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Page 140 Pericardium

The Pericardium

The pericardium has no patterns of disharmony of its own.

Point Functions and Indications

The pericardium channel pathways, as well as the status of the Pericardium as the
protector of the Heart help explain most of the actions and indications of the points of
this channel.

 Treats disorders of the Heart such as pain, palpitations, irregular rhythm, etc.

 Treats disorders of the Spirit

 Treats disorders of the chest in general, including disharmony of the Lung

 Treats disorders of the upper or middle jiao due to stagnation of qi of the liver

 Treats disorders of the middle jiao, especially the Stomach.

 Treats disorders of the lateral costal region

 Treats febrile diseases: the pericardium belongs to fire and takes the brunt of attack
by exterior pathogens that might otherwise injure the Heart; these points are
especially important for the nutritive and blood levels and when there is a
disturbance of consciousness

 Treats swelling and pain of the axilla

Pericardium Page 141
PC 1 Heavenly Pond

The Main Pathway

1. The channel originates in
the center of the chest,
connects with the
Pericardium, and travels to
CV 17 and down the
median line. It connects
with CV 12 and CV 7 (the
regions of the Triple

2. A lateral deep branch
travels from the
pericardium across the
chest and emerges at PC 1
where the meridian
becomes superficial.

3. It ascends to the axilla and
follows the medial aspect
of the arm down to PC 9.

4. One branch goes from PC
8 to the radial side of the
middle finger and one pathway connects with TE 1 at the ulnar side of the ring finger.

5. Some texts say that a deep branch rises from the pericardium up through the throat to the
ear, joining with TE at TE 16.

Divergent Channel

 The divergent channel leaves the primary meridian at a point 3 ACI inferior to the
axilla (some texts say 3 ACI below GB 22).
 It then enters the chest and communicates with the TE.
 A branch ascends across the throat and emerges behind the ear, where it meets
with the TE channel.

Luo Channel

 This channel begins at PC 6 and spreads out between the tendons, following the
Pericardium meridian up to the pericardium and then to the heart.

Page 142 Pericardium
The Pericardium Channel

Muscle Channel

 This begins on the palmar aspect of the third digit (some sources say the tip of the
middle finger) and accompanies the LU muscle channel upwards
 It binds at the medial aspect of the elbow and again below the axilla.
 It then descends to spread over the ribs, front and back.
 A branch enters the body below the axilla and spreads over the chest, binding with
the diaphragm.

Pericardium Page 143
PC 1 Heavenly Pond
Entry point, Window of the Sky, Reunion  3 (X women)  3-5

Location 1 ACI lateral to the center of the nipple

Needling 20 insertion posteriorly along the intercostal space, .5-1 cun
! With deep needling there is
a substantial risk of Pneumothorax !


Window of the Sky / IV-V Entry-Exit Block

o Physical and emotional symptoms are similar: Window: Person feels unsafe with
intimacy. E/E: Person has fear of intimacy. Symptoms for both are
triggered/exacerbated by the threat of intimacy. Heart palpitations, chest pain,
fibrocystic breast disease or breast cancer, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

o Chaotic and rebellious qi in the LU, head, sense organs and neck region

Unbinds the chest, transforms phlegm, descends rebellion

o Disperses stagnant qi and phlegm in chest, lateral costal region, axilla, and breasts
o Regulates qi and dissipates nodules
o Benefits the breasts

Reunion: PC, TE, GB, LR acc. to D

Name Celestial Pool
Tian: celestial, of the heavens; sky; Nature; heaven
Chi: pool, pond
Alternate Name: Celestial Convergence

LJ Virtue: Empowers a memory of safety that is untouched by life experience.
This is a Window of the Sky point, and, as such, provides the deepest possible connection
to spiritual levels of intimacy. This point may help restore one's memory of one's heart as
a place of ultimate safety before the heart became burdened by life's sorrows. Further,
this point may empower one to experience the world as a safe place, helping to clear the
effects of past betrayal.

