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B-gas Grade - 1
1. Describe the foo!i"g ter#s a$ S%ash &o"e b$ 'ac(et c$ Caisso"
Splash zone: 2.5 mt + 12 mt above the L.A.T.
Jacket: Welded support rame o the platorm tubular.
!a"sson: #pen ended p"pe that runs rom tops"des to the sea bottom. $as pumps
and "lters to take %aste a%a&.
). *hich stat+tor, i"str+#e"t doc+#e"t reates to safet, for offshore-
S' ( 1)*1. The oshore saet& re+ulat"on 1*,-.
.. /ist the safet, #eas+res re0+ired for o1er the side !or(i"g i" desce"di"g
order of %refere"ce if scaffodi"g is "ot %racticabe.
. /a"l barr"er
Saet& net
Saet& belt l"ne
/escue boat and rad"o
0ull l"e 1acket.
2. *ho is +ti#ate, res%o"sibe for safet, at offshore-
#.'.2 ( # shore "nstallat"on mana+er.
3. Na#e fo+r dec(s o" a %atfor#.
4. Na#e three #a5or da"gers6 !hich e7ist !he" !or(i"g offshore-
0all"n+ overboard4 "re e5plos"on and adverse %eather 6+ales 7 storms8
8. Na#e three #ethods of (ee%i"g a %atfor# i" a fi7ed %ositio".
9"l"n+4 sem" submers"ble4 mater"al support4 1acket le+s4 sea tank.
9. :o! are esca%e ro+tes ide"tified o" a" offshore %atfor#-
9a+e 1 o
:& arro%s cut out o relect"n+ str"ps and "5ed on top o the non(sk"d des"+nated
deck. 3eck coat"n+: 1))(mm ( 9r"me route4 5)(mm ( Sea route.
;. *hat %reca+tio"s #+st be obser1ed !he" boardi"g a"d tra1ei"g i"
All as descr"bed "n the !.A.A. course %h"ch &ou must attend beore travell"n+
1<. :o! ofte" is #edica treat#e"t re0+ired for %erso""e !or(i"g offshore-
0rom the a+es .) ( .*4 ever& . &ears.
0rom the a+es ;) ( 5)4 ever& 2 &ears.
0rom the a+e 5) and above ( &earl&.
11. /ist the esse"tia ite#s of cothi"g a"d e0+i%#e"t for a" offshore %ai"ti"g
/"++ers boots4 saet& helmet4 1))< cotton overalls4 saet& +lasses4 and l"e belt (
1acket and %eather and pa"nt "nstruments.
1). *hat is brea(er ca%s+e-
A completel& enclosed saet& and rescue boat or escape.
1.. Are %ai"ters %er#itted to erect scaffodi"g-
=o. 't must be the %ork o a >ual""ed scaolder hold"n+ a !.'.T.: card. 9a"nters
pa"nt onl&4 but the& can reuse to %ork on the scaold " the& are not sure o "ts
saet& or the"r 1ob or personnel saet&.
12. Describe the #ea"i"g of : - 1)< i" reatio" to fire %rotectio".
$ ( stands or h&drocarbon. 12) stands or the t"me "n m"nutes4 that the "re
protect"on s&stem "s des"+ned to stop the passa+e o lames4 smoke4 to allo%
personnel to escape to saet&.
13. O" !hat %arts of a" offshore str+ct+re are a"ti-fo+a"t coati"gs a%%ied-
Na#e t!o co##o" t,%es of to7ic #ateria +sed i" a"ti-fo+a"ts.
Ant"(oulant coat"n+s are appl"ed on the submer+ed and splash zone areas o the
#r+an"c t"n4 cupros(o5"de are t%o common t&pes o to5"c mater"als used "n ant"(
oulants. 2ercur&4 arsen"c and lead are not used.
14. Na#e the t!o t,%es of fire%roof coati"gs. sa, !hich t,%e is +sed #ost, a"d
9a+e 2 o
describe ho! it !or(s.
!ement"ous and 'ntumescent are t%o t&pes o "reproo coat"n+s. 'ntumescent
coat"n+s are the preerred ones or oshore coat"n+ "n h&drocarbon "res and
cellulos"c "res. The& s%ell upto man& t"mes the"r th"ckness thus dela&"n+ the "re
spread upto 2))<
18. *hat a%%icatio" re0+ire#e"ts are s%ecified for the s%ra, a%%icatio" of %ai"t
to arge s+rface areas-
The manuacturer?s spec""cat"on sheets 6data8 spec"& the appl"cat"on re>u"rements.
