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Just How Serious Is Ebola?

Look at its History – The True Story of Ebola
in Reston, Virginia
Ileana Johnson: August 06/2014
…Dr. Jahrling tested the virus cultures from the macaques against three known blood serums:
1. Musoke (test for Marburg virus)
2. Boniface (test for Ebola Sudan)
3. Mayinga (test for Ebola Zaire)

Red eyes, fever, uncontrolled vomiting of black blood, sloughing off intestinal tissues, fulminating liver failure, brain
damage, veins bursting, and liquefaction of tissues are some of the horrendous symptoms of Ebola.
Richard Preston said that Marburg has an effect on humans as if they were exposed to radiation – connective tissues,
intestines, skin are affected, hair dies at the root, radiation-like burns cause skin to peel off hands, faces, feet, and
genitals, blown up or semi-rotten testicles. (p. 27)
Ebola virus is composed of seven different proteins, four of which are completely unknown, their structure and function
are a mystery. Ebola is a distant relative of measles, mumps, and rabies, the parainfluenza virus, and the syncytial virus.
Ebola attacks the immune system in a similar manner of HIV. (p. 46)
Ebola Zaire
Ebola Zaire kills much of the host while it is still alive. It turns the inside of the body into “digested slime of virus
particles,” “the collagen in the body turns to mush, and the underlayers of the skin die and liquefy.” The mouth bleeds,
heart bleeds into itself, brain swells with dead blood cells and strokes, eyes fill up with blood, other orifices ooze blood,
liver swells, turns yellow, liquefies and cracks. Epileptic convulsions appear in the final stages.
Ebola Zaire, twice as lethal as Ebola Sudan, was first mentioned in September 1976 in a region of northern Zaire called
Bumba Zone in the vicinity of the Ebola River, but nobody knows who the first victim was.
A school teacher received an injection from the Yambuku Hospital with one of the five hypodermic syringes that were
used to give shots to hundreds of people in the outpatient and maternity clinics. This teacher came down with Ebola
Zaire a few days later. Nobody knows who the person was who received the shot right before the school teacher. Ebola
erupted in 55 villages around the hospital, first in those who received shots and then in family members, particularly
women who prepare the dead for burial. (
Ebola Sudan
The first identified case, that later became Ebola Sudan and “nearly devastated the human population of southern
The hospital personnel of the Maridi hospital in Sudan exacerbated the infection by giving injections to many patients
with the same dirty and infected needles.
The Ebola Sudan was twice as lethal as the Marburg strain with a 50 percent fatality. Richard Preston compared it to the
death rate from the black plague. A few hundred people were killed in central Sudan and then the virus died out.