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Liver Blood Defciency

What is Blood?
• Blood is the refined substance of our digestion, mixed with the qi from the Lung, and passed
through the Heart. It isn’t blood until it’s passed through the heart and becomes conscious. At
that moment it becomes red.
• Blood houses the Shen.
• Blood carries Shen all through bod. It brings awareness, spirit. !ou can feel touch. !our
being has consciousness.
• Blood is consciousness made phsical.
• Blood is the spirit of "I am here.#
The Line
$he line % place where our blood & qi meets another person’s blood & qi.
If ou are blood deficient, ou’re alwas bac'ing off from the line. !ou’re too far bac' from $he
(i stagnation) pressing against $he Line.
*ombo Blood deficienc and qi stagnation) $he Line is pressing against ou+
Zang relationships to Blood
Spleen: $he character for blood as it relates to the Spleen indicates that the spleen is the
nursemaid of the blood. $he spleen carries the blood. It helps it come out from its
infanc and carries it around in its arms, holding it in the ,essels.
Liver: $he character for blood as it relates to the Li,er indicates that the li,er is the go,erness
of the blood. A go,erness is one who ta'es care of a child after it is big enough to wal'.
It brings it to its hoc'e lesson, transports it around. helps it mo,e around and organi-es
its da on a much bigger le,el. $his is the main official ta'ing care of mo,ement of
Heart: $he Heart rules blood) it ma'es that initial beat of the heart that sends the impulse of
mo,ement to the blood. It houses the shen, which enli,ens the blood.
Kidney: $he .idne pro,ides the sheer liquid ,olume of blood. It carries the blueprint for blood,
the /ing of the blood.
Lung: $he Lung oxgenates blood. It brings qi and air to match the blood. It brings new qi to
new blood, and then the qi and blood mo,e together.
Healthy quantity of Liver Blood manifests as:
• 0hen one has enough li,er blood there is a flexible resilienc on the inside
• !ou respond to in/ustice with bene,olence and ,ision, rather than personal in/ur
• !ou note trespasses with a strength that does not need to oppose
• !ou are able to ield and return
• !ou can forgi,e a trespass
• 0hen ou ha,e enough blood ou don’t care if someone sas or does something that’s not
right. !ou are ,er flexible and forgi,ing
• $he 1rophet 2esus, peace be upon him, ma ha,e meant this with "turn the other chee'.# He
is teaching us to culti,ate so much self esteem3li,er blood on the inside, that when a trespass
occurs there is essentiall nothing to forgi,e
• 0hen there is enough blood there is 4sthesia 5anesthesia without the an 5not66
• 4sthesia is the fullness of internal sensation without the need for reaction
• 0hen esthesia is present, if a trespass occurs in our personal space there is no offense
ta'en. 0h7 Because there’s no real in/ur. !ou ha,e enough substance to sta in the
present and ou /ust sa hi, ou’re on m toe
• $he amount of blood ou ha,e partiall determines the amount of self8esteem ou
Self esteem
• I 'now that I ha,e a right to ta'e up space.
• $here is an abilit to be a,ailable and present.
• !ou are recepti,e. Being recepti,e is not li'e recei,ing nourishment. 9ecepti,e here means
recei,ing mo,ement, being able to be mo,ed, recei,ing sensation.
• $here is esthesia) the fullness of internal sensation without the need of reaction.
• $he more true self8esteem we ha,e, the less li'el we are to ta'e anthing seriousl from the
outside. 0e ha,e inner resilienc and flexibilit on the inside.
What is Blood Defiieny?
$he Li,er is the reser,oir of the Blood. $hus, blood deficienc is primaril Li,er Blood :eficienc.
;ne can also be Heart <ediator blood deficient and Heart blood deficient.
H$3H< Blood :eficienc cannot be tonified directl unless the Li,er Blood reser,oir is alread
adequate. I.e., ou cannot fill the top of a glass unless the bottom of the glass is full first.
Defiieny vs! "#ess: a matter of pereption
If it feels li'e it’s our problem, it’s a deficienc problem
If it feels li'e a problem in the room it’s an excess problem.
0hen there is an absence of something that should be present, it’s a sign of deficienc.
0hen there’s something present that shouldn’t be present, it’s a sign of excess.

Ho$ does Liver Blood defiieny manifest?
• 1ale3ashen complexion= pale lips
• >umb extremities
• :i-- 5especiall upon standing= it feels li'e personal unsteadiness. It doesn’t feel li'e the
room is spinning6
• *ramp3tight muscles and tendons= fidgetiness. A person’s tendons and ligaments aren’t soft
• ?loaters or blurr ,ision. ?loaters are dar' spots. If ou see gold spots, there is a superficial
,isual obstruction.
• Brittle nails
• @nresplendent or absent menses
• $ired and washed out li'e a Aampire ,ictim= loo's drained
• $ongue) pale, especiall sides on the li,er area= ma be peach color
• 1ulse) fine3thin 5soft not tight6. narrow but soft
• If a person with li,er blood deficienc experiences a personal space trespass, I$ H@9$S.
• $he person can’t bounce bac' from trespass.
• He3she is brittle, not flexible. >o abilit to ield and return. *an’t bend, go with the flow, and
mo,e with it.
• "Ahh ou bent me.# $he person is bent out of shape easil and quic'l. $ight muscles and
• $here is not enough blood to recei,e the experience and absorb a trespassBit triggers
• $here is low self8esteem. It is difficult to flow with time 5fidgetiness6. $here is difficult with
being comfortable in the present moment. It ma also be uncomfortable to flow on to the next
"#treme Liver Blood Defiieny
• If a person with extreme li,er blood deficienc experiences a personal space trespass, he3she
doesn’t feel it at all.
• $here’s not enough self3self8esteem to feel it and 'now a trespass too' place.
• He3she allows trespasses to occur all the time without notice.
• 4xtreme Blood deficienc manifests with numbness3lac' of anger.
Ho$ do $e get Liver Blood Defiieny?
"arth: 1oor qualit or insufficient quantit of gu qi 5food qi6 offered to the Heart.
Poor quantity
• >ot eating enough food,
• 1oor food choices 5bad qualit6,
• @nder functioning Spleen,
• @nder functioning Small Intestine 5m ta'e6.
Poor quality
• 1oor food choices 5bad qualit6,
• Lac' of pleasure in eating. $here should be a sensuous pleasure here as this is
the har,est of the abundance of this world,
• 1oor digestion,
• 0orring while eating,
• 4ating irregularl,
• Hurring while eating,
• $hin'ing too much,
• Spleen too exhausted to digest properl,
• $oxic small intestine
• Hemorrhage 5hemorrhage) menses sometimes or post op gi,ing birth6
• Low self8esteem
• !in deficienc 8 low blood ,olume 5not enough liquid6
• 2ing deficienc C fault3lac' of blueprint3instructions to S1 and H$ on how to ma'e
• !ang deficienc 8 no alchemical warmth to turn the water into wine
• Lac' of shen
• Sadness 5BL DE, Astragalus & Fi-iphus6
'etal: qi8spar'

If a person feels despair3collapse in 0ood it is a collapse from in/ur. $he pain of the in/ur will
affect the blood. If the gate of hope 5L9 GH6 is closed, qi deficienc or qi stagnation could result.
;utrage is the rage of the in/ured. "I’m gonna get ou bac'.# A person can recogni-e that in/ustice
has been done through the pain. $his can turn the situation around.
Liver Qi Constraint
What is Liver )i Stagnation?
9estriction of mo,ement. 0hen an unstoppable ego meets an obstacle.
Ho$ does Liver )i Stagnation manifest?
a! Systemi
 *old hands and feet, usuall sharpl contrasting with limbs and torso temperature
*! +pper Burner
 ?eeling of tightness, pressure or distension in the lower ribcage or chest
 Aague or changing3mo,ing pain around the lower ribcage
 :eep sighing, hiccups
 ?eeling a lump 51lum 1it6 in the throat
 :ifficult swallowing
 Shaoang meridian nec' and shoulder tension3headaches
 *onstrained shout
d! 'iddle Burner
 >ausea, ,omiting
 1oor appetite
 Sour reflux
 Belching
 *hurning feeling in stomach
 Abdominal distension
 Borborgmi
 Abdominal pain that changes3mo,es
e! Lo$er Burner
 :iarrhea alternating with constipation
 <asses that come and go
 Irregular menses
 1ainful menses 5aching which would ha,e been better if ou had exercised that month6
 :istension of breasts before menses
 1remenstrual tension and heightened awareness of current obstacles to personal growth and
f! "motions
 :epression 5of the 8anger turned inwards tpe6
 <oodiness
 1ressure frustration
 ?luctuating emotions
Li,er qi smptoms tend to come and go.
Tongue: bluish purple
%ulse: tense 5wir6, as though the arter is too small for the amount of blood mo,ing through
Ho$ the ,ang try to move stu- qi
Li,er) sigh % li,er qi constraint. !ou’re tring to mo,e some qi.
.idne) groan3moan 5mo,ing fear6
Heart) sad little sigh 5mo,ing sadness6
4arth) o o 5mo,ing dampness6
Lung) the exhale. !ou can feel qi dissipating, oh et again it is gone, the far awa, intangible, qi.
Ho$ do $e get Liver qi Stagnation?
G. Insufficient exercise88arrhthmic 5irregular mo,ements li'e racquetball, ,olleball6 is best
for qi stagnation.
I. 4xperience life as obstacle % frustration
D. Long8term Li,er Blood deficienc or stagnation
H. :ampness
Liver Qi Stagnation Generating Heat
What is Liver )i .onstraint /enerating Heat?
$he natural rhthm of the li,er is pressure building up, then bursting forth with ,igor and creati,it.
5*rouch and leap, repeat.6 If pressure builds up without being released in a timel, creati,e and
health manner, Heat simmers and e,entuall bursts upward.
$his is the postal sndrome. $he wa it bursts upwards is not about in/ustice....and it is not in
proportion. $here ma ha,e been an in/ustice that our li,er couldn’t creati,el tal' about or create
a resolution for. @ltimatel, the solution is still for the person to gain more self8esteem and assert
themsel,es in a clearer, timelier manner.
?or this person ou want to release the constraint and cool the heat in the blood.
!ou’ll see a fier temper. Hotblooded. Heat in the blood % throwing "fire# at others.
(ing 1i $angerine 1eel) immediate herb for breast tenderness. <o,es qi in the chest.
Ho$ does )i .onstraint /enerating Heat manifest?
Smptoms are of alternating ;9 simultaneous Li,er (i *onstraint and rising Heat.
Heat smptoms ma include)
• Bloodshot ees
• ?ier headaches
• :r mouth
• ?ier temper outbursts
• Heat rashes 5upper bod, in places that get hot, in genital area where li,er meridian runs6
• 1ossibl acne
• Bright red menstrual blood or bright red brea'through bleeding
$ongue) bluish purplish with redder sides or tip
1ulse) tense, with increased pounding. 1ounding on pulse % heat
Ho$ do $e get Liver )i .onstraint /enerating Heat?
See Li,er (i constraint.
How quic'l *onstraint generates Heat depends upon the underling degree of constitutional
agitation8proneness of the indi,idual.
$here ma also be climactic and dietar considerations, i.e. a hot climate, and o,er8consumption
of fried food, alcohol or red meat 5southern coo'ing6.
Liver Fire Blazing upwards
What is Liver (ire?
$he rage, resentment o,ercomes an ,estige of restraint.
>ow ou ha,e Smo'e the Bear’s worst fear.
!ou ha,e a forest fire 'ind of person.
;r ou ma not ha,e had constraint in the first place, ou ma /ust ha,e wood that onl sees its
own point of ,iew.
$he 'ind of rage that is consistentl o,er the line= now the’re steeping on our foot and
demanding an apolog because ou got in their wa.
$wo tpes of o,er the top li,er)
G. Li,er ?ire
I. :amp Heat in the Li,er3Jallbladder
Both of these can manifest as anger from people not doing what ou want, not in/ustice.
Li,er fire is hot and more dr hot
:amp heat in the L93JB is more wet hot
*linical realit) KLM time the show up intertwined and it’s hard to ma'e the distinction in a
person. $he main formula for both patterns is the same formula anwa.
