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ATM / Credit Card facility of BOB

We offer debit card (in association with VISA), a product that
represents the most secure, convenient and reliable form of
payment through ATM.
Our Debit Card is accepted at over 4000 Visa Electron ATMs
and 780000 ATMs worldwide. The card is also accepted at 45000 Point of Sales
(POS) in India and around 10 million POS worldwide. The card enables you to
enjoy the convenience of cash-less purchasing power without the fear of
overdrawing your account.
Credit Card Facility
Our Credit Cards (BOBCARD) provide financial flexibility, worldwide acceptance
and round the clock convenience at the minimum service charges in the entire card

The Credit Cards, various products of our BOBCARDS Ltd. (our subsidiary),
marketed by Bank are namely BOBCARDS PARAS, SILVER, PREMIUM,
FLEXI. These products have been launched keeping in view the different needs of
all sections of people. The credit limits under these cards range from Rs.20,000/- to
Rs.3.00 lakhs. Bank is also providing Credit Card cum ATM card to the customers
on request.
Service charges payable for rendering credit card services including Revolving
Credit Facility, emergency Cash Withdrawal (wherever applicable) are very
Insurance cover in case of death due to air accident or other accidents is available
to the cardholder as well as his / her spouse, (even if he / she is not a cardholder)
incase of Bobcard Premium, Bobcard Exclusive, Bobcard Gold. Bobcard Gold
Flexi and Bobcard Global. The amount of the available insurance for each card is
printed in the respective application form.

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Time - Norms for various banking transactions
Extended Banking Hours
Customer Communication
Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006
Redressal of Complaints
Other customer centric initiatives

Baroda Home Loan

Value propositions

Bank offers following benefits with home loan availed by you:
Free Personal Accident Insurance is available for stipulated tenure.

Free Credit Card (BOBCARD complementary for first year) to all Home
Loan borrowers (first borrower) with loan limit of Rs. 2/- Lacs and above.

Concession of 0.25% in rate of interest for Car Loans.

Concession of 0.50% in rate of interest for Loan for consumer durables.

Top up Loan (Baroda Additional Assured Advance AAA) can be availed
5 times during loan period.
(Minimum Rs.1/- Lac, Maximum Rs.200/- Lacs or 75% of residual value
of house property after deducting 150% of outstanding loan amount of
existing Home Loan, whichever is lower).

As per current IT provisions Interest on loan upto Rs.1.50 lacs per
annum is exempt from income tax (Under section 23/24 (1) of the Income
Tax Act). An additional deduction of interest upto Rs.1 lac is available to
persons taking a loan for their first home upto Rs.25 lacs during March 2013
to Feb 2014.

Terms & Conditions

In case of Salaried:
Monthly Income Modified Criteria
Up to Rs. 20,000/- 36 times of monthly
More than Rs.20,000/- & up to Rs. 1
48 times of monthly
More than Rs. 1 lac 54 times of monthly

In case of others viz. professionals / self-employed / businesspersons etc., 5-
times of average annual income (last three years).
Loan Amount Margin
Loans upto Rs.20/- Lacs 10%
Loans above Rs.20/- Lacs upto Rs.75/- Lacs 20%
Loans above Rs.75/- Lacs 25%

As security against the loan amount, the bank will take an equitable
mortgage of the housing property and/or other suitable securities.
No Fees will be charged on part prepayment / full prepayment of the loan
The loan can be repaid in a maximum period of 30 years taken under
floating rate option subject to the period up to age of retirement in case of
salaried persons and 70 years in case of others.

Baroda Education Loan

Education is the most important investment one makes in life. Higher studies and
specialization in certain fields call for additional financial support from time to
Whether you are planning school education (nursery to standard XII) of your child,
pursuing a graduate or post-graduate degree, the Bank of Baroda Education
Loans, can help finance your ambitions and goals.
Following are the loan options available:
Baroda Vidya
Baroda Gyan
Baroda Scholar
Baroda Education Loan for Vocational Education & Training
Central Scheme of Interest Subsidy for Education Loans
The National Skill Certification and Monetary Reward scheme
covered under Baroda Education Loan for Vocational Education &

Baroda Education Loan for Vocational Education &

1. Scheme shall be applicable at all our Branches across the country

2. The prospective borrower should be an Indian National and have secured admission in a
course approved /supported by a Ministry/ Deptt/ Organization of the Govt or a
Company /Society/ Organization supported by National Skill development Corporation
or State Skill Missions /State Skill Corporation leading to a certificate /diploma /degree
etc. by Govt. Organization or an Organization recognized /authorized by Govt to do so.

