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Gout Arthritis

In the limit of normal levels of uric acid in human blood is for men 7.0 mg / dL
and for women is 5.7 mg / dL. The possibility of the emergence of gout is a condition
where there is an increase of hyperuricemia. Despite this high uric acid levels do not
always lead to gout attacks. A person afflicted by sudden gout will experience symptoms
such as the condition of hyperuricemia in a long time to cause gout attacks, there is
mention about more than 20 years, this hyperuricemia condition trigger slowly precipitate
out in joint fluid. If the pattern is not supervised diet and excessive activities, this can
trigger a gout attack.

It turns out that gout attacks and the like such as gout, hyperuricemia can also
attack a woman during pregnancy which has the possibility of increasing the levels of
uric acid in the blood, thereby increasing the risk of gout. Uric acid levels of a pregnant
women is higher. However, pregnant women uric acid is stable at low levels in the age of
8-24 weeks. Asm urate levels will then rise pda 24-25 weeks gestation until 12 weeks
after birth. Uric acid levels in pregnant women with pre-eclampsia or eclampsia can reach
9.1 to 11.0 mg / dL or more.

originator of gout
Uric acid levels in the blood can be increased for some reason, just as an increase
metabolisem puirn (overproduction) or decrease disposal through urine uric asm (under
secretion). Konusmis overproduction can be caused by too much food containing purines.
Under secretion is mainly due to the system pembunagan idak ubuh perfect in removing
uric acid through urine. A person can experience between the two causes mentioned or
susceptibility to complex causes.

Gouty arthritis came suddenly attack a joint inflammation that arises repeatedly is
almost the same as the symptoms in people with rheumatism. Therefore gouty arthritis
often associated with rheumatic pain because mempuyai similar symptoms, namely joint
pain attacks that occur repeatedly, though not too often.

Symptoms of arthritis gout attacks are:

1 Acute attacks are generally monarticular or attacking a single joint with symptoms of
swelling, redness, pain is felt as pain, heat and motion disorders of the body being
attacked. Bagin body generally is often attacked the base of the thumb joint, almost all
cases of arthritis gout attack especially on the part of the peripheral joints and rarely
attack the central joints.

2 Attack of arthritic gout second is suddenly arise without known prior, usually strike
during the day or at night before bed without any complaints. But in some people who
develop gout arthritis at night and felt so sick when just touched with a blanket, or
exposed to gusts of wind and other soft objects. However, patients will feel excruciating
pain to make it difficult to sleep soundly.

Gout arthritis has a 3 phase before entering the chronic phase or acute gout,

1 The first phase: acute gouty arthritis
In this phase, the patient will generally experience the typical arthritis gout attacks and
the attack usually goes away by itself without treatment and lasts 5-7 days. In the phase
of acute gouty arthritis is fast disappearing, so many people who experience these
symptoms just assumed that he was just a sprain or infection from an object that does not
know or can surmise that gout disease and did not do any testing or treatment.
After going through this phase, then a person will experience gout gout attacked
interkritikal. Generally, patients gout feel his body healthy and normal for a certain
period. Period of a patient's health or gout acute gout different from each other. If there is
someone who is suffering from gout in this phase can last up to 10 years, but those that
can only last between 1-2 years. The time interval is so long that sometimes makes a gout
sufferer is not aware interkritikal even sometimes forget, bahaw he never suffered an
attack of gout arthritis or just assumed first attack had nothing to do with gout.

The second Phase 2: Intermittent gout Arthirits
Once a person experiences the symptoms of the first phase of acute gouty arthritis gout
interktritikal later in a long period of time without any symptoms, gout sufferers will
enter this stage. At this second phase of symptoms or an attack of gout will start to feel
and often occur (easy to relapse). In this phase, the distance of the first gout attack with
other gout attacks and the longer the meeting increasingly common, gout attacks become
longer perceived. Then the body will attack the joints that are increasingly spread, which
is not only attacking the thumb joints in general, but other joints in the body will be

3. chronic gouty arthritis bertofus
In this last phase will occur if the patient has experienced pain for approximately 10
years. In this last phase, a person stricken with gout will experience a change in which
there are lumps around the joints that often experience inflammation which then diseut
with tofus. Tofus the hard lumps formed of powder like Gentile or component which is a
collection of monosodium urate crystals. Monosodium urate or in medical language
called MSUM (Monosodium urate monohydrate) which is a salt of uric acid crystals can
precipitate out to form a collection. Tofus will result in a person experiencing damage to
the joint and the surrounding bone. Tofus most attacking on foot. In some people find it
difficult to use shoes or sandals because tofus make feet become swollen.