Li,er fire) our wood is on fire, literall. Sheer, raw, fier aggression.
Ho$ does Liver (ire manifest?
• 9ed face, red ees
• $innitus of the loud and annoing ,ariet 5worse with fingers in ears6
• $hirst, bitter taste
• 1ounding temporal headache
• :i--iness 5tilt8a8whirl6 ou blaming the world88the room is spinning
• 1ropensit to outbursts of anger
• Sleep disturbed b unpleasant dreams 5war8li'e6
• *onstipation with dr stools, dar' urine
• 1ossibl nosebleed 5if L9 fire scorching the lungs6
• *oughing blood 5li,er fire in/uring the lung6
Tongue: red, especiall on sides. :r ellow coating.
%ulse: full, pounding, probabl rapid, o,erflowing. $here are people whose pulse ou can actuall
see when ou loo' at the arm. !ou’re not e,en pressing their arm and ou feel their pulse. $al'
about o,er the line+
Ho$ do $e get Liver (ire?
G. Long8standing full anger3disregard 5I’m not seeing our point of ,iew6
I. $oo much greas food and alcohol
Damp-Heat in te Liver and GallBladder
What is Damp heat in the Liver and /all*ladder?
?estering resentment.
$here is >; constraint here.
It doesn’t ha,e to be a progression from li,er qi constraint. It can /ust be from "this is the wa I see it.#
$here is a disregard for others, and anger.
$his is the wood that comes out of festering swamp water.
Both patterns) outright belligerent or hiding it under a ,eneer.
If ou aren’t N’H’, white and mail, someone will 'ill ou if ou act this wa for our whole life.
!ou learn how to hide it so that ou don’t get smashed.
$he people who don’t express their belligerence outwardl,
ha,e their phsical smptoms show up more strongl.
$he 0ic'ed witch of the west is both patterns) dr feistiness and disregard with festering resentment
Heat clearing herbs clear the hell inside a person.
Ho$ does Damp Heat in the Liver and /all*ladder manifest?
• ?ullness and pain in the li,er3gallbladder area
• Stones % damp heat hardening into stones 5same with .I stones6
• 2aundice
• Bitter taste
• >ausea an appetite irregularit
• Aomiting
• 0orse temper after eating greas foods or drin'ing alcohol
• :ar' urine
• Aaginal or penile discharge and3or itching, pain3redness3swelling of scrotum
• 1us in their ears) ellow or green 5not white6
• ;o-ing festering gun' in ears, ees. thic' crust stuff
• ;o- in the groin. herpes 5resentment based6. >ot the onl energetic for herpes.
• *olitis) shitting as an aggressi,e act. *ited for dumping toxic waste that pours down from the
gall bladder into the colon
• Some hepatitis 5man patterns for hepatitis, also dr 'inds and also qi deficient 'inds6
Tongue: red with stic' ellow coating
%ulse: slipper o,erflowing
Ho$ do $e get Damp Heat in the Liver and /all*ladder?
G. Long term resentment
I. 4xternal climactic damp heat
D. Subsistence on burgers and beer
Cold in te Liver Cannel
Ho$ does .old in the Liver .hannel 'anifest?
• ?ullness and pain below the ribcage referring down to the testes3scrotum or ,ul,a area.
• Shrin'age3contraction of the ,ul,a or testes3scrotum.
• 1ain is relie,ed b warmth.
Ho$ do $e get .old in the Liver .hannel?
• In,asion of 4xterior *old 5e.g., being 'ept sitting on a cold bench in gm shorts for the whole
• @suall this is more common amongst athletes than anwhere else. $he’re expecting to be
hot but end up cold 5if sitting on bench or after exertion6.
• $his is also seen in oung women who’,e begun menstruating who spend a lot of time sitting
on a cold floor while menstruating, or farming women who sit on the cold ground. 0hile
menstruating we’re more ,ulnerable to cold than at an other time.
• $his can be quite painful. Being in a warm tub is the onl thing that helps.
• Sometimes too much ice cream during menstruation can cause this.
Liver !ang Defciency
$his is a sndrome that some people sa doesn’t exist. It does exist.
Ho$ do $e get Liver 0ang Defiieny?
G. Hepatitis
I. <ononucleosis) generall wipes out li,er ang, li,er qi and spleen qi
D. A lot of pot or hashish.
Ho$ does Liver 0ang Defiieny manifest?
• 1ot3hash temporaril augments li,er ang.
• It helps the Hun to fl. $he mental bod unhoo's from the emotional bod and begins to float
much more freel.
• $he slightest bree-e of an idea causes ripples.
• In realit these substances deplete li,er ang. $hen, when ou’re not high it’s difficult to ha,e
the Hun fl up and be free.
• <an people use pot3hash ceremoniall for that extra rise for the Hun, but it has to be 'ept in
mind that e,er time ou use it ou deplete li,er qi and li,er ang. If after ou smo'e ou
experience depression and3or listlessness or lac' of initiati,e, then it’s too much for our li,er
to handle.
Liver !in Defciency
What is Liver 0in Defiieny?
>o stop= all go8Jreen lights all the wa+
>o strategic retreat.
$he power of li,er in is the power of strategic retreat for the sa'e of being able to mo,e forward
0ater is insufficient to feed 0ood.
Ho$ does Liver 0in Defiieny manifest?
• :r ees or blurred ,ision
• Hurr and restlessness
• Brittle nails
• :r hair
• !in deficienc) afternoon fe,er, O palm heat, malar flush
Tongue: red, esp. sides= peeled, esp. on sides in L9 area= thin, lac' of substance= no coating=
thin, ma be dr
%ulse) tight 5thin and hard6 esp. in .I an L9 positions, or a lot of unrooted 8big but empt force
5heat and acti,it without enough substance6
Ho$ do $e get Liver 0in Defiient?
G. ;,erwor' 5white collar6 5mo,ing ner,ous sstem all da6
I. Lac' of sleep
D. 0ood *? with hperacti,e ner,ous sstem 5b-- b-- b--, no quiet on inside6
H. Heroin 5gi,es such a great feeling of li,er in. the Hun tra,els in an eas wa. but it wipes out
the true li,er in, the richness and potenc of eas creation6.
L"#$% BL&&D S'(G)('"&)
If (i and blood separate, we ha,e the two worst pathologies)
G. Internal 0ind 5qi separated from blood6
I. *ongealed Blood 5blood separated from qi6
What is .ongealed Liver Blood?
Blood that is not mo,ing 5lac's qi6= Blood that is "other.’
Ho$ does .ongealed Liver Blood manifest?
• :ar', clotted, menstrual blood
• Hard fixed possibl irregular masses
• ?ixed stabbing pain
• Scar tissue
• >on8healing in/uries
Tongue: ma be purple bod, ,er possibl especiall ,eins beneath
%ulse: chopp= ma be li'e a rough saw blade. actual twigs and roc's floating b in the stream.
'ore 1nfo
*ongealed blood is often locali-ed. It doesn’t ha,e to be.
A hard, fixed and in a regular shape is more li'el to be congealed blood.
Is congealed blood li'el to be cancer7
Sometimes. But don’t worr if ou ha,e congealed blood, because all congealed blood is
>;$ cancerous.
A tendenc to clot abnormall quic'l ma be congealed blood, but loo' for other signs too.
If there is a deep weirdness of illness is probabl wind phlegm.
A deepl stuc' illness is probabl congealed blood.
An example of deepl weird illness) di-- sensation, one swollen arm, whene,er ou go for a
wal' but ou ha,e to pee, but ou ne,er ha,e to pee unless ou wal', asthma in summer, loose
bowels in airports.
An example of a deepl stuc' illness) It’s intractable. !ou’,e tried the normal things and it’s ,er
stubborn, it will not shift. !ou treat congealed blood because the illness isn’t mo,ing, it’s stuc'.
:on’t do this unless3until ou’,e consulted a senior practitioner first.
Boils are toxic heat, damp heat, fire poison
Some tumors are congealed blood, some are phlegm, some are stagnant qi.
A lot of cstic stuff is fluid, which is more damp phlegm.
Some fibrocstic fluctuates qi stagnation.
Ho$ do $e get .ongealed Liver Blood?
a6 $raumatic in/ur) main cause 5phsical or non phsical in/ur6
b6 Blood deficienc
c6 (i stagnation
d6 Heat in/uring the blood
Stagnant Blood vs! Stagnant )i
Stu- )i %ain Stu- Blood %ain
• pressured feeling • stabbing, piercing feeling
• frustration, oppression • torment
• anger and frustration • suspicion, paranoia, mistrustfulness
• comes and goes • ne,er lea,es
• leads to obstructions &
• becomes a tumor, scar, adhesion
o,er time
• can cause dissociation, possibl
e,en hallucination if it’s reall bad.
Scar tissue can be ,er ,er painful or numb 5if congealed blood6.
If we’re strong enough it’s numb, because we’re strong enough to dissociate completel.
If ou don’t ha,e the strength for total dissociation, it creates constant pain.
$he scar is a protection against being hurt again.
0hen we’re wounded b someone we lo,e and trust, we get congealed blood in the heart mediator
If we’re wounded b someone we don’t trust, it’s usuall congealed blood in the li,er.
*ongealed blood is usuall a /uein thing.
So now ou’,e constructed this painful edifice in order to not feel something.
It can be ,er hard to undo.
$here comes a time in our life where it’s time to undo it.
It’s time to become ,ulnerable and able to feel and be contacted again, but we’re 'ind of stuc' in what
we’,e built to protect oursel,es.
$he herbs ta'e down these ,er defenses.
$he question with congealed blood is alwas how to do it.
If ou push too hard, the person ma start bleeding again.
If ou don’t push enough, nothing will happen.
:o ou nourish and push7
:o ou hold them down and push7
How do ou gi,e them the holding the need to mo,e through this ,er painful place7
If the’re in the acute phase of trauma) gi,e them stop bleeding & mo,e blood herbs.
L"#$% !()G %"S")G
What is Liver 0ang 2ising 3 "tiology
0hen asserti,eness does not ha,e enough Li,er in to 'eep it flexible, responsi,e and rooted, it
becomes pressured, trespassi,e and arrogant.
Sometimes it is a wea'ness of 'idne ang which is failing to root li,er ang. In health we’re coming
from our will. ?rom our will comes our assertion. If we’re not anchoring from a true deep strength in
asserti,eness, we ma be manifesting li,er ang rising
Li,er blood deficienc, softness of being, can be too deficient to root the Li,er ang.
Ho$ does Liver 0ang 2ising manifest?
• $emporal headaches 5for S;<4;>4 anwa6
• :i--iness 5feels external6
• $innitus
• :eafness
• Insomnia especiall during 0ood time
• $hirst
• 1rototpical Shouting ,oice
• Impatience leading to outbursts of anger
Tongue: ma be pale 5bl def6 or red 5'i in6 esp. on sides
%ulse: tight3tense
Ho$ do $e get Liver 0ang rising?
a6 ;,erwor' against deadlines
b6 $hwarted ambition
0ind is the climactic influence associated with Springtime and the 0ood element.
Airtue of 0ind) fresh, ali,e, spontaneous, new. 0ind is the latest news.
"#ternal $ind
1athologies for external wind are ,er different than internal wind.
*limactic influences in patholog embod the element at its worst.
0ind, li'e springtime, is unstable. It rises and falls unpredictabl. *hanges direction. Blows things off
0ind is associated with sudden, potentiall forceful fluctuations in climate, phsical condition, or
emotional state.
0ind is considered the most ,irulent of the climactic forces, for D reasons)
G. it can be ,er ,iolent
I. it can be ,er capricious
D. it is in,asi,e88it does not respect boundaries.
0ind aggressi,el unsettles and disrupts.
$he emotion associated with 0ind is fright.
?ear ma'es ou shrin'.
?right of the heart) shoc', /ump out of s'in.
?right of wind) being in a boxing wind with fear= sudden /er' mo,ements= poltergeist tpe of things. If
ou’re ha,ing poltergeist problems, someone in the famil is probabl ha,ing a problem with internal
wind. *hec' the teenage girl.
14T"245L vs! "6T"245L W14D
4xternal wind is something blowing around tring to get in.
@suall it’s a contagious disease that’s going around.
I$’S A49! *;<<;>.
