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Internet, Mobile-Reservation or App free of charge
Reservation, change, cancellation through the 24h Service Centre 1.75
Change of reservation using the on-board computer 0.60
Immediate vehicle return made via the on-board computer free of charge
Replacement of a Mobility Card 25.–
Lost or damaged fuel card or car park card 50.–
Car keys not left in the vehicle, lost or damaged Charged at cost
Cancellation fee (for when a reservation is cancelled prior to the start of the reservation)
Cancellation fee per reservation 2.50
Depending on when the cancellation was made, the cancellation fee and the cancellation rule
may apply:
All amounts in CHF incl. VAT
Cancellation rule
There is no charge for reservations cancelled, shortened or postponed more than six hours prior to the start of the
reservation. Such changes made within six hours of the start of the reservation will incur a charge amounting to
one half of the hourly rate originally booked. Any half-hour that has already begun will be rounded up to the nearest
hour. This rule applies to all reservation channels including on-board computer.
fair play
Less than one third of a tank of petrol left/smoking inside the car 25.–
Special cleaning/return of the vehicle back to the initial station Charged at cost
min. 50.–
Late return of a vehicle
(in addition to hourly and kilometre rates plus consequential costs):
6th - 30th minute
per additional half hour
If the customer fails to use a reservation, a charge amounting to twice the hourly rate will be levied (this does not
include block bookings or permanent reservations made by business customers).
Handling of claim, with liability reduction free of charge
Handling of claim, without liability reduction, claim amount up to CHF 1’000.– 25.–
Handling of claim, without liability reduction, claim amount in excess of CHF 1’000.– 100.–
Failure to report damage 250.–
Breakdown assistance owing to customer error Charged at cost
min. 100.–
Change of subscription during subscription period/Mobility Bonus paid out 50.–
Change of subscription to member of the cooperative during the subscription period free of charge
administration/special outlays
Handling of trafc fnes 10.–
Handling of 2nd reminder 25.–
Search request for lost & found incl. postage (up to 5 kg) 50.–
Return of lost item without search request incl. postage (up to 5 kg) 25.–
Hourly rate for special outlays (assignment of technician/specialist, etc.) 120.–
Mobility may change the rates and charges at any time subject to four weeks’ prior notice.