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Date: 19

February, 2013

Muhammad Tauseef,
Finance Manager,
Computer Supermarket (CSM),
Blue Area, Islamabad.

Subject: Resignation from the Finance Office

Most respectfully it is stated that I Muhammad Abdul Majid has decided to resign from my Post
of Finance Officer on 16
of March 2013. I will give all documents to you and try my best to
train person (whom you appoint) as replacement before 16
March. This decision of my
resignation is full & final as I have to prepare for upcoming exams in May, June, Aug 2013. I
have learnt a lot from you and your team. I pray for the prosperous future of CSM group and I
take this opportunity to apologize everyone for my mistakes & any misconducts.
It is humbly requested to kindly accept my resignation, issue me experience letter & pay my
outstanding dues so that I can complete my outstanding tasks and leave with co-ordination and
full co-operation.


M. A. Majid