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The Home Things
Once upon a time there was a girl who lived with her parents and her pet. One day, when they were going out of the
house, they closed the door and the television started to talk to the shelves.
What a bore! They have me switched on all the day” - said the television
“ Don’ t complain” -said the bookshelf.- They have me full of books and they never take weight away from me” .
“ And what about me?- said the sofa. “ I have to support their weight and arms” .
“ I, a little blanket, have the dog all the day on me” ,
“ And we” - said the video tapes- “ we have always to be the one over the other.
“ I” -said the television shelf” - have to support miss television who always heats up and makes a lot of noise” .
The fridge said “ I have to be all the day opening an closing the door and cold escapes from me” :
Anyway, nobody was happy with their role in the house. So they decided to change the,, the sofa wanted to be the fridge
and put all the food on it, the three book shelves wanted be a sofa each one so they lied on the floor.
The television shelf wanted to be the dog’ s bed, the television wanted to be the bookshelf and all the books put on it, the
videotapes got into the fridge and the dog’ s blanket, who wanted to be a painting, put itself on the wall.
When the family arrived home, they found all in a mess and they started to scream Which scandal is this? Who has made
The family went out horrified and phoned the police from a telephone box. When the police arrived and entered with the
family in the home they found all the furniture in its place. The police told the family off “ police does not have time for
jokes” . The family was left astonished.

