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There are five very malefic yogas recognized in Jyotish.

According to Pawan Sinha ji, these yogas

function at the time of their dashas usually. Fortunately, our rishis have advised some very good
remedies to get rid of these doshas/combinations in our chart.
Here are the yogas and their respective symptoms and remedies:
Angarak yoga:
Technically, when Rahu and Mars are conjunct in a kundli, in any house, Angaraka yoga is formed. If the
position of Rahu and Mars is bad in the natal chart, then this angakaraka yoga proves to be very harmful
and can create a lot of disturbances in almost every sphere of life.
To know whether you have this Angakaraka Yoga or rather,whether this yoga is troubling you, read
these symptoms and check:
Life is never steady. Lots of ups and downs are there always. Sometimes, you might have a lot of
money and friends, sometimes, you may have nothing.
These people are very interested in Politics. If somehow, due to other bad conditions in the
chart, the person is not able to get into mainstream politics, then he or she may get involved in
the other kind of politics like office politics etc. It's very hard for them to get rid of this habit and
because, of this, they may end up losing their peace of mind.
Property related issues are also found in their lives. If they invest in land, the prices may fall, or
disputes in acestral property can be there. They sometimes don't even get the portion of land
that they really deserved, even if they do, it is usually after a lot of struggle and court cases.
Less happiness from mother. Mother maybe away, diseased, die young or something like that.
Delay in having children, specially, if the Angaraka yoga, influences 1st, 5th or 11th houses of
your horoscope. But the children are quite energetic and very intelligent. Health problems to
children maybe there.
Diseases related to stomach may also arise.
Some injury happens for sure, that leaves a scar for lifetime.
They suffer from bouts of anger and are quite stubborn too. This problem also adds up to the
reasons of lots of ups n downs in their life.
Females having Angaraka yoga may suffer from bad speech or angry expression or taunting
nature, which can lead to separation in married life as well.
As far as wealth is concerned, if their lagna lord and bhagya paksha is good, then because of
their risk-taking habit, they may attain a lot of money as well. But if lagna lord and bhagya
paksha is not strong, they may lose everything coz of this nature.
Usually, gain a lot from business partnerships but then due to misunderstandings. partnerships
break and get dragged to courts as well
They cant stay away from doctors, medicines and lawyer. They have these people around them
or some of their relative is a doctor or lawyer.
If the person having angaraka yoga is hardworking and mentally strong, he or she will attain a
very high status, money and fame in life.
Remedies for Angaraka Yoga:
Leading a spiritual life and doing saadhna and service to manking along with having a guru is the
best possible remedy for people suffering from Angaraka yoga. This remedy works so well that
over a period of time, one gets success that was beyond his or her expectations.
They should try going to a temple and sit peacefully there. Should do dhyaan and stay away
from unnecessary politics.
Server your mother. It will bring miraculous results. Can be difficult, but have patience and keep
Take some honey daily - morning and evening.
Take an earthen (mitti) vessel, put some sindoor in it and keep it at home.
Offer sindoor to Hanuman ji.
Offer Sweet roti to dogs.
Keep a vessel containing water, near ur pillow at night. You may give this water in the morning
to the plants.
Wear a solid silver ball in the neck
Wear a ring made of gold, silver and copper (equal quanitities) on Tuesday.
Yogas of poverty:
Next dread ful yogas in the list are related to poverty. Chandra, mangal, shani , rahu and ketu , if bad,
don't let you earn enough money. Bad Mangal, may bring losses due to siblings or investment in land,
venus due to any woman in ur life, Moon if bad then, doesn't let you enjoy money, Saturn and mercury
can bring debts, Saturn can involve you in gambling, stock markets, drugs etc and eventually, you may all
your fortune, Rahu and Saturn usualy have a tendency to keep you just at the 'average' position as far as
wealth is concerned. Ketu involves in blackmailing. Mercury- poverty after children marriages.
(Note: Certain bad combinations related to the above mentioned problems can bring in such troubles)
Jupiter-Saturn is in bad state, bring losses after marriage; Pitra dosha, if not pacified, will keep you just
hand to mouth. Sambandhi Rinn (due to bad combo of Mercury n Ketu) will make the native earn a lot
right after the age of 21-22, but he may lose everything after 36. One remedy for this is to help the sick
and diseased people.
Remedies to free yourself from the clutches of poverty:

