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Organisation formed on:

August 2013
Constitution adopted on:
September 2013
Abundance Centres (Lambeth)
Development Trust
Our Constitution
1. Name
The name of the organisation shall be: Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust
2. Objectives
2. The objeti!es of Abundane Centres "#ambeth$ %e!elopment Trust is to arr& out
ati!ities 'hih benefit the ommunities of #ambeth and members of the Trust in regard to
ommunit& engagement( famil& direted learning( personal de!elopment and in partiular
"'ithout limitation$:
2.1. To de!elop( establish and maintain an ethos of abundane in the life of the loal
#ambeth ommunities. Our ser!ies re!ol!e around the de!elopment of eduation( health
and soial net'or)ing* ser!ies( entres and e+perienes.
2.2. To a,uire( prepare( establish( inubate( protet( administer( refurbish and maintain as
re,uired land and entres of ser!ie "Abundane Centres$ in basi agreement 'ith the
priniples and general intention of bringing about ommunit& engagement( reati!it&( ross-
urriula learning and.or unified 'a&s of oming to )no' "unified)no'ledge$ that
speifiall& enable and enrih the learning of the sienes and maths through the arts(
intelligent pla& and the dissemination of 'holisti pedagogial "learning$ praties.
/ithin this broader objeti!e "2.2.$ 'e are agreed*
"a$ To ad!ane publi "ommunit&$ eduation( espeiall& that of hildren( in ulture(
arts( mathematis( reati!it&( the sienes and.or the natural relationships bet'een
them. A speial fous is to be gi!en to their interonneti!it& 'ith life and nature.
"b$ To ad!ane publi "ommunit&$ health( 'ith the lear sense that health is a state
of ph&sial( mental( emotional( spiritual and soial 'ell-being "!ibrant( reati!e(
perepti!e( determined and gro'ing$ aompanied b& a freedom from illness(
disease or pain. The trust !ie's health as a t&pe of harmon& and uni!ersall& agreed
human !alue.
"$ To pro!ide or assist in the pro!ision of failities for rereation( leisure time ati!ities(
eduational de!elopment or ultural de!elopment 'ith the objet of de!eloping
ommunities0 ph&sial( mental and spiritual apaities( respetful to the di!erse
Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust - Our Constitution page: 1 of 8
e+pressions of all. Thus impro!ing onditions of life and.or learning apaities as
&oung people gro' to full maturit& 'ithin themsel!es( their families( ommunities and
soiet& as a 'hole.
"d$ To stud& and teah the ultural heritage( arts( sienes and histor& of peoples
globall& so that it an be publil& and.or pri!atel& performed( told( e+pressed(
publiised or e+hibited through the Trust( its partners and the outreah ati!ities of the
Trust loall&( nationall& and internationall&.
"e$ To reate e+perienes and entres of learning 'here &oung people an easil&
aess artisti( sientifi and multi media resoures( arr& out researh.studies and
"f$ To broaden the learning and e+perienes of people through loal( national and
international net'or)ing( tra!el and ultural e+hanges. 1nluding the bringing in and
e+porting of loal( national and international e+perts and e+pertise.
"g$ To doument and arhi!e the ultural arts( sienes( agriultural )no'ledge(
heritage and histor& of peoples globall& through all t&pes of media "'ritten( audio(
!ideo et.$( to publish( patent and op&right an& in!ention or findings of the
"h$ To de!elop parents( teahers( instrutors and those 'ith the interest( in the
disiplines of reati!e art( siene( mathematis( ulture and.or the &eht2mr
"unified)no'ledge$ approah to eduation. 3esearhing( de!eloping
and a,uiring eduational resoures that 'ill support the learning of eduators and
also their abilit& to guide( indue( and nurture high ,ualit& learning 'ithin their
"i$ To support the )no'ledge e+hange of teahers 'ith other teahers( students 'ith
other students and teahers 'ith students on a global basis. Teahers ma& be
&ounger or older persons( students ma& be &ounger or older persons* these realities
are subjet to indi!idual0s ompetene and onsiousness( also )no'n 'ithin the Trust
as their 45ratie #e!els6.
"j$ To generall& gi!e priorit& support to hildren( &oung people and families 'ho are
e+periening eduational or soial e+lusion( po!ert& and.or an& )ind of raial
"ultural heritage.)inship$ ine,ualit&.
