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WhaL lf experLlse ls acLually Lhe enemy of lnnovaLlon? WhaL lf asklng for ldeas ls
a bad ldea? WhaL lf Lhlnklng ouLslde Lhe box kllls lnnovaLlon, and lnsLead you
should flnd a beLLer box?"

lor over 20 years, SLephen Shaplro has presenLed hls provocaLlve sLraLegles Lo
hundreds of Lhousands of people ln over 40 counLrles, sLraLegles LhaL ellclL
fundamenLally new perspecLlves and reveal whaL organlzaLlons cannoL see for
Lhemselves. Pe has dellneaLed hlmself by noL only lnnovaLlng lnnovaLlon, buL
also by Lransformlng keynoLe speaklng. SLephen Lurns heads, opens mlnds, and
capLlvaLes audlences wlLh hls provocaLlve resulLs-focused conLenL.

uurlng a 13-year Lenure aL AccenLure, SLephen led a 20,000-person lnnovaLlon
pracLlce. Slnce leavlng consulLlng ln 2001, he has auLhored 3 books on
lnnovaLlon. Pls laLesL, 8est ltoctlces Ate 5toplJ. 40 woys to Oot-looovote tbe
competltloo, has been feaLured on A8c News, was
selecLed as Lhe 8esL lnnovaLlon and CreaLlvlLy 8ook of
2011 and ls a #1 lnLernaLlonal buslness besLseller.

.And he can help you and your organlzaLlon creaLe
a repeaLable, predlcLable, and pervaslve capablllLy.
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art|a| C||ent L|st
rocLer and Camble
!ohnson & !ohnson
unlLed SLaLes Alr lorce
lldellLy lnvesLmenLs
1he llnanclal 1lmes (l1)
uS Congress Chlefs of SLaff

lts 1lme to looovote tbe woy oo looovote
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Well-lnLenLloned leaders, ln Lhelr aLLempLs Lo boosL lnnovaLlon, are
lnadverLenLly desLroylng lL. WhaL lf everyLhlng you know abouL creaLlng a
culLure of lnnovaLlon ls wrong? WhaL lf Lhe way you are measurlng
lnnovaLlon ls choklng lL? WhaL lf your markeL research ls asklng all of Lhe
wrong quesLlons? lL's Llme Lo lnnovaLe Lhe way you lnnovaLe. uurlng Lhls
lnLeracLlve keynoLe, you wlll dlscover LhaL lnnovaLlon lsn'L [usL abouL
generaLlng occaslonal new ldeas, lL's abouL sLaylng conslsLenLly one sLep
ahead of Lhe compeLlLlon. WheLher you are a manager, llne employees, small
buslness owner, or assoclaLlon member, Lhls knowledge ls a most bove" lf
you wlsh Lo become and remaln compeLlLlve.

D(*4.,#2&$+ D.:(*JG I*(#$&,- K&-" D(*'.*A&,- 9,,.)#$&., L(#A4
ConLrary Lo convenLlonal wlsdom, opposlLes do no aLLracL. As a resulL, ln
buslness, we Lend Lo surround ourselves wlLh people who are slmllar Lo us.
AlLhough Lhls ls greaL for efflclency, Lhls lack of dlverslLy can klll lnnovaLlon.
Pow can you lncrease your lnnovaLlon poLenLlal whlle fosLerlng an
envlronmenL based on communlcaLlon and collaboraLlon? Come play poker
wlLh auLhor SLephen Shaplro. Whlle engaglng ln Lhls fasL-paced, hlghly
lnLeracLlve game, you wlll dlscover crlLlcal Leam bulldlng lnslghLs such as your
prlmary lnnovaLlon sLyle and your lnnovaLlon bllnd spoLs, why Lhe person you
llke Lhe leasL ls Lhe person you need Lhe mosL, and how Lo creaLe a hlgh-
performlng lnnovaLlon Leam LhaL leverages dlvergenL polnLs of vlew.
Stephen's Latest 8ooks

Cur customers |oved you!
ou rece|ved both a stand|ng
ovat|on and the h|ghest marks
of any speaker."
Stephen Shap|ro |s the creator]author of
D(*4.,#2&$+ D.:(*JM a card-based system and
h|gh|y |nteract|ve keynote that has been
used by over 100,000 |nd|v|dua|s to create
h|gh-perform|ng |nnovat|on teams.

oss|b|e Show]Story Ideas

Why experLlse ls Lhe enemy of
lnnovaLlon.and whaL Lo do
abouL lL
CpposlLes don'L aLLracL, Lhey
deLracL: Why you need Lo work
wlLh people you don'L llke
lnnovaLe where you
dlfferenLlaLe: Pow Lo deflne your
unlque compeLlLlve advanLage
uon'L Lhlnk ouLslde Lhe box, flnd
a beLLer box: Pow Lo ask beLLer
1he performance paradox: Why
a goal-obsesslon acLually
reduces performance
Make Lhe lmposslble posslble:
WhaL lnnovaLors can learn from

5tepbeo 5boplto ls o meJlo sovvy looovotloo expett wbo bos
oppeoteJ oo Jozeos of televlsloo ooJ toJlo sbows otoooJ tbe wotlJ

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