Lar+e an spra&s4 vert"cal and hor"zontal parallel passes4 non(or+an"c pa"nt"n+s
should overlap b& 5)<.
19. =or !hich coated areas is 1<<> hoida, detectio" re0+ired-
Seabed and splash zone to the cellar deck.
1;. a$ =i"ish bast cea"i"g #a, be "ot carried o+t6 !he"-
When the de% po"nt "s not above .c above the steel temperature.
b$ Ca" bast cea"i"g be carried o+t at "ight-
@es4 but must be "n"shed "n the da&l"+ht.
c$ *hat sta"dard is s%ecified for %o!er too cea"i"g.
d$ Po!er too cea"i"g #+st o1era% e7isti"g coati"g b, ateast ( 5)mm.
e$ Coati"gs #+st "ot be a%%ied !he" s+rfaces are ess tha" ( . c above 394
%hen /$ < "s above A5<.
2). a$ Coati"gs #+st "ot co#e !ithi" - 5)mm of !ed %re%aratio".
b$ Is it %er#itted to s%ra, %ai"t fro# a BOS?NS chair ( no4 but brush
appl"cat"on "s acceptable.
c$ *hat dista"ce a"d a"ge sho+d a s%ra, g+" is hed fro# the s+rface-
3"stance ( 1AB4 ;5) ( -))mm4 at an an+le o *).
9a+e . o
1. *hat does a Radio#a" f+fi-
$e "s a look out person. $e keeps "n three %a& contact dur"n+ and over the s"te
operat"on. $e should also be on hand %here the people are %ork"n+ "n vessels or
enclosed space "n oshore. To summon help "n case o acc"dent "n the rad"o
operator?s o"ce.
). *hat doc+#e"t does a %ai"t i"s%ector "eed to ("o! to !or( o" offshore-
The oshore saet& re+ulat"on 1*,- S' ( 1)*1.
2ed"cal cert""cate4 passport4 l"eboat surv"val tra"n"n+4 :(+as approval.
.. Gi1e a ist of d+ties a" N.R.P. #ight %erfor#.
'nchar+e o des"+nated areas o the platorm. 'ssu"n+ hot and cold perm"ts.
/ece"v"n+ completed %ork perm"ts4 check"n+ %ork carr"ed out on perm"t. Area
author"t& #.'.2.
2. *h, are areas e"ca%s+ated a"d gi1e !a,s i" !hich this co+d be do"e-
To protect "nstruments and "re protect"on e>u"pment?s dur"n+ blast"n+4 clean"n+ and
pa"nt"n+ operat"ons. 3ur"n+ ma"ntenance %ork4 completel& cover the areas "n
plast"c sheets or mask o4 or cl"mat"c or saet& reasons.
3. *hat %ossibe %robe#s !o+d a" i"s%ector #eet at offshore-
a8 $"+h chan+e "n the %eather cond"t"ons.
b8 /ap"d chan+e o t"dal cond"t"ons.
c8 2ovements o hel"copters and boats.
d8 Access to %ork dur"n+ dr&"n+ t"mes.
4. :o! !o+d a" i"s%ector co##+"icate !ith his boss bac( to bac(-
9a+e ; o
Csuall& meet or hal an hour or so at the sh"t chan+e4 " there %as a ser"ous
problem to e5pla"n or leave a hand %r"tten report or h"m "n h"s lo+book.
8. :o! !o+d ,o+ deter#i"e that a co"tractorAs %a"t a"d e0+i%#e"t !as safe to
All plant e>u"pment used on oshore must have cal"brat"on cert""cates4
ma"ntenance record deta"ls dated and s"+ned b& approved a+ent.
9. *h, is #as(i"g carried o+t a"d !hat areas #ight "eed this-
To protect sens"t"ve e>u"pment 6electr"cal and "nstruments8 "n part"cular rom
dama+e dur"n+ ma"ntenance operat"on. Also the p"pe %ork and colour coded
sect"ons has to be masked o beore be"n+ spra&ed b& d"erent pa"nts to protect
areas that are not pa"nted.
;. Gi1e reaso"s !h, the s+b#erged &o"e is "ot a!a,s coated.
Submer+ed zone "s d""cult to pa"nt because o "ts pos"t"on. Also because o %ater
and lack o o5&+en present4 the rate o corros"on "s not so ser"ous and also
sacr""c"al anodes are used.