The Enchanted Island
Once upon a time there was, near of the coast of the United Kingdom, a very very old house where they lived two children
John and Mary. It was cleaning day and they had to tidy the basement. Before doing that, Mary said:
-We’ ll never finish! This basement is very old and we don’ t know what we could find here.
John answered: -Don’ t worry. We’ ll solve it and even it is very dirty, we’ ll finish! -Well-said Mary
And they started cleaning. While Mary was cleaning one of the old pieces of furniture Juan said
-Come here Mary, look what I have found! And Mary went to see what happened
-Look Mary, I have found a scroll which seems to be very old- said John.
The scroll was written in a strange language which was unknown on Earth. It said“ …ot ngidael thgil ot semoc egassap
lacigam a llih eth rean sraey dnasuoht hcae. The children translated the text to all languages but they did not decode
anything, the only thing they could do was to turn the text from the end to the beginning. John and Mary came to the
conclusion that the scroll said “ Each thousand years near the hill a magical passage comes to light leading to The
children did not know where that way leaded to and they consulted in a library some books of legends to have more
information. The children could not know where the way ended but they discovered that the last time the passage opened
was one thousand years ago and that it will be open again exactly in a month. A month was enough to prepare. The
children were intrigued to know where the passage leaded to.
The Crystal Ball
Long time ago, a witch lived. She had three sons who loved themselves as good brothers, but the old woman didn’ t trust
them fearing they wanted to take her power away. That is why she transformed the old one in an eagle who nested in the
summit of a rocky mountain and who was seen few times drawing circles in the immensity of the sky.
She turned the second into a whale condemning him to live in under the see and only from time to time he stuck out of the
surface throwing a large water stream. Both recovered their human shape during two hours each day. The third son,
fearing to be turn into an animal such as a bird or a wolf, fled secretly. He had known that in the castle of the Golden Sun,
an enchanted princess lived waiting the time of her liberation, but whoever tried it risked his life and twenty three young
men had sadly died. Just one more could try his luck and no one more after him. And as he was a boy of intrepid heart, he
decided to go in the search of the castle of the Golden Sun.
He had been on the way for a long time, without finding the castle, when he found himself lost in an immense forest.
Suddenly, he discovered two giants in the distance who were making sings to him and when he approached, they told him.
-We are arguing who has to keep this hat and since we are the same strength, none of us can win the other. As you, men,
are cleverer than us, we have thought that you decide. -How it is possible that you are fighting for an old hat?- exclaimed
the young man.
-You ignore its virtues. It’ s a miraculous hat, since everyone who puts it on, will be transported in a moment to any place
he desires.
-Give me the hat- said the boy- I will go ahead a stretch and when I call your names, start running,
The Ant and the Grasshopper
In a field one summer´s day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart´s content.
An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest. - "Why not come and chat with
me," said the Grasshopper, "instead of toiling and moiling in that way?" -"I am helping to lay up food for the winter," said
the Ant, "and recommend you to do the same." - "Why bother about winter?" said the Grasshopper; we have got plenty of
food at present."
But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil. When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself
dying of hunger, while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the
Then the Grasshopper knew: It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.
The Angel of the Children
Legend has it that a little angel who was in heaven, said to God one day when he was going to be born as a child.
-They say that you are going me to send me tomorrow to Earth. But how I’ m going to live as little and defenceless as I
- Among many angels I chose one for you, who is waiting for you and that will take care of you.
- But tell me, here in heaven all I do is singing and smiling, that’ s enough to be happy.
- Your angel will sing you and smile to you everyday and you’ ll feel her love and you’ ll be happy.
- And how I will understand what people tell me if I don’ t understand the strange language od men?
-Your angel will tell you the sweetest and most tender words that you can listen and with a lot of patience and love she
will taught you how to talk. -And what shall I do when I want to talk with you? -Your angel will put your hands together,
she will teach you to pray and you’ ll be able to talk with me. -I’ ve heard that there are bad men on Earth. Who will
defend me? -Your angel will defend you even if it costs her her life. -But I’ ll be sad because I won’ t see you any more
my Lord.
-Your angel will always talk you about me and she will teach you the way to go back to my presence, although I’ ll
always be by your side. At that moment a great peace reigned on heaven but earthly voices could be heard and the child
fast, repeated with tears in his eyes crying. -My God! I’ m going! Tell me her name!! How is my angel called?
-Her name does not matter, you’ ll call her MUM.
The Adventures of Little Doll
Once upon a time there was a giant who, when he was sharing out a treasure with a very greedy wizard, had an argument
with him and threatened him: -“ Don’ t you see that I could smash you with my little finger if I would like to? Come on,
smear yourself!
When the wizard was far enough, he let out his evil revenge
-“ Hocus-pocus! Let the sorcery be done! That the children your wife is bearing won’ t be older nor grow up more than
my little finger!. When Little Doll was born, his parents were desperated. They were very sad when they saw or touch
him and, when they talked to him, they had to whisper in his hear in order not to break his eardrums. Little Doll, so
different from his parents, preferred to play with the small inhabitants of the garden. He amused himself riding on a
horse or dancing with a ladybird. Though small in size, he was happy in this world in miniatura. But on an unpleasant day,