One must daily do "Shree Pooja". Shree pooja is actually the worship of Goddess Laxmi along
with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Sarswati. All three Gods have to be worshipped together.
Never worship Goddess Laxmi alone. You should get her picture or idol which has Lord Vishnu
also, seated along with Her. Image of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi on "Garuda" is the best
one to worship.
Worshipping or starting Laxmi Pooja, when Moon is in Rohini Nakshatra is considered very
Laxmi doesn't like to be there in a house where angry, miser, selfish, lazy and heartless people
stay. So, make sure that none of these qualities exist in your house.
Sometimes, you should (specially the head of the family) clean your house yourself using a
broom. Cleaning the western part of your house is considered quite auspicious.
Don't do Laxmi Pooja on chaturthi, Navmi and Chaturdashi of a month. Don't give anyone any
money either on these days in the Lunar calendar.
Keeping Siddha (energized from a Real Guru) "Maa Shodashi Yantra" at house is also considered
very auspicious. It helps a lot to those women who are running their house singlehandedly. It
also helps those, who aren't able to earn money bcoz of 'Pitra dosha'.
Keep energized Shree Yantra or Kuber Yantra at home.
Make sure, that you keep a source of water in the North or North East corner of your home.
Invite Gurus or learned people at home and have discussions or satsang.
Light Sandhya (evening) deepak daily.
Hang Sarp Gandha at home.
Keep money in the name of children or life partner.
Take an earthen vessel and put sindoor and honey in it and keep it at the place of worship.
Also, keep a sphateek shivling at home.
Take 11 Bel patra, Ashok or Bargad or Aak leaves. Then prepare an ink by mixing sindoor,
turmeric (haldi) and water and using this ink, write on each leaf this : " " in Hindi and
donate them at the flowing water (Jal pravaah) on the Navmi of every month's Shukla Paksha.
This is useful to get rid of loans n debts as well.
Bhagyahaani yoga
Malefic Moon or Kemdruma yoga in a chart can make you an unlucky person. Shani-chandra
conjunction, birth around amavasya or lack of good planet drishti on chandrama can cause this duryoga.
In this yoga, one who tries to help you , something will happen that your relations with him or her will
disturb. Moon is the general karaka of good fortune as well. So, make sure that you keep doing
something to keep your moon pacified and strong.
Some remedies:
Get out of depression. Try to move towards hope and positivity. Do something, the moment you
start seeing that hope, your moon will start becoming stronger slowly.
Cry as much as you want and after crying, see your own image in the mirror. Concentrate on
your own image. start having faith in yourself. This is an important remedy. You wil have
difficulty doing this remedy initially. But keep trying.
Do shiva pooja at night while basking in the moon light and do traatak with moon.
Donate milk to shiv temple on mondays.
Water a bargad tree.
With your own hands, give water to mom.
Stay away from arguments and criticism of others.
Try to be social
Don't lie, be polite.
Don't plan big things. Set small targets for yourself.
Wear silver.
Give water to Pitras in the morning and do 'Om pitra devaaye namah'.
On amavasya, make drinking water arrangements near or in cremation ground.
Grow khirni trees and wear its root in the neck.
Sleeping Jupiter:
Sleeping Jupiter in a kundli gives you a lot but nothing stays- no stability.
If your decisions help others, but prove wrong for you, then you must do planning between 3
am till 8 am only. (Usha kaal). Never take decisions later than that.
Do partnership with children in business or buy house in the name of child or atleast think that
when u'll buy house, it will for your child.

Remedy for sudden loss:
Keep your head covered and grow a shikha.
Take guidance from gurus.
Clean your pooja room yourself.
Stop eating non-veg if you feel that whatever your'e earning - money/fame/respect, you're
losing it as well.
If you've lost a lot already, then take a cotton thread and color it with haldi water and tie in your
right wrist in seven rounds of rolling. do it on thursday
Grow pomegrenate tree.
Lose fat, and throw away laziness.
Do vishnusahasranaam paath.
Doing these remediies, your jupiter will become strong. Prospects of job and marriage will also improve.
Santaan Sukh Baadha Yog
If Venus and Jupiter are in a bad position, this yoga may occur. Bad Jupiter can also induce loneliness.
Even your children may not support you. Bad venus will not give prosperity.
Apologize to all those who you think hurt intentionally/unintentionally. Keep some time out in a
month or a year to do this only. This single remedy can change your life.
Be humble
In a year, give fodder to 100 cows
Contribute in the education of a needy boy or a girl. If you're a man, then do it for a girl child, n
vice versa.
Secretly do daan for the construction of a distorted temple or any worship place.