1<. *hat are the t!o !a,s i" !hich ga1a"i&ed s+rfaces ca" be %re%ared before
The t%o %a&s are4
18 S%eep blast and etch pr"mer
28 9o%er tool %"th mordant %ash.
11. *hat is COS:: a"d !hat dos it dea !ith-
!ontrol o substances hazardous to health re+ulat"on 1*AA. 't deals %"th
env"ronmental saet& "n the %ork place4 solvents4 sands4 dust e5cept lead pa"nts4
rad"at"on e5plos"ves4 o%n re+ulat"ons.
1). Other tha" te#%erat+res a"d R: !hat co+d sto% bast cea"i"g fro# bei"g
carried o+t-
Where d"erent t&pes o clean"n+ "s needed usuall& po%er or hand clean"n+ due to
ma"ntenance or other t&pe o problems(%eather cond"t"ons4 operat"on or product"on.
9a+e 5 o
1.. *hat are the t!o t,%es of test6 !hich are carried o+t for cathodic
Stat"c test or submer+ed coat"n+s.
!&cl"c test or splash zone coat.
12. *hat is the tite of CPC - 133 a"d !hich is the c+rre"t iss+e-
T"tle (1,5!4 9a"nt counc"l(1**A 'ssue 24 !9! ( compan& pract"ces or pa"nt.
13. *hat do the foo!i"g refer to-
AL ( Alum"n"um
:S ( :r"t"sh standard
!S ( !arbon steel
!u ( copper
$SD ( $ealth saet& env"ronment
LAT ( Lo%est astronom"cal t"de
2'# ( 2"caceous "ron o5"de
=' ( ="ckel
S' ( Statutor& "nstrument
SS ( Sta"nless steel
E= ( E"nc.
14. *hat are red+ced B.O.C. coati"gs-
0or F.#.!. coat"n+s p"+ments carr& more %ater emuls"on b"nders. 't "s %ater based.
Solvents are +reatl& reduced.
18. *hat i"for#atio" #+st a %ai"t #a"+fact+rer %ri"t o" a %ai"t ti"-
2ethod o use 6brush or spra&84 t&pe o pa"nt4 product"on date4 shel l"e4
con"rmat"ve %"th :(+as spec""cat"on are the th"n+s that should be pr"nted on a
pa"nt t"n.
19. *hat res+ts #+st be %+bished b, a %ai"t #a"+fact+rer regardi"g the
0+aities of his %ai"ts-
The ollo%"n+ are the results that have to be publ"shed b& the manuacturer.
!ompos"t"on 6p"+ment4 b"nder 7 volat"les8 2anuacturer?s name
9roduct descr"pt"on Folume o sol"ds
F"scos"t& #pac"t&
!over"n+ po%er 6+loss8 Abras"on res"stant
'mpact res"stant 3ens"t& and adhes"on.
9a+e - o
1;. *hat i"for#atio" does the %ai"t #a"+fact+rer ha1e to s+%%, to the
2ater"al data sheets4 health and saet& "normat"on re+ard"n+ the products.
)<. *ho is res%o"sibe for choosi"g a %ai"t s,ste# for +se o" a %artic+ar 5ob-
The contractor us"n+ ran+e o approved :(+as pa"nt s&stems.
)1. *hat are the t!o BS codes +sed i" co""ectio" !ith coo+r sched+es-
:S ;A)) and :S 5252.
)). *hat #+st ha%%e" to a", !ed s%atter !hich !as "ot re#o1ed d+ri"g the
fabricatio" %rocess-
't must be +round o lush b& the best mechan"cal means.
).. *hat sha s+rfaces be free fro# before %ai"ti"g-
Suraces shall be ree rom dust4 mo"sture4 o"l and +rease and other contam"nants.
)2. :o! sha hea1, or #etaic %ig#e"t be (e%t i" s+s%e"sio" !he" a%%,i"g
Automat"c st"rrer4 a"r or po%er operated "n the pa"nt pot dur"n+ appl"cat"on and
constantl& "n mot"on can keep "t "n suspens"on.
)3. *hat sha dr,i"g/c+ri"g %eriods co#%, !ith %ai"ti"g-
't shall compl& %"th manuacturer?s data sheets.
)4. *hat is a stri%e coat-
't "s a brush(appl"ed coat to the %eld areas to make sure that the proper 3.0.T "s
atta"ned. 't "s an e5tra coat to %elds and ed+es.