he had the bad idea of visiting a frog, friend of him. He had scarcely descended of the leaf that he used as a boat when an
enormouspike ate him. However, it was destined that he had a different fate. Few after, the pike took the bait of a fisher
serving the king and in a twinkle of the eyes, he was in front of the knife of the royal cook. After the general surprise,
Little Doll, a bit battered but still alive, went out of the fish tummy . “ And now, what shall I do with this man in
miniature?” asked astonished the cook. He had an idea “ I’ ll make a royal page of him!
Snow White
One winter´s day, when the snow was falling, a beautiful queen sat sewing by a window. As she looked out on to the
white garden she saw a black raven, and while she looked at it she accidentally pricked her finger with the needle.
When she saw the drop of blood she thought to herself, "How wonderful it would be if I could have a little girl whose skin
was as white as the snow out there, her hair as black as the raven and her lips as red as this drop of blood.
Not long afterwards the queen had a baby daughter, and when she saw her jet black hair, snowy white skin and red red
lips she remembered her wish and called her Snow White. Snow White grew up to be a pretty child, but sadly, after a few
years, her mother died and her father married again. The new queen, Snow White´s stepmother, was a beautiful woman
too, but she was very vain.
More than anything else she wanted to be certain that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
She had a magic mirror, and she used to look at herself in it each clay and say: -"Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is
the fairest one of all?" And the mirror would always reply, -"You, oh Queen, are the fairest one of all."
The queen would smile when she heard this for she knew the mirror never failed to speak the truth.
The years passed. Each year Snow White grew prettier and prettier, until one day, her stepmother looked in the magic
mirror and said,
-"Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest one of all?" And the mirror replied, -"You, oh Queen, are fair, ´tis true,
But Snow White is fairer now than you." The queen was angry and jealous. In a terrible rage she decided that Snow White
should be killed. She called for a hunter and told him to take Snow White far into the forest and to kill her there.
Sinbad the Sailor
Long long time ago, a young man called Sinbad lived in the city of Baghdad. He was very poor and to earn himself a
living, he had to carry heavy bundles, so he was known as Sinbad the Loader. -Poor of mine!- he lamented- what a sad
fate that of mine!
It was destined that his laments were heard by the owner of a beautiful house, who ordered a servant to make the young
man enter.
Through wonderful courtyards full of flowers, Sinbad the Loader was leaded to a room of great dimensions. In the room
there was a table full of the most exotic foods and the most delicious wines. There were several people sit around it
outstanding among them an old man who talked in the following way. -My name is Sinbad the Sailor. Don’ t think that
my life has been easy. I’ m going to tell you my adventures so you’ ll understand…“ Even though my father left me a
fortune when he died, I squandered so much that, eventually, I found myself poor and miserable. Then I sold the few
things I had left and I went on board with some merchants. We sailed for weeks until we arrived to an island. When we
went land, the ground trembled suddenly and all of us were catapulted; the island was actually a hugewhale. As I was not
able to arrive to the ship, I was lead away by the currents held to a wooden board until arriving to a beach full of palm
trees. Once in solid ground, I took the first ship back to Baghdad” .
Rapunzel uno de los cuentos que se han leído de generación en generación. Fue escrito por los hermanos Grimm y aquí te
lo presentamos en inglés para que tus hijos puedan aprender jugando
A long time ago, a husband and wife lived happily in a cottage at the edge of a wood. But one day the wife fell ill. She
could eat nothing and grew thinner and thinner. The only thing that could cure her, she believed, was a strange herb that
grew in the beautiful garden next to their cottage. She begged her husband to find a way into the garden and steal some of
this herb, which was called rapunzel. Now this garden belonged to a wicked witch, who used it to grow herbs for her
One day, she caught the husband creeping into her garden. When he told her what he had come for, the witch gave him
some rapunzel, but she made him promise to give her their first-born child in return. The husband agreed, thinking that the
witch would soon forget the promise. He took the rapunzel back to his wife, who felt better as soon as she had eaten it.
A year later, a baby girl was born and the witch did come and take her away. She told the couple they would be able to see
their daughter in the garden behind their house. Over the years they were able to watch her grow up into a beautiful child,
with long fair hair. The witch called her Rapunzel after the plant her father had come to take. When she was twelve years
old, the witch decided to lock Rapunzel up in a high tower in case she tried to run away. The tower had no door or
staircase, but Rapunzel was quite happy up there as she could sit at the window watching the life of the forest and talking
to the birds.
Yet sometimes she would sigh, for she longed to be back in the beautiful garden where she could run and skip in the
sunshine. Then she would sing to cheer herself up. Each day, the witch came to see her, bringing fresh food. She would
stand at the bottom of the tower and call out,
<< Who among you will assume responsibility for feeding the hungry >>, Buddha asked his dis¬cípulos when famine
ravaged Shrvasti.
Ratnakar, the banker, shook his head, saying:
- << All my wealth would not be sufficient to feed the hungry >>.
Jayasen, real Army general, said:
- << You be willing to give my own blood, but I have enough food in my house >> Dharmapal, who owned many acres of
land, said with a sigh.
- << The demon of drought has absorbed moisture from my fields. I do not know how to pay taxes >>. Beggar's daughter
then rose Snpriya,. He bowed to them and said humbly: - << I who gives food to the hungry >>.
- << What? >> They shouted all surprised. What hopes << you may have to keep that promise ... >> - << I am the poorest
of you all. Preci¬samente That is my strength. I got my chest and pantry in each of your homes >>.