Other  This point releases a terrific amount of energy into the meridian. Using it, you can
reach the soul and depth of a person both mentally and physically.
 A pool or pond is a large expanse of water where deep forces of life are gathered.
This is the pond of a God, a holy river where we can maintain purity of the spirit.
The patient can be bathed here, healed and cleansed in tranquil water that balances,
restores and calms the Fire. It’s a place you can use to reorient the patient to the
heavenly love he/she may have lost.
 This point connects the person with something vast, boundless, a majesty of life
beyond normal comprehension. With this point there is a sense of vast expansion,
full of warmth and light. It’s heavenly refreshment taking you beyond time and space
into a larger heavenly relationship.
 The point opens up the person to realize they are not “islands unto themselves.”
Bathing here will enrich the Body Mind Spirit and lift the patient out of depression.
 This point renews the quality of Love.
 PC 1 & 2 are good together (men only). PC 1 puts the patient in touch with himself
and 2 gives the movement to do something with it.

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PC 2 Heavenly Spring

Entry point (W)

, Window of the Sky (W)  5  3

Location On the anterior surface of the arm
Between the heads of the biceps
7 ACI proximal to the flexure of the elbow

To locate this meridian,
the arm must in the anatomical position
To expose the biceps, flex the arm against
resistance (with arm slightly bent)

Needling 45 insertion distally or proximally, 1-1.5 cun

Function Unbinds the chest, invigorates blood, and alleviates pain

o Heart pain, disorders of the heart, pain of the chest, back, shoulder, shoulder blade
and arm, fullness of the chest and lateral costal region, palpitations, cough, stone
edema, aversion to wind and cold, blurred vision, pain of the medial upper arm.

Window of the Sky / IV-V Entry-Exit Block (women)

o Physical and emotional symptoms are similar: Window: Person feels unsafe with
intimacy. E/E: Person has fear of intimacy. Symptoms for both are
triggered/exacerbated by the threat of intimacy. Heart palpitations, chest pain,
fibrocystic breast disease or breast cancer, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

o Fear of bringing your light to the world (PC 2 in particular).

Name Celestial Spring
Tian: celestial, of the heavens; sky; Nature;
Heaven Quan: source, spring
Alternate Names: Celestial Warmth,
Celestial Damp
LJ Virtue: Empowers feelings of safety untouched by life experience. Heavenly spring
suggests the initiation of movement and action. Upon bringing someone to heaven’s pond we
are providing the person the opportunity to bask safely in the rays of his own heart. This is
rejuvenative. However once rested, it is important to move back into the world and use what
one has learned in an active way. Heavenly spring helps initiate action in the world to flow
from the heart with strength and compassion.

Betrayal of intimacy is a major cause of chronic E/E blocks between these two points. Hence,
a hallmark of this pattern's symptomatology is that it usually increases when the threat of
intimacy is present. One's fear of intimacy may continually extinguish one's heart fire,
resulting in an emotionally cold and joyless presentation. Too, the perceived threat of
intimacy may disinhibit the pericardium fire, which blazes in its presence. In this scenario, one
is likely to evidence tendencies toward mania and hyper-sexuality.

o This point is the next best thing to a Window. Good for cleansing at the spirit level.
o This point is a source of purity; use it to clear out deep levels of toxicity.
o This is a spring with a heavenly character—it’s the same spring as Heart 1 (Utmost
Source) and Kidney 1 (Bubbling Spring).
o This spring accesses the pure brightness of water; it invigorates and distributes the vital
energy (increases vitality & bubbliness).
o Good for nursing mothers without enough milk or for fevers without perspiration.

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PC 3 Crooked Marsh

Water point, Sea point  3  3-5

Location On crease of the elbow
In the depression which is medial to the tendon of the biceps
On some people this depression may be lateral to the tendon
But only if HT 3 immediately medial to the tendon
On the medial side of the tendon of the biceps brachii muscle,
At the mid point of the transverse cubital crease

Needling 45 insertion .5-1 cun, or prick to bleed
! The brachial artery and veins lie deeply,
just medial to this point !

Function Clears heat from the qi, blood, ying levels

o High fever, thirst, agitation, restlessness, dry mouth, hemorrhage - LU, ST

o Late stages of febrile diseases with skin eruptions and convulsions.

o Heat in the PC during febrile diseases which can cause coma.