)8. Describe ho! test %a"es are %re%ared a"d %ai"ted a"d !hat is their %+r%ose.
9a+e , o
Test panels are blasted to Sa . standard4 then accord"n+ to test re>u"red "nstruct"ons.
0or rust +rade ater blast"n+ "t "s let "n the atmosphere or 2 ( . months. Test panels
are then d"pped "n sea%ater. 3r& or 2 or . m"nutes4 then coat.
)9. *hat t,%e of co#%o"e"ts co#es +"der ide"tificatio" #ar(i"g of %ai"ts-
/elect"ve plast"c str"ps.
);. :o! do ,o+ decide !hat grade of %re%aratio" "eeds to be carried o+t-
3epends on the des"+n l"e.
.<. *he" !et basti"g6 !hat !i ,o+ to areas i(e, to be affected b, !ater a"d
abrasi1e co"ta#i"atio"-
Securel& mask o.
.1. *he" ca" a br+sh be +sed to a%%, %ai"t for offshore str+ct+res-
'n repa"r ma"ntenance %hen "t "s "mpract"cable to use a"rless.
.). If B-gas decide to i"s%ect !or( bei"g carried o+t !hat #+st "ot ha%%e"-
All other %ork must be stopped.
... *he" are destr+cti1e tests +s+a, carried o+t-
' there "s a problem "n ma"ntenance pa"nt or test panels.
.2. *ho ad1ises of the 1otage to be +sed !he" hoida, detectio" tests are bei"g
carried o+t-
As per spec""cat"on ( 5 volts per m"cron or as per the en+"neer o the pa"nt
.3. *hat is the %roced+re for rectif,i"g coati"gs6 !hich ha1e a" i"ade0+ate
/ub do%n %"th sandpaper and blo% them do%n. Appl& m"st coat to br"n+ up the
re>u"red 3.0.T.
.4. *hat doc+#e"t sho+d be +sed as a refere"ce for the %roced+res to re#o1e
co"ta#i"atio" fro# a s+rface-
9a+e A o
:S ,),*.
.8. *hat t,%e of ris( assess#e"ts are oo(ed for !he" +"derta(i"g a cea"i"g a"d
%ai"ti"g %roced+re-
1. $o% sae "s the area.
2. 3an+er ( $ealth and saet&.
.. !#S$$.
;. =eed o cl"mate cond"t"ons and l"+ht"n+.
.9. *ho is res%o"sibe for the trai"i"g of %erso""e to !or( offshore-
The contractor must arran+e or h"s people to be tra"ned.
.;. *hat are the re0+ire#e"ts for Ao1ersideA !or(i"g-
. bar ra"l4 scaolds4 board toes4 saet& net4 saet& l"ne4 l"e belt4 boat %"th rad"o
2<. *hat thi"gs #ight ,o+ "ote !he" carr,i"g o+t 1is+a i"s%ectio" for -
a8 9reparat"on procedures: !orrect procedure4 cond"t"on o substrate ".e. ree rom
contam"nants4 scaold"n+ re>u"rement4 blast"n+ e>u"pment?s4 checks or a"r
pur"t&4 observat"on o ro+ue peaks ".e. uneven ampl"tude4 h"+h po"nts should be
b8 9a"nt"n+ procedures: !orrect usa+e o pa"nts as re>u"red b& the spec""cat"on4
colours4 v"sual check or an& sk"nn"n+ or 1ell"n+ o pa"nt4 %hether t"n "s sealed
beore "rst use4 shel l"e4 pot l"e4 pa"nt m"5"n+ rat"os and appropr"ate th"nner
>uant"t& added to the pa"nt4 v"sual observat"on o the pa"nt s&stem or an& pa"nt
c8 !lean"n+ up o area o operat"ons: /emoval o pa"nt debr"s and d"sposed as per
local rules4 don?t "re.
9a+e * o
PAPER - .. @B-gas6 Pai"ti"g Grade 1$ COATINGS
1. Gi1e as #+ch i"for#atio" as ,o+ ca" for the foo!i"g s+rfaces %re%aratio"
a"d %ai"t s,ste#s.
a8 'nternal suraces o potable %ater tanks: $.S.!. should be coated to Sa .. :last
med"a must be removed. 'ndustr"al vacuum cleaners are ver& +ood and >u"ck.
