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Analysis (Refective

Who would volunteer to share?
Who else?
What went on/happened?
How did you feel about that?
Who else had the sae e!perience? Who reached
Were there any surprises/pu##leents?
How any felt the sae?
How any felt di"erently?
What did you observe?
What were you aware of?
The following questions are directed towards making sense
of the generated data:
How did you account for that?
How does that ean to you?
How was that si$ni%cant?
How was that $ood/bad?
What struck you about that?
How do those %t to$ether?
How i$ht it have been di"erent?
&o you see soethin$ operatin$ there?
What does that su$$est to you about yourself/your
'rocessin$ (uestions
(Questions are directed toward generating data.)
Describes the process of inquiry into the results of
the Actiity.
Abstraction ()nte$ration)
!hat might we draw"pull from that#
$s that plugging in to anything#
!hat did you learn"relearn#
!hat does that suggest to
Does that remind you of anything#
!hat principles"law do you see
!hat does that suggest to you about
%%%%%% in general#
Does that remind you of anything#
!hat principles"law do you see

Questions are directed toward prompting

'rocessin$ (uestions
Describes the generali&ation that will"can be deried
from the Actiity and Analysis
In this portion, theory input(s), lecturettes, or other activities may be
included to explain or recapitulate the various concepts covered in
the learning episode.
('ractical *ynthesis)
Questions are directed towards applying the
general knowledge they hae gained to their
personal and"or professional lies.
How could you apply/transfer that?
What would you like to do with that?
How could you repeat this?
What could you do to hold on to that?
What are the options?
What might you do to help/hinder yourself?
How could you make it better?
What would be the consequences of doing/not doing that?
What modifications can you make work for you?
What could you imagine/ fantasize about that?
'rocessin$ (uestions
Provides activities which will enable participant-learners to transfer
concepts learned to real life situations

Provides mechanisms by which learner is able to evaluate his/her

attainment of the instrumental !learning content" and the terminal
!behavioral" ob#ectives

$hese may include the following%

&ction plans
'valuation activities/ instruments to check
understanding of/commitment to the learning
Describes the structural e'periences designed to engage
the participant(learner in actiity dealing with the concepts to
be used"learned.
+he e!periences ay be,
direct or vicarious
case analysis
-uestionnaires to be answered
siulation e!ercises
personal disclosure sessions
Processing Questions
What is going on?
Ho do you !eel about that?
What do you need to "no to#?
Would you be illing to try?
$ould you be more speci!ic?
$ould you o!!er a suggestion?
What ould you pre!er?
What are your suspicious?