Appears before the first rays of the sun set off. The teacher stood as a guide. Already in the hillside without hesitation
took the correct path, rejecting all other hikes to the summit; between them, which proposed a very confident young man,
pointing the best. After a prolonged effort of several hours they consu¬maron the climb to the top. They found that the
path chosen by the teacher was one of the less successful because of its passing for rodeos and rugged landscape. One
asked: - << Why have not sought safely in your choice? >>. The master replied calmly: - << I'm at peace even with my
mistakes. I would not give up the delicious freedom of being wrong or ele¬gir >> myself.

Enter the first candidate:
"Do you think this is just a simple 'test' we want to make before giving the job you have applied? Understand." "Yes."
"Perfectly. How many are two two? ». "Four".
Enter the second candidate:
"Are you ready for the 'test'. "Yes."
"Perfectly. How many are two two? ». "Whatever you say boss."
The second candidate got the job.

The Emperor of China heard about the wisdom of a hermit who lived in the mountains of North and sent messengers to
offer him the post of Prime Minister of the kingdom. After many days of travel, messengers arrived there and found the
hermit half naked, sitting on a rock and engaged in fishing. At first they doubted he could be the one man who had so
highly of the emperor, but after inquiring into the nearby village, were convinced that it really was him. So were presented
at the riverbank and called him with the utmost respect. The hermit waded to shore, the rich received the messengers
present and heard his strange request. When at last he realized that the emperor was required of him, the hermit, to be
prime minister of the kingdom, he threw back his head and roared. And once got restrain their laughter, told puzzled
messengers: "Do you see that turtle, how wags his tail in manure? '.

Was the dining philosopher Diogenes lentils when I saw the philosopher Aristippus, who lived comfortably based flatter
the king. And Aristippus said, "If you would learn to be subservient to the king you would not have to eat that crap lentil."
To which Diogenes replied: "If you had learned to eat lentils you would not have to flatter the king."

The North wealthy industrialist was horrified when he saw a fisherman South calmly leaning against his boat, smoking a
"Why did not you out fishing?" Asked the industrialist.
"Because I've caught enough fish for today," said the fisherman.
"Why do not fish more than you need?" Insisted the industrial. "And what would I do with it?" Or turn asked the
"You'd make more money," was the answer. "In this way you could put a motor to your boat. Then you could go into
deeper waters and catch more fish. Then you win enough to buy nylon nets, with which you would get more fish and more
money. Soon you win to have two boats ... and even a real fleet. Then you would be rich like me. "

Once, God warned the people of an earthquake that would swallow the waters of all the earth. And the waters that would
replace the missing would freak everyone. Only the prophet took God seriously. Transported to the mountain cave of his
huge containers of water, so that there was already lacking the liquid element in the days of his life. And indeed, the
earthquake, the waters disappeared and a new water filled streams and lakes and rivers and ponds. Some months later he
came down from his mountain prophet see what had happened. And it was true: the whole world had gone crazy and
attacked him and wanted nothing to do with him. And to everyone that it was he convinced he was crazy. Thus, the
Prophet returned to his mountain cave, happy to have had the foresight to save water. But as time passed, loneliness was
unbearable. He longed for human companionship. So back down to the plain. But again it was rejected by the people, so
different from him. Then the prophet made his decision: He threw the water that had saved, drank the new water and
joined his fellows in his madness ..

