I have these books: Aimee Friedman Alyson Noel Alyson Noel Alyson Noel Christina Meldrum Claudia Grey Cyn Balog Denise Vega Jennifer Echols Jennifer Weiner Jenny Downham Nicholas Sparks Richelle Mead Richelle Mead Richelle Mead Sarah Dessen Susane Colasanti Sea Change (PDF File) Blue Moon (Evermore 2) (PDF File) Shadow Land (Evermore 3) (PDF File) Saving Zoe (Word Document) Madapple (PDF File) Stargazer (Evernight 2) (PDF File) Fairy Tale (PDF File) Facts Of Life #31 (PDF File) Going Too Far (Word Document) Good In Bed (PDF File) Before I Die (PDF File) The Last Song (PDF File) Frostbite (Vampire Academy 2)(PDF File) Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy 3) Blood Promise (Vampire Academy 4) Someone Like You (PDF File) When It Happens (PDF File)

Just leave a comment of the books you want and your email, and ill send them to you. Any problems, let me know. 

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