2.3. To net'or) and o-operate progressi!el& 'ith loal go!ernment administrations
"members( offiers( ommittees( poliies 7 best pratie$( shools( ommunit& entres(
libraries( faith organisations( housing assoiations and other )e& institutional ommunit&
sta)eholders to further the interests of the loal ommunit& in regard to objeti!e 2.2."a$ to
2.8. To strategiall& prepare the en!ironment "ommunities( mar)ets( net'or)s(
pro!ine.g9at$* and thus all t&pes of loal resoures and sta)e-holders$ for the establishment
of Abundane Centres throughout #ambeth "in partiular( though not e+lusi!el&$ and its
!arious proposed abundane de!elopment path'a&s i.e. ommunal 'ealth apait&
de!elopment 7 management( loal human apait& building and di!ersified mediums of
4trade6 and e+hange promotion. This 'ill be done in line 'ith the Trust0s onstitutional terms
1 The eht!mr ur"u#!eht "unified)no'ledge$ approah to eduation is the learning pedagog& of $chools O% &ni%ied
Learnin'. 1t ad!anes and !alues nature-entred( human-entred( learner-entred and famil& direted learning. Also its
'a& promotes the unit& of the arts( maths and the sienes rather than redutionist approahes. The term 4&eht0mr
ur'u)0eht6 " $ is Amahri "a term of the :thiopian language$ and means 4unified )no'ledge6.
Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust - Our Constitution page: 2 of 8
and the ethos of a haritable soial enterprise.
2.;. To pro!ide the members 'ith premium benefits( intelligene and ser!ies in addition to
those pro!ided to the general publi. The Trust 'ill stri!e to find 'a&s to target these
premiums to member0s needs and aspirations.
2.<. To de!elop and pro!ide support for persons and ne'l& forming organisations of
#ambeth in the de!elopment of ommunit& projets aimed to'ards the benefit of residents(
people 'ho 'or) in the area and !isitors.
2.=. To de!elop and maintain the Trust as a self-refining and self-sustaining organisation
through* "a$ the nature of our internal 'or)ing priniples( proesses and protools of
operation "pratie$. "b$ a broad and di!ersified portfolio of highl& ati!e fund-raising and
'ealth management strategies.
(. )embership
The Abundane Centres "#ambeth$ %e!elopment Trust is open to e!er&one 'ho agrees 'ith
the objeti!es of the organisation. The Trust highl& !alues ooperati!e 'a&s of 'or)ing 'ith
both the publi and the membership. Through this the abundane ethos omes into being.
The setion belo' on member rights and responsibilities e+ists to ensure that members an
benefit full& from all pro!isions of the Trust and also from premium pro!isions it de!elops
espeiall& for the membership. >embers of the Trust 'ill al'a&s be enouraged and
supported in their embrae of 'holisti pedagogial "learning$ praties.
A full e,ual opportunities poli& 'ill be implemented.
3.1. 1rrespeti!e of )inship( iti9enship( geographi loation( gender( se+ual orientation(
disabilit&( faith.spiritual 'a&( politial or other opinion - membership shall be open to all:
"a$ indi!iduals aged eighteen &ears or more( 'ho shall be )no'n as *eneral
"b$ indi!iduals aged under eighteen &ears( 'ho shall be )no'n as +unior )embers
and 'ho ma& be admitted to membership subjet to suh onditions as the
Committee ma& deide. The& shall ha!e the po'er to elet t'o of their number to
represent them( 'ithout the right to !ote( at meetings of the Committee. An& ?unior
members ma& also attend @eneral >eetings as obser!ers and.or ontributors but
shall not ha!e the right to !ote.
"$ assoiations and organisations( 'hether orporate or uninorporated( "and
inluding branhes of national or international organisations$( are !oluntar&( soial
enterprises or non-profit-distributing and 'hih 'ish to support the objets of the Trust(
'hih shall be )no'n as Corporate )embers. %isretion ma& be e+erised b& the
:+euti!e Committee to aept a Corporate >ember 'ho is outside of this lause0s
guidane but fits 'ithin the )e& organisation t&pes detailed in Clause 2.3.*
"d$ the Statutor& Authorities in 'hose administrati!e area the area of benefit lies( the&
'ill be )no'n as $tatutor )embers.