<ost people experience external wind D8H times a ear.
Anthing ou can catch from being in the same room as someone is external wind.
4xternal wind) ou breathe it ou bought it.
Internal 0ind is a longer stor, a lot more rare, and has a ,er close relationship with excess3unrooted
Li,er !ang.
D out of H people will go through life without experiencing internal wind.

Internal wind) ou brew it ourself.
It’s qi di,orced from blood, not rooted in substance, blowing around.
1nternal Wind
A little internal wind loo's ,er different than a lot of internal wind.
A light bree-e ruffling our hair is different than a hurricane ripping down our house.
A pressure coo'er is often used as a metaphor for internal wind.
$here’s a blowing around inside the container.
0hen there’s onl a little pressure in the pressure coo'er) the person feels a little stiff, li'e wind in the
sails, pressured stiffness from inside. 1erson might be a little /er', uncoordinated, motions /er' and
esp. in upper bod this shows up.
A little more wind, ou might get more intense head area smptoms, ringing ears, pressure in head,
,ertigo, headaches with tight feeling behind the ees. As though someone is ta'ing our optic muscle
and cramping it tight, ees being pulled bac' into our s'ull. JB IL88all pain refers bac' to this point.
$he muscles going to gb IL are taut and tight, if ou feel these muscles in someone with a li,er wind
headache, ou can feel when the mo,e their ees right and left.
$he next le,el of pressure in pressure coo'er) terret- sndrome, serious twitching, muscle twitching,
little twitches or big twitches, 1ar'inson’s, ,enetian blinds rattling as wind is tring to escape and it’s
sha'ing ou.
0hen it goes e,en higher) there’s a blowout+ A pressure ,al,e blows. Stro'e. 2ust as that escaping
internal wind blows out of ou it can blow all 'inds of loose gun' through our brain. $he escape isn’t
so bad. But if ou ha,e a lot of phlegm or other gun', it will blow that into our brain. 0ho 'nows what
it will happen.
1nternal $ind manifests as:
• High blood pressure
• ?luctuation of blood pressure
• *an be tingling feeling, especiall in extremities 5blood def gone to internal wind6
• Anxiet
• 4motional outbursts, esp. anger but other things as well.
If ou see someone after stro'e) treat propensit to wind and phlegm in brain.
Some people with strong internal wind /ust ha,e a sudden loss of consciousness.
4pileptic sei-ures, con,ulsions.
It’s an electrical problem. It’s an electrical storm.
Ho$ do you get 1nternal Wind?
$he all ha,e some relationship to Li,er !ang. 0hene,er ou ha,e internal wind, ou also still ha,e
where the internal wind came from. !ou ha,e to treat both the cause and the manifestation.
7! Wind from "#essive Heat 5high fe,er, extreme heat situation6.
$his stirs up the wind. Loo' at a forest 'ic's up the wind.
Symptoms: con,ulsions from high fe,er88the wind coming in because of the fire.
8! 5sending Liver 0ang or Liver (ire.
Both are patterns of rec'less mo,ement and ,iolence, trespass, arrogance, upwardness, heat. $hat
'ind of wood energ seems to call the wind.
Symptoms: Blurred ,ision, wic'ed temper, stro'es, high blood pressure, muscle twitches
$hese two are ,er excess was to end up with wind. >ext let’s loo' at was it’s from deficienc.
9! Liver 0in or Kidney 0in and 0ang Defiieny.
$here’s unrootedness below, ma'ing for a di--, spinning, whirling below. $he person needs to be
settled and tonified in their root. >eed stillness, anchor.
'ain symptoms: di--iness, ,ertigo, headache, de,iations 5tongue6, tremors, spasms, tingling, out of
control feeling, hac'ed apart on inside, obscure fright 5poltergeist frea' out6
:! "#treme *lood defiieny!
Blood is not filling ,essels. In empt spaces wind de,elops.
Symptoms: $ingling and numbness are ,er common. Head sha'ing. head /er'ing to the side. $ics
and fine tremors. Aer frightened awful feeling of something bigger than ou are 5li'e ou’re so little
and ha,e low self esteem, not filling space and inside of ou is feeling chaotic6
0ind’s climactic influence) something our bod has to deal with, but unless there’s a wound3desire
that resonates with it, it can be /ust phsical.
4:s can be /ust phsical too, but usuall more extreme situation) drowning, free-ing.
Spleen Qi Defciency
(i, in the human bod, is the capacit to get wor' done. 0hat 'ind of wor' depends on which official
we’re discussing.
$he functions of S1 qi are the)
G. $ransformation and
I. $ransportation of nourishment for the maintenance of life,
D. the holding of phsical form and
H. the raising of the organs.
What is Spleen )i Defiieny?
• Inabilit to turn food into nourishment
• Inabilit to transport nourishment
• Inabilit to hold phsical form
• Inabilit to 'eep the organs raised
Ho$ does Spleen )i defiieny manifest?
• $ired
• 0ea' limbs
• <uscle Atroph
• Appetite low or la- 5la- means there’s not enough qi to digest rice but sugar goes right in.
La-iness around coo'ing. $oo tired to come up with a proposal of what to eat, too tired to coo',
too tired to digest6
• 0ater loose stools 5not holding form, not raised6
• *onstipation 5lac' of peristalsis6 5it ta'es qi to ma'e peristalsis88things can’t get mo,ed
• Laconic 5nothing to sa6
• 1rolapse) bearing down sensation, drooping eelids, can’t go on, pic' me up, spiritual
• Bruising
• Bleeding) lea', >;$ bright red or upper bod 5except bruising6, petechiae 5little red dots88
ou scratch ourself and see red dots88the can also come from heat if the’re bright red6
• Boredom 5no appetite for life6
• :ifficult studing
%ulse: soft and wea', ielding
Tongue: swollen, tooth mar's
Ho$ do $e get Spleen qi defiieny?
a6 1hsical o,erwor'
b6 <ental o,erwor'
c6 Lac' of phsical exercise
d6 Lac' of mental exercise
e6 Star,ation3malnourishment, esp. lac' of protein
f6 Irregular eating, o,er and under8eating 5unpredictable eating6
g6 Brown rice 5Leon hammer6
h6 $hin'ing while eating
SP Qi Stagnation / ST Qi Rebellion
What is S% qi stagnation&ST qi re*ellion?
(i not flowing in the direction it needs to go in.
Spleen qi stagnation is the refusal3inabilit to mo,e on to the next stage of life.
$here is a "no# to mo,ing on.
Stomach qi rebellion is the refusal3inabilit to accept and process what we ta'e in.
">o# I can’t deal with it or "blah blah blah# pu'ing it up.
Ho$ does S% qi stag&ST qi re*ellion manifest?
• Belching
• Aomiting
• *an’t swallow
• :istension 5S1 qi stag more88stagnation of S1 qi in the middle6
• :igesti,e pain
• Borborgmus
• *hurning
• *onstipation 5lac' of peristalsis6 qi tangled up in intestines
• *omplaining, bal'ing 5a little S1 qi mo,es when ou complain88too much complaining
indicates a need for help6
• Stuc'ness, not mo,ing on
• Ingratiation 5self8expression stagnation6 5not expressing our truth. !our essence is not
expressed in order to be "nice# or ma'e others happ6
%ulse: tense bloated 4arth pulse, feels li'e it’s full of gas
Tongue: 7
Ho$ do $e get S% qi stagnation&ST qi re*ellion?
a6 0;99!) obsession88thought without concrete results
b6 4ating fast while wal'ing
c6 4ating while arguing
d6 $oo small a world, not thin'ing in a big enough context 5gi,e someone a bigger field if this is
the case6
Food Stagnation
What is (ood Stagnation?
?ood in the Stomach3Intestines that is not being transformed or transported in a timel or thorough
0ait , that sounds li'e damp & phlegm....what’s the difference7
• damp % when apple is G3I wa into becoming ou and it gets put aside on a shelf
• phlegm % G3I wa to being ou and sits on shelf and thic'ens
• stagnation % it doesn’t e,en get digested enough to become dampness or phlegm. It’s still
basicall an apple, chewed up, sitting in our stomach sitting in our intestines. It didn’t e,en
1f there;s a 78&7 *lo- $ill you see food stagnation?
>ot necessaril. GI3G is more about the end point of digestion88is the Spleen sending ing up
to the heart to ma'e blood7 It’s the final step in the digesti,e process. ?ood stagnation is
more on the front end of the digesti,e sstem.
1s S% < a good food stagnation point?
S1 E has a strong lifting qualit. It’s in the get up and propose end. (i tonic. It lifts and holds.
0hen $hea was pregnant with 2oshua and had moxa on S1 E she felt 2oshua going up and
up and up.
Abdomen Sorrow and Abdomen .not...those would be points for food stagnation.
Lubrication ?ood Jate....good for stomach in deficienc
$here’s digesti,e pain with food stagnation
Ho$ does food stagnation manifest?
• Belching, smells foul and food8li'e
• Aomiting
• :istention
• :igesti,e pain
• Sour or foul breath
• @ndigested food in stool
• Little desire for food
• ?eeling of food sitting in S$ li'e a roc'
P Stools with the same color as the food is not a sign of food stagnation.
Spirit level
1ain when someone, including Jod, gi,es ou nourishment.
!ou can’t ta'e it in and ou start whining...she ga,e me this incredible rhododendron and now I ha,e
to water it. I got a scholarship and uhhh now I ha,e to figure out how to get there.
It causes pain because ou don’t 'now how to process it.
Ho$ do $e get (ood Stagnation?
a6 S$3S1 (i Stagnation= chronic situation
b6 S1 !ang :eficienc
c6 ;,ereating= after than'sgi,ing dinner sndrome
d6 4ating too fast= sudden dump truc' unloading into Stomach cant manage b3c
we secrete en-mes at a certain rate
e6 4ating while worring= worring stagnates qi. *an ha,e an episode of it and experience pain
/ust from that.
;ther emotions li'e anger and fear don’t necessaril create this.
*limate and weather affects phlegm, but not as much as the person’s constitution.
And...wh are ou there7
$he web that has no wea,er= there isn’t one causati,e thing.
$here’s a pattern that is tpical.
0e li,e in a pattern.
$o sa this or that is not in our control because it’s external to me is not a *hinese wa of thin'ing.

Damp and Phlegm
What are Damp and %hlegm?
<oisture is the qualit of "health dampness# necessar to the 4arth’s abilit to brea' down
substances to transform them into gu qi, and transport them as nourishment.
:ampness is when that which should ha,e become nourishment has become a burden.
It is the accumulation of that which should be transmuted to the next stage.
1hlegm is dampness which has bogged down and accumulated to the point of obstacle.
Ho$ do Damp and %hlegm manifest?
D5'% %HL"/'
%hysial %hysial
• Bloating • Literal phsical phlegm
• >ausea • "fullness# in head and
• Stic' diarrhea • <u-- dullness
• Hea,iness in limbs and3or
• Soft lumps
• ;il hair
• Stic' s'in
'ental 'ental
• Huh7 • :uhQ.
Spiritual Spiritual
• *hurning in quic'sand • ?loundering beached
• ;,erl smpathetic • ;btuse
• 0orried • ;bsessed
• Bog, fog • $otal obscurit
%ulse 3 Tongue %ulse 3 Tongue
1ulse) slipper 1ulse) full rolling feeling
$ongue) thic' coating $ongue) mucus strands in mouth
Ho$ do $e get Damp and %hlegm?
a6 S1 (i deficienc 5nourishment not transported, and rots li'e food in the fridge6.
b6 S13S$ (i Stagnation 5nourishment is not "wor'ed# properl, nor transported6.
c6 S1 !ang :eficienc 5no fire to coo' food6.
d6 Li,ing in a damp en,ironment3climate.
e6 Subsistence diet of twin'ies and mil' 5dair and sugar6.
f6 Juilt trips from 2ewish mothers.
g6 Being a 2ewish mother.
h6 Being almost an 'ind of mother3role of constant generosit and nurturing without an entire
ecosstem to bac' ou up sot that our child’s well8being is not entirel resting upon !;@.
<erging % damp
<erging C codependenc
$here’s no ou and me.
Spleen Yang Defciency
What is Spleen 0ang?
$he abilit to coo' food.