Clears Summer-Heat

o Clears summer-heat and stops vomiting and diarrhea

o Summer-heat stroke, dysenteric disorder, sudden turmoil disorder

Opens the Heart orifices

o Resuscitation from coma (from febrile disease)
Moves blood stasis

o Chronic conditions of Blood heat that congeals over time, i.e., excessive menstrual
bleeding from Blood heat stagnates over time causing fibroids.
Calms the Mind (Heart-Fire)

o Anxiety caused by Heart-Fire
Descends ST qi

o Nausea and vomiting
Treats pain of the entire arm

o Pain of the elbow, arm, and hand, tremor of the head, tremor of hand & arm
HP Yin Deficient Fire (from Water under-controlling Fire)

o Nervousness, anxiety, impulsiveness (all relative to intimacy)
HP Yang Deficiency (from Water over-controlling Fire)

o Chronic lack of connection and joylessness from excess fear. Empowers self-
expression of PC unlimited by fear.

Name Marsh at the Bend
Qu: Bend, curve crook; bent
Ze: Marsh

LJ Virtues: Quiets fear that limits intimacy. Empowers the virtues of water such as
fortitude and contemplation within the HP.
o This point can cool Fire, but be careful.
o The beneficial fertility of water gathers here; there’s a sense of rich nourishment.
o Water controls Fire, and therefore affects the hot/cold balance in our love lives. Use it to
regain this balance.
o Use this for fear of water, meeting people, & imminent suicidal feelings.
o This point allows the elbow to move freely to stretch out and embrace people.
o This is key in establishing harmony between fear of intimacy in Fire and Water.

Page 146 Pericardium
PC 4 Gate of Qi Reserve

Xi Cleft  4  5

Location On the anterior surface of the arm
5 ACI proximal to V 7
Between the two tendons
The point lies between the ulna and the radius,
on the line between PC 3 and PC 7
These tendons are not always palpable this far proximal;
To demonstrate these tendons, ask the patient to
contract the muscles of the hand by making a claw shape,
or to attempt to raise the forearm against resistance applied to
the palm of the hand, all while keeping the wrist straight.

Needling 90 insertion .5-1 cun, or 45 proximal insertion 1-1.5 cun

Function Moderates Acute Conditions
Moves Blood Stasis
o In the chest and Heart – chest pain
Regulates the Heart’s Rhythm
o Arrhythmia and palpitations (esp. acute)
Stops Pain
o Acute pain radiating to the neck, back or left arm. Can be with vomiting
Stops Bleeding
o Hemorrhage due to heat (nosebleed, cough, vomit)
Clears Blood and Ying Heat
o Febrile disease, skin diseases
Calms the Spirit
o Treats emotional disorders such as agitation of the Heart, insomnia, melancholy and
fear and fright of people

Name Xi Cleft Gate
Xi: Cleft, crevice
Men: Door, gate

LJ Virtue: Moves old pain and bitterness trapped in the heart. As the xi-cleft point, PC
4 clears stagnation from the PC official. It clears the effects of past betrayal that obstruct the
spontaneous opening and closing of the PC gate. This is a chief point for harmonizing the
function of the diaphragm and clearing the stagnation that generates the inflated quality on the
pulse corresponding to the diaphragm position.

o This is one of the strongest mental points--it brings peace and serenity to the troubled
heart, mind and soul. This point helps stabilize and bring warmth to the mind and then
back to the heart; it’s a gate to a tremendous reserve.
o In acute illness this point fortifies, nourishes and calms.
o It strengthens the mind and gives mental courage.
o When the spirit qi is insufficient, this point makes you smile again.
o Use this point for shock, especially for the longer term effects.
o JG: This is a filling point. If the SI (?not PC?) is weak or insubstantial, needing more juice
to do its job, this point gives it the protection it needs.

Pericardium Page 147
PC 5 The Intermediary

Metal point, River point, 3 Arm Yin Reunion point  3  5

Location On the anterior surface of the arm
3 ACI proximal to V 7,
between the two tendons

To demonstrate the tendons,
Contract the hand muscles by making a claw.

