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Hania Aymen

FAST-NU Lahore
I nternship Report

I started my internship at 14 July 2014 at Packages Limited in Rose Petal Consumer Products
Package limited was established in 1956 by the result of joint venture between the Ali Group of
Pakistan and Akerlund & Rausing of Sweden which was the leading paper converter in
Europe. Packages Limited started operating in May 1957 with a paid up capital of Rs. 4.94
million as a joint venture between the Ali group and Akerlund & Rausing of Sweden.
The purpose of establishing the Packages Limited was only to fulfill the packaging requirements
of the Pakistan industry for that at the initial the Ali group of Pakistan went to the Sweden for the
purchasing of packaging paper where they get the idea to install a paper production plant in
Pakistan. For the accomplishment of that idea Ali group invests their capital while their partners
provide the techniques, machinery, and also training to the Pakistanis.
At the initial stages the company started its business operations in Lahore with the production of
packaging cartons for different industries.
Packages Limited is working in different cities of the Pakistan.
 Lahore
 Karachi
 Islamabad
Organization’s Culture
Here are some key elements of Packages culture:
 Openness and speech freedom.
 Fostering innovation.
 Promoting individual growth.
 Rewarding initiative and performance.
 Technological advancement
 Updating learning and skills
 Teamwork
 Mannerism and punctuality.
Rose Petal:
There were cleanliness and unhygienic issues raised in the country by which people were
suffering with different diseases and this was causing a high alarming situation in form of high
rate of infected persons. People were not holding any material which could be disposed off after
one use. The Handkerchiefs were not useable after two or three times by which it was not
possible to make a regular use of handkerchiefs. Packages Limited gave the solution in form
of Rose Petal tissues to its customers at low prices which can be disposed off after one use.
Rose Petal is offering in different brands by the Packages Limited, which are
 Rose Petal Rumaal
 Rose Petal Perfumed Facial Carton Revitalized
 Rose Petal Party Pack-White
 Rose Petal Hi-jeen Paper Towels Rose Petal Rumaal Revitalized

The specific blend of advertising, sales promotion, public relation, personal selling, and direct-
marketing tools that the Packages Limited uses to persuasively communicate customer value and
build customer relationship.
Promotion is an ongoing process that requires much planning. A strategy is simply a careful
plan. The effectiveness of strategy depends on more than how much money has been put into it.
Effectiveness results from the thoroughness of planning and the consistency with which activities
have been carry out.
Sales Promotion
Rose petal is convincing as new consumer believes that Rose Petal is the best brand in the
market. Short-term incentive to encourage the purchases of product.

Public Relation
Buyer readiness stage Rose Petal build good relation with the various public by obtaining
favorable publicity.

Choosing a Message
Rose Petal is using functional promotion campaign as they are relying on functional positioning
statement. Packages Limited has started the advertising campaign by saying “Rose Petal Na
Hota to Phir Kaya Hota”.

Media Decision
It is necessary that every company should advertise to promote their product for adopting this
strategy. Rose Petal also advertises his product in different channels like Radio, TV, Newspaper
and Magazine.
Budget Decision
Rose petal is using most logical budget setting method as it first set its goals to be accomplished
and then estimate its cost of performing these tasks.

Activities at Internship:
At first they conducted an orientation for me of different department’s i.e. conversion unit of
Rose Petal, then BU-FC (business unit folding cartons) and then the manufacturing unit.
After the orientation they gave me an assignment to calculate the total profit/loss of their
products in last 6 months from January to June. I completed that assignment with all the
Then they gave me work on daily basis like to get the invoices with their respective PR numbers
and MRF numbers and get it signed by supply management and to attach them in their respective
During my internship they launched their new special Azadi pack. I also worked on that product
especially for its internal branding, like putting the posters all over the factory and also the
standees. Then we also conducted an azadi campaign in which we arranged “scratch and win”
competition. People inside the packages bought the packs and scratched the cards along with
them to win an exciting prize with every box. I successfully conducted that campaign along with
my team members.