$he alchemical burn power to rip things up and use them.
4arth !in ma'es it all melt together
What is S% 0ang Defiieny?
$here is no fire in the bell= no tiger.
Ho$ does S% 0ang Defiieny manifest?
• 0ater stool with undigested food
• :igesti,e pain
• Little desire for food
• Bloat w3food
• *hilliness, esp. cold limbs
• 1udginess
• 4dema
• ?luids in pel,ic area
• 2olessness about what should be nourishment
• Sad home sndrome) $his is a sad cold place. >o hearth energ. >ourishment with no /o
%ulse: deep, slow, ielding
Tongue: pale, wet
Ho$ do $e get S% 0ang Defiieny?
a6 ?urther progression of S1 (i deficienc
b6 !ou 'now S1 qi turns into S1 !ang when the person gets cold.
c6 $he tend towards cold, esp. cold limbs.
d6 *old damp en,ironment
e6 $oo much salad3 raw foods diet
f6 $oo much tofu without ginger
g6 $oo much Hagen :aas
tight pulse: ta'e the pulse of someone who staed up all night
tense pulse: someone who /ust dran' coffee
slippery pulse: ta'e the pulse, esp. S1, of a pregnant woman
Stomach and Spleen Yin
What is ST&S% 0in?
S$) the abilit to recei,e3integrate nourishment, to ta'e it into oursel,es, down, soft, in quiet.
Lubrication ?ood Jate
S1) $he abilit to ta'e a Sabbath rest. "It is good.# SA$IS?A*$I;>.
What is ST&S% 0in defiieny?
Inabilit to recei,e= pain from inabilit to integrate.
Inabilit to feel satisfaction. Sharp pain in S$ IH.
If ou’re S1 !ang deficient, don’t drin' while eating
If ou’re S$ !in def) drin' hot tea after eating to help with lubrication
ST&S% 0in defiieny manifests $ith
• Hunger with appetite
• ?eeling of heat in afternoon
• 0on’t stop to ta'e a rest
• $hirst without desire to drin' 5mabe6
• :r mouth and throat
• $ight earth pulse 5li'e a piece of fabric pulled tight6
• >othing seems right= ou don’t reall ha,e the recepti,it to eat.
• Inabilit to feel satisfied) e,en when ou eat, somehow it’s not satisfing
• 4pigastric pain that feels better with warm liquid 5soup is better than a sandwich= wet food better
than dr food6
Aertical crac' up the middle) S$ !in def
$rans,erse crac's in middle) S1 in deficienc
$rans,erse crac's near tip) L@ in deficienc
$rans,erse crac's near bac') .I in deficienc
Aertical crac' from middle to ,er tip 5H$6 % heart crac'88problem
S1 !in def tongue) 9ed, thin with lateral crac's in S1 area, peeled center, rootless ellow coat in
center 5rootless 8 can scrape off easil6
Ho$ do $e get ST&S% 0in defiient?
a6 >ot eating when hungr, then "grabbing a quic' bite’ or eating late at night. Heat of appetite
dries out fluids
b6 :r ?ood
c6 Improper purging3,omiting

Stomach Fire
Rcreated with the help of <aciociaS
What is Stomah (ire?
Jreed and insatiable hunger coming from a stomach on fire that is incinerating all nourishment.
ST (ire manifests $ith
• Burning sensation and pain in the epigastrium
• $hirst with desire to drin' cold liquids
• *onstant hunger
• Swelling and pain in the gums
• Bleeding gums
• Sour regurgitation
• *onstipation
• >ausea
• Aomiting soon after eating
• Bad breath
S$ ?ire tongue) 9ed, thic'8ellow8dr coat
1ulse) ?ull, :eep, 9apid
Ho$ do $e get ST (ire?
a6 ?urther progression of S$ !in deficienc
b6 4xcessi,e consumption of hot foods
c6 Smo'ing tobacco

Stomach Cold
Rcreated with the help of <aciociaS
What is Stomah .old?
Ice in the bell. $he stomach is one of three organs that can be directl in,aded b cold 5also the
uterus and LI6. *old is characteri-ed b pain.
Stomah .old
• Sudden pain in the epigastrium
• ?eeling cold
• 1reference for warmth
• Aomiting of clear fluid
• ?eeling worse after swallowing cold fluids which are quic'l ,omited
• 1reference for warm liquids
S$ *old tongue) $hic' 0hite *oating
1ulse) :eep, Slow, $ight
Ho$ do $e get Stomah .old?
a6 4xposure to cold
b6 ;,erconsumption of cold foods and drin'
c6 $oo man clear heat in the angming herbs

Kidney Yang Defciency
What is Kidney 0ang?
.idne !ang is the fundamental basis of !ang for the whole organism.
It is the root of all transformati,e power and configurati,e stabilit.
Ho$ does Kidney 0ang Defiieny manifest?
• :rowning or fro-en in fear= o,erwhelmed b dar'ness
• Lac' of dri,e, low libido, lac' of ambition
• Inabilit to ta'e a stand and H;L: I$= strength to endure= BA*.B;>4
• Lac' of confidence 5wimp6
• *old, pale, wet, listless
• Bac'ache that feels wea' and spong and cold to the touch= wea' legs, 'nees, feet 5li'e
sogg roots6
• If no edema, clear copious urination= if edema, scant clear urination
• Infertilit 5cold lower /iao6
• 1oor appetite= coc'’s crow diarrhea
• ?ailure to $hri,e, late de,elopment of speech
• Impotence, incomplete or fading erection, premature e/aculation3e/aculation without
orgasm 5H Attainments6
• In women, reaching for orgasm is 0;9.+
.auses of Kidney 0ang Defiieny
G. 1hsical o,erwor'= effort through hardship
I. An long illness that depletes ang in an organ sstem. $he .idnes will be drained b
the effort to compensate for lac' of ang.
D. :ampness o,erwhelming the .idne ?ire 5from S1 wea'ness or .I wea'ness
compounding on itself6
H. Li,ing a cold wet dar' life
O. Bro'en will
N. Sex without full reciprocit. "Athletic# sex.
Kidney Yin Defciency
What is Kidney 0in?
.idne in is the fundamental basis of !in for the whole organism.
It is the root of all depth, stillness, dar'ness, recepti,it and wetness.
Ho$ does Kidney 0in Defiieny manifest?
• 9estlessness, can’t sta still, unrootedness, sha'iness, trembling
• "?ear of the dar'# i.e. fear of the un'nown, fear of introspection, fear of being alone, fear of
silence, fear of stillness
• $endenc to "fl and scatter#
• 2itter lac' of confidence= tendenc to doubt= repeated crises of faith
• "4xistential ,ertigo#
• :i--iness, deafness, tinnitus
• >ight sweats, heat in the O places, malar flush
• :rness) thirst, scant bod fluids and secretions, scant dar' urine, dr stool
• Bac'ache that feels wea' and brittle and hot to the touch= wea' legs, 'nees, feet 5li'e
withering roots6
• Steaming Bone Sndrome
• 9estless sexual arousal resulting from unrootedness
o In men) premature e/aculation3e/aculation without orgasm, wet dreams, impotence with
o In 0omen) arousal without wetness, hpersensiti,it without orgasm
Tongue: peeled, red, thin
%ulse: tight 5li'e a ra-or6, or unrooted and pounding
Ho$ do $e *eome Kidney 0in Defiient?
a6 4xcessi,e ner,ous sstem acti,it 5e.g. thought and emotion6
b6 Lac' of sleep, lac' of rest
c6 An long illness that depletes in in an organ sstem8 .idnes will be drained b the
effort to compensate for lac' of in anwhere in the bodmindspirit.
d6 An excessi,e loss of fluid from the bod 5e.g. blood, sweat, diarrhea, urine6
e6 ?e,er
f6 Incorrect use of sexual tonics
g6 Sex without full reciprocit, unrooted desire
Kidney Qi Not Firm / Atringe
What is Kidney )i?
.idne qi is the primordial "steam# energ that is produced b the combining of .idne !in
5primordial 0ater6 and .idne !ang 5primordial ?ire6.
What is =Kidney )i 4ot (irm>?
.I qi is base qi. It holds the bottom. If its not coming up from the bottom itTs not strong, not
.I qi holds the base firm.
$here’s a hole in the bottom of the buc'et. $he client is lea'ing out their life essence.
"astringe .idnes# % U qi tonic V U ang tonic to create a firm, contained foundation.
S$;9AJ4 of 4ssence32ing is a primar concern of the .idnes, and an important function of
the Bladder as well. $he phrase ".idne (i >ot ?irm# means that storage is not happening
properl, and ma refer to a dsfunction of the -ang or the fu, or both. .I qi and BL qi not firm
often show up together and loo' ali'e.
Ho$ does Kidney )i 4ot (irm manifest?
• 1nontinene of urine 5inc. all 'ind of dribbling and bedwetting6
• 1nontinene of stool
• 1nontinene of semen 5premature e/aculation, wet dreams, nocturnal emissions
without dreams, "spermatorrhea#6. Spermatorrhea ma mean that the person is
masturbating all the time. $his is different than when it comes from in deficienc
5restless6 and from full list 5heat6. $his is li'e ou’re not comfortable holding the energ,
li'e ha,ing a full bladder. >ot able to be in the state of tension that desire implies.
• 1nontinene of money. 2ust can’t hold on to it. ;ut it goes. (i not firm.
• 1nontinene of serets. :eep essence ou need to store. $he thing so and so told ou
about such and such that ou tell someone else immediatel. $hings that should be held
in the deep and silence.
• 1nontinene of $illpo$er 5:estin guilt, acquiescence of deep desires to "other#
desires6. $he issue of the 'idne guilt of what ou reall desire is this, but our famil
wants something else for ou and ou sa o'. Instead of holding on to our will ou let it
wash out under an pressure.
• 1nontinene of se#ual energy 5"in,oluntar# non8monogam, being "eas,# not
asserting sexual preferences6
• 1nontinene of fantasy. ?antas wea'ens the 'idnes. >ot ,isionar imagination of
li,er. $here’s a wa in which ou can be squandering resources on fantas world. It’s
easier to focus on onl one person 5person /ust married6 relief not to be fantasi-ing on all
of those other people.
• Wea- *a- and legs
• +terine prolapse. $hat foundation isn’t strong
• Watery vaginal disharge
Ho$ does our Kidney )i *eome 4ot (irm?
a6 o,erwor'
b6 too man childbirths too close together
c6 heredit
d6 incontinent sexual acti,it and3or fantas
e6 ancestral guilt trips
>er,ousness, li'e bridget and dog rahmana.
Incontinence around intensit
.I qi is the mone to contain the energ
.idne qi is the opening and closing of mone bac', 'eeps it firm and ma'es sure there aren’t
holes. $he /ing is the mone
.i qi and 'i /ing are circular in patholog and health
If ou don’t ha,e enough 'i qi, /ing lea's out
If ou don’t ha,e enough /ing, ou don’t ha,e enough 'i qi geneticall. >ot cle,er with
Kidney !ing Defciency
What is Kidney ?ing?
2ing is the distilled essence of transferable ,italit. It is equall balanced in and ang. It is
stored in the .idnes. 1osterior Hea,en 4ssence 5post8natal /ing6 can be replenished=
Anterior Hea,en 4ssence 5pre8natal /ing6 cannot be replenished.
Ho$ does ?ing Defiieny manifest?
Since 2ing deficienc can de,elop from either .idne !in or !ang deficienc, the
manifestations of whiche,er deficienc preceded 2ing deficienc will continue to manifest
along with the following possible signs)
• *cles of de,elopment and maturation not happening in a timel or graceful manner
• ?ontanels not closing, failure to thri,e, poor bone de,elopment, birth defects, mental
• :elaed pubert
• Infertilit
• 1remature menopause 5can be other things) blood deficienc, in deficienc, ang
• "<id8life crisis# I’m feeling death come from within, what am I doing with m life7
• 1remature aging) hair turning white, hair falling out, teeth falling out, bones fragile, poor
memor, senilit
• 4xistential fear of aging= not growing into the unique wisdom that each life unfolds
• ?eeling of ha,ing li,ed in ,ain= feeling of ha,ing nothing to pass on to future generations
Tongue: in deficient or ang deficient
%ulse: "wir# 5not $*< wir= something thinner than $ight, and deep6
Ho$ do $e *eome ?ing Defiient?
a6 0ea' inherited constitution)
• Born of ill or infirm parents
• Born of aging parents
• Born after numerous siblings
• Birth defects 5genetic, not congenital6
b6 1hsical o,erwor' in childhood or pubescence
c6 4xcessi,e sexual acti,it before phsical maturit
d6 @sing willpower to wor' beond our dail portion of .idne !in or !ang on a regular basis
e6 Stri,ing against our own nature= following the path of ?ate 5ego6 instead of :estin
Kidney "lood Defciency #
What is Kidney Blood?