3.2. :ah member organisation as set out in Clause 3. 1. "$ and "d$ abo!e and eah Aous
Team established in aordane 'ith Clause ; belo' shall appoint one indi!idual person
being a member thereof to represent it and !ote on its behalf at @eneral >eetings of the
Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust - Our Constitution page: 3 of 8
Trust* and ma& appoint an alternate being a member thereof to replae its appointed
representati!e as an obser!er at suh meetings if the appointed representati!e is unable to
attend. 1n the e!ent of suh indi!idual person resigning( or lea!ing a member organisation or
Setion he or she shall forth'ith ease to be a representati!e thereof. The member
organisation onerned shall ha!e the right to appoint a ne' representati!e( informing the
Seretar& in 'riting.
3.3. 1ndi!idual members admitted under Clause 3. 1."a$ and representati!es appointed under
Clause 3 .1."$ abo!e shall hereafter be referred to as members "ith po"er to vote.
3.8. )embers, -i'hts
BaC >embers ha!e the right to be reati!e and ooperati!e in shaping their li!ing and
learning en!ironments( 'hate!er their aspiration or ulture( in a 'a& that ma)es their
li!es or aspirations easier to ahie!e or more effeti!e and does no harm to other
members or the en!ironment as a 'hole*
BbC >embers ha!e the right to a laim on the basi share of benefits( intelligene and
ser!ies 'hih the Trust pro!ides( pro!ided the& are a member in good standing and
ma)ing head'a& to meet their responsibilities. This laim annot under an&
irumstanes be ta)en a'a& 'hile a person is still a member of the Trust.
BC >embers ha!e the right to partiipate in as man& roles as the& hoose to ta)e on(
in an& part of the Trust and at an& le!el pro!ided the& are 'illing to gain the
neessar& eduation and s)ills re,uired for onsious and ompetent partiipation*
BdC >embers ha!e the right( 'hile 'or)ing in an& team "e.g. Aous Teams$ 'ithin the
Trust( to demoratiall& remo!e and replae their team leader at an& time( pro!iding
that doing so does not impinge on the team0s abilit& to funtion* failing that D
members ha!e the right to form separate teams 'ith one another in order to fulfil the
same tas) as( and to ompete 'ith and impro!e upon( an& e+isting teams* should
the& feel that the& annot 'or) 'ith the team leader or 'ith the members of the
e+isting team and do not onstitute a demorati majorit& 'ithin that team. Suh
ations shall be regulated b& the :+euti!e Committee*
3.;. >embers are as)ed to remember that these rights are pro!ided( as 'ith all rights( not to
be a liense for an& )ind of ompliit& against the onstitution( instead these rights are to be
a mandate for progressi!e ation to'ards objeti!e ahie!ement.
3.<. )embers, -esponsibilities
BaC >embers are re,uired to be reati!e and ooperati!e in shaping their li!ing and
learning en!ironments( 'hate!er their aspirations or ulture( in a 'a& that ma)es their
li!es or aspirations easier to ahie!e or more effeti!e and does no harm to other
members or the en!ironment as a 'hole*
BbC >embers are re,uired to ondut themsel!es in an honest( honourable( respetful
and goodl& manner to'ards members and non-members of the Trust*
BC >embers are re,uired to ontribute to the Trust b& ta)ing up a role or roles that
the& an be produti!e in. 3oles are to be underta)en in a spirit of 'holesome
responsibilit& for the role itself( the need that reated the role( the intended end
results and the atual end results the role produes*
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BdC >embers are re,uired to start( and then o!er time( ma)e a stud& of( omment on
and see) to )no' through professional de!elopment path'a&s as organised b&
members and the :+euti!e Committee: the Trust0s onstitution( priniples( proesses
of operations( guidane manuals( protools( goals( projets( methodologies(
nominated pedagogies( membership ulture 7 'ell-being( et. This determination
'ill help the member flourish in the supporti!e( reati!e and e+perimental
en!ironment that the Trust see)s to pro!ide to'ards its objeti!es( partiularl& Clause
2.= "To de!elop and maintain the Trust as a self-refining and self-sustaining
BeC >embers are re,uired to ontinuall& 'or) to'ards uplifting and de!eloping their
