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Name: Ritesh Kala

Your corner of your world (where do you live

I live in Mumbai, India.
Choosing a Book:
What draws you to read a book !he cover" blurb"
sample chapters" or all of them
For me, the blurb is the most important. It is what draws me
into picking up a book. I use the blurb to decide if a book
would interest me. he cover is important too, as I would
generall! not get to the blurb if the cover does not pull me
#o you use $ma%on&s sample chapter feature before
you buy a book
I"ve never used this feature before. I personall! don"t browse
#ma$on for books. %enerall!, I pick up books which have
been recommended to me b! friends.
Where do you buy your books
I personall! use #ma$on e&clusivel! for ebooks. For
paperbacks, I go to m! local bookshop or on 'ook (epositor!
due to the free shipping.
'ave you heard of (mashwords" (ony" #iesel" )obo or
other book buying companies
I"ve heard of most of them before, but have not used them.
*f you have heard of the other companies" and
purchased a book from any or all of them" how was
your book buying experience
I onl! use )mashwords for the free coupons I receive from
#o you look to see where a book was published !o
see if it was traditionally published or self+published
and does it matter to you where it was published
,f late" *&ve started looking up the publisher of the books.
I"ve had problems with the wa! *uite a few indie authors
have behaved online, and so, am war! of books b! them,
especiall! if I am approached b! one of them to review m!
#oes where it was published in-uence whether or not
you buy the book
I don"t think so, since all authors publish to #ma$on in an!
#o you read primarily traditionally published books
from the big publishing houses
I had read a lot of Indie books in +rst half of ,-.,. /owever,
since then, I have read traditionall! published books almost
Would you buy a book written by a self+published
author (also called an independent" or indie" author)
*f not" why not
I would be war! of bu!ing a book b! a self published author
if it has not been recommended to me b! a person I trust, or
if I know the author personall!. here is 0ust too much risk
involved in tr!ing out an unknown indie author. here are
0ust too man! books out there which are not professionall!
presented in terms of editing, proof reading and design.
#oes the price of the book in-uence your book
It de+nitel! does. I live in India, where paperbacks are
available for as low as 1..22. )o, I would think twice before
bu!ing an ebook which is priced too high.
What is your opinion about the price of books being
.ree" priced at /0122 or higher than /3122
I"ve said this before on m! blog. For me, I don"t like to risk
reading a free or 1-.22 book unless it comes recommended.
#lso, I don"t like books which are priced too high.
What genre do you like to read
M! favourite genres are )F and Fantas! of all kinds. I also
like reading m!steries and related genres. /owever, I am
open to reading 0ust about an!thing.
What genre do you read only if someone is twisting
your arm
3hicklit, romance and erotica are something I would rather
not read.
What would cause you to read a book outside your
favorite genre
It would have to come highl! recommended b! a friend
whose opinion I value.
What single word" in your opinion" describes you the
'as there been a book about a place that made you
want to visit that place #id you actually go there
#id the author do a good 5ob on the description of the
wo series which made me want to visit the places described
in the books are the /arr! 5otter series :( and the 6ord of
the Rings series. I do want to visit New 7ealand where the
shooting for the 68R movies has happened.
#o you read a book to get lost in the characters and
their world and perhaps escape the reality of your
world for a bit
his is one of the reasons wh! I love reading. #fter a long
da! of work, I like to unwind b! reading a good book and
escape realit!.
(o !ou have a favorite books list for ,-., !ou"d like to share
with us9 5lease give me a list of si& of !our most favorite
books and the list will be displa!ed on the :ournal under the
Reader"s 3hoice section.
hese are the books I"ve read in ,-.,, though these are not
necessaril! published in ,-.,.
.. he 3harlie (avidson series b! (ar!nda :ones
,. (ra!kon series b! 3harlotte 4 4nglish
;. (ivergent series b! <eronica Roth
=. he /obbit b! :RR olkien
>. #ngelfall b! )usan 4e
?. he Ri!ria Revelations series b! Michael : )ullivan
4eviews and 4eview 6rocess
#o you normally leave a review of the book(s) you
read *f not" why not
I generall! leave reviews for books b! Indie authors, and for
authors who have approached me to review their books. I
write ver! detailed reviews, so it takes me a lot of time and
e@ort to pen a review. For traditionall! published books, I
generall! don"t write a review.