.idne blood is the part of our presence that manifests in the bac', the bac' of the legs, the
'nees and the stance in general.
Ha,ing an eas stance, full, resilient and strong, is a result of ha,ing enough .idne blood
that is mo,ing freel.
Ha,ing a stance that is obstructed and painful is a result of .I blood stasis.
Ha,ing a stance that is wea' with spaghetti legs is a result of .I blood deficienc
Ho$ does Kidney Blood Defiieny manifest?
• 0ea', sore bac' 5I assume that similar to L9 blood deficienc, the person’s abilit to
recei,e sensation is going to determine if pressure helps or aggra,ates 5as well as the
presence of pathogenic heat66
• 0ea' support from the bac' of the legs and 'nees
• Legs that loo' li'e spaghettiBnot firml holding up the torso
• Signs of L9 blood deficienc 5as the ,olume of .I blood must be tied into L9 blood, which
is the bod of blood in the bms6
Tongue: pale in .I area7 1each on sides towards bac' of tongue7
%ulse: thin on .I pulse7
Ho$ does Kidney Blood Stagnation manifest?
• Sore bac' pain that is sharp and fixed
• $he will has been in/ured
Tongue: purple ,eins underneath
%ulse: chopp on .I pulse7
Kidney Fire
Rcreated with the help of <aciociaS
What is Kidney (ire?
.idne fire from in deficienc is when the potenc of the in has been agitated and acti,ated
b the dar' side of the force. 1ersonal desire 5ambition, lust, dominance, power6 o,ercomes
.idne fire floating from ang deficienc is when the ang qua'es and a le,el of pathogenic
fire floats to the top of the bod 5hot flash6. $his happens with menopausal women or men
who are .I ang deficient and ha,e .I fire.
Ho$ does Kidney (ire manifest?
Rthese are the smptoms <aciocia lists for what he calls .I in deficient, empt8fire bla-ing. As ou
can see, all of the normal .I in smptoms are there plus some excess fire smptoms.S

(rom 0in Defiieny (rom 0ang Defiieny
• <alar flush • Hpertension
• <ental restlessness • <enstrual disturbances 5amenhorrea6
• >ight8sweats • Hot flashes
• Low8grade fe,er • Sweating
• Afternoon fe,er • >er,ousness
• ?eeling of heat in the afternoon • ?atigue
• Insomnia • Lassitude
• Scant8dar' urine • :epression
• Blood in the urine • Irritabilit
• :r throat, especiall at night • Insomnia
• Sore lower bac' • 1alpitations
• >octurnal emissions with dreams • @rinar frequenc
• 4xcess sexual desire
• :r stools
• ;ther chronic disorders with signs of .I !in,
.I !ang and ?ire from deficienc
Tongue: red, peeled, crac'ed, red tip
%ulse: floating8empt, rapid
Tongue: depends on whether false fire or
deficient ang predominates
%ulse: deep and wea'
Damp $eat in "ladder
Rmade with the help of <aciociaS
What is Damp Heat in the Bladder?
:amp8Heat in the Bladder is when the normal containment of urine, resources and secrets
begins to fester, turning into /ealous and suspicion. 1hsicall, it is when there is dampness
and heat in the bladder, causing an obstruction to or pain with the flow of urine.
Ho$ does Damp@Heat in the Bladder manifest?
• ?requent and urgent urination
• Burning on urination
• :ifficult urination 5stopping in the middle of flow6
• :ar'8ellow and3or turbid urine
• Blood in the urine
• Sand in the urine
• ?e,er
• $hirst
Tongue: red, thic'8stic' ellow coat on the root with red spots
%ulse: rapid, slipper possibl tight on .I position
Ho$ does one get Damp@Heat in the Bladder?
• 4xposure to damp8cold which then turns into damp8heat
• Heat in the .I
• Heat in the Heart, tra,eling through the Small Intestine, getting stuc' in the bladder
$eart Qi Defciency
What is Heart )i ?
:i,ine3Source spar'=  I A<  within the world.
What is Heart )i defiieny?
Instabilit, insufficienc of the acti,e, consistent ,ital 1resence of the 4mperor 5xin -hu, tan
0hen we sa Heart (i tonic, we either mean Win Whu or $an Fhong, or some degree of both.
0e are concerned with the power and stabilit of the pulse.
Ho$ does Heart )i defiieny manifest?
Xin Zhu OR Tan Zhong
• Heart palpitations 5usuall missed beats, late beats, lurchiness, li'e tripping and then
running a few steps to catch upBusuall I994J@LA96
• Low energ
• Shortness of breath on exertion
• *old hands and feet
• Sweating.
• L;0 1@LS4 9A$4
Tan Zhong
• A feeling of being out of control
• Inner chaos
• ?ear of sudden death
• Ill8times facial expressions
• ;ut of snch with ordinar realit
• ";ff8beat# sense of humor
• 4ccentricBcould also be externall o,er8controlled to compensate for inner chaos
• Irresponsible or o,erl responsible3controlling.
Tongue: midline crac' reaching the tip= ma be slight swelling at tip.
%ulse: irregular, empt especiall upper burner.
Ho$ do $e get Heart )i defiieny?
a6 Blood loss
b6 0or'ing too hard to control things, o,erwor' with responsibilities
c6 Sadness from feeling responsible for the whole uni,erse’s well8being
d6 ?ighting someone else’s control
e6 ;,ercompensating for someone else’s lac' of control
f6 ":ifferent :rummer# sndrome
$eart Yang Defciency
What is Heart 0ang?
Heart’s power to shine forth.
;rgani-ed expression of the inner di,ine.
Smbol8forming function of the Heart.
1ower of the sun in the middle of the chest.
Ho$ does Heart 0ang defiieny manifest?
• Bright8pale face
• Bod cold
• Limbs3hands cold
• $ired especiall on exertion
• 1alpitations on exertion
• Listless 5unmoti,ated8tpe tired6
• >ot outgoing
• >ot communicati,e
• ?ullness around H$
Tongue: pale wet swollen
%ulse: deep wea' irregular 5missing sections, feels li'e "stops# more than s'ips6
Ho$ do $e *eome Heart 0ang defiient?
a. 1rogression from (i :eficienc8 usuall lin'ed to Spleen (i3!ang :eficienc as well
b. 1rogression from .idne !ang :eficienc= 0ater is not controlling its own !in, and ?ire is
c. Ha,ing non8,erbal parents
d. $al'ing too much, lecturing until ou can onl stutter
$eart Yin Defciency
What is Heart 0in?
Heart’s capacit for stillness, silence, emptiness, recepti,it to incoming shen
What is Heart 0in defiieny?
Heart cannot rest, cannot recei,e
Ho$ does Heart yin defiieny manifest?
• :eep restlessness
• 2ump
• "Aexed and reacti,e#
• <ore tal'ing than listening 5at least internall, and usuall externall also6
• Insomnia
• <alar flush, night sweating or heat in the e,ening= all the usual in deficient things.
 9estlessness, can’t sta still, unrootedness, sha'iness, trembling
 >ight sweats, heat in the O places, malar flush
 :rness) thirst, scant bod fluids and secretions, scant dar' urine, dr stool
• 5<aciocia sas Ht in def % Ht blood def V in def6
Tongue: red, peeled esp. front, deep midline crac' to tip w3tip being smaller w3flat red points
5not raised6
%ulse: tight
Ho$ do $e get Heart 0in defiient?
a6 >ot enough rest 5,s. too much wor'3fun6 "Hectic lifestle# 8<aciocia
b6 >ot chec'ing into own deeper ,oices= li,ing on the surface
c6 9epressed /o
d6 >ot being gro''ed
e6 *ocaine
$eart "lood Defciency
What is Heart Blood?
:i,ine3Source presence= embodied consciousness= soft, self8aware conscious being.
I A<  within m own s'in.
What is Heart Blood defiieny?
>o throne for the 4mperor 5or throne too small and hard6
Lac' of comfortable self8possession
Ho$ does Heart Blood defiieny manifest?
• Lac' of comfortable self8possession,
• 1alpitations on rest 5li'e a scared bunn, small and pittpatt, with more uneasiness and
anxiet than outright fear of sudden death6=
• >er,ousness
• Scatteredness
• Absent8mindedness
• 1oor memor
• 4asil startled
• Space muffin sndrome
• Light sleep with dreams
• Insomnia
• Ashen complexion
• 1ale lips
• :i--iness when standing up
Tongue: pale, thin, drer than Heart !ang def
%ulse: thin and soft 5"fine#6
Ho$ do $e get Heart Blood defiient?
a6 As a result of general Blood deficienc
b6 Sadness with poor nutrition
c6 WII8I bloc'
d6 <enstrual bleeding is excessi,e
e6 Heart not controlling the blood
f6 1eople who menstruate from their Heart 5BL8HE6
g6 *hildbirth with blood loss leading to post8natal depression
Atringe $eart/$% "lood
Astringe % consolidate, hold together, dnamicall solidif, "stabili-e and bind.#
What does astringing Heart&Heart 'ediator *lood mean?
Holds blood present in the heart8 'eeps blood from "splashing.#
Holds sweat in the ing3bod3blood.
Stable matrix for "presence# 3 composure 3 non8reacti,e response to perception.
Ho$ does an unastringed Heart&Heart 'ediator manifest?
• Sweating 5not from heat6
• >er,ous lac' of composure3hsteria
• Blurting
• 1ersona falls apart and what’s behind it comes out
Tongue: reddish peeled thin, or pale from bleeding
%ulse: thin to tight
Ho$ do $e get li-e this?
a6 Something awful happens
b6 H$3S1 fretting to the point of hsteria
c6 Blood loss, recent or recurrent 5could be simpl menstrual excessi,e H$80omb :iaph6
$eart %ediator
Congealed "lood
What is Heart 'ediator ongealed *lood?
;,ercompensation for ha,ing been soft and ,ulnerable and ha,ing been hurt.
Ho$ does Heart 'ediator ongealed *lood manifest?
• (i#ed sta**ing pain or num*ness in hest or se#ual areas, including pschic pain or
numbness in these areas of psche.
• Dissoiation e.g. 5G6 remembering nothing before the age of eight 5I6 ha,ing no feeling
for someone e,er since the XXXXXXXXXXXXX 5D6 seeing cars bleeding 5or other pain8
oriented hallucinations6.
• .o$*oy syndrome 5tough flat affect because "life is tough# to protect soft interior6
• +ntrustingA suspiiousA $on;t let others lose@@too painful. <a pro/ect pain on
• Terror&torment8 beond fearBou can’t run and ou can’t hide
• So num* that =anything goes> to tr to awa'en a sensation 5promiscuit, prostitution,
• 'enstrual lotsA pain $ith interourse 5not bladder3urethra irritation6
• .hest tumorsA fi*roids that are irregular, hard, fixed, and ma cause bleeding
• %ost@partum psyhosis
Tongue: purple bod and3or purple ,eins beneath
%ulse: chopp % li'e a sawblade. <a feel li'e a rough ,ibration= :ais sas it feels li'e
"stic's and roc's in the water.#
Ho$ do $e get Heart 'ediator ongealed *lood?
a6 "betraal of intimac# CLS2
• 9elationship scar tissue
• Sexual abuse trauma
b6 (i stagnation
c6 Blood deficienc
d6 4xcess heat
e6 4xcess cold
f6 :ifficult abortions
g6 <iscarriages
h6 *hildbirth
Stop "leeding
What auses Bleeding?