Needling 90 insertion .5-1 cun, or 45 proximal insertion 1-1.5 cun

Function Invisible Phlegm Obstructing Heart Orifices (misting the Heart/Mind)

o Agitation, propensity to fright, poor memory, restlessness, easily startled, mania,
raving, possession by “ghost evil,” epilepsy, drooling after wind-stroke, vomiting
foam, goiter, plumstone qi

o Chronic: manic depression, incessant talking, uncontrolled activity, recklessness

o Acute: delirium, aphasia, coma (at the blood level of febrile disease)

o Other: epilepsy, losing consciousness, foaming at mouth during fit (phlegm)

Descends Rebellious ST qi
D, M

o Nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain
Moves Qi Stagnation in the Chest

o Chest pain
Menstrual problems

o Irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, menstrual clots, retention of the lochia, leucorrhea
Treats Malaria

o Empirical point
Clears Heart-Fire

o Insomnia, tongue ulcers, bitter taste, dry mouth, mental agitation

o Not letting go of attachments and desires associated with past loves constrains
intimacy. Excess heat and pressure stagnate as the mind attempts to control the
opening and closing of boundaries in intimate relationships.

Tonifies Metal within Fire

o Difficulty attracting quality relationships or holding on to the precious relationships
our hearts value. Longing for love lost or unattained.
Disperses Metal within Fire

o Clinging to relationships that have lost their value to us. Shutting an iron door on all
new relationships because of past pain. Perfectionism born of self-righteousness -
finding flaws in any new relationship.
Treats cotton pulse and wei qi stagnation

Ghost Point

o Possession by urges, longings, desires (imbalanced po). In the PC this shows up as
lust. Let go of past loves that haunt us and resolve the heart’s longing.

Name Intermediary Courier
Jian: Among, between; to separate
Shi: A messenger; to employ; to cause, to allow
Alternate Name: Ghost Road

LJ Virtues: cools grief stemming from lost love and betrayal. Empowers the HP to
let go. Empowers the virtue of metal within the heart protector.

Page 148 Pericardium
PC 6 Inner Frontier Gate

o Use this point when there is a marked difference between the surface and deeper levels of
a person. The Intermediary listens to both sides and brings hope.
o This point is a go between, an envoy mediating between the yin arm meridians
o An image of this point is of brilliance shining through the doors, full of the power of Fire
and the brilliance of illumination—it’s awe inspiring. Imagine someone going into a space
full of light and power with the Pericardium, Heart and Lungs connected.
o If Metal is not warm enough, the Stomach and Lungs will tighten.
o This is one of the 13 classic points for possession by Gui Spirits (spirits of a person on the
way to returning to Heaven). These earthly spirits can become malevolent and can make
a person feel possessed.
o Use after a possession treatment. It helps calm a possessed spirit. It brings peace and calm
out of chaos, alleviates phobias, fears and terror.

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PC 7 Great Mound

Luo point, Yin Wei Mo MP, Chong Mo CP  3  5
Forbidden Months 4+
Location On the anterior surface of the arm
2 ACI proximal to V 7, between the two tendons

To demonstrate tendons, make a claw shape w/hands

Needling (1) 90 insertion .5-1 cun, or join to TE 5
(2) 45 proximal insertion 1-1.5 cun for chest diseases
(3) 45 distal insertion 1-1.5 cun for numb fingers
! The median nerve lies directly under this point. Once
deqi is elicited, further manipulation may damage the nerve !

Function Essential for all disorders of the chest and Heart

o Heart pain, stuffy chest, palpitations, disorders of Heart rate and rhythm, pain of
lateral costal region, asthma, cough

o Stagnant qi and blood in the chest: chest pain

Vents PC Stagnation and Heat (Oils the Inner Frontier Gate)

Regulates spirit

o Insomnia, epilepsy, mania, poor memory, fright, sadness, fear, apprehension

o Anxiety from any Heart pattern

o Calms the heart, quiets the mind, releases past pain – betrayal of intimacy.

