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10m child abuse inquiry to question 180
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Hundreds of lives ruined by cult of silence
Child Abuse Report (16.2.2000)
Why scandal was hidden f or so long: The
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Welsh homes cult of silence Behind the
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Public f igures were named in report on sexual
abuse at childrens homes (9.11.12)
February 2013
Elm Guest House
Haut de la Garenne
Islington Children's Homes
spotlight on abuse: the past on trial
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February 14, 2013
Elm Guest House
Peter Righton, Charles Napier, David Cameron
& John Whittingdale
Another two comments were left on this blog by Tom Watsons source for his PMQ about a powerful
paedophile network linked to parliament and No. 10. Here are the comments in full:
Thank you giving me the opportunity to use your blog. You are playing a major role and it is so
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing Liz Davies getting a second chance to progress what
she started 20 years ago. A truly remarkable and very brave woman.
Liz and I liaised very closely in the early 90s and tried to expose so many links before the system
beat us down . To give you one good example Peter Righton and his partner disappeared after
Rightons convictions and were subsequently traced to Lord Hennikers ancestral home in Eye in
Paedophile & PIE member Peter Righton
Paedophile & PIE member Peter Righton Go
2012 2013 2014
6 captures
17 Feb 13 - 29 May 13
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Islington Children's Homes
New Barns School
North Wales
Operation Fernbridge
Operation Ore
Peter Righton
Muruns tweets
Write to your MP & demand they ask Theresa
May f or inquiry into why Leon Brittan f ailed to
act on evidence of a paedophile ring.
#Fernbridge 6 hours ago
What happened to the child abuse f iles given
to Leon Brittan? Demand an inquiry. Contact
your MP:
#Fernbridge #Savile 6 hours ago
Geof f rey Dickens gave Leon Brittan 50-page
dossier naming paedophiles. He did nothing
about it. #Savile #Fernbridge 9dk 6 hours ago
Good to hear f ormer police of f icers are f inally
speaking up about protected paedoophile
networks. #Fernbridge #Savile
6 hours ago
Police were investigating links between Elm
House paedophiles and 2 missing/murdered
boys. Express 1982
#Fernbridge 6 hours ago
Was Scotland Yard investigation linking
missing boys with Elm Guest House
paedophiles stopped? #Fernbridge
6 hours ago
Scotland Yard must reopen investigations into
The Chief Constable of Suffolk took it upon himself to visit and warn Henniker that he had 2
paedophiles with very significant national links on his property. Henniker was not in any way
perturbed by this disclosure despite the fact that for many years he had had extremely vulnerable
children holiday on his estate. He ran the Islington /Suffolk Project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a scheme for
disadvantaged children from Islington to have country holidays in rural Suffolk
If you google the late Lord Henniker you will see how influential a role he played in The British
Council Rightons very close friend/fellow PIE member Charles Napier was employed as a teacher
by the British Council in Cairo even though he was already on List 99 as a banned teacher after his
early conviction.
Paedophile & ex-PIE treasurer Charles Napier
Paedophile & ex-PIE treasurer Charles Napier
Righton and Napier groomed and abused numerous children in tandem.
Liz Davies never lost hope and now we all need to get behind her and champion her determination
to get the Islington story out once and for all and then lots more dots will join up
I would like to use your site again in quick succession please Murun to see if any of your followers
would be prepared to write a further letter, after so many of them are currently writing to their
individual MPs re supporting Tom Watson in his efforts to get to the bottom of the true extent of
powerful paedophiles networks linked to parliament or government or establishment institutions en
Im sure most people would agree that there should have been cross-party support for Geoffrey
Dickens 30 years ago. Thanks to the Daily Mirror and your tight little team this is very much back on
the agenda . Tom Watson is very much the current day Dickens and we must all ensure that he
doesnt become ridiculed or sidelined like Geoffrey Dickens was. Tom has tabled his question in
Parliament to Teresa May re what happened to the 50 page document presented to the then Home
Secretary Leon Brittan . However she will have probably be able to delay matters by saying this is a
big exercise to find such an old document.