All %elds must be str"p coated. Appl& .(coat s&stem 6as recommended b& data
sheets8. 't must be 1))< hol"da& detected b& %et spon+e method. 't should
have .)) m"crons d..t h"+h bu"ld epo5&.
9a+e 1) o
b8 2ater"als operat"n+ at elevated temperature: 't should be blast cleaned to Sa ..
't must have a proven track record l"ke "nor+an"c z"nc s"l"cate and mod""ed
s"l"cone sealers4 pol& s"lo5ene.
c8 !oat"n+ des"+ned or l"v"n+ >uarters and ho% the& %ork: 'ntumescent to 2))c.
The& s%ell up to man& t"mes there o%n th"ckness and the %"re mesh screen
holds them to+ether as the coat"n+ turns to a carbonaceous char. Also the&
should be rated A.-) or $.12)
d8 Splash zone coat"n+s: 't should be blasted to Sa 2 1G2. As per manuacture
spec""cat"on4 mostl& coal tar epo5& or +lass lakes are used. 't must be 1))<
hol"da& detected4 s%eep blasted and then t"e coat to be carr"ed out.
e8 !opper4 n"ckel4 alum"n"um4 and other nonerrous suraces: 2ost nonerrous
metals are usuall& not coated e5cept or cosmet"c and colour cod"n+.
Alum"n"um "s used "n the compos"t"on o some coat"n+4 and "n sacr""c"al
anodes. $and emer& 6brade84 %h"te sp"r"t or clean"n+4 appl& acr&l"c urethane
coat upto ,) m"crons d..t.
8 $el"decks: $el" decks are blasted and coated us"n+ non spark and non metal
abras"ves and pa"nts. Alum surace preparat"on Sa 2 1G2 l"ke appearance.
2a"ntenance b& %"re brush"n+4 z"nc r"ch epo5&4 2 pack epo5&4 t"e coat4 bau5
epo5& 6pol&am"de8
+8 'nstruments G electr"cal e>u"pment?s: 't should be masked o to protect them
rom the preparat"on and pa"nt"n+ operat"ons. Surace preparat"on to St .4 hand
abrade4 acr&l"c coat to 2)) m"crons d..t.
h8 Submer+ed zone: 't can be pa"nted us"n+ pa"nt s&stem that can be cured under
%ater. The& ma& be unpa"nted4 as th"s area "s a slo% corros"on area. 3ue to lo%
o5&+en 4 coal tar epo5& as that o splash zone can be appl"ed.
"8 Top s"de ma"ntenance: #perat"ons to be carr"ed out b& po%er clean"n+ to St ..
Appl& alum epo5& pr"mer. 2ostl& hand clean"n+ preparat"ons onl& carr"ed out.
:rush appl"ed coat"n+ %"th urethane acr&l"c upto ,) m"crons d..t.
18 Halvan"zed steel structures: S%eep blast and appl&.
9o%er %"re brush ( appl& t%o dama+ed areas4 epo5& mast"c chlor"nated res"n.
k8 9"pel"ne r"ser "n the splash zone: 't should be coated same as all other steel
%ork "n that zone.
l8 3eck coat"n+s: 't should be non(sl"p escape s&stem. #ver the top coat"n+
screened coat and seeler should be appl"ed. .(pack copol&mer "s appl"ed 2(;mm
1. *hat do ,o+ +"dersta"d b, the foo!i"g ter#s-
a8 L.A.T: Lo%est astronom"cal t"de.
b8 Dlevat"on: S"de v"e% o a platorm accord"n+ to l.a.t.
c8 Splash zone: 't has a d"mens"oned area. =o other deck has th"s. 't "s (2.5 2ts. to
+12 2ts. o the l.a.t.
9a+e 11 o
). *hich stat+tor, i"str+#e"t doc+#e"t reates to safet, at offshore-
S1 ( 1)1*
.. *hat are the re0+ire#e"ts for i"s%ecti"g scaffodi"g +sed at offshore-
't must be "nspected b& competent >ual""ed personnel onl&4 ever& seven da&s and
al%a&s ater adverse %eather.
2. :o! is safe scaffodi"g ide"tified-
:& the colour4 +reen ta+.
3. /ist the safet, #eas+res re0+ired for o1er the side !or(i"g i" desce"di"g
order of %refere"ce if scaffodi"g is "ot %racticabe.
Saet& nets4 saet& belt l"ne and l"e 1acket.
