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Letras Y Figuras and Miniaturismo

By: superHUMangie
(209mm x 305mm; Color Pen in Oslo Paper)

Letras Y Figuras:
Our Humanities Professor conducted an activity entitled Letras Y Figuras,
where we will do some art with our nicknames using letters and figures. The design
that I have made is all about me and the things that I do most. I used the letters
G-H-I-E for my nickname. Ghie is the shortcut of my name Angie. The meanings of
my nickname are: G: God and Goals; H: Happiness; I: Ideals, Ideas, and
Intelligence; and E: Energy, Environmentalist and Pet-Lover. For the letter G,
I have drawn myself while studying in my major subject, accounting. This portrays
what are my goals and ambitions in life, which is to become a Future Bedan CPA.
Above that picture is a cross which tells that I put God first above all things. These
two things, prayer and work, tells that I am a Bedan in heart and mind. For the
letter H, I have drawn the red chair and the blue bed. These two things portray my
favorite colors (red and blue) that represent calmness and courage in doing things
like studying in Accounting. The bed symbolizes my desire for a very long and good
sleep because of the fact that we, the accountancy students cannot have a beautiful
rest and the color red as a symbol for courageous acts as a Bedan life. While the
chair symbolizes my throne at home for studying accounting and doing other stuffs
like doing some art and the color blue as a symbol for calmness in answering all
problems in my major and minor subjects. For the letter I, I have drawn a round-
headed lampshade that represents my ideals and ideas in life. It also represents the
intelligence I have and still gaining for the future use. And lastly, for the letter E, I
have drawn a dog lying on his bed. This represents my energy to do some work
because of my inspiration, my dog. It also portrays me as an environmentalist
(nature friendly) because of the color I have chosen for the bed of my pet and also
as a pet-lover. For the designs of my work, I have drawn below different forms of
creatures with different facial expression which represents my personality at some
time and above, I have drawn my favorite cartoons Adventure Time which
describes me as a matured person with a young heart.

Miniaturismo is an art showing a person in a serious motive and outlook
while holding an object that tells about his or her power and status of living. And as
a student, preferably an Accountancy student, I have used the objects Accounting
books, pen, calculator and my swatch to portray a miniaturismo art. With these
important objects, I want to represent myself and tell my goals in becoming a
Future Bedan CPA. Through these things, I want to symbolize a bookworm and
street-smart person, a person not just good in accounting or formal setting and also
in an informal setting also. I want to show also that I am strong-minded and
positive in achieving my goals in life and to return in the near future what my
family has given me. The Books represent the countrys look forward to the near
future because a country can be progressive through the education given to the
next generations. The calculator represents the power of each accountant and
future accountants to make change in the environment they are taking and will be
taking. Lastly, the watch represents that time is gold. For everything that we do,
we should not spend it with unproductive doings; instead, we should manage our
time to do some productive work that will help in the near future.

Our Philippine Art came from the roots of our culture, traditions and beliefs
that started during the Pre-Colonial times. It started during the Pre-Colonial
Era where our ancestors did some art with the use of the nature and their beliefs
on it. This art evolved as time goes by. Philippine Art became more stylish and
unique through its designs and styles. The styles become European in nature. The
used of Baroque, Neo Classic, Medieval, Greco-Roman and Renaissance styles
comprises the styles formed in doing Philippine art. These arts were inspired by the
so called illustrados, people who are born in the Philippines but had a chance to
study in other countries to learn about fine arts. Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo were
some of these illustrados who have studied abroad and in the famous art school of
Damian Domingo, a guru in fine arts and the first person.

The said Philippine Art can be related into the current issues today about art.
I can relate this to styles and structures of Philippine art today and in the past. The
styles and structures of the building made through Philippine art designs are not
present today except of the structures maintained by the museums. Second, the
whole thing about the art for the past centuries and the so called modern art today
made the Philippine art broaden and expanded but the concepts being used by the
some artists today are not the same in the past or simply rather, the arts that were
made today do not comply in our culture and traditions. Lastly, the Philippine art
designs used to portray an art for structures like post office and museums were
getting destroyed by natural calamities like heavy rainfall with acid rain content and
other factors that makes these structure not same as they were in the past.
Another factor that makes these structures not well maintained is due to the

For me, the stated problems and issues above should be address properly.
And as a student, we should not forget our own Philippine art our own styles and
designs based on our culture and tradition. It sounds to old if we will do some art
like in the past but we can make another art like what was done in the past by
reviving it and making it modern. We should preserve what was done in the past so
that the next or the future generations will have something to incur and be proud of
as they go on their own ways.