The South Lama addressed an urgent appeal to the great North Lama asking him to send him to a wise and holy monk
who initiated the novices in spiritual life. To general surprise, the Grand Lama sent five monks, instead of just one. And to
those who asked why, they answered enigmatically: "We'll be lucky if at least one of the five makes it to the Lama." The
group had a few days on his way when he came running up to them a messenger who said, "The priest in our village died.
We need someone to take his place. "The village looked like a comfortable place and the salary of the priest was quite
attractive. One of the monks came a sudden pastoral concern for those people and said, "No I would be a true Buddhist if I
stay to serve the people." So he stayed. A few days later it happened that were in the palace of a king who took a fancy to
one of the monks. "Stay with us," he told the king, "and marry my daughter. And when I die, you sucederás me on the
throne. "The monk was attracted by the princess and the brightness of royalty, so he said: "What better way to influence
the subjects of this kingdom to incline rather than being the king of them all? It would not be a good Buddhist if

It has an old Jewish story, cuan¬do some calamity threatened his people, Rabbi Shem-Tov Israel Bell used to go to a
certain saint lu¬gar forest, lit a holy fire and recited a special prayer. Thus calamity away.
Years passed, and in time became Mezritch Nagid of the threat of a disaster. He went into the woods and said: << O
Allah, Lord of the universe, not know how to light the sacred fire, but remember the saint of the woods and I know the
special prayer >>. He recited ora¬ción that the sacred place and returned home, compro¬bando misfortune had moved
Many years later, when Rabbi Leib Moshed¬-Sasov warned of the difficulties that threatened his people, he went to the
holy place in the forest and said: << O Allah, Lord of the universe, yet I know the holy place of the forest; but do not
know how to light the sacred fire and I've forgotten the special prayer. But, O Lord, have mercy on us and save your
people >>. Again, tragedy away. Finally, in times of Rabbi Israel of Rizhyn, returned the threat of disaster. Sitting at
home, Rabbi prayed to God from the bottom of his heart: << I'm sorry, Lord I know the holy place of the forest, not know
how to light the sacred fire and, what is worse, to have forgotten the special prayer . However, O God, have mercy on us
and save us from the danger >>.
God heard him and calamity away again.

Someone once asked:
- << What should I do to get fruit in my ora¬ción? ¬ >>
- << Two things, he replied pue¬des think not do anything because nothing depends on you, and act as if you know the
above >>.
- << What I can do to reach God >>.
- << Much as you can do to make the sun rise every morning >>.
- << So what are they ejerci¬cios prayer and piety? >>.
- << To make sure you're awake when the sun rises every morning >>.
The cold that night surprised them and despite the fire
that burned could not get warm. Added some logs
something more to stay tune. They had imagined that
moment on numerous occasions since the time of the
institute, and had finally come true. As agreed, all
brought a story to tell. The stories began, nearly all
terrifying content, murders, cemeteries ... the tension
was increasing. Finally it was his turn to Isaiah. He got
up, took a look serious and began to tell a legend
gravely while the crackling of the fire was heard and the
others went about their words almost without moving an
eyelash: It happened at our school a few years ago. He
told me concierge, Felix, that man so sinister that only
your presence frightening. By the way, do you know
who say they killed and
He tore a student? Well, that story and you tell it other
day Isaiah was getting scare the group. This happened to
some kids about seven years, when they decided to play
the ouija in the gym. They joined hands

The five friends had decided to spend two days together,
a weekend different week. To all of them loved the
stories of fear and why they had been encouraged to rent
this house in the center an average village abandoned.
That town had great relevance in other distant times, as it
was located in the vicinity of a medieval castle, the heart
of power in the times of feudal aristocracy. Someone
told them that this old house stood between All buildings
and their appearance was more like an enchanted that a
cottage castle. Apparently, the owner of the house was
the closest thing to a housekeeper movies terror. These
arguments they seemed unbeatable, and set, very suitable
to live a weekend terrifying. The five friends were
pleasantly surprised when they knew the gloomy
housing and her enigmatic custody. really concern was
felt in every corner, and even sought strong emotions,
for some unknown reason did not attempt to separate
from each other. They dumped the bags together, went to
bath twos, glued and dined sat group front of the open
fire for tea and warm a little on that particular cold night.
while chatting animated the house lights dimmed.

