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Medical devices


About the corporation
The corporation DENAS MS was founded in the year 1998. Today it is a holding which comprises production sites, establishments for medical treatment and education, support associations, a public relations department and further structures and services. The main focus is on the development of new methods and establishments in the field of electro-neurostimulation and electro-acupuncture diagnostics. Here, our activities are primarily concentrated on the production of the equipment series DiaDENS, medical devices for home treatment. Another of our priorities is DiaDENS-PC, therapeutically-diagnostic equipment that can be connected to your personal computer. Each of these devices is characterized by specific qualities and functions, and each of them is designed for a special field of application. In 2000 a quality management system and a production certification according to international standards (in compliance with ISO 9001:2000) has been introduced into our corporation. This was realized in cooperation with the German experts of the Certification Institute EUROCAT. The DENAS corporation is actively involved in the field of research. That does not only include the development of new equipment and its clinical approbation, but also the organization of medical basic and applied research, as well as the selection of new technologies for apparative treatment. Our whole practical activities are aimed at the optimal utilization of the general advantages dynamic electro-neurostimulation has to offer: - no mere exposure effect - high degree of effectivity - wide spectrum of indications - excellent results even with low-power capacities
Quality management system, certificate # ZQ052871-9, certificate # CQ052871-13


Power source: 2 type AA batteries 1.5 V Weight: 0,3 kg Measure:195х65х45 Mode: 77 Hz, 10 Hz For home use

The DENAS equipment is indispensable for you and your family. With DENAS you can help your dear ones in cases of acute health problems, or you can conduct therapy cycles for the treatment of chronic diseases. You do not need special medical training to use this device. It offers not only the possibility of therapeutic care, but also of prophylactic treatment. Only a few minutes each day are sufficient to significantly minimize the risk of colds. DENAS does not take up much room, it fits into any pocket. So you can always carry it along and also take it with you on longer trips. In this way you and your loved ones can feel safe and secure in any situation.


Power source: battery 9 V Weight: 0,5 кг Measure: 210х55х45 Mode: 10-200 Hz, MED, Screening


The device DiaDENS-T optimally combines easy handling with a wide range of possibilities for appliance. It has a wide range of frequencies for the performance of therapeutic measures. The high frequencies can quickly soothe sharp pain, but they can also be used for emergency relief in case of traumas before the arrival of a doctor. That is especially important for people leading an active way of life. The combination of high and low frequencies produces good results not only in emergency situations but also for the treatment of chronic diseases. Moreover the DENAS equipment includes the prophylactic MED program and the Screening mode. The MED program is characterized by a unique mode of action, which takes into account the patient’s individual state of health, so that the duration of treatment can be precisely dosed. The Screening mode helps you to determine on which part of the body DENS-therapy is to be performed.



Power source: battery 9 V Weight: 0,7 kg Measure: 210х55х45 Mode: 10-200 Hz, MED, Screening Diagnostic: Voll, Bioreper

DiaDENS-DT differs from DiaDENS-T insofar as it also includes the diagnostic modes Bioreper and Voll. The Bioreper mode is based on humanity’s ancient knowledge of acupuncture. It is generally known and proved, that the ear has biologically active points, which can give you information about the state of practically every human organ. These points can also be used to assess therapeutic effects on the respective organs. The method according to Voll offers the possibility to assess the functional state of the organism, of single organs and systems or of the patient’s general state of health. The DiaDENS equipment and the Voll mode enable you to determine how well you tolerate a particular medicine, food or cosmetic product. All these are different possibilities of evaluating the effectivity of a particular therapy from different sides, thus making it easier to choose the optimal preparations.