I would like to propose a counter tactic to run alongside Tom Watsons official route and the Daily
Mirrors efforts and would very much appreciate a few letters to accompany mine.
On the day of Tom Watsons PMQ on 24th October 2012 a few hours later David Cameron made this
statement The Government will do everything it can do, other institutions must do what they can
do, to make sure that we learn the lesson of this and it can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN
David Cameron: "It can never happen again" open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
Scotland Yard must reopen investigations into
murders of Vishal Mehrotra & Martin Allen
now Sidney Cooke linked with Elm House.
#Fernbridge 6 hours ago
With Margaret Hodge as leader, Islington
Council's PC bias helped pimps & paedophiles
cou 11 hours ago
Minister f or Children Margaret Hodge called
#Islington child abuse victim "an extremely
disturbed person"
abu #Fernbridge 11 hours ago
2003 Times story on #Islington Children's
Homes - Margaret Hodge should resign as
Minister f or Children
min 12 hours ago
Belgian police were alert to possible British
connection with #Dutroux via Spartacus boss
John D Stamf ord
bel #Fernbridge 15 hours ago
1994 Sunday Times article on Spartacus
international paedophile network
oh #Fernbridge 15 hours ago
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David Cameron: It can never happen again
He was actually referring to the Savile scandal engulfing the BBC, NHS etc at the time but his words
must be applied to all institutions including Government/Parliament a far greater scandal than
My letter will be to John Whittingdale in his role as Chairman of the cross-party Culture Select
Committee. After I explain why I see this as the most effective way of keeping the issue in the public
psyche until the Police can do their job, I hope people will agree to write letters of support addressed
to John Whittingdale as well.
The Culture Select Committee was set up to be an investigative process we witnessed the power it
has during the Murdoch/hacking investigation and it is played out in public on prime time national
TV. It can call politicians,police officers,who it likes really.
In his role as Chair John Whittingdale chose to take every media opportunity to criticise the BBC and
particularly the Director General over their handling of Savile and he in not so many words
demanded the head of George Entwhistle which was duly delivered. He therefore has proven he has
the tenacity,will and more importantly the power to bring those deemed accountable or responsible
to book. We now need to urgently ask him to apply the exact same standard to another institution ie
his own Westminster and be seen to support his Prime Ministers words of 24th October ie a we will
leave no stone unturned approach. This time members of the public,victims,people like myself can
be called so that the public get their say.
Starting points for the Committee can be what happened to Dickens dossier, how do Parliament
explain the risible decisions of Sir Michael Havers and Sir Thomas Hetherington, allegedly in that
wonderful phrase in the public interest otherwise interpreted as in the establishments interest,
not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman who was a PIE member communicating with other paedophiles
about the sadistic torture of children ,why was a prosecution of Cyril Smith deemed to be not in the
public interest, why does Westminster appear to be the safest environment of all to operate as a
pedophile with the full protection of the security services and colleagues ( reference Edwina Curries
diary re Peter Morrison being known openly to fellow MPs as a predatory paedophile even before he
was promoted to be Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party as well as Michael Cockerells 1995
BBC Documentary where it was openly admitted that it was the role of Chief Whips to make an entry
into their Dirt Books if an MP was caught getting in to trouble with small boys as opposed to
making a referral to the Police)
The list of questions/issues for this powerful investigative committee would be limitless .