The Huntress
-¡En Me what time you happen to catch the bike!
Roberto complained as the rain fell without interruption
on asphalt. He parked near the main entrance of a
nightclub where, all weekend to take some dropped
glasses. As he placed the lock on the wheel he saw
appear: a young woman with long wet hair, wearing a
dress spring that barely covered its forms and carrying
arms crossed over his chest, as if to retain some heat
was left in his body. Roberto, moved by the scene,
realized that he could not let go under those conditions:
Hey, wait! He shouted. His leather jacket was removed
to put it on the young shoulders. -¡MIre, You're soaked
and frozen!Come on in with me, I'll buy you a drink!
The young man agreed and went together to the disco. I
dont know They separated all evening, chatting, drinking
and having fun. Roberto offered to accompany the girl
who called Yolanda, to the door of his house.

LATEST defloration
-A two ... one, two ... one, two ... The sergeant was
pacing authoritatively and all recruits escort him, being
very careful not to commit any mistake. The week was
being especially hard because the veterans did not stop
bothering and pestering with their unbearable hazing. I
had already suffered a few, but fortunately they were not
very macabre; worst Gerardo took her part, the good old
drive, a giant with a heart that would not fit in his chest,
and stoically enduring joke after another.
After instruction we headed quickly toward the showers.
We had to be ready as soon as possible. that meant more
time to spend in the canteen. As we were some veterans
march approached our group. the thing
did not look promising. Come on, Gary, come have a
stroll with us 'I ordered threatening. -¡Dejadle
Quiet!Enough, you do not stop to make things!
-Les Scolded outraged risk of ensañaran me.
'Your shut up, recruit, or you'll be next! They -
amenazaron. Thugs seemed willing to do anything.
Gerardo, for
blood from reaching the river, he tried to calm down:
-¡Tranquilos Friends, nothing happens, we'll be back
a little while!

The appointment was formalized: At noon on the
outskirts of town! the four
friends had decided that night, precisely that, outside
chosen.Finally going to be shown each other the value of
that so often had strutted! The sky threatened rain, and
lightning, as electric whips, managed to light up the sky
every minute with sparkles metal. The whole town was
in darkness. The power plant had suffered an untimely
breakdown. In similar cases, the electricity supply had
been interrupted for hours. It was,
therefore, the perfect situation. The night had its worst.
Sheathed in their outerwear, friends were appearing
agreed on site. Each brought the required object: a
hammer and a nail with a custom notch to distinguish
him from others. To demonstrate his courage, nothing
beats amid the night, over the wall of the cemetery and
as proof of manhood, embed the nail in one of the many
graves. 'Come on!Let's begin at once! Who dares to be
the first? -¡I Same! Alberto the lapels of his coat up; fists
clenched with determination into his pockets and walked
to the cemetery.

The lanterns cast its beam on the deserted ship. both
guards scanned the corner where one of them had heard
a noise.
Do you see anything?
No, nothing. I think you start to be obsessed.
It's because you are new, Mark, surely if you knew
I know the same thing ...
-¡Cuenta, Mind! 'I urged the rookie.
Enrique lowered her voice and said to his companion:
Did you know we carry, including this round do more
six low by depression? Marcos made this face surprise
your partner understood
I should not be aware of the situation. Enrique continued
telling the story ...
-Antonio, For example, told me that he was suffering
stress due
the noises were heard at night; seemed the cries
of a man who sometimes derived in whistle ... But the
most traumatic
came when he heard the breathing of a person very
close to his ear and even came to feel the warmth of his
-¡Joder, Enrique! ... Is to acojonar! But hey, still !,
Continues! Marcos was getting restless.