• 4xternal in/ur
• Heat 5anguish6
• Stagnation 5betraal6
• Spleen (i :eficienc 5too tired to hold onto oneself6
• Blood :eficienc 5too little self8esteem to hold onto oneself6
• *old 5rare+6
• Intimate relationship ending 5that we didn’t want to end6
Ho$ does Bleeding manifest?
Blood loss can be acute or chronic. It can come from an of the following organ
a6 @terus 5mid8ccle spotting or menstrual haemorrhage6
b6 Lung 5coughing blood6
c6 Stomach 5,omiting blood6
d6 Bladder 5blood urine6
e6 *olon 5blood stool6
f6 >osebleed
g6 ;ral bleeding
h6 Bleeding ees
i6 S'in eruption.
Bleeding will manifest differentl depending on the cause)
7! "#ternal inBury) not hard to figure out.
8! Heat 1n the Blood 5fe,er3anguish6) blood will be B9IJH$ red, and bleeding can be quite
forceful or sudden. Bleeding from the upper bod orifices is not uncommon, although it
also frequentl occurs in the lower bod.
9! Stagnation 5betraal6) blood is dar', thic', ma be purplish and clotted. <ore li'el
lower bod, but not alwas.
:! Spleen )i Defiieny 5too tired to hold onto oneself6) blood is thin, ma be brownish or
pale but not bright. :efinitel lower bod= blood is "falling out# and bruising is li'el.
C! Blood Defiieny 5too little self8esteem to hold onto oneself6) blood is pale= lower bod
e.g. threatened miscarriage.
D! .old 5rare6
E! 1ntimate relationship ending 5that we didn’t want to end6) a sense of spilling life force
into the place where the partner used to be= inabilit to recreate a boundar between the
two now8separate hal,es of "us.#
$eart Fire
What is Heart (ire?
4xcessi,e heat in the Heart causing agitation of the shen
Bla-ing passion that disrupts consciousness
Ho$ does Heart (ire manifest?
• 0orse than restlessness= deep agitation 5ma be repressed, or li'e *al,in6
• Impulsi,eness, "Bla-ing# beha,ior, raging, irritabilit 5,s. anger6
• @lcerations on the tongue, especiall at the tip
• $hirst
• Insomnia with tossing and turning, or hellish dreams
• Bitter taste in the morning, especiall after a bad night 5,s. Li,er ?ire, all da bitter6
• Blood or dar' urine from I8II8III
• 1alpitations li'e a fire truc' or an alarm going off
• "?ull# anxiet or bitterness
• ?eeling hot esp. head or upper bod
Tongue: 94: tip+ <a be swollen tip, raised red dots, crac' to tip, ellow coat
%ulse: rapid full o,erflowing, ma stop at irregular inter,als li'e a speeding car slamming on
its brea's
Ho$ do $e get Heart (ire?
a6 ?ire passed on from another organ8 usuall Li,er ?ire.
b6 9epression of heart’s passion or self8expression= usuall related to unhapp lo,e8life
c6 ?riction and build8up from a SI that can’t sort, let alone express, what is Heart’s :esire
Phlegm Fire
What is %hlegm (ire?
1hlegm V ?ire harassing the Heart) Li'e Heart ?ire onl 04I9:49=
Li'e 1hlegm <isting the Heart onl 0IL:49
Ho$ does %hlegm fire manifest?
• $rul bi-arre cognition and beha,ior8 definitel extro,erted+
• Intense con,ulsions, epileps
• Incoherent uncontrolled loud speech
• 1assionatel out8of8touch ideation
• 4rratic forceful phsical mo,ements= ma be ,iolent or shouting= "ma hit or scold people# C
• 1alpitations
• Startled, dream8disturbed sleep
• *oma
• Aphasia
• Hsteria
• $al'ing cring laughing uncontrollabl
• Acti,e obsessi,eness
• <anic depression with delusions
• Street people ou can’t /ust step o,er
Tongue: red, ma be protruded, with a thic' greas ellow coat
%ulse: rapid full slipper
What auses %hlegm (ire?
G. 4motional repression 5qi stag 8Y Heat= fluid stag 8Y phlegm6
I. Bad food, hot and greas
D. H$3mind wa out of whac'
H. ?e,er8 pericardium heat
&pen &rifce
&ccluded Consciousness
+legm ,isting te ,ind
What are =Frifies?> What o*struts their openness?
$here are se,en "orifices of the Heart,# also 'nown as the @pper ;rifices)
G. Left 4e
I. 9ight 4e
D. Left 4ar
H. 9ight 4ar
O. Left >ostril
N. 9ight >ostril
Z. <outh
$here are also two orifices of the .idne, 'nown as the Lower ;rifices. Aagina3$ip of 1enis and
0hen we spea' of ;14> ;9I?I*4S, we are spea'ing of the @pper ;rifices. $hese are the
sensor orifices, which, when occluded, interrupt the Heart’s consciousness of 0hat Is, because
Inner Hea,en is unable to communicate with ;uter Hea,en, i.e. perception cannot ta'e place.
0hat obstructs the orifices is phlegm. 1hlegm is the malproduct of the SI3S13S$, the result of
incompletel digested food3life) assumptions, conclusions, the things that ou thought that are
now getting in our wa88encrusted gun'ed up "stor# bloc'ing our reception of the phenomena.
Ho$ does Fluded .onsiousness manifest?
• Dereased sensory auityA or distorted pereption of e#ternal reality
a6 *ateracts
b6 "Jarbled# deafness
c6 Snesthesia
d6 >umbness
e6 Stuff nose
f6 Jarbled speech
g6 9attling sound in throat
• 'ind an;t hear o$n heart learly@@Who am 1? Goften don;t even as-H
h6 ?u--8mindedness
i6 :ullness
/6 *onfusion
'6 *an’t concentrate
l6 Stuporousness
m6 Aphasia
n6 "In some cases, complete loss of insight# C<aciocia
• .onvulsions&epilepsy
1nsomnia: shen an;t ome homeI mind irles li-e a shar-
• Jomiting?
1hlegm without heat obstructs but does not agitate= dullness, depression, quiet mumbling
Tongue: thic' stic' white coating, mucus strands, "midline crac' with pric'les in it.# C
%ulse: slipper esp. in H$3SI3S1 areas
Ho$ do $e get o*struted orifies?
G. Sugar coated frosted fla'es for brea'fast, donuts and cold mil' for lunch, Hagen :aas
and coo'ies for dinner. Also too much cold greas raw foods, too much sugar and dair,
poor digestion.
I. Homeless lifestles
D. Slopp thin'ing) stories, conclusions, assumptions
H. ;bsession8 being "fixated elsewhere# for too long.
O. SI :4>IAL8 not wanting to 'now, and thin'ing our wa into not 'nowing
N. 0ind8stro'e
Z. <ental retardation
$ot and Cold %'t'ally (ntangled
Harmonize Stomac and "ntestines
What is Sorter "ntangled?
Ho$ does Sorter "ntangled manifest?
• Simultaneous contradictor hot and cold signs in ?u organs=
• 1ulse, tongue and smptoms are all clear, definite, strong, :A<1, and don’t match.
• Sic'ening sense of unclarit leading to stuc'ness 5damp6.
Ho$ do $e get Sorter "ntangled?
a6 Improper herbal prescription
b6 Intestinal parasites
c6 <ixed messages from someone we trust utterl
d6 :enial7
Settle Spirit
What does it mean to Settle Spirit?
Stabili-es the Shen.
"Sedates Ascending Heart !ang# % brings stabilit b strongl containing and structuring
1uts a "lid# on Shen= gi,es the mind3spirit a roof, floor and walls.
Ho$ does an unsettled Spirit manifest?
• Se,erel anxious and /ump, unsettled, agitated, bad tempered, popping off in all
• 0A! ;@$ ideas and emotions.
• :isorientation, bouts of laughing or cring, unstable
• A$:$ 5Attention :eficit :isorder6. *an’t focus, can’t sit still phsicall or mentall8
distractions abound from inside A>: outside.
• Li'e water on hot oil in a pan
• Sensor incontinence i.e. more distracted than dim= perceptions come in and /ump out
again li'e grasshoppers
Ho$ do $e end up $ith a Spirit that needs to *e Settled?
a6 Sudden terrifing experiences
b6 Ascending Heart or Li,er !ang i.e. life without a sense of limits to personal expansion
$eart / Kidney A)i
What is the Heart & Kidney 5#is?
$he two ends of the Shao !in meridian which forms the central axis of a personTs being,
manifesting the deepest aspect of our authentic self.
Heart) spontaneous authenticit in the moment.
.idne) authentic continuit of selfhood o,er time.
!our heart’s capacit to recei,e the call of our destin 5innate will6 moment8b8moment and
follow it and our 'idne’s abilit to transmit it.
!our 'idne’s capacit to recei,e the beat8b8beat experience of choosing to 'now :i,init
5free will6 and our heart’s abilit to transmit it.
$he place that both the Ht and .i come out of is <ing <en, the place of infusion of primordial
?ire and 0ater.
$he functional relationship of constant communication between the .idne and the Heart is
represented b the A8AI pulse position, and functions.
Y*N+ , -(*
What are 0ing and Wei?
!ing is the >utriti,e (i= it belongs in the interior of the bod, and corresponds to the health,
essence8filled portion of the blood and the internal bod fluids.
0ei is the 1rotecti,e (i. B da it circulates on the outside of the bod, between the s'in and
muscles, and between the channels, protecting the bod from attac' of exterior pathogens. It
warms, moistens and nourishes the s'in from the outside, and regulates the opening and
closing of pores 5thus influencing sweating and bod temperature6. 0hen we are asleep it
circulates on the inside, creating "exactness of measure.#
0hen !ing and 0ei are said to be out of ad/ustment, essentiall this means that a person’s
Inner and ;uter ?rontier Jate are inside out. 0hat should be put forth or 'ept on the outside
is not put forth or 'ept out, and what should be held in is not held in.
Ho$ does 0ing and Wei out of adBustment manifest?
• $aiang stage in,asion of 0ind8*old with sweating
• $aiang stage in,asion of Lo,e8Induced :isorder, i.e. a reall serious crush.
o ner,ous sweating
o ,ulnerabilit to "cold shoulders#
o blushing easil
o going hot or cold easil
o sudden dr mouth
o sudden cold and3or sweat hands
o and blurting out things ou ne,er meant to sa while forgetting to sa the
impressi,e things ou should ha,e said.
• All of these smptoms on a chronic basis
• <riad other patterns of instabilit of interpersonal boundaries regulating warmth and
intimac, such as @sed *ar Salesman, Aamp, 9omantic :adreamer, Sh Slut, *old
.'ng Yin Defciency
What is Lung 0in?
;ur impressionabilit
;ur abilit to absorb what we ,alue
;ur abilit to come awa from our surface, inward toward the experience of our own essence
What is Lung 0in Defiieny?
4mptiness without recepti,it.
An inabilit to interiori-e
Ho$ does Lung 0in Defiieny manifest?
• An inabilit to [get[ what we long for
• A state of insatiable, inassuageable earning
• Inabilit to come forward from attachment to the outer world
• >ot enough bod fluids irrigating the L@, thus the inabilit to recei,e the ,alue in the air.
Breathing is an irritant rather than a source of Hea,enl 4ssence
• :r mouth
• $hirst
• :r s'in 5especiall mucus membranes6
• 1ossibl nosebleeds
• Hoarse ,oice
• :r cough 5sputum issue6
• $hin8s'innedness
• ;,er8sensiti,it to contact irritants 5dermal, air or [imperfections[6
%ulse: tight, especiall Lung position
Tongue: red, peeled, especiall in L@ area. Lateral crac's in L@ area.
Ho$ do $e get Lung 0in Defiient?
a6 Longing for the unattainable
b6 Burning out from being in the outer world too much8not coming in
c6 Jrief8loss or lac' of something precious or ,ital
d6 Bad heating sstems
e6 *onsumpti,e disease
f6 $oo much romantic poetr or exposure to ad,ertising
g6 ?rom .I or S$ in deficienc. S$ fluids rise to the L@ as part of the rising and falling of water.
h6 ?rom heat in another organ dring out the Lung 5usuall H$, .I or S$6
-ong . Lung Qi Defciency
What is Zong I Lung )i?
