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... through Bertha Dudde

False Christs....
Signs and miracles....
False Christs will arise and perorm signs and miracles in !"
name.... #his is what $ announced to "ou ahead o time and !"
Words are true.
%et "ou tr" to e&plain these Words wrongl" i "ou assume that the
same power dwells within an e'il orce( an emissar" o Satan(
which made !e wor) signs and miracles during !" lie on earth.
*ea'en and +arth are at all times su,-ect to My will( the" are
go'erned ," !" will( and this will o !ine upholds e'er" creation(
,ecause a will that is contrar" to !ine would signi" the decline o
e'er"thing $ let arise i $ granted him power o'er it.
.nd "et( signs and miracles will ,e perormed( ,ut the" onl" e'er
appear as such to those people who are his ollowers( or the" are
spirituall" ,lind( the" don/t )now the true correlation o all things(
and the" will consider e'er"thing as signs and miracles which
seems e&traordinar" to them ,ut which e'er" human ,eing would
,e a,le to accomplish ," mustering all his willpower.
%ou are all in possession o a,ilities which "ou need onl" de'elop in
order to accomplish man" things. %et "our wea)ness o will
pre'ents "ou rom de'eloping "our a,ilities( and thereore
something seems to "ou a miracle which( howe'er( is within the
scope o possi,ilit" or e'er" single person....
.nd thus all signs and miracles( which $ mentioned to "ou( will ,e
understanda,le to e'er" enlightened person( "et those who still li'e
in spiritual dar)ness will conclude that it is supernatural strength.
.nd the" will grant di'ine strength to those who are !" opponents
"et appear in !" name in order to decei'e humanit".
#he dar)er the spiritual night is which enshrouds people( the easier
it will ,e to ma)e them ,elie'e in miracles( the" will accept e'er"
e&traordinar" acti'it" ," e'il orces as such( "et the e&traordinar"
wor)ing o light.... o people whose will is inclined towards God....
will not ,e ac)nowledged ," them( and this alone is alread" a sign
that people are under the spell o the one who see)s to ight
against God.
.nd "et the" will ma)e use o !" name.... that is( the" will
proclaim themsel'es as !essiah( the" will promise people
deli'erance rom e'er" ad'ersit" through them and their teachings(
or the" will onl" tr" to win them o'er ," descri,ing themsel'es as
representati'es o the One Who has all power o'er *ea'en and
.nd e'er"one is a alse Christ who preaches a wrong teaching in !"
name.... and who tries to conirm this teaching through
e&traordinar" wor)ing which( howe'er( can ne'er ,e loo)ed upon as
a miracle....
0u,lished ," riends o new re'elations o God 1 $normation(
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