Essential for descending ST qi through middle jiao
D, M, LJ

o Essential for nausea and vomiting

o Epigastric pain, acid regurgitation, hiccup, belching

o Opens the area around the xiphoid process (HT & PC mu points, KI 20-22)

Calms Irritability from Liver Qi Constraint

o Particularly if there’s also anxiety from a Heart pattern.
o Premenstrual depression and irritation.
Neck and Occipital pain

Moves Blood Stasis in the Womb

o Painful or irregular periods
Inner Pass
Nei: Inner, inside
Guan: gate, passage; to shut, to close

o This point unites yin and yang, left and right. It is a messenger of the emperor who has
access to the interior. It takes things further in when there’s a discrepancy between the
internal and external. It’s the best point on the meridian for restoring balance between
the body and mind, bringing the physical symptoms in line.
o There is a taoist expression “Nei Guan” meaning to examine oneself, invest in a heartfelt
searching of the inner world. When the patient is out of touch with what they want out of
life, this point helps the person connect to him/her self—it takes them inwards.
o You can use PC 6 with PC 4, TE 5 or PC 7.
o This point is for anxiety and depression of the highest level.
o JG: This point is more about moving than filling. When juice is congealed, cut off, this
point moves the emotions when the person is feeling numb. It moves things through
oppression of energy around the heart..

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PC 8 Palace of Weariness

Source, Earth, Sedation, Stream, Ghost point  3  X

Location In the middle area of the anterior wrist crease
Just proximal to the fullness between the two tendons

At the center of the flexure of the wrist
Between the tendons of the palmaris longus
and flexor carpi radialis muscles
On the proximal ulnar corner of the scaphoid
To locate the flexure, flex and extend the hand
to find the hinge of the joint

Needling (1) 90 insertion .3-.5 cun
(2) 45 distal insertion along the meridian for carpal tunnel, .5-1 cun
! The median nerve lies directly under this point. Once deqi is elicited further
manipulation may damage the nerve !

Function Ghost point - clears Heart-Fire or Heart Empty Fire and Calms the Spirit
D, M

o Palpitations, agitation, epilepsy, mania, manic raving, restlessness, insomnia,
anxiety, ceaseless laughter, sadness, weeping with grief
D, M

o Possessed and exhausted by lust.

Cools Heart-Fire entering the Bladder via the SI

o Painful, difficult or bloody urination
Cools the Blood

o Fever with agitation, eczema, wind rash, carbuncles and furuncles
Cools and Descends ST qi

o Bad breath, epigastric pain, vomiting, vomiting of blood
Unbinds the Chest

o Fullness of pain of chest, breast or lateral costal region, shortness of breath, sighing
Treats carpal tunnel syndrome

Sedates Earth within Fire

o Heart is always hungry for intimacy. Addicted to pursuit of earthly pleasures and
desires. Insatiable.
Tonifies Earth within Fire

o Relationships pursued are ungrounded and/or unfulfilling. Driven by vain desire
(ego). Weak and weary heart - exhausted and unnourished by intimate relationships.

Name Great Mound
Da: Great, large, big
Ling: Mound, small hill
Alternate: Heart Governor, Ghost Heart, Hand Heart Governor

LJ Virtues: Empowers the HP to be nourished through intimate connection. Helps
quiet a hungry heart.
 All of the source points on the yin meridians have some sense of power or
“greatness” in their name (supreme, very great, or greater). This point is a great
reserve to be called upon. It will ground Fire, calming and nurturing. It brings a
strong sense of security.
 This point is a mound from which the confused individual may see clearly. It’s useful
when a person is exhibiting excess Fire, esp. as weak nerves, instability, excess
laughter. It transforms the excess Fire, giving it Earth and quelling insecurity and

Pericardium Page 151
PC 9 Middle Rushing

Fire, Horary, Spring, Exit, Ghost, 9 to Return Yang  2-3  3
Forbidden Months 3+
Location On the palmar surface of the hand
Between the 3
and 4
metacarpal bones
On the proximal transverse crease

Between the 2
and 3
metacarpal bones (closer to 3
Proximal to the head of the 3
The location of PC 8 between the 3
& 4

metacarpals appears in books by G. Soulie de
Morant, Dr. J. Lavier & D. Lawson-Wood.

