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F0R INNEBIATE RELEASE: Contact: Alejanuio uaicia
Fiiuay, 0ctobei 17, 2u14 S12-S44-2626

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A0STIN - Ban Patiick, Texas State Senatoi anu Republican nominee foi Lieutenant
uoveinoi, ieceiveu the enuoisement of Texas Right to Life Political Action

"The Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee piouuly enuoises Senatoi Ban
Patiick foi Lieutenant uoveinoi," saiu Elizabeth uiaham, Texas Right to Life
Biiectoi. "Bis ueuication to the Pio-Life cause is pioven by his actions anu
leaueiship, anu he will make the piotection of innocent human life fiom feitilization
until natuial ueath a piioiity when seiving at the helm of the State Senate. We uige
pio-life Texans to stanu foi life with Ban Patiick in his iace foi Lt. uoveinoi."

"I am honoieu to ieceive the enuoisement of Texas Right to Life PAC," saiu Patiick.
"Life is piecious anu I celebiate Texas Right to Life's effoits to give life a fighting
chance; fiom beginning to enu. As the next Lieutenant uoveinoi, I will nevei stop
suppoiting those who believe life is woith fighting foi."

Texas Right to Life was incoipoiateu to stiengthen anu cooiuinate auvocates' effoits
to uefenu innocent human life. In 197S, !"# %& '()# anu *"# %& +",-". stiuck uown
eveiy law in the lanu that piotecteu those who coulu not piotect themselves.

Touay, the oiganization fights foi the iights of the unboin, the uisableu, the sick, the
elueily, anu the unloveu in a woilu wheie the lack of iespect foi innocent human life
has escalateu to the point wheie we aie all at iisk.

Noie infoimation about the campaign is available at www.BanPatiick.oig.