs. Fundamental research:
Applied research aims at finding a solution for an immediate problem facing a society or an industrial/business organization, whereas fundamental research is mainly concerned with generalization and with the formulation of a theory. “Gathering knowledge for knowledge’s sack is termed ‘pure’ or ‘basic research’. Research concerning some natural phenomenon or relating to pure mathematic are examples fundamental research. Similarly, research studies, concerning human Behavior carried on with a vive to make generalization about human behavior

3. Quantitative vs. Qualitative research:
Quantitative research is based on the measurement of quantity or amount. It is applicable to phenomena that can be expressed in the, using in the depth interview for the purpose. Terms of quantity. Qualitative research, on the other hand, concerned with qualitative phenomenon i.e., relating to or involving quality or kind. For instance when we interested investigating thereon of human behavior (i.e., why people think or do certain thing), we quite often talk of ‘Motivation Research’, and important type of qualitative research. This type of research aims at discovering the underlining motives and desire. As according to the above discussion we can say, there are particular ways for particular kind of research and thus i can say that as my research is of descriptive type, so the methods suggested for such kind of research are the survey methods of all kinds. Thus to go for such a research we should have a knowledge about the survey methods.

Research is common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on specific topic. In fact research is an art of scientific investigation.

The purpose of the research is to discover the answer through the application of scientific procedures. The main aim is to find out the truth which is hidden and which


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What makes people to under take research? This is a question of fundamental importance. The possible motives for doing research may be either one or more of the following. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Desire to get research degree along with its consequential benefits. Desire to face the challenges in solving the unsolved problems, i.e., concern over practical problems initiates research. Desire to get intellectual joy of doing some creative work. Desire to be of service to society. Desire to get respectability.

The role of research is several field of applied economic, whether related to business or to the economy as a whole, has greatly increased in modern time. Research provides the basis for nearly all government policies in our economy system. RESEARCH IS CONDUCTED ON THE BASIS OF DATA AVAILABLE. Or we can say that the analysis is derived on the basis of data being studied. Thus it becomes important to have a view about the various kinds of data used for research process. 51

Types of data:
We can describe the data in to two parts 1 Primary data

2 Secondary data Primary Data:
The primary data are those, which are collect afresh and for the first time, and thus happen to be original in characters. We collect primary data during the course of doing experimental research but in case we do research descriptive and performs surveys, whether sample surveys or census, then we can obtain primary data either through observation or through direct communication with respondent in on form or another or through personal interview . (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) There are several methods of collecting primary data particularly in Observation methods Interview methods. Though questionnaire. Schedules. Depth interview. Through projective techniques. surveys and descriptive research. Important ones are:

Secondary data:
The secondary data are those which have already been collect by some one else and which have already been passed through the statistical process. By way of caution, the researcher, before using secondary data, must see that they possess following characteristics: 1 2 3 4 Reliability of data Suitability of data. Adequacy of data. Selection of appropriate methods for data collection:


Thus, there are various methods of data collection. As such the researcher judiciously selects methods for his own study, keeping in view of the following factors: 1 2 3 Nature, scope and object of enquiry Availability of funds: availability of funds for the research project determines to a large extent the method to be used for collection of data. Time factors: Availability of time has also been taken in to account in deciding a particular method of data collection.






Most of the businessman is aware of the Internet or online business but only the uperlayer that is just the superficial or what can be said as the little knowledge. They are not aware of the exact process neither they are in a mood to know until nor unless they are being told of the benefits they can have by entering into this kind of business promotion.


3 4 7% 3% 2 20% 1 70%

1-Indiamart 2-Trade India 3-E-business 4-Others




Approximately 70% of the business personalities know about India mart intermesh Ltd. Trade India, e-business and other companies, covers the remaining 30%. The only interested guys know about others companies. The major hand to achieve this percentage is because of the strategy followed by India mart that is their mode of calling and generating awareness about them.



10% 20% 40% 1 2 3 4



About 40%of the companies create the knowledge from the advertisement. The companies of the follow up make the other major hand. The friends and the other sources cover up very little percentage.



30% 1 2 70%

1. YES 2. NO

Calling to the client and remaining in touch with them continuously proves to be a good tool of marketing and generates knowledge about India mart in the market. MAINLY DUE TO THE CALLS FROM INDIAMART





1 2 3 4


1. 2. 3. 4.


