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How To Lose 5 kilos Just In A Week

Posted on 19.03.2013
We would like to present you an awesome diet, which will help you to lose 4-5 kilos
weiht !ust in a week, as well as "ew centimeter "rom your waist. #he diet is !ust a week
and easy to $e "ollowed, howe%er should $e kept %ery precisely.
#ry to $e as strict as possi$le durin the week o" your diet and en!oy the &nal result.
)ou should always ha%e a $reak"ast. *or $reak"ast you miht choose one "ruit, one
protein, one car$ohydrate "rom the lists $elow(

1 $anana+
1 apple+
1 rape"ruit+
2 kiwi "ruits+
,0 o" pineapple+
,0 o" straw$erries, rasp$erries+

spoons o" simple yourt, without "at+
- mu o" milk+
- $oiled e+
3 slices o" $acon+
,5 o" tuna+
.5 o" white cheese+
40 o" peanuts without salt+

1 slice o" $read+
5 spoons o" muesli, without suar+
2 $iscuits+
5 spoons o" cereals with "ruits without suar+
)ou can drink a cup o" co0ee or tea as well.

#he di0erence is that you can take two "rom the "ruits and %eeta$les list, one "rom
protein list and one "rom car$ohydrates list.
)ou can choose "rom 3 portions o" "ruits or %eeta$les listed and aain one "rom
proteins 3cooked at the rill4 , one "rom car$ohydrate list. -%oid oil or sauce. /ut out
suar5 #ry to a%oid salt "or this week. 2rink water minimum 2 -2,5l daily.

*or lunch and dinner choose "rom list $elow(

*ruits and %eeta$les(
,0 o" carrots,
,0 o" ca$$ae,
,0 o" $roccoli,
,0 o" tomatoes,
,0 o" spinach,
,0 o" rapes,
,0 o" pineapple,
1 apple,
1 orane.

Proteins 3!ust one4
100 o" &sh 3mackerel, salmon, carp4+
100 o" red meat+
150 o" chicken+
1 $i e+
100 o" cheese without "at+

100 o" spahetti+
1 $i potato+
2 slices o" $read+
125 o" $oiled $ean or soy$ean+
10 *oods #hat 'urn *at
6ealth #ips7eptem$er 2., 2013/omments( 39
1. 8ats ( 9ts not only tastes reat $ut also reduces your huner. 8ats contains &$er which
helps and sta$ili:es the le%els o" cholesterol.
2. ;s ( ;s are the rich sources o" proteins and low in calories. ;s helps us to $uild the
muscles and de%elops the ood cholesterol.
3. -pples ( -pples are enriched with power"ul antio<idants and other supplements. =ost
importantly it contains Pectin which helps to reduce the "at cells in the $ody.
4. >reen /hillies ( >reen chillies contains /apsaicin which helps to de%elop the $ody rowth
cells and $urns the calories in ?uick time.
5. >arlic ( >arlic contains -llicin which has anti-$acterial properties helps us to reduce the "at
and remo%es the $ad cholesterol.
@. 6oney ( 6oney is the $est one to $urn "at. -dd honey in warm water and take it daily in
the early mornin.
.. >reen #ea ( >reen #ea is the most e0ecti%e one which helps you to lose weiht. 9t contains
-ntio<idants which helps and sta$ili:es our $ody weiht.#ake daily 2 cups o" tea "or a $etter
,. Wheat >rass ( 9t $oosts our meta$olism and helps to reduce the "at.
9. #omatoes ( #omatoes helps us to $urn the "at in ?uick time. 9t also helps us to stay away
"rom cancer. 7o #ake tomatoes in your diet reularly.
10. 2ark /hocolate ( 2ark chocolate contains *la%onoids, anti-inAammatory properties which
helps to reduce the cholesterol le%els in the $lood. 9t $oost the rowth o" serotonin in the
$lood and also $urns the "at