Do not light up!
A Margi he became heavier each day having to go to
sleep at school
greater. Susi shared a room with a nerdy
and surly with that did not quite get along. So when
her boyfriend Alex asked him to stay to sleep that night
with him
He did not think twice. Though a little late, he had no
but to go to school to pick up some personal care items,
pajamas and a change. Alex was in the car waiting.
I promise it will not take as he left he assured Margi
the car. He went up to the room, and not wake his
not even turned on the light. Groping in the darkness,
everything I needed and hurried down the stairs.
The next day, when he appeared at the school, he found
There was a stir near the door of his room. many
curious and several police officers in and out of his
room. a
uniformed officer approached him: Excuse me, miss,
'said the police officer in serious tone. Do you live in this
Well, yes. Something wrong? 'I replied uneasily.
It -¿Entró you last night in this room? He asked again
the police.

Grandma greeted eagerly for the postman, who appeared
in the village
three times weekly. The town was small, and the volume
of correspondence
not justify having a post office open.
Hello, Mariano !, how's it going? This time I have luck
Raised his voice the old lady from the entrance of your
Well, yes, now you're lucky, Antonia; it is also
a package of his American nephew, 'I replied the
while descending the SUV he used to sharing.
'There's to see how this guy is always sending !,
things. The last time I filled a box with packets of
different flavors, you can not imagine that binge di me,
Said the old lady approaching.
I Well, and how's the family? A lot has not seen a
their children? Kindly demanded to know the mailman.

No day could end my time! Although I do not propose,
some document breaking conspired to make me
forced to leave the office late; and what I really intended,
mainly because I do not like taking the metro when it has
nightfall. The station is usually half empty, and the cars
carry a dozen passengers.
The first thing was to get to the platform was checking
the time
for circulation missing the next train (in this case, there
lucky that was two minutes), and then threw
a quick look at the platform to meet no unpleasant
surprises, although there was always a close individual
my blood ran cold. Most times you defiantly bared
with his obscene look.

At the boarding school she felt pressured. In other
schools by
that had happened, always stood as a model student, and
father (an influential businessman) was proud of her. But
lately, things would not come out very well. The last
It had been a disaster, despite having worked harder than
It was logical that feel unmotivated: each job delivering
or test performed did not reflect at all their efforts.
This absurd situation had dragged her to go all in
an examination. These reflections are the devastating
formulated while
examiners stacked sheets of corrected
on the table. Eva was nervous and felt his wet hands.
When collated the results, I could not believe it: the first
tests had gone well but the last, the most punctuated had
been a disaster ... What would I tell your father!
He felt dizzy, his head began to spin at high speed. Eva
obsessively recreated shame would experience in
qualification to his father.
"Flexin Finessin"
Flexin and Finessin
Flexin and Finessin
Ain't got no time for stressing
I'm just flexin and finessing
Okay now, Big dollars I been gettin.
This my world boy I been shittin
These bad bitches? I'm friends with em
They bow down and let my friends hit em
Like got damn. this Tight Gold shit!
You ridin' round in my old whip
Me? Trapgold 1st? Black hood

It go fly bitch, fly shit, and got these ho on my dick
And if I could have one wish its that I die rich
Yeah, a bitch tryna go to the grave with it
Know I keep that crack, gettin paid with it
Real talk, while you bitches just play with it
Long hair don't care, Bad bitch. Don't stare
You could leave don't care won't care, flow rare
So turned up don't wanna turn down
You see that ass from the front, no turn arounds
Like got damn, I mean oh, shit! cold bitch and my flow
So sick I might cough and hack and then toss some racks
Like count alla that

"Yo El Ray"
Four score
Lotta years ago
Fine aussie lady had a bad bitch
And she grew to be me
Fuck a dime, I’m a dollar
Katsuya lunch
Bitch dine at Kitana
Rattle, Dolce and Gabanna
Diapers killin' your expenses
Bottle’s Hermes, bitch
If I burp that spit expensive
Wrong, kill a bitch with the heels
D.O.A when I step for realz
Ill, rap a ho in hole

