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Albatross Shipping Limited.
3 rd Floor, Himalaya Bldg, Geetmala Complex,
Deonar Village oad, Deonar !"ast#
$%mbai & '(( ()).
REF: emo*al o+ ,mport VA-, Container
Container .o/ BL012(3(34(
B5L .o. 0BL5.SA5FCL52(6633(' Dated/ 665(352(66
Arri*ed -er VSL/ C,$B,A V7 (((38A
,G$ .o. 2(2(633 ,9"$ .o. :2
,n ;onsideration o+ yo%r allo<ing the abo*e mentioned import loaded ;ontainers to o%r premises <e the
%ndersigned hereby %nderta=e and g%arantee yo% the +ollo<ing/7
6. >e shall at o%r ;ost ? ris= remo*e the ;ontainers +rom .ominated site to o%r premises
Sit%ated at VA-, <ithin : days and ret%rn the same to yo%r storage yard
>ithin (3 days +rom the date o+ its remo*al.
2 >e shall at o%r ;ost arrange to s%r*ey the ;ontainer5s by yo%r s%r*eyors be+ore
remo*al +rom nominated site and a+ter ret%rning at yo%r storage yard.

3. ,n ;ase o+ any damages to the ;ontainer5s <hilst in o%r ;%stody <e shall pay the repair ;ost o+
damages as estimated by yo%r s%r*eyors <itho%t any disp%te +rom o%r end.
'. ,n the e*ent o+ the importer being %nable to ret%rn the empty ;ontainer and deli*er the
same to the shipping agent <ithin the expiry o+ the stip%lated time in terms o+ the pro*ision o+ the bill
o+ lading. 9hey <ill render themsel*es liable to pay detention ;harges ,ndian %pees eA%i*alent to
1S Dollars rate are gi*en belo< and repair ;ost o+ the ;ontainer, i+ any
2(B '(B
A# F,S9 : CAL DACS F"" F"" F""
B# ."D9 (8 DACS 1SD 62.:( 1SD 2:.((
C# ."D9 (8 DACS 1SD 68.:( 1SD 3:.((
D# ."D9 (8 DACS 1SD 22.:( 1SD ':.((
"# 9H""AF9" 1SD ::.(( 1SD 66(.(
-" CE.9A,." D"9".9,E. CHAG"S -" DAC FE 6' DACS F"" D"9".9,E.
20’ 40’
A# F,S9 6' CAL DACS F"" F"" F""
B# ."D9 (: DACS 1SD 68.:( 1SD 3:.((
C# ."D9 (8 DACS 1SD 22.:( 1SD ':.((
D# 9H""AF9" 1SD ::.(( 1SD 66(.((
A. ,n ;ase o+ the ;ontainer5s lost <hilst in o%r ;%stody, <e shall pay yo% the ;ost o+ the ;ontainer5s
!,. 2,((,(((57!%pees 9<o la;s only#per 2(B and s 3,:(,(((57!%pees 9hree la;s +i+ty tho%sand
only# per '(B only and the ;%stom d%ty appli;able on the ;ontainer5s.
B. ,n ;ase <e +ail to ret%rn the ;ontainer5s <ithin (3 dayBs +rom the date o+ remo*al, <e shall
obtain ne;essary permission +rom yo% and ;%stom a%thorities to retain the ;ontainer5s <ith %s
beyond (8 days.
C. >e shall =eep yo% and the ;arriers ;ompletely indemni+ied and harmless +rom and against all
ConseA%en;es <hi;h may arise +rom yo%r ;omplying <ith o%r reA%est.
D. 9his bond <ill remain in +or;e till s%;h time <e ;omply <ith o%r %nderta=ing and +%l+ill all
yo%r5;%stoms a%thorities reA%irements. 9hat the bond <ill be ;an;elled only a+ter ;on+irmation
+rom the Depot o++i;er ;on+irming !that the ;ontainer5s has5ha*e been ret%rned in so%nd ;ondit
". >e hereby ;on+irm that the import ;argo does not ;ontain Contraband arti;les, in term o+
,ndian ;%stoms reg%lation and that the shipper ha*e not tampered <ith ;ontainer5s +or the
p%rpose o+ ;on;ealment o+ any ;ontraband ;argo. ,n the e*ent o+ ;%stoms or any other go*t.
A%thorities dis;o*ering that, there is ;ontraband ;argo loaded, then <e %nderta=e to a;;ept all
;ost and ;onseA%en;es arising d%e to the mis7de;laration. >e +%rther rea++irm that the
;ontainer5s <o%ld only be ta=en to o%r premises at VA-, and that <e
<o%ld approximately ta=e 3 days to ret%rn the ;ontainer5s ba;= to yo%r empty storage yard a+ter
remo*al +rom the nominated site5CFS.