John Whittingdale
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My second reason for writing to John Whittingdale in particular would be to short circuit what could be
a torturous route to trace the Dickens dossier. Mr Whittingale became Leon Brittans Special Adviser
months after the dossier was presented to Brittan. (CLARIFICATION: Ive checked this and
Whittingdale didnt become Special Adviser to Leon Brittan until 1985 and that was in Brittans
role as Trade & Industry secretrary, not Home Secretrary. In 1984 he was head of the political
section of the Conservative Research Department). I am advised that Special Advisers are the
eyes and ears of their Minister boss. I am also advised that Mr. Whittingdale is a particularly brilliant
brain,a MENSA member with an exceptional memory. As a young 20 something ambitious he might
be reasonably expected on arrival in his new post where such an explosive and controversial
document, the subject of intense media interest, might be in his new bosss system. Was it still in his
in-tray,pending or closed marked no further action. He could be of great assistance and his
committee have had similar expectations of people brought before them to recall highly significant
documents even after several years .
My third reason for arguing that John Whittingdale is a very powerful and appropriate person to assist
with answers and ensure that David Camerons message about EVERY institution must be
answerable to the public is a more personal than professional one.
Mr.Whittingdales half brother is in my professional opinion one of this countrys most dangerous
predatory paedophiles .Charles Napier was the Treasurer of the early PIE organisation by
definition a treasurer would have a full list of all members and had responsibility for payment of
subscriptions in to their account at the Midland Bank in central London. He remained central to that
organisation and I had the horrendous task of sifting through a huge collection of letters he wrote
over the years to fellow paedophiles which showed him to be an evil coldly calculating individual
who carefully groomed very young boys before abusing them himself and then sharing them with
other paedophiles.
Mr Whittingdale will have the crucial insight into the family or environmental background that creates
such a monster. Given his severe criticism of institutions like the BBC for failing to detect a similar
monster (Savile) within their midst, Mr.Whittingdale is perfectly positioned to talk about the measures
he and his family took to alert the relevant authorities whenever Napier took up a new post with
access to children . When letters arrived from Sweden,Cairo and Turkey to family members during a
period when Napier was banned from teaching and Mr.Whittingdale was firmly embedded within No.
10, what dilemmas did the family face, how did they deal with family loyalty as opposed to public
duty expected of a powerful public figure. This experience and insight would be invaluable for the
type of questions that need to be asked at a Culture Select Committee or Royal Commission to
ensure that David Camerons stated aim is achieved ie. The Government will do everything it can
do. to make sure that we learn the lesson ..and IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN
On 12th December 2012 David Cameron added Collusion should never happen again. He added open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
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the measure of our society is how we treat its most vulnerable members. . Noble words now we
need to demand action.
There are no more vulnerable members of our society than children who have been taken in to care
and then re-abused by the very people charged with the responsibility of caring for them and
protecting them, and even worse passed on for further abuse by the people who make the laws of
this country and who are expected to lead the way on the moral compass.
I sincerely hope some of your followers would agree to support such a letter to John Whittingdale
If you want to write to John Whittingdale you can contact him here.
Just one clarification, it was actually the Sunday People who wrote the piece about the Dickens
dossier, they are affilated to the Mirror so their work is included on the Mirror website. In my opinion
they are to be trusted, if anyone has solid leads that they want followed up in the national media
please write to Sunday People journalist Keir Mudie:
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Well there it is. Clear as day.
madlands said:
February 14, 2013
10:06 am
Reblogged this on theneedleblog.
gojam said:
February 14, 2013
10:14 am
My letter to Mr Whittingdale will follow.
chess said:
February 14, 2013
10:57 am
Reblogged this on NO MORE SHAME and commented:
I dare just one MSM newspaper to print this!! would bring the whole Paedocracy to its knees
misty53 said:
February 14, 2013
11:34 am
also reblogged this to No more Shame.
I dare just one MSM newspaper to print this!! would bring the whole Paedocracy to its knees
misty53 said:
February 14, 2013
11:35 am
That D Notice of Blairs? Lets have the full story.