$re you intimidated by the review process to write
Not reall!, but as I said, it takes a lot of time and e@ort for
me to leave a review.
#o you think a book review needs to be like a book
report you were ask to write in school
I"ve never written book reports for school, but I suppose m!
reviews ma! be something similar.
Who do you feel a book review should be for 7 the
reader" author or both
# review should be for a reader +rst, but I do leave some
comments in almost ever! review on how the book could
have been better. I suppose those parts are as much for the
reader, as the! are for the author.
Ahat is the sole purpose of a book review, in !our opinion9
#o you have a problem with authors asking you to
write a review if they know you read the book
I don"t have a problem with that. Ahat I do have a problem
with, is authors following up continuousl! to know when I will
have a review written.
#o you read reviews of a book you are contemplating
buying 8rst before you buy the book
Bes I do. I read the >Cstar and the .D,Cstar reviews for the
#oes a review of a book in-uence your book buying
he! have some times.
!ell us how you got into reading and reviewing books1
*f you have a reviewing blog website" please list your
link(s) here1
I used to read a lot when I was in school. 'ut, as studies, and
later work got hectic, I could not reall! +nd the time to read.
hen, in ,-.., I was home for a few months, and had all the
time in the world. hat is when I got back m! passion for
reading. I found %oodreads when tr!ing to +nd new books to
read and got introduced to the blogging communit!. )oon, I
had a book blog of m! own. I now blog along with a friend of
mine, #le&ia )mit at #le&ia 3hronicles Ehttp:FF
$udio Books
#o you listen to audio books
I don"t listen to audio books. I 0ust can"t keep up with the
How of the books.
/ow do !ou +nd an audio book9
(oes the compan! where !ou bu! !our audio books give !ou
the choice to listen to the voice of the narrator +rst9
(oes listening to the voice +rst inHuence whether or not !ou
bu! the book9
If !ou know a book had two voices I one for the female
characters and one for the male characters I would !ou
more than likel! bu! the book with the two voices versus one
.or .un if you don&t want to answer" * will leave that
up to you1
#o you like getting swag from authors
6ove itJ I make it a point to enter giveawa!s when there is
swag available.
What is your favorite swag to receive from authors
I"ve onl! ever gotten bookmarks and buttons. 'ut, some
authors are reall! innovative, and giveawa! swag that +ts
perfectl! with their book"s theme. For e&ample, giving awa!
a deck of tarot cards if the book is about that,
*f you had a choice of buying two books: one author
was giving away swag to purchase her book and it
was in a genre you don&t normally read" and the other
author was not giving away anything and the books
was in your favorite genre to read" which book would
you buy
he books in m! favourite genre de+nitel!.
$re you a social butter-y or a -y on the wall
Fl! on the wall. I am comfortable onl! in groups of small
people, so I"m not one to en0o! large parties.
You have 9 hours of down time1 Would you hang out
with friends and:or family" or 8nd a good book to
%enerall!, I"d read a book. 'ut then, it all depends on the
Where were you born
'orn and alwa!s lived in Mumbai
What;s your favorite color
'lue, most shades of it.
What;s your %odiac sign
AhatKs !our favorite season and wh!9
)ummer. I don"t like to be cold, and the rains can sometimes
make me depressed.
AhatKs !our favorite holida! and wh!9
(iwali. It is a time when families and friends get together,
and there is a lot of feasting. I am a foodie, so it is a huge
Ahat is !our favorite music9
Ahat do !ou do to totall! rela&, other than reading9
I love pla!ing on m! ipad, or pla!ing table tennis. 8ther than that, I
love hanging out with friends.
(o !ou have an! phobias9
I"m scared of a number of things, such as roaches and dogs, but
these are not phobias.
*f you could own any animal as a pet which would it be and
No. In Mumbai, we don"t have enough space to own pets, and even
if we did, I"d rather not have one.
*f you had to recommend 5ust one book from the many you
have read throughout your life" which one would it be and
#tlas )hrugged b! #!n Rand. his book changed m! outlook towards
the world.
If !ou can think of an! *uestions we have not asked and would like
to answer, please go ahead and t!pe them in and answer.
hank !ou
:ac*ue E:ac*ueline /opkins, #uthorG