Inspiration becoming ?orm through :iscipline 5there is no matter8onl repetition of mo,ement
% form6
$he abilit to attract influences from Hea,en and then transmit them in an orderl wa
uniforml through the whole 'ingdom
*onstanc and 9hthm connected to the rhthm of the uni,erse, the *oming and Joing of
worldl manifestation, the appearance and disappearance of the GL, LLL things.
What is Zong I Lung )i Defiieny?
Fong 3 Lung (i deficienc is an inabilit to attract power of Hea,en and transmit it through the
'ingdom as unifing form3qi.
Ho$ does Zong I Lung )i Defiieny manifest?
• Irregular breathing
• Shallow breathing
• Short of breath
• 0ea' cough
• 0ea' ,oice
• Hoarse ,oice
• Aoice from high in chest
• Irregular pulse 5esp. with regard to intensit and amplitude, but could berate and rhthm also6
• lac' of abilit to translate inspiration into discipline. Inabilit to [get it together[ to turn our
,alues into our form through repetitions, practices until we are perfect embodiments of what
we are inspired b.
%ulse: irregular, wea', hard to feel 5L@ K6
Tongue: could be normal or scalloped in front
Ho$ do $e get Zong I Lung )i Defiient?
a6 Being brought up with no schedule. Irregularit of dail rhthm, no [nowTs the inhale, nowTs
the exhale.[
b6 Shoc' 8 it ta'es our breath awa
c6 Se,ere disappointment
d6 Jrief 8 generall sudden and then protracted
*ei . Lung Qi Defciency
What is Wei & Lung )i?
$he energ that 'eeps the soldiers of 0ei (i marching, bris'l turning awa all foreign
$he dnamic defining edge of selfhood8the energetic boundaries of our bodies
What is Wei & Lung )i Defiieny?
1orous infirmit of the boundaries of selfhood
Ho$ does Wei & Lung )i Defiieny manifest?
• Sensiti,it to en,ironmental insults e.g. pollen, wind, rumors, e,aluations3criticisms
$endenc to catch whate,er is going around frequentl and earl
• Susceptibilit to drafts
• Lac' of crisp boundar of ac'nowledgement on the edge of smpath
Ho$ do $e get Wei & Lung )i Defiient?
a6 Low self8worth
b6 Lac' of sense of self as real or important
c6 4arl en,ironmental insults that left an energetic hole
d6 *hemical exposures
;ur >atural :efense Sstem
Joing to 0hole ?oods
Futside World
;utside 0hole ?oods
W"1 L50"2
$emperature >eutrali-ing Fone
0here 0ei (i circulates
1nside of Body
Inside 0hole ?oods
Futer (rontier
(rontier /ate
"letri /ate
"letri /ate
"aal / .'ng Qi Defciency
What is Basal& Lung )i?
$he basal metabolic energ required to power respiration 5thus pro,iding qi for the whole
$he basal metabolic energ required to generate meaning in life.
$he energ to step outside ourself enough to be inspired. $he energ to be more than
matter, to contact meaning. 0e are not /ust phsical beings, we are meaning8ma'ers,
philosophers. $o be able to ha,e a spiritual life. while ha,ing a phsical bod. .
What is Basal& Lung )i Defiieny?
$oo tired to be inspired
Ho$ does Basal& Lung )i Defiieny manifest?
• Boredom
• >o sense of meaning in life
• ?latness
• >othing rises and shines
• $iredness
• >ot breathing enough
• $aciturn
• Shortness of breath on exertion
• *ollapsed chest
• :roop shoulders
• Jlowing pallor 5qi deficient white6
• Sweating
• Loose stool or constipation 5or neither6
• *old hands
• <a be hand and3or facial edema
%ulse: wea' and ielding, especiall on right side
Tongue: swollen, scalloped
Ho$ do $e get Basal& Lung )i Defiient?
a6 1hsical o,erwor'
b6 Slight L@ qi deficienc leads to not breathing much, leading to more L@ qi deficienc
c6 <assi,el boring uniform pre8fabricated en,ironments
Phlegm &btr'cting the .'ng
What is the harmonious relationship *et$een the L+ and muus?
$he Lungs ha,e a mucosal lining that protects the delicate tissue from toxicit and dirt
breathed in air. Li'e all mucous, there should be enough of it to buffer the Lungs from
unwanted elements but not so much that it obstructs the air passage.
What is %hlegm o*struting the Lungs?
$oo much gun', attachment to material phenomena bloc'ing the air passages 'eeping L@ qi
from descending % cough with gun'.
Ho$ does %hlegm o*struting the Lung manifest?
Without Heat With Heat
• *hronic cough coming in bouts • Bar'ing cough
• 1rofuse white sputum which is eas
to expectorate
• 1rofuse ellow, green or dar' sputum
that has a foul smell
• 0hite8past complexion • Shortness of breath
• Stuffiness in the chest • Asthma
• ?eeling "clogged up# • Stuffiness in chest
• Shortness of breath
• :isli'e of ling down 5because ou
can’t breathe when ou do6
%ulse: thic'8stic' white coating %ulse: slipper, rapid, full
Tongue: slipper or wea'8floating and fine Tongue: red bod, thic' stic' ellow coat
Ho$ do $e get %hlegm F*struting the Lungs?
Without Heat With Heat
• S1 qi or S1 ang deficienc • 4xcess consumption of greas or hot
• Anthing that can cause S1 qi or S1
ang deficienc
• Smo'ing tobacco
• 4xcess consumption of greas foods
and3or cold or raw foods
• 4xterior wind8heat
.arge *ntetine Damp/$eat
Rmade with the help of <aciociaS
Large 1ntestine Damp@Heat manifests as:
• Abdominal pain
• :iarrhea
• <ucous and3or blood in stools
• ;ffense fecal odor
• Burning in anus
• Scant8dar' urine
• ?e,er
• Sweating 5which does not decrease fe,er6
• $hirst without desire to drin'
• ?eeling of hea,iness of the bod and limbs
• Stuffiness of chest and epigastrium
%ulse: slipper, rapid
Tongue: red stic' ellow coating
Ho$ do $e get Damp@Heat in the L1?
• :amp heat pouring down from the L9 5shitting is an act of festering, angr
• $oo much consumption of hot, greas foods
Lung Fire
Rcreated with the help of ?ormulas and StrategiesS
What is Lung (ire?
4xcessi,e heat in the Lungs that burns its delicate membranes. $he desert in our lungs.
Ho$ does Lung (ire manifest?
• 9eligious -ealotr
• 9ighteousl pro/ecting ideas of purit onto others
• :rness in the L@
• High, clear sounding cough
• 0hee-ing
• ?e,er with s'in that feels hot to the touch
• :r mouth
• Little or difficult to expectorate sputum
• All smptoms get worse in late afternoon
Tongue: red with ellow coating
%ulse: thin, rapid
Lung Qi Constraint
Rmade with the help of 2erem 9ossS
What is .onstrained Lung )i?
(i that is unable to mo,e freel downward, not from deficienc but from qi that is stuc'
Jrief that is unreleased, sitting in the L@.
.onstrained Lung )i manifests as:
• ?eeling of bloc'age in the chest
• :spnea
• Suppressed grief
• :ifficult letting go of the past
%ulse: tight in L@
Tongue: normal or swollen or bluish in L@ area
.'ng Yang $old Form Defciency
What is Lung 0ang 5stringe & Hold (orm?
$he grasping of the 1o
$he impulse to hold onto something of ,alue
$he aspect of holding form that is dnamic, useful and ali,e
What is Lung 0ang 5stringe & Hold (orm Defiieny?
>ot grasping what is of enduring ,alue3sur,i,al ,alue
?ailure to personali-e the uni,erse
Ho$ does Lung 0ang 5stringe & Hold (orm Defiieny manifest?
• *ough, some phlegm
• 0hee-ing from lac' of power to grasp the air 5inhale is painful or shallow and ineffecti,e6
• >o continuit of ,alues
• 9unning around after $he Latest $hing
• Inabilit to form attachments beond the exigencies of the moment
• Inabilit to maintain a sense of meaning in life through a ,alue sstem which organi-es
and personali-es our perception of the @ni,erse and which in turn organi-es our
relationship to the 0orld
• *luttered qualit, lac' of aesthetic order
• Lac' of architecture of bod3mind3spirit holding us upright in relationship to gra,it in an
efficientl elegant wa
• Lac' of design which creates structure and meaning and is elegant
Ho$ do $e get Lung 0ang 5stringe & Hold (orm Defiient?
a6 Shoc'3grief leading to [life is meaningless[ i.e. when the ser,ant stops ser,ing one master of
meaning and hasnTt et found another master to ser,e 5this is a crucial crisis3opportunit to
see' the highest possible ,alues3our own deep heart6.
b6 @nderling L@ (i and !ang deficienc
c6 ?ire o,erwhelming <etal
.arge *ntetine $old Form
What is 5stringed Large 1ntestine )i?
$he grasping of the 1o
$he impulse to hold onto something precious
What is Large 1ntestine +nastringed )i?
>ot grasping what is of enduring ,alue3sur,i,al ,alue
?ailure to personali-e the uni,erse
Ho$ does Large 1ntestine +nastringed )i manifest?
o :iarrhea coming from lac' of holding at the bottom
o 1rolapsed rectum
.'ng Yang "rea0 Form Defciency
What is Lung 0ang 2elease "#terior & Brea- (orm?
Surrender % letting go3/ettisoning of form % exhale
What is Lung 0ang 2elease "#terior 1 Brea- (orm Defiieny?
Inabilit to exhale and clear out the debris of old form
@nable to surrender to the exigencies of the new moment
Inabilit to [throw it all to the winds[ for the sa'e of excitement about something new
Ho$ does Lung 0ang 2elease "#terior & Brea- (orm Defiieny manifest?
• *losed pores, no sweating
• Sharp limit to the L@ abilit to expand and contract 5the s' is limited6. $he dnamism and
range of the L@ si-e difference between inhale and exhale is not elastic and can be quite
• Lac' of forceful exhale
1f Lung 0ang 2elease "#terior Defiieny leads to Lung 0in "#ess Ggun-HA then add:
• Accumulation of fluid in the L@ and nasal passages, slowl condensing into clear loose
o 9unn nose, ?ullness in chest, >eeding to clear the throat a lot, *ough and whee-e
as the exhale is burdened b obstruction 5all the signs of cring6
• :espondenc. >othing is shin or exciting. *louds in the s' 5phlegm in the L@6 pre,ents the
sun from bringing out the spar'le in our world.
• :ull, burdened, muffled grief 5!;@6
• 1erson feels wrapped in cellophane. $hat separate feeling.
• :efinite belief sstems, structures that persist in thought. *onser,atism b default
Lung 0ang Defiieny G6i 6inH Lung 0in "#ess GBan 6iaH
• >o excitement to tr something new • Acti,el clinging to the old
• 9esignation and despondenc • 1onderous, hea, self8righteousness
• @nimaginati,eness and pessimism • Impenetrable sense of self8importance
%ulse: Soft, wea' deep %ulse: Slipper
Tongue: flaccid, puff, esp. in front Tongue: 1hlegm strings
In either case, the order the same thing in restaurants e,er single time, either out of lac' of
gumption or because [this is the best.[
Ho$ do $e get Lung 0ang 2elease "#terior & Brea- (orm Defiient?
a6 *rushed idealism 5a cnic is a disappointed romantic6
c6 $raged leading to conser,atism as a wa of closing down to ris'.
-ind/Cold1 Taiyang .e2el
What is Taiyang level of Wind@.old 1nvasion?
$he first stage of resistance to an external in,asion of the 0ind8*old :e,il.
Ho$ does it manifest?
• Scratch throat. $his is not a sore throat. ItTs the halfwa point on the boundar Snee-ing 5an
attempt to e/ect the in,ader6
• *lear mucus 5normal descended and transported fluids arenTt circulated and thus respirator
• Bod aches 5shutdown of wei qi 8 wind8cold in s'in6
• Shi,ering 5shutdown of wei qi 8wind8cold in s'in6
• Little or no fe,er 5cold comes in and cools e,erthing down6
• Stiff nec' 5in BL meridian and $aiang area of bac' 5SI3BL points66
• Light cough 5qi is disrupted and fluids are beginning to be disrupted, ;,ertime this could get
much worse.6
• ;ccipital headache 5taiang area between shoulders6
• Sweating in a wea' constitution 5ing and wei out of ad/ustment6
• >o sweating in a strong constitution
%ulse: floating tight slow. $hereTs a hardness because the cold free-es the pulse.