Needling 90 insertion .5 cun

Function Clears PC and HT Heat
D, M

o Fever, coma, loss of consciousness, epilepsy, mania-depression, fright, sadness,
propensity to anger, apprehension, restless zang disorder (HT 4), ceaseless laughter
o Treats ulceration or erosion of the mouth and tongue
Clears ST heat

o Foul breath, vomiting, difficult ingestion
Clears Heat in the Blood

o Vomiting blood, nosebleed, blood in stool, eczema, tinea and scaling of the palm

Name Palace of Toil
Lao: Toil, labor, taxation, weariness
Gong: Palace
Alternate Names: Construction palace, Center of
the palm, Five Li, Ghost Cave, Ghost Road

LJ Virtues: Resurrects a heart unfulfilled and weary from loving. Quiets mania and
addiction to joy. HP fire deficiency can result in lack of joy, and the heart becomes so
weary from the pain of past heartbreaks that not strength can be gathered to engage in intimate
relationships. As the horary point, PC 8 may rekindle the fires of a weary heart. This point
that can induce a state of bliss, which may restore one's memory of safety and joy buried in the
depths of self. This is one of the most profound points for reawakening the heart's fire and
capacity for joy.

o The palace is the house of God. Above all it has love, caring, affection and warmth. If the
patient is sick of struggling or in a rut take them to the palace, the house of god. It is full
of opulence, abundance, warmth love, etc.
o This point brings the person to the palace and he/she is rested, bathed, fed and loved.
The person will have the strength to go on with renewed vigor. It totally recharges the
person and bathes them in sunshine.
o A person may look for love with sexual promiscuity or their Fire may have gone out. You
may see weariness and flatness, cold, no energy.
o Moxa is very effective on this point, but be careful—you can overheat people with this
point. If their Fire is volatile you can make things worse.
o JG: This point stimulates fire. It gives the person a vacation and enables them to recover a
sense of joy that he/she hasn’t had for a long time.

Page 152 Pericardium
PC 9 Rushing into the Middle

Wood, Tonification, Well, First Aid  1  3

Location Radial nail point of the middle finger

The radial nail point of the third digit
About .1 cun proximal to the corner of the nail
Just distal to the flare of the distal phalanx
Note: an alternative location for PC 9
at the center of the tip of the third digit is
featured on the Bronze Man and is widely accepted nowadays.
This location has historically been one of the 10 Shixuan points.

Needling 90 or 45 insertion directed proximally .1-.2 cun, or prick to bleed

Function Jing-Well – Heat in the Pericardium
D, M

o restores consciousness, especially in febrile disease
Clears Heart-Fire and benefits the tongue
D, M

o Treats pain at the root of the tongue, stiffness of the tongue, inability to speak,
night-time crying in children
Expels Interior Wind

o Acute wind-stroke, restores consciousness
Treats Summer-Heat

o Fever, agitation, vomiting, diarrhea and collapse
First Aid: Fear, Anxiety

Wood not Feeding Fire

o HP qi too weak to engage in relationship. Wood unable to reinvigorate a HP that is
burned out from heartbreak
Wood overfeeding Fire

o Engaging in relationships from a mental level without desire for true intimacy. Can
be aggressive and try to work out unresolved anger through sex.

Name Central Hub
Zhong: Central, center, middle
Chong: a hub, thoroughfare
Alternate Name: Central Surge
LJ Virtues: Empowers vision and self-esteem within the context of relationships.
Directs the mind towards the Heart. As the wood point, PC 9 may bring vision to the
hearts of those who feel lost in relation to intimacy. If wood within HP is deficient, we can
feel lost in relationship to intimacy (lack of perspective). If wood within PC is weak, the HP
may not have enough qi to engage in relationship at all (then sadness). If wood within fire is
excess, we can engage in relationships from a mental level without any desire for intimacy.
Such contact can be aggressive as the mind attempts to express its unresolved anger through
sexuality. This point empowers the resilience and self esteem of wood to a despairing heart
that has suffered many violations. I often needle this point in conjunction with LR 1 in order to
integrate the functions of discernment and self esteem (wood) with intuition (fire).

 This point will access a strength that will march on and revitalize the patient.
 It will revitalize the middle of the person. It brings heat, warmth and light to the
blood, rekindles and awakens the Fire as more Wood is fed to it.
 Make sure there’s enough wood and that you want a bigger Fire.
 Sometimes putting fuel on a fire puts it out! It may be necessary to poke the fire
with PC 7 or 8 beforehand.