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Volkswagen Touareg - New SUV Hits the Roads!

The Volkswagen Touareg is a compact luxury SUV thats designed to accent your parking
space as well as social stature !ntroduced in "##"$ Touareg has %een an am%itious pro&ect
o' (erman automaker Volkswagen This dri)ing %eauty has %een named a'ter the Touareg
Tri%e in North *'rica$ which are also known as +er%er-speaking group worldwide *dding
a lot to your com'ort$ Volkswagen Touareg has )arious relaxing 'eatures 'or interiors and
Re'reshing ,hanges-
The 'irst look o' Volkswagen Touareg has se)eral &aw-dropping moments Starting 'rom
the trape.oidal-shaped %i-xenon headlamps$ the standard SUV %ecomes a glittery
addition *ccompanied well %y chrome 'ins$ Volkswagen Touareg can make that magic
happen$ /uite instantly The lower 'ascias as well as lower air inlets let this Volkswagen
appear /uite %roader$ when )iewed 'rom a distance To optimi.e the aerodynamic
character o' this time$ Touareg 'eatures hi-tech 'og lights as well as splitter accessories
0ri)ing with ,ontrol-
Touareg has also %een designed 'or enhanced dri)ing control with 'eatures like
emergency %rakes$ a pre-crash accident-prep system and other adapti)e high %eams The
12-inch aluminium wheels make it a must-to-ha)e standard luxury car 3actors like an all-
wheel dri)e and a stop-start system well complement the 'unctionality
4ngine 5er'ormance-
+ecause o' the matchless engine per'ormance$ Volkswagen Touareg is o'ten compared to a
power train !t has two standard 67-litre V-7 and 6#-litre tur%o-diesel T0! 4ngines$ which
not only optimi.e the speed %ut also coasting 'unction$ /uite dramatically !t is why8
Volkswagen Touareg is a great way to dri)e cra.y without hassling a%out the 'uel
5anoramic Sunroo'-
The 5anoramic Sunroo' is another important 'eature$ not to miss$ 'or your Volkswagen
Touareg They are large9is 1$:;" mm long 0y <<# mm wide$ enough to 'acilitate
complete sunlight and airy 'eel with in the car ca%in The rear glass panels are 'ixed and
electrically operated 'or smoother mo)ements The 'ront glass can %e tilted to se)en
di''erent positions as per your need o' the time
Heated 0oor =irrors-
Heated door mirrors are one o' the most ela%orated 'eatures in the designing and o)erall
make o' your Volkswagen Touareg These are electrically heated$ ensuring complete ice
elimination as well as condensation %uild-up 4asy to ad&ust$ these heated door mirrors
make dri)ing /uite simpler$ /uite 'ancier!
Touareg !n-,ar 4ntertainment-
V> Touareg is designed keeping your entertainment 'actor in mind >ith a %uilt-in RNS
?;# radio system$ Touareg o''ers you a ,0 play%ack and 0*+ !t pro)ides you sound o'
nearly eight speakers The RNS ?;# has 7# (+ hard disk$ " S0 card readers$ and a 0V0
dri)e to ensure picture /uality 'or a high-resolution T3T monitor
=odular Rear Seat System-
The stylish =odular Rear Seat System is an adora%le 'actor o' V> Touareg !t has
com'orta%le rear seats$ which can %e ad&usted to suit e)ery tra)ellers demand &udiciously
4)en$ i' you ha)e tra)ellers who are long-legged$ then leg room can %e ad&usted
,hoose U@ ,ar +roker 'or Volkswagen Touareg Anline-
+uying a new or used Volkswagen ,ars can %e )ery demanding Understanding complex
automo%iles needs the expertise that only years o' working in the automo%ile %usiness
can pro)ide *t U@,ar%roker$ we help you at e)ery step o' your car-%uying experience >e
o''er the easiest options 'or owning the %est luxury models$ like the Volkswagen Touareg
5lease explore our wide range o' 'inancial schemes that are tailored to suit your
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