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Patients Across the Country File Lawsuits Against Eli Lilly Over Cymbtalta

Los Angeles, CA Several patients across the country have been filing lawsuits against the drug
manufacturer giant Eli Lilly over potential health hazards associated with its popular antidepressant
Cymbalta. ost cases allege potentially damaging withdrawal symptoms associated with the
antidepressant along with the company!s failure to ade"uately warn physicians and their patients about
such ris#s.
At least $% lawsuits have been filed against the company thus far. &he main allegation against Eli
Lilly!s procedures regarding the antidepressant involves the manufacturer!s failure to warn patients
certain harsh withdrawal symptoms may occur in nearly ''( of cases. Some patients suffered greatly
during the periods they attempted to stop ta#ing the medication.
)arsh Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, nightmares, vertigo or dizziness, nausea
and vomiting, and suicide thoughts. *uring the withdrawal symptoms phase, several patients
e+perienced physical reactions directly lin#ed to mood swings, putting themselves and loved ones in
danger. any patients have also claimed e+periencing what many call ,brain zaps,- meaning the
sensation of shoc#s, sometimes followed by severe headaches. /aresthesia, the feeling of
numbness and tingling all over one!s body, has also been associated with Cymbalta withdrawal
&he 0ood and *rug Administration officially approved the drug Cymbalta in $11'. &he serotonin.
norepinephrine reupta#e inhibitor drug, also #nown as an S234, bloc#s certain neurotransmitters in the
brain responsible for impacting mood and emotions. 5hile most patients are usually prescribed
Cymbalta for the treatment of depression, physicians may also use the drug to treat patients suffering
painful medical conditions that may include osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or diabetic neuropathy.
4n $16$, the consumer watchdog institute #nown as 4nstitute for Safe edication /ractices 74S/8 first
reported that at least 91( of all Cymbalta patients reportedly suffered severe withdrawal symptoms
after bringing an end to the inta#e of the antidepressant.
&he report also claimed most serious symptoms lasted for longer than a wee# or two.
Cymbalta!s labeling warns consumers should come in contact with a healthcare provider before ta#ing
the medication since ,:S;topping an antidepressant medicine suddenly can cause other symptoms.- &o
4S/ and the countless patients suffering greatly after ta#ing Cymbalta, this warning is significantly
<y failing to reveal the symptoms to patients e+plicitly, the company has e+posed them to great danger.
According to the consumer watchdog institute 4S/, Eli Lilly avoided urging consumers to minimize
the drug!s side effects by tampering off the medication instead of stopping its inta#e, thus putting them
immediately in harm!s way. *ue to these facts, it!s safe to say Eli Lilly has unfortunately acted
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