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With all due respect to the honorable adjudicators, to all the participants for speech contest today, and
the audience here, ladies and gentlemen, Good Afternoon!!!
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb
First of all let us give our praise to Allah SWT for all mercy and blessing, so that we could be
collected together now in this room with a good condition to join speech contest today.
Shalawat and greets, we always deliver to the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, who had brought
us from the darkness era into the brightness era that we lived in now.
Thank you for giving me this chance so that I could deliver this speech in front all of you. In this
special opportunity, I’m Rahmi Amelia, came from Economy and Business Faculty, Accounting Major, I
would like to talk about my speech with theme “LACK OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE AWARENESS IN NON-
Ladies and Gentlemen,
English is the international language that is most widely used in many countries around the
world. English is a global language as well. English is very important in the era of globalization. What
makes English language is very important in the era of globalization? Maybe it was one of the many
questions that arise in our minds. The answer to that question is very simple: because English has
become the universal language that is used in the world of technology, education, politics, trade, and so
forth. Language is the most crucial communication tool, and like it or not, this time English is very
dominate all aspects in terms of communication. We can see almost all electronic devices use English.
Most countries in Asia are also using English as 'Medium of Instruction' or make English language as a
second language after their national language. Call it the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. English is
the communication tool most often used by the world. English is a global “Lingua Franca”. It means that
English are working language, bridging language, and vehicular language.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Ok, maybe enough to talk about the importance of English language in the era of globalization.
We will focus on our theme today that lack of English language awareness in a non-English department
student. Why the lack of English language awareness in non-English department students could be
happen? I have done a survey to some of my friends who are from non-English department, Accounting
Major students who less aware of the importance of English language or do not want to learn English
language more deeply. And from the survey, I got the results is some reason why they are less aware of
English language and do not want to learn English language more deeply.
1. The first reason is they are too lazy to learn English. Laziness that already exists within each
of these, if not those who want to change them selves, it will continue to be lazy.
2. The second is they do not have time to learn English language more deeply. They wanted to
deepen their knowledge of each, as a student of accounting department will further deepen
accounting rather than spend the time to learn English.
3. The third is a student who speaks English is often seen as arrogant because students use
English. After all, we're Indonesian people, why should using English language?
4. The fourth is they assume that English is a difficult language to understand. In mind that
they are full of difficult English grammar, vocabulary is too much and hard to memorize, etc.
5. The fifth is for what they need to learn English, but they are not students of English
language. They do not understand the importance of English as an international language in
the era of globalization.
6. And the sixth is they don’t have a friend to speak English to them. They are confused who’s
their partner to practice to speaking English language. And they fell they’re too late to start
learning now because they’re students in a college.
Ladies and gentlemen,
All the reasons are problems why students from non-English department are less aware of the
importance of English language and don’t want to learn English more depth. Of course, this problem is
unlikely we leave it to look for a solution. Below I will explain some of my personal solution :
1. For the first problem of laziness, my solution is we have to change ourselves in order not to
be lazy anymore. How do we want to learn English when to start it first we’re very lazy. DO
2. For the second problem that you does not have time to learn English, the solution is actually
we always have anytime to learn English. Use 5 minutes was enough for us to learn English
every day. Why do we always have time for hours to hang out with our boyfriend/girlfriend,
but don’t have 5 minutes to learn English? TAKE TIME ALTHOUGH ONLY 5 MINUTES, GUYS!
3. The third problem that was afraid said arrogant by other people, my solution is never be
afraid or embarrassed to speak English. Whatever other people mocked us, but we are still
learning English. Later it benefits from learning English are feeling to you, not the other
people who mock you. DON’T BE AFRAID AND DON’T BE SHY, TRY IT!
4. For the fourth problem that English is a difficult language, my solution is when you assume
something’s difficult, find another way to make it easy. Try an interesting way so that you
don’t find any difficulty. Like myself, I really don’t like to learn English through the book, I
finally found the other way, because I love to read magazines so I learned from a magazine
whose content is all English and is quite an effective way to me. Then for students whose
have hobby is browsing the internet all the time just like me, a fairly effective way is to put
the status in all the social networks that we have with English language. If there is a mistake,
my friend who understands English better than me usually will correct it. It can simply
effective because I can also add my vocabulary. TRY TO FIND YOUR INTERESTING WAY!
5. For the fifth problem is for what we learn English when we are not students of English
Department, my solution is we have to know the importance of English for us. English
language should be studied not only for students of English language itself. Many benefits
we can get from learning English. With English language, we can join the student exchange
go to overseas, we can easily use all the electronic devices that are now almost all of them
use English. And later when we graduated from college, many prestigious jobs have
requirements for prospective employees who master in English language and have a TOEFL
score that meets the standards. SO, ENGLISH IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR US GUYS!
6. And for the last problem that we don’t have a friend to speak English language with us, and
my solution is that we do not have to talk to a human. We can talk to plants, animals, or
inanimate objects. But actually it is less effective. Maybe you could use my method to use
social networks like Facebook and twitter. Sometimes I also don’t have a friend want to talk
English language with me, but until now everyday I always talk with my friends on Facebook
with English language. Incidentally, I have some Facebook friends in some countries such as
Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Finland and Michigan. So, I
talked to them use English. And if there are mistakes, they are certainly would correct my
English. And for me, this way is very effective. Until now I still continue to use this method
to improve my English. And last, never say you’re too late to learn English. IF YOU REALLY

Ladies and Gentlemen,
So, my conclusion is that the students come from non-English departments are less aware of the
importance of English language because they are lazy to learn English, they do not have time to learn
and assume that English is not important, and they also do not have the other person and fear too late
to start. And my solution is to change your lazy manner, take a little time to learn, understand the
importance of English language, try to add your vocabulary everyday and find a fun way to learn English,
and also don’t afraid and don’t be shy. And the most important thing is always to practice all the time.
PRACTICES MAKES PERFECTS, right? Never too late to start from now, while not yet graduated from
college. I hope that all my friends who are less aware of the importance of English language now could
be realized and began to learn English language. So, try to speak English guys from now.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I think that's all from me and I hopefully it will give some advantages for all of us. Thanks for the
attention. Forgive every mistake that I had made. See you. Have a nice day. Good afternoon.