Is it Time?


Brian W. Porter
For years, I have said that the only result of a revolution is a new set of fools to run things. If you are part of that set of fools, then you can choose what is best for you. Rarely do those in charge think of the general populace. The Iranian Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Cuban Revolution, as examples only, considered the needs of those in charge, needs fulfilled by the submissive masses. One notable exception is the American Continental Congress, who considered whites of most classes when they drew up the Constitution of the United States of America. Only whites mattered in that age; the blacks and natives were not considered worthy of the label citizen. Now, however, the Continental Congress is no more. Instead, we have a group of people who have learned to charge money for their votes, to cater to those who pay the most, not to those who they represent. They accept graft as the normal operating system, the American way, and are bepuffed by influential voices in our ears. In America, the trend is for Corporations and the ultra rich, through a bought Congress and influential voices, to fill their needs through the hard work of the submissive masses. This President, Barack Obama, outlined a healthcare plan that would fix many problems, most especially the cost of the system. His idea was to change the way doctors are paid and limit costs from pharmaceuticals and parasitic insurance companies. The major part of this plan, a government sponsored insurance program to keep private programs in check, was discarded for an increase in Medicare recipients. Even this minor check to insurance companies was scrapped. Now the parasites can steal from the public with almost no control. For hundreds of years the industrialized nations have been pouring soot and other contaminates into the only source of life on this planet, the atmosphere, as if we can go somewhere else and collect more

life-giving oxygen. Now the studies conducted with increasingly better and more accurate equipment shows that the global temperature is rising, yet those corporations that rule this country, through the bought congress and influential voices, ignore the evidence, say there is not a problem, and state that any changes would hurt their bottom line. Yet if we continue what we do now, eventually we will not have oxygen to breathe, oxygen we cannot replace. There is plenty of technology to reduce pollution, but the bought politicians, influential radio, and television hosts listen to those who pay the most and follow the corporate line, not what is good for the public or the world. In the 1930s, as America and the world struggled with an economy that threatened to let millions die, the leaders invented regulations that would protect the nation's economy from the mistakes made in the 1920s. These regulations have disappeared over the last thirty or so years as banks and financial institutions have gained strength and power. They bought those who make the laws, who had those regulations removed, one at a time, slowly, so the public would not notice. Then they fed their greed, their addiction of gathering wealth, more wealth than they needed or could use. To bring even more money into their coffers, they gave money to those who could not afford to pay that money back, and then sold that debt to others. This is an action a five-year-old would call stealing. Now, again, America and the world reels under the weight of more poor than our charity can handle, while those in Congress and the influential voices claim they hold no blame. Because of these and many other problems, I believe it is time for certain changes. In the time of the Continental Congress, people would vote for a representative. That representative would travel several days or weeks to New York or Philadelphia or some other location and vote on who should become President. Now, with the speed that information flows, we vote and learn who the American people picked within hours. This travel is no longer needed. Representatives to vote for President are no longer needed. We can do away with the Electoral College and become a truly Democratic society. We must remove those in Congress who have learned to sell their

vote. We can no longer vote for incumbents, for the parties that have nearly destroyed America and the world. Instead, we must hold a revolution and vote for Libertarians and Socialists, Constitutionalists and Greens, the America First and the Workers World, the Prohibitionists and the Marijuana Party, those small people who believe in America, who believe that if we change the status quo, she can become better and help the world grow. We can no longer listen to the influential voices that care more for their pocketbook than they care for their country, no matter what country they represent. We must all look at the evidence, learn the facts, and make our own choices, our own decisions, control our own destiny. We must take back the world for all mankind. *** Other short stories, essays, and poetry from this author are available at *** Copyright 2010 Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs You may share this work with anyone in any way with the following provisions. You must share the complete work, including the title and this notice. You may not make any changes. You may not use this work commercially or accept payment without the written permission of the Author. Any and all rights and credit are held by Brian W. Porter.

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