onsiousness and their ph&sial( emotional( intelletual( spiritual( moral and ethial
sel!es b& either on!entional or unon!entional means( at a stead& and onsidered
pae. 4Considered6 meaning that not e!er&thing needs to be ta)led at one( but
that e!er&thing should be ta)led e!enl& and !aluing the essene of 'holesome
personal.professional de!elopment*
BfC >embers are re,uired to pro!ide feedba) to other members about ho' the&
thin) and feel the& and other members are progressing in meeting their
responsibilities( as is done in other responsible peer re!ie' proesses*
BgC >embers are re,uired to produe and maintain their o'n :ngagement and S)ills
Statement ":SS$ 'hih is to list a member0s s)ills and talents* 'hether professional or
da& to da&( their aspirations and urrent learning objeti!es( past and present roles(
et. The proess of )eeping an up to date :SS is important in personal learning
de!elopment and helps failitate the peer-re!ie' mehanism bet'een members
regarding performane in roles and Trust objeti!e ahie!ements*
BhC >embers are re,uired to !alue and use their !ote on e!er& issue that an be
!oted on should the& be in ph&sial or eletroni attendane at an& meeting*
3.=. Attempting to den& an& of these rights and.or responsibilities to others or serious or
repeated minor infrations of these responsibilities ma& result in targeted inter!entions to
restore agreement and harmon&( the suspension or e+pulsion of the member under Clause
<.2 of this onstitution or the appliation of disiplinar& guidane.measures under Clause <.2
of this onstitution.
.. $ubscriptions
All indi!idual members and Corporate >embers shall be in!ited to pa& suh subsriptions as
appro!ed b& members at an A@> meeting( this ma& not be ompulsor&.
/. 0ocus Teams
Aous Teams shall be suh groups of indi!idual members "and others 'ith e+pertise$ as ma&(
'ith the permission of the :+euti!e Committee( be formed 'ithin the Trust for the
furtherane of harmonious organisational 'or)ing and objeti!e ahie!ement. The
:+euti!e Committee shall determine the terms of referene and funtions of eah suh
Aous Team and the duration of its ati!ities.
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1. -esi'nation and Termination o% )embership
<.1. An& member of the Trust ma& resign his.her membership and an& representati!e of a
member organisation or Aous Team ma& resign suh position( b& gi!ing to the Seretar& of
the Trust 'ritten notie to that effet.
<.2. The :+euti!e Committee ma&( b& resolution passed at a meeting thereof( enat
targeted inter!entions to restore agreement and harmon& upon( terminate or suspend the
membership of an& member( if in its opinion( his.her ondut is prejudiial to the interests
and objets of the Trust( pro!ided that the indi!idual member or representati!e of the
member organisation "as the ase ma& be$ shall ha!e the right to be heard b& the
:+euti!e Committee before the final deision is made. There shall be a right of appeal to
an independent arbitrator appointed b& mutual agreement.
2. 34ecutive )embers
The :+euti!e >embers ma& be offiers of the Trust( the )e& posts shall be: Chair( Eie Chair
"optional$( Treasurer( Seretar&( and Organisational 1ntelligene Offier "optional$
5. *eneral Operations
The affairs of the Trust shall be ontrolled b& an :+euti!e Committee omprising the Offiers
abo!e( up to four other !oting members eleted from( and b&( the >embers of the Trust.
The Trust0s ?unior members shall ha!e t'o non-!oting representati!es( areful onsideration
must be gi!en to ho' the !oies and !alues of the ?unior membership are integrated into
the Trust0s operations. The :+euti!e Committee shall meet at agreed inter!als and not less
than four times per &ear 'ith due onsideration to natural &les.
6. 34ecutive Committee
All offiers and members of the :+euti!e Committee shall be eleted at the Annual
@eneral >eeting of the Trust from and b&( the >embers of the Trust on a demorati basis(
for a period of one &ear( and ma& be re-eleted to the same offie or another offie the
follo'ing &ears. Casual !aanies shall be filled b& the :+euti!e Committee( and the
member so appointed shall hold offie until the ne+t Annual @eneral >eeting follo'ing.
