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Principles of Learning Assessment

What are the possible consequences on the teaching-learning process if each of the principles is not observed?
Principle of Learning Assessment Possible Consequence if Principle is NOT
1. Assessment is an integral part of the
teaching-learning process.
Students want to know exactly what they have to do to gain
good marks/grades. Teachers can do a lot to assist them. If
this integral part of teaching-learning process not observed,
the consequences are: theres a big gap between the
learner and the teacher. And the students might not assess
anymore how far they have learned.2.
2. Assessment tool/activity should match
with performance objective
. The prepared activity must coincide with the performance
objectives to avoid consequences like confusion and can
make students very anxious and lead to unproductive work
3. The results of assessment must be
feedback to the learners.
Giving feedback to the learners is essential because feedback
is the only way to know if they have succeeded or failed. If they
need to recover from failure or deepen their understanding,
they need to have explanations and suggestions for
improvement. If this is not observed, how the students can
address their problems, how can they improve their grades?
4. Teachers must consider learners
learning styles and multiple intelligences and
so come up with a variety of ways of
assessing learning.
If the teacher did not determine the multiple intelligences of the
students, they might not be enhance and develop their skills
because intelligence is acquire depending on their
environment and experiences.
5. Give some positive feedback with not so
good ones.
Positive feedback can boost self-esteem, if this is not observed
especially with notgood ones; the consequence is their
self confident will be degraded. And giving of positive feedback
motivates students.
6. Emphasize on self assessment. Learning is personal process, then let thelearners assess on
their own with certaincriteria. Let them be aware and reflect
ontheir own progress because if this is notobserved, the
learners may comparethemselves with other instead of
testingtheir own improvement.
7. Assessment of learning should
never be used as punishment or as
The consequence will be distorts of the true purpose of the
8. Emphasize on real world
application that favors realistic
performances overout-of-context
If this is not observed, the consequence isthe
assessment will not be fair because theywill not
develop higher thinking skills suchas analyzing,
evaluating and most of allcreating.
9. Results of learning assessment
must becommunicated regularly to
The consequence will be no moretransparency and

ttainable objectives must be prepared
elf assessment of teacher for the technique and
trategies must be appropriate so that
vident outputs were achieved.
haring of knowledge inside the class is required
tudents understanding is tested
easurement is needed to have meaningful
valuation regarding their performance.
ote the parents of the child
o inform them about their performance.
bserved equality in the class no
avoritism among the students
earn to appreciate your students
ncourage them to participate
nd motivate them the best way you possibly do
eturn to them their output but
ever criticize nor judge because
ntelligence of learners will
ever be the same instead
ive them a chance to develop their skills and apply to their daily living