Tongue: not a big deal
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 $hrough s'in exposure to a colder world than we expected
b6 If ouTre ang deficient and ou put on clothes ou get warmer
c6 If thereTs an external in,asion, ouTre still cold with clothes on because the cold is inside ou.
-ind/Cold1 Yangming .e2el
What is 0angming level of Wind@.old 1nvasion?
$otal war) full8out battle against the in,ading 0ind8*old :e,il
Ho$ does it manifest?
• B1/ %+LS"
• B1/ SW"5T
• B1/ ("J"2
• B1/ TH12ST
• !ouTre heating up to meet the in,ader. Sometimes people donTt heat up to full angming
because constitutionall the canTt.
• *hronic) !angming insanit. $his person li,es in a state of intense appetite all the time. He
runs to the top of a hill or tree, ta'es off clothes and sings.
• ;rgan) *onstipation in addition to the H Bigs.
%ulse: BIJ++ ?looding
Tongue: dr ellow coat, tongue redness increasing with duration of condition
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 :eeper stage of wind8cold in,asion3strong constitution
b6 >ot resol,ing the pathogen at the taiang le,el
1hlegm starts to change to ellow or green in this stage. !ou still ha,e wind8cold. :onTt /ust tr to ta'e
care of the heat smptoms. $he ha,e the smptoms of some heat, but theTre still fighting their wa out
of an igloo.
-ind/Cold1 Shaoyang .e2el
What is Shaoyang level of Wind@.old 1nvasion?
Half8conquered and still fighting
;ften referred to a [half inside, half outside.[
Ho$ does it manifest?
• Stronger onstitution:
o AL$49>A$I>J fe,er and chills. >;$ simultaneous. 5$46
o Bitter taste in mouth. 5JB6
o ?lan' pain3tightness. 5JB6
o Irritabilit. 5JB6
o :r mouth without thirst 5sometimes referred to as [thirst without desire to drin'[6. 5$46
o Some digesti,e problems characteri-ed b irregularit. 5JB6
o !ou ha,e a JB saing, [!es. >o. !es. >o.[ and a bod saing [Hot. *old. Hot. *old.[
• Wea-er onstitution:
o 1ost8,iral chronic fatigue. $he in,ader has ou and ou canTt throw them off enough to
get rid of it all the wa. 4pstein Barr. !ou go on and on li,ing under a state of siege.
%ulse: tense, especiall middle burner
Tongue: white coat on right side 5maciocia6, shaoang dots 5dee brown6
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 <alaria
b6 An in,asion that ta'es root without full conquering us, but which we canTt full mo,e out
c6 Some 'ind of indecision
The 3 Stage o4 Cold/.o2e *nd'ced
Divider *et$een
4xternal 1atterns Acute and *hronic Internal 1atterns
F+TS1D" 14S1D"
Tai 0ang 0ang 'ing Shao 0ang Tai 0in Shao 0in ?ue 0in
Border 1atrol S'irmish All8;ut 0ar In,ading *apital 1a taxes to 4nem <erging :ie or 9eturn
LoveFantasy Lust Commitment Dowry Exchange Marriage Betrayal and Forgiveness
1llness*ommon *old 9aging Illness 5HB6 U In U ;ut S1 *old and :ef. .I !in and !ang :ef. Hot3*old mix 3 parasites
0F+;2" W14414/ 0F+;2" LFS14/
The 5 .e2el o4 $eat/$ate *nd'ced
F+TS1D" 5.+T" .H2F41. 14S1D"
Wei )i 0ing 6ue
;uter ?rontier Border It’s in our town. $own identit is gone. $otal *onsumption
HateYoure in a fight! Youve declared war You em"ody the war! #ate consumes you
1llness$ore throat #eat % Fire % Dam& Chest%$'%L(%$P% )B *rgans+ #'+ PC Burning Yin #eat in "lood marauding
0F+;2" W14414/ 0F+;2" LFS14/
-ind/$eat1 -ei .e2el
What is Wei level of Wind@Heat 1nvasion?
$he first stage of resistance to external in,asion of the 0ind8Heat :e,il
Ho$ does it manifest?
• Sore throat
• !ellow mucus 5and more scant6
• *ough
• Slight fe,er
• $ight shoulders
• $hirst
• Headaches 5angr bees bu--ing6
• 9ed, irritated ees 5spring allergies. 0hen literall what is blowing in the 0ind is dri,ing ou
up the wall. 6
• 9ashes 5epidemic6. $his is from the outside) rubella, measles, mumps, scarlet fe,er,
contagious disease
• 9ashes from poison i,3poison oa' are sourced !I inside, !I outside
• <ost rashes are from internal sources expressing themsel,es on the s'in. KLM are Heat in
the Blood, an unclean Li,er or a *olon who isnTt good at ta'ing out the garbage and
expresses toxins through the s'in.
%ulse: floating and rapid3not tight
Tongue: ma be some red dots in L@
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 $hrough our mucous membranes 5ees, nose, mouth6
-ind/$eat1 Qi .e2el
What is )i level of Wind@Heat 1nvasion?
$otal H;$ war. 1itched battle against the in,ading 0ind8Heat :e,il.
Ho$ does it manifest?
Same as !angming stage) H BIJS
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 Incomplete expulsion of 0ei le,el in,asion
b6 Strong constitution
-ind/$eat1 Ying .e2el
What is 0ing level of Wind@Heat 1nvasion?
Heat has won the battle and has sun'en into the interior Heat in the pericardium
Ho$ does it manifest?
• ?e,er at night
• >ight sweats
• $hirst with or without a desire to drin'
• Heat mo,ing into the pericardium) delirium, mental restlessness, insomnia, aphasia
Tongue: 94:+ 1robabl peeled= if coated, ellow dr
%ulse: tight and pounding, bigger as ou raise up
4elids reddening
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 @nresol,ed in,asion settling in further
b6 4pidemics
c6 9esistance to 0hat Is Simmering to the point of Hatred
-ind/$eat 6'e .e2el
What is 6ue level of Wind@Heat 1nvasion?
Heat in Blood triumphant and marauding
Ho$ does it manifest?
• Late stage plague smptoms
• High fe,ers or fe,erishness
• <anic delirium 5H$6
• >osebleeds 5L@6
• Irritation 5L96
• Blood in stools 5L9 3 JB6
• Aomiting blood 5S$ 3 L96
• Blood coming out of s'in 5H<6
• *on,ulsions 5H< reaching H$ to create internal wind6
%ulse: pounding, rapid, o,erflowing
Tongue: 94:+ >o coat. Strawberr.
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 1lague
b6 @nresol,ed heat pathogen sin'ing further in
c6 Hatred
0e wonTt see anone who completel embodies this. $heTd be in the hospital.
To)ic $eat
What is To#i Heat?
Sepsis. Sstemic toxicit.
Infection which has become3is becoming sstemic
:amp8Heat in the ing 5blood and lmph6
Ho$ does it manifest?
• S41SIS+ <a be from en,ironmental toxin or H;99I?I* digestion, but most li'el from)
o Hot 9ed 1ainful Swollen $hing plus
 ?e,er
 Lethargic sic' feeling 5mastitis, appendicitis, infected splinter that got totall out
of control6
• ;rgan ?ire pouring into the whole bod. $his will almost certainl include S4A494 toxic
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 Local infection spreading through the ing
b6 ;rgan ?ire spreading through the ing
c6 4n,ironmental toxins in the ing
d6 H;99I?I* digestion dumping crap into the ing 5possibl literall6
&rgan Fire
What is Frgan (ire?
4xcess, festering Heat ( :amp8Heat stagnating in an organ
Ho$ does it manifest?
• $oxic emotions specific to that organ
• 4xtreme Heat or :amp8Heat smptoms particular to the organ
Ho$ do $e get it?
a6 $oxic emotions specific to that organ, ;9 A>! 4<;$I;> specific to that organ which is
repressed long enough to fester
b6 Lous lifestle choices particular to ,arious organ patterns
"#! .idne Stones, .idne prostate situation, *olitis 5:amp heat in LI or L9 3 JB6, *irrhosis 5L96, Bad
Acne 54arth6, JB Stones
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan: Shu :i Huang, Fe Wie, Shan Fhu !u, <u :an 1i, Shan !ao, ?u Ling, Fhi
<u, Huang Bai
'onifies Yin+ Clears ,( Fire+ Clears Dam&-#eat in the lower .iao
Dao .hi San: Sheng :i Huang, :an Fhu !e, <u $ong, Jan *ao
*lears H$ ?ire, SI ?ire, BL fire
Long Dan 6ie /an Tang: *hai Hu, Long :an *ao, Huang (in, Fhi Fi, <u $ong, Fe Wie, *he
(ian Fi, $ang .wei, Sheng :i Huang, Jan *ao
Drains L/ 0 )B Dam& #eat+ Drains L/ 0 )B Fire+ Drains Lower 1iao Dam&-#eat
/all Bladder
Wen Dan Tang
2iao Yao $ans /evenge
)ing Wei San: Huang Lian, Sheng <a, <u :an 1i, Sheng :i Huang, $ang .wei, Shi Jao
Drains $' Fire+ Cools Blood+ 3ourishes Yin
Dao .hi San: Sheng :i Huang, :an Fhu !e, <u $ong, Jan *ao
*lears H$ ?ire, SI ?ire, BL fire
Small 1ntestine
Dao .hi San: Sheng :i Huang, :an Fhu !e, <u $ong, Jan *ao
*lears H$ ?ire, SI ?ire, BL fire
6ie Bei San: Sang Bai 1i, :i Ju 1i, Jan *ao, 2ing <i
Drains L4 heat and clears whee5ing
Large 1ntestine
Da .heng .hi Tang: :a Huang, <ang Wiao, Fhi Shi, Hou 1o
;rgan le,el angming heat
"i Syndrome
What is Bi Syndrome G%ainful F*strution SyndromeH?
[1ain, soreness or numbness of muscles, tendons and /oints from in,asion of external 0ind, *old
or :ampness... 1ainful ;bstruction Sndrome is b definition an affliction of the channels rather
than the internal organs.[
[Ignorance and delusion... the pain of attachment to transient phenomena.[
Ho$ does Bi Syndrome manifest?
• 1ain and soreness in the muscles, tendons or /oints leading to limitation of mobilit.
• $he pain fluctuates in response to exposure to climactic influences, e.g. the weather.
• In realit it is unli'el ou will see 0ind, *old or :amp Bi alone. $he are almost certainl
going to appear in combination. $he differentiation in tpes is onl to determine the relati,e
proportion of 0ind or *old or :amp in a gi,en incidence of obstruction.
7st stage:
Wind Bi
• 1ain ma mo,e from /oint to /oin or come and go
• $ends to manifest more in the upper bod
• ?eels worse with exposure to drafts or wind or in changing weather 5transition times6.
• $his is something that got in through the crac's
Damp Bi
• ?ixed pain, soreness or numbness.
• Swelling, feeling of local hea,iness
• ?eels worse with exposure to dampness 5humidit6
.old B1
• 1ain is quite se,ere. It feels li'e ha,ing icicles inside the /oint
• ?eels worse with exposure to cold
8nd stage:
Hot Bi
• Hot red swollen /oints. $his is ,er painful
• $his is not an entr le,el disorder. $his onl appears when the health qi has been struggling
against Bi for long enough that the stagnation turns to heat. It is similar to the angming
stage, but in the /oints.
Bone Bi
• Bone deformit, swelling, pain.
• $his also de,elops onl from a long8term Bi condition. 4xcess in 5phlegm6 has accumulates
and it begins to deform the /oints. Local stagnation of blood ma also be in,ol,ed. :eficient .I
and L9 is almost certainl in,ol,ed.
Ho$ do $e get Bi Syndrome?
a6 @nderdressed for the weather
b6 In/ur to a /oint
c6 ;,eruse of a /oint due to sports or wor'
d6 1articularl low ,italit, especiall of .I, L9, and JA
e6 Li,ing in a cold damp draft basement 5or other en,ironmental exposures6