Most of the companies are satisfied and they place India mart as the best company in B2B industry. They appraise India mart and want to avail the other services also of the same company. They have a good experience with the company and may be because they have a good opinion too. A very small percentage is not satisfied.



5% 20% 40% 1 2 3 4



The marketing policy of India mart is backbone of the company business, that is there way of contacting a person and taking him in confidence and there follow up is also an additional weapon. The next thing is their product, which the businessman mostly likes. Then comes the result given by the company. A very short very percentage goes to the service offered by the company.



4% 16% 34% 1 2 3 4


1. TOP MOST 2. INDIA’S BEST 3. AVERAGE 4. MAY REMAIN SAME Interpretation: The more projection is about the rising of the company and very little percentage says that it may remain same. This shows that the company has a bright future.


Organization performs SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis to identify and evaluate their competitive position.

The most power full point in hand of the company is that they provide the customized solution to the customers. 1) The company has excellent distribution system. 2) The company has built a strong image among the customers. 3) The company experiences excellent Brand loyalty for its Products from the customers. 4) The company has made its Product range attractive, which lures the customers, and consequently the products are favorite among the customers.

1) Some products have high prices as compared to the other products. 2) The company branches are not spread through out the region; as a result load of the work at the head office is tremendous. 3) The company pays less attention towards the matured clients.

1) India has a vast potential market, which the company can get hold up. 2) The company can prove to be major threats for its competitor’s if it increases its marketing efforts. 3) IIL should concentrate on the premium segment market.


1) The major threat that company faces is from its competitors who are introducing products with lower cost backed by aggressive promotional schemes to attract the customer. 2) The arrival of the MNC is a major serious threat for the company.

Most of the businessman is aware of the Internet or online business. But they are not aware of the exact process neither they are in a mood to know until nor unless they are being told of the benefits they can have by entering into this business promotion. It was also concluded that Indiamart is the most known company in this kind of industry. The major hand to achieve this goal is because of the strategy followed by Indiamart that is their mode of calling the potential clients and generating awareness about them. The follow up process made by the company also has a good hand in the awareness about the Indiamart. The good percentage of satisfied clients is also an additional factor for its publicity. Most of its clients are satisfied and they place Indiamart as the best company in this industry. The appraisal made by them proves an addition to its image in the market. The wide range of products offered by the company helps the customer to have the product of his choice and the very tool of the customized solution in an additional factor, which attracts towards Indiamart. Thus it could be said the company is in a good position in the market and is expected to have a bright future ahead.



From the observations and the analysis of data collected, I conclude that the company’s performance is good it is also proceeding towards the development. The entire research process was to analyze the performance of the company and to check the efficiency of the marketing strategy being followed by the company. The analyses of the data collected for the research shows that there is no point, which could be said that this harms the market or is inefficient to perform. Also the company holds a good market image that is it has a series of loyal customers. The range of products offered by the company is also impressive and they are ahead in it. The research and development team of company is also a great boon for the company. But still there are certain measures, which could be taken to improve the performance.these measures, are given in the suggestions and recommendations. During the research it was found that the main marketing tool of the company was it’s policy that it provides the customized solution.

Thus over all it could be said that the company is ahead from its the market just because of its marketing strategy and thus I can say that it has a bright future ahead.


Name : ……………. Age : Occupation : 1. Do you have knowledge about business on Internet? (a) Yes (b) No

2. How many companies do you know in this business? (a) Indiamart (b) Trade India (c) E-business 3. How do you come to know about it? (a) Advertisement by them friends (d) By other sources 4. Do you know about India mart? (a) Yes (b) No (b) By their follow up (c) By (d) others

if yes how ?………. 5. Where would you like to place Indiamart in B2B industry? (a) Excellent (b) Good (c) Satisfactory (d) Below average

6. The most important thing you like about India mart? (a) Marketing Strategy (d) Service offered. 7. Where do you project India mart after 5 years? (a) Top most company (d) May remain same (b) India’s best (c) Average (b) Products (c) Result given by it


8. Do you have experienced any other company also? (a) Yes If yes which Your feed back about it? 9. Suggestions for India mart intermesh/ B2B industry? (b) No


1. Research methodology 134 By: C.R.KOTHARI 2. Business Research Methods By: DONALD R.COOPER 3. Marketing Management By: PHILIP KOTLER 4. Marketing Research By: G.C.BERI 4-8,14-17,41-43 4-7,9-11




Company Profile Comparative charts Product Knowledge


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