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British Gas CRE Job Description.

Job Outline:
You will own Multi Site Customer relationships managing customer communication including telephone and
written correspondence. The queries you manage will vary in complexity, some resulting in basic data entry
and others requiring in depth analysis. You will be responsible for delivering exceptional levels of customer
service optimising any opportunity to both set and exceed customer expectation. Your role will be pivotal in
ensuring customers receive accurate and timely billing and timely query management. You will manage
service level agreements internally that touch your customers. In some instances you may be responsible
for planning and effectively managing customer meetings, both face to face and via teleconferences.

Person Specification:

Skills required

Excellent organisational and time management skills
Ability to create and maintain accurate / accessible and organised documentation
Ability to identify and convert new business opportunities
Excellent communication skills
Strong listening and questioning skills
Ability to effectively manage customer relationships, promptly respond to queries, ensure promises
are kept and manage expectations
Ability to analyse results, identify and explain any variance from targets
Ability to use Outlook, Excel, Word, Service Desk, TMS and any other system deemed key to the
Account Manager role.
Ability to apply numerical skills to analyse data, interpreting facts and figures presented in the form
of statistical tables and diagrams, thinking critically and checking for errors.

Functional Competencies required

A hands on approach to problem solving; identifying issues and using initiative and available
resources to generate recommendations
An ability to identify a clients key business objectives
Strong motivation and a positive approach
Ability to cope with conflicting demands and to prioritise tasks
Ability to follow quality assurance and operational processes
Ability to work as a part of a team, contributing and sharing best practises/ knowledge / resources
and ideas
Other desired knowledge, skills and experience

Understanding of the importance of personal development and ability to work toward achieving
agreed actions
Understanding of the importance of demonstrating respect and confidentiality regarding company
and client information
Ability to provide analytical and insightful recommendations to clients and team