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Homework# 6 9/14/2009

Online lecture:

• First online lecture

• Done using WebCT chat
• Samples of online chat activities:

“Shreenivas Ghorpade>> yes professor as u said del phi technique

is the most popular for forecasting..
Vamsi Vikram Stanam>> when will manger forcaste things??
Hrushikesh Palve>> wht is d diff betn long term n shrt term
Shreenivas Ghorpade>> is it because that method deals with all
the persons involved in the company?
Aditya Vemuri>> is it true that short term forecasts are always
more accurate than long term forecasts
Mark Rajai>> i meant by general ques, is about class in general
and what u need 2 have for next class
Jeevan Sai Kambhampati>> yes as short term forecast improve profits
and lower inventory levels...
Vigen Tahmasiyan Savarani>> pleas let me to move o my desktop
Unmesh Srivastava>> SHort term fore casts are objective?
Aziz Askari>> professor all these activities stays in room for
purpose copy and paste?
Unmesh Srivastava>> and long term forecasting is goals.
Shreenivas Ghorpade>> short term forcasts are operational
Aniruddha Dhamal>> There are three types of forecasts :-
time series and associative models”

“Mark Rajai>> plz only post 2 major lesson from last class
Unmesh Srivastava>> 1 lesson was long and short term forecasting
ie goals and objectives
Ibrahim Albawardi>> forecasting methods (delphi method)
Shreenivas Ghorpade>> all the methods of forecasting are interesting
Hrushikesh Palve>> my topics: why forecasting?? and methods of
Amol Deshmukh>> 1) Forecasting is used to make informed
2) Planning help companies understand their growth path.
Shreenivas Ghorpade>> but the Delphi technique is most popular
Aziz Askari>> Prof. what is the topic for this room?
Shreenivas Ghorpade>> as it deals with all the people involved
Shreenivas Ghorpade>> and also 2nd technique i.e brainstormingh
Hrushikesh Palve>> hey Aziz... Mark Rajai>> plz only post 2 major
lesson from last class
Amol Deshmukh>> Two types of forecasting: 1) short term 2) long
Unmesh Srivastava>> goals and objectives of a organization.
Shreenivas Ghorpade>> it takes all the points whcih are required
Homework# 6 9/14/2009
Aniruddha Dhamal>> Forecasting is helpful in different fields
like accounting, finance, HR, Marketing.
Vigen Tahmasiyan Savarani>> ? Forecasting and its methods. *
Elements of good forecasting.
Amol Deshmukh>> difference between forecasting and planning
Aniruddha Dhamal>> In accounting forecasting helps to estimate
costs and profit
Aniruddha Dhamal>> In finance it helps to cash flow and funding
Hrushikesh Palve>> why forecasting?? New facility planning ,
Production planning n Work force scheduling
Ibrahim Albawardi>> the steps of forecasting
Vigen Tahmasiyan Savarani>> ********************************
Amol Deshmukh>> ok prof
Aziz Askari>> who can say lo gstiany about their demands
Shreenivas Ghorpade>> the steps are judgemental , time series
and associative models
Mark Rajai>> thx everyone. lets conclude teh class today. plz
bring your feedback with u2 class on wed. read lec on webct
4 wed as well”

For next class:

• Review Decision-making lecture.

• Review of Research assignment 1