"Million Dollar Misfits"
Yeah we finally on, tell the world we on
Yeah we finally on, tell the world we on
Tell the world we on, tell the world we on
That’s that’s that I live for [x3]
Who we sent get real
Tell the world we on

Look, we gettin' money
We spendin' money
There's june money and decemeber money
Theres summer money and winter money
Clothes on top of clothes
I'm flyer than a bird and I'm shittin' on you hoes
Whatchu know bitch I'm on.

"You Won't See The Wind Or The Rain"
You may be in a dry place right now
and it seems you can’t come out
For I have come to make a way
I’ve come to heal your pain
But you won’t feel the wind
you won’t see the rain
But oh just know
I’ll make, I’ll make a way

"They Said, But GOD Said"
They said you couldn't have it, but God said, "It's yours."
They said you won't make it, but God said, "I'll open
doors." They said it was over for you, but God said, "It
has just begun." They said you might as well give up the
fight, but God said, "The battle is already won."
They walk over, they talk over, they push over, they life
on you. But in the midst of all of that, could still raise up
a champion. In the midst of the hurt, in the midst of the
pain, in the midst of distractions, He said you are the
chosen one.
They said you will never be, but God said, "I'm raising
you for my glory." They said you didn't have a dream,
oh, but God said, "You have purpose." They said this
problem will never end, but God said, "I'm bringing you
out, my child." They said you might as well throw in the
towel, but God said, "This storm is just for a while."

Please refrain-
Cause I can't take your
Your constructive criticism anymore
What the hell have you been building anyways?
between you and me?
Just a barricade
I gotta say


"Last Straw"
He's a whisper
And I'm an echo
I'm a helicopter
He's a pleasant meadow
I crash into
If I was a sailboat
Then he would be the ocean
Using all that he had
To keep us in motion

"A Town Like This"
Flowers don't know me like trees know wind and winds
Blows a breeze one way to snow
The flowers around
They're all around

I climbed a mountain that night
I peaked at sight of morning light
Word spread so fast in a town like this
I tumble, I tumble down, I tumble, I tumble down

Snow only leads to a freeze
Likely to be one this week
Now flowers fade
Well they don't know me anyway

How to fix "buns cars" Galician ?.
Blowing the exhaust.

Returns a Galician from a trip to Las Vegas and Pepillo
asks how it went.
- Well - Venancio answer - there are sensational slot
machines. I gave him a coin and I won. I went back and
took another win. I finally had to give up because they
no longer know what to do with so many Cokes.

Why go to nude Galician supermarket ?.
Because outside there is an ad that says: "50% discount
on balls."

Why Galician sit in the back row when going to watch
funny movies ?.
He who laughs last, laughs best.

Gallego says to the other:
- I bought a watch.
And the other question:
- What brand ?.
- For the hour.

Wrong Way
VA Gallego driving through London and turns on the
radio when the news just issued, and listen:
- Attention, attention, is communicated to motorists that
there is a crazy driving in the opposite direction to traffic
!.Beware !.
And Galician says:
- How one ?.Miles !.

A couple walking along the beach in Galicia and in what
man says to his wife:
- Laura, look how many dead pigeons !!.
The woman looks up and says:
- Where, where, where ?.

A Galician going to the movies and the box office girl
- Sir, this is the fifth time you buy your ticket.
Galician replied:
- It is unfortunate that the door breaks me ...

Galician Why can not dial 911 ?.
Because there are 11 on the phone.

Gallego was a tourist in the Sahara, walking in the desert
with a swimsuit. A Bedouin looked at him, astonished
and Galician replies:
- I'm gonna go swimming ...
- But the ocean is 1300 miles from here - informed the
Arab -.
- Thirteen hundred miles !!. Good lord, what a beach so
great !!.