:+euti!e Committee meetings must ha!e three eleted Committee members attending to
be onsidered ,uorate.
17. *eneral )eetin's
The Annual @eneral >eeting( of 'hih = da&s notie shall be gi!en and at 'hih the
audited aounts and Chair0s report shall be submitted and the offiers for the ensuing &ear
eleted( and other @eneral >eetings( shall be held at suh times as the :+euti!e
Committee or a @eneral >eeting ma& determine. Ai!e members shall form a ,uorum for
@eneral >eetings( and in the ase of e,ual !oting the hairman shall ha!e a asting !ote.
:+traordinar& @eneral >eetings an be alled on the re,uisition of at least se!en members
or t'o thirds majorit& of the members. Eoting shall be on the basis of one member one !ote.
/here an :+traordinar& >eeting is alled e!er& effort 'ill be made b& the :+euti!e
Committee to ontat e!er& member of the Trust. Foth ph&sial or eletroni attendane
at an& meeting are e,uall& !alid.
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11. 0inancial Arran'ements
The :+euti!e Committee shall open a ban) aount in the name of Abundane Centres
"#ambeth$ %e!elopment Trust 'ith suh ban) as the :+euti!e Committee ma& selet( and
all monies( be the& grants( donations or other inomes reei!ed from an& soure b& the
seretar&( treasurer or hairman on behalf of the Trust shall be paid into suh aount. The
Trust0s ban) aount 'ill be ontrolled b& the Treasurer( and the Treasurer( Chairman( Eie
Chair( Seretar& and one other nominated :+euti!e Committee member ma& ha!e the
authorisation to sign he,ues( t'o signatures being needed for an& one transation. All
inome and e+penditure 'ill be reorded and a!ailable for inspetion for an& member at
an& time. The Treasurer 'ill prepare annual aounts and a suitabl& ,ualified e+ternal
person 'ill audit the aounts one a &ear.
12. &mbrella or'anisation membership
The Trust is a member of the umbrella organisation Abundane Centres "GH$ %e!elopment
Trust. >embership is a onstitutional integrit& through 'hih the founding orporate identit&
of Abundane Centres is maintained "this inludes logos( trademar)s( onstitution( offiiall&
endorsed pedagogies* priniples( proesses and protools of pratie( o!erall strategies
et$. Changes to the Trust0s founding orporate identit& must be appro!ed b& the Gmbrella
organisation before final ratifiation b& the Trust0s :+euti!e Committee.
The Gmbrella organisation pro!ides general guidane on matters of best pratie( poli&
and intelligene regarding rele!ant national( :uropean and global issues and
de!elopments. All guidane and direti!es 'ill be onsidered b& the Trust0s :+euti!e
1(. Dissolution o% the Trust
The Trust ma& be dissol!ed( or these rules ma& be amended b& a three ,uarters majorit& at a
general meeting "subjet to Clause 12$. The objets for 'hih the meeting are alled shall
be stated in the notie on!ening the meeting. All surplus funds must go to a haritable trust
'or)ing 'ith a similar onstitution 7 objeti!es 'ith !ariane onl& in regard to geographi
fous. 5referene must be gi!en to other Abundane Centres Trusts so long as the& be
properl& onstituted and operational. 1n suh a situation as dissolution of the trust guidane
must be sought from the Gmbrella organisation( in ompliane 'ith onflit of interest due
diligene( objeti!e integrit&( maintenane of the founding orporate identit& and publi
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1.. -evie" o% the Constitution
Subjet to Clause 12 the onstitution 'ill be re!ie'ed on an annual basis at the A@> or at a
speial @eneral >eeting to formall& adopt registered ompan& and.or registered harit&
status 'hen an appropriatel& modified and aeptable onstitution 'ill be full& adopted. 1t
must be ensured that the general objeti!es( agreements and operational integrit& of this
onstitution are properl& embodied in an& ne' go!ernane doumentation.
This onstitution0s aims are to formerl& onstitute the organisation prior to haritable
ompan& status being ahie!ed.
Organisation formed on:
August 2013
Constitution adopted on:
September 2013
#oughborough 5ar) A5@( 3-8 >oorlands 3oad( Fri+ton( #ondon S/I 8GA
Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust - Our Constitution page: 8 of 8

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