Power source: battery 9 V Weight: 0,7 kg Measure: 210х55х45 Mode: 10-200 Hz, “infraslow” frequencies 7710, 77АM, MED, Screening Diagnostic: Voll, Bioreper, Biovoll Connecting to PC, software


The therapeutically-dignostic complex DiaDENS-PC has a unique combination of functions, as it unites the possibilities of a whole row of physio-therapeutic devices. DiaDENS-PC applies ultralow frequencies of 0,1 to 9,9 Hz, which exercise a direct effect on certain systems of the organism or on single organs. First the special treatment modes 7710 and 77 AM are to be applied. The mode 77 AM has a decisive tonic effect. In contrast to that the mode 7710 has a relaxing effect, and it has also proved to be anti-hypertensive. In this equipment complex a couple of diagnostic modes has been integrated. This includes the generally known mode according to Voll as well as the unique developments by the specialists of the corporation, like for example the auricular diagnostic methods Bioreper and Biovoll. BIOVOLL yields reliable data about the state of the organism, independently of outer factors and the patient’s state of health. During the process of data recording these factors are automatically taken into account by the therapeutically-diagnostic complex. When the device is connected to a computer, the process of data recording and registration can be considerably accelerated. A specially developed program can quickly create diagrams and tables based on the recorded data. In this way we are able to evaluate the dynamics of the patient’s health improvement in the course of the last 10 treatment cycles. In this way the recovery process can be directly demonstrated to the patient. DiaDENS-PC is ideally suited for small private practices and also for big clinics.


Power source: 2 type AA batteries 1.5 V Weight: 0,5 kg Measure: 138x50x52 Mode: 10-200 Hz, “infraslow” frequencies 7710, 77АM, MED, Screening A DENS-applicator is included in the set.

DiaDENS-PСM is a device for the whole family. It is perfectly suited for children as well as for elderly people. It can be successfully applied for prophylaxis and also for the treatment of a whole number of illnesses. The equipment is very easy to use, so that it can be operated by everyone. DiaDENSPСM has a menu that is designed after the model of a mobile phone and a treatment logarithm for commonly encountered diseases. You don’t have to study the operating instructions for a long time to pick out the right frequencies. It is sufficient to choose the respective disease on the menu list, and the machine will automatically switch on to the right frequency. There is also a manual adjustment for „advanced“ users. On each treatment session the machine automatically reminds the patient of the next therapy session.


Special mode for the blood pressure correction

DiaDENS-Cardio is a device for the correction of arterial blood pressure. With its help the high blood pressure can be lowered during the therapy sessions, so that the state of health is significantly improved. The equipment is easy to apply: You fix it to your hand and turn it on. Thanks to a special mode it will work automatically after that.This mode is a result of extensive clinical research, which has been conducted during the development of DiaDENS-Cardio. It is a mode especially designed for the correction of arterial blood pressure, and it is absolutely save for all users.




Compatible with all DENS equipment.

DENS-glasses is a paraorbital external electrode, designed for the preventive and therapeutic use in the zone around the eyes. DENS-glasses is effective in the following cases: – for the treatment of tired eyes after a longer period of straining (computer, TV) – for the prophylaxis and treatment of myopia in children – for refraction disorders (myopia, long-sightedness, astigmatism) – in case of cataract – in case of glaucoma – in case of inflammatory eye diseases An electrode in the shape of eye-glasses simultaneously exercises an effect on all biologically active points in the eye area, making the stimulation maximally effective and at the same time reducing the time of treatment, while producing clear results.



Compatible with all DENS equipment.

The DENS-applicator has the function of optimizing the effects of dynamic electroneurostimulation. It maximizes the area that can be treated at the same time, so that the effectivity of the DENS treatment is increased. This makes it possible to reduce the duration of single sessions as well as to shorten the whole period of therapy. The DENSapplicator can be easily attached to the respective area of the torso, the extremities or the joints. The patient can assume a comfortable position and perform the treatment without outside help.



Power source: 2 type AA batteries 1.5 V Weight: 0,3 kg Measure:195х65х45 Combined mode: 77 Hz and 10 Hz

ZooDENS is a device for the treatment of pets (cats, dogs, goats, cows, rabbits, pigs, horses), rodents (rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters), reptiles (turtles, snakes, lizards) and birds. Characteristics: – Specially developed therapy mode, based on two frequencies (77Hz and 10Hz), ensures maximum comfort during therapy, the animal has no unpleasant sensations through the apparative treatment – The equipment can be used for a wide spectrum of diseases – Elaborated methodology with exact and effective directions for use – Easy to handle – No sounds that could irritate the animal