Charles Edward Frith
(@charlesfrith) said:
February 14, 2013
3:04 pm open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
If the truth really was to come about the Paedophile gangs working with number 10 and all previous governments-and the
governments real reasons for doing this terrible thing, would bring down the monarchy, a revolution in other words. Is is why the
truth will all ways be covered up.
mickdeburgh said:
February 14, 2013
3:31 pm Sorry if people have already seen this, but
its important, because I PERSONALLY told David Cameron all about the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse I am one of the
survivors, and David Rose, Bob Woffingden and Richard Webster who were with him at that 2002 Select Committee trying to
hinder the police investigating institutional child abuse have been going round all the institutional child abuse investigations
including Haut de la Garenne and trying to discredit them.
zoompad said:
February 14, 2013
3:33 pm
Good on you for telling your story and for proving Cameron is up to his neck in this. Well proud of people
like YOU!
louise said:
February 15, 2013
1:06 pm
Is pedophile money being paid in the millions to the British government so the children homes ca stay open. What must be
looked into is the bankruptcy of Great Britain. The bankruptcy of this country is the reason why the Pedophile rings run by people
like Jimmy Savile are running the UK. And why the British establishment and MI5 cant do a bloody thing, the pedo gangsters are
the British establishment right up to the royals, David Icke is right on on the dot.
mickdeburgh said:
February 14, 2013
3:46 pm
To the British establishment running the Pedophile ring is just another way of making money, the means justifies the end.
mickdeburgh said:
February 14, 2013
3:51 pm open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
Arent Napier and Whittingdale are half brothers? Child of Margaret Esm Scott Napier and Alexander Napier
Charles Scott Napier2 b. 1 Jul 1947
Child of Margaret Esm Scott Napier and John Whittingdale
John Flasby Lawrance Whittingdale+2 b. 16 Oct 1959
Sarah Ledsom said:
February 14, 2013
8:41 pm
The clear inference, from the investigation into the Elm Guest House coming as the police response to Tom Watson referring to
ANOTHER paedophile ring, is that this other paedophile ring involves more high-ranking people. Whoever gets done over Elm
Guest House will just be the strategic sacrifices seen as necessary to continue covering a greater scandal.
chrisb said:
February 14, 2013
8:47 pm
Sarah Ledsom said:
February 14, 2013
8:52 pm
Its interesting you ask Mr.Whittingdale is perfectly positioned to talk about the measures he and his family took to alert the
relevant authorities whenever Napier took up a new post with access to children .
The BBC published a quotation yesterday from one David Clohessy a director of an organisation called SNAP (survivors network
of persons abused by priests) where he condemned the handling of abuse cases within religious communities.
What was not reported by the BBC is that Clohessys brother is a serial abuser and a cleric and that Clohessy knew that his
brother was carrying out abuse and molesting young children yet he did nothing about it. He siad in an interview hes my brother;
hes an abuser. Do I treat him like my brother?.
The fact that Clohesssy knew about the abuse his brother was carrying out yet he protected him it is well documented so why
didnt the BBC report this?
Dr. Steve Taylor is a psychiatrist who is sitting in prison for downloading child pornography from his computer. He is well known to
SNAPhe was one of their go-to psychiatrists for years. Indeed, the convict is so well loved by SNAP that the founder of the
organization, Barbara Blaine, intervened on his behalf and wrote to the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners pleading with
them to cut Taylor some slack.
In other words, it is well known that SNAP has hired, hidden, defended, enabled, ignored and concealed the crimes of child
molesters, but that doesnt stop the BBC from using them for soundbites and quotations so whats the link?
Joe said:
February 15, 2013
11:00 am open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
Does anyone have access to the trial documents for the Charles Napier and (Paul Pelham) Righton convictions? Some part of
these must be publicly accessible, including the judges recommendations. I am amazed that no journalist appears to have
bothered to locate these, along with whatever can be salvaged from the PIE membership lists and correspondence.
I am sure that you know that the PIE spirit continues to the present day in active groups in Britain and Europe, some of which are
composed of people who were PIE / IPCE members and organisers.
Ulham said:
February 15, 2013
11:15 am

Reblogged this on and commented:
Stunning article! Thanks Spotlight.
simian said:
February 15, 2013
3:32 pm

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