3. Courses eligible: Vocational /Skill development courses of duration from 2 months to 3
years run or supported by a Ministry /Deptt/Organization of the Govt or a company
/society/ organization supported by National Skill Development Corporation or State
Skill Missions /State Skill Corporations, preferably leading to a certificate /diploma
/degree etc. issued by a Government Organization or an organization recognized
/authorized by the Govt. to do so. State Level Bankers committee (SLBC) / State level
Co-ordination Committee (SLCC) may add other skill development courses
/programmes, having good employability.
a. Approved courses/training programs as per The National Skill Certification and
Monetary Reward Scheme

4. The Student should not be minor and in case he is a minor, documents shall be executed
by the parents and bank will obtain a letter of ratification from him/her upon attaining
majority. There is no bar on maximum age of the borrower

5. Need based finance to meet expenses will be considered subject to following:
1 For courses of duration upto 3 Months Rs.20000/
2 For courses of duration >3 months and upto 6 months Rs.50000/
3 For Courses of duration >6 months to 1 year Rs.75000/
4 For courses of duration above 1 year Rs.150000/

6. Following expenses shall be considered for granting the loan under this scheme:

1. Tuition fee/Course fee
2. Examination /Library/Laboratory fee
3. Caution Deposit
4. Cost of Books/Equipments and Instruments
5. Any other reasonable expenditure found necessary for completion of the course.

7. There will not be stipulation of any margin under the product i.e. Margin will be Nil-

8. Rate of Interest shall be Base rate plus 2% i.e. 12.50% at present and simple interest
shall be charged till the start of repayment. Servicing of interest during Study Period and
Moratorium Period shall be at the option of the borrower. In case, interest is serviced
during the study period and Moratorium period , Concession of 1% in interest rate for
entire tenure of loan shall be provided.
For girl students, an incentive in the form of 1% Interest Concession shall be provided as
being provided under our Education Loan Product.

9. Processing Charge/documentation Charges: NIL

10. Security: No Collateral or third party guarantee will be obtained, however, the parent
will execute loan document alongwith the student borrower as joint borrower.

11. Moratorium Period and Repayment: Repayment of loan will commence after a
period of 6 months from the completion of course of maximum 1 year duration. Whereas
for courses of duration of more than 1 year, Repayment will commence after a period of
12 months from the completion of course. Maximum Repayment period will be as under:
Loans upto Rs 50,000 : Upto 2 Years
Loans between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lac : 2 to 5 Years
Loans above Rs 1 lac : 3 to 7 Years
13. Insurance : Group credit Life Insurance Cover will be available at the option and cost of
the borrower. Cost of Insurance Premium may be financed by Bank by adding the same
in the project cost and shall be recovered alongwith EMIs of the loan.

14. The Borrower can repay the loan any time after commencement of repayment
WITHOUT having to pay any prepayment charges.

Profit And Loss A/c
Profit & Loss Account for the year ended 31st March, 2013(000's Omitted)

SCHEDULE Year ended
March 2013
Year ended
March 2012

Rs. Rs.
Interest Earned 13 35196,65,44 29673,72,42
Other Income 14 3630,62,49 3422,32,82


Interest Expended 15 23881,38,91 19356,71,23
Operating Expenses 16 5946,73,63 5158,71,73
Provisions and Contingencies 4518,43,39 3573,66,66
T O T A L 34346,55,93 28089,09,62
Net Profit for the period 4480,72,00 5006,95,62
Available for Appropriation 4480,72,00 5006,95,62
a) Statutory Reserve 1120,18,00 1251,73,91
b) Capital Reserve 81,44,81 22,39,86
c) Revenue and Other

I) General Reserve 1369,46,69 2453,86,08
II) Special Reserve u/s 36 (1)
(viii) of the Income Tax Act, 1960
Income Tax Act, 1961
850,00,00 533,84,66
III) Statutory Reserve (Foreign) 1,55,80
d) Proposed Dividend (including
Dividend Tax)
1059,62,50 812,29,04
e) Investment Reserve Account -- (68,73,73)
T O T A L 4480,72,00 5006,95,62
Basic & Diluted Earnings per
Share (Rs)
(Nominal value per share Rs. 10)
18 (B-5) 108.84 127.84
Significant Accounting Policies 17
Notes on Accounts 18