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Did you know the word holiday

comes from two words “holy”
What’s the big deal and “day.” It tells us that
something special has happened

about Christmas on this day, which is worth
celebrating and remembering

for generations to come.
Christmas is one of these very
special “holy days”
and here are 3 reasons why!

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God has fulfilled a promise God is no longer invisible God offers
o salvation

For thousands of years, people Through the event of Christmas, We learn from the Apostle Paul that
believed that if they placed their which is Jesus’ birthday, God makes when
hen the fullness of time was come,
hope in the One true God, and Himself seen and known to us. God sent forth His son, made of a
followed His commandments, He Heaven and earth are joined. woman, to redeem us (Galatians
( 4).
would protect them (Psalm 90). Shepherds see angels proclaiming By becoming one of us, God is able
The Prophet Isaiah predicted the the birth of Christ and His glory on to save us. He restores His creation
Lord Himself would give us a sign of earth. A star left the sky to lead that has been fallen since Adam and
this promise. A virgin will give birth three Astrologers or Magi from Eve and offers us a way back into
unto a Son, and His name will be Persia, to find Christ. This was their Paradise through the birth of Jesus
called “Immanuel” which means job to know the stars, so for them, Christ. The Church calls us to come
“God is with us.” On Christmas, we it was something truly spectacular and worship the newborn child, the
celebrate the birth of Christ, who is that they had never seen before, Messiah, who is fully God and Man,
the Son of God. He came through and converted them into believers! and to give glory to Him who is the
the Holy Panagia named Mary. greatest of all gifts on earth.

“The Lord of hosts is with us; “Unto us a Child is born, “How could the human race go to
the God of Jacob is our refuge.” unto us a Son is given.” God if God had not come to us?”
Psalm 45 Isaiah 9:6 St Irenaeus of Lyon

What do the gifts mean?

GOLD = Jesus is King and is worthy of glory

MYRRH = Jesus is Man and will
be buried with His death

and will ascend to the Father