4. Na#e t!o t,%es of %er#it to !or( a"d gi1e a" e7a#%e o" each.
$ot: All po%er dr"ven tools4 blast"n+ and spra&"n+ e>u"pments.
!old: Work"n+ at he"+hts4 rubb"n+ do%n4 house keep"n+.
8. *hat doc+#e"tatio" is re0+ired %rior to e"teri"g a 1esse at offshore-
A perm"t ma& be re>u"red over and above the hot or cold ones "ssued b& a
competent person to check %hether o5&+en "s "n e5cess o 2)<. A stand b& person
at the entr&4 I* sn"er to determ"ne e5plos"on levels4 2.D.L4 #.D.L. are also
re>u"red beore enter"n+ a vessel.
9. *ho is +ti#ate, res%o"sibe for safet, at offshore-
;. Are drii"g #+ds acidic or a(ai"e-
1<. Na#e three dec(s6 !hich are #ai" at offshore %atfor#s.
Splash deck4 atmospher"c deck and tops"des deck.
11. Describe the foo!i"g areas o" a" offshore %atfor#.
Jacket: 't "s the support structure o a platorm.
!a"ssons: #pen p"pe %ork %"th pumps and "lters.
9a+e 12 o
!onductor: Jo"ns r"ser p"pel"nes to tops"de p"pe %ork.
1). *hat sho+d ,o+ do i##ediate, after arri1i"g o" a" offshore %atfor#-
:ook "n and attend saet& br"e"n+.
1.. :o! are offshore %atfor#s ide"tified-
't "s "dent""ed b& operator?s name4 name o o"l or +as "eld. Letter des"+nat"on s"+n
"s black and &ello% "n colour.
12. /ist three safet, co"sideratio"s for a offshore !or(ers !or(i"g o" a
%rod+ctio" %atfor#.
13. *ho iss+es !or( %er#its-
=om"nated respons"ble person.
14. =or ho! o"g #+st a %erso" !or( offshore before offshore s+r1i1a trai"i"g
beco#es co#%+sor,-
A v"s"tor %ho v"s"ts a platorm does not sta& overn"+ht4 or not more than our
t"mes a &ear and must re+"ster h"s v"s"t ever& t"me on the r"+.
18. :o! ofte" is a #edica chec( re0+ired for %erso""e !or(i"g at offshore-
:elo% ;) &ears ( . &ears
:et%een ;) ( 5) &ears ( 2 &ears
#ver 5) &ears ( &earl&.
19. :o! are esca%e ro+tes ide"tified o" a" offshore %atfor#-
:& relect"ve str"ps4 b& arro%s over the spec""ed deck coat4 pr"mar& routes
(1))2ts4 secondar& routes ( 5) 2ts.
1;. Na#e three #ethods of (ee%i"g a %atfor# i" fi7ed %ositio"-
Steel p"l"n+4 2att support and sea tanker.
9a+e 1. o
)<. *hat %reca+tio"s sho+d be obser1ed !he" boardi"g a"d tra1ei"g i"
As recommended b& the !.A.A.
)1. /ist the esse"tia ite#s of e0+i%#e"t a"d cothi"g for a" offshore %ai"ti"g
1))< cotton overalls4 r"++er boots4 saet& helmets4 saet& +lasses4 +loves4 l"e 1acket
and saet& su"t are the e>u"pment?s re>u"red or the "nspector.
)). Edd, c+rre"t %ai"t thic("ess #etres a"d eectrica ther#o#etrs #a, "ot be
ao!ed at offshore6 !h,-
9oss"b"l"t& o spark rom batter"es "s the reason or not allo%"n+ the above sa"d
).. E7%ai" the foo!i"g ter#As %atfor#6 #od+e a"d 5ac(et.
9latorm: Structures rom %here operat"ons4 dr"ll"n+ and product"on start at
2odule: Lar+e bo5es %h"ch conta"n accommodat"on and compressor etc.4
Jacket: 't "s the support structure o a platorm.
)2. *hich doc+#e"ts are ,o+ re0+ired to ha1e before boardi"g a heico%ter to go
!.A.A. course cert""cate4 board"n+ card4 med"cal cert""cate4 saet& surv"val
cert""cate and passport.
)3. *hat is the abbre1iatio" for O.I.C-
#shore "nstallat"on mana+er.
)4. *hat is the statio" bi-
't "s the not"ce board located outs"de the rad"o o"cer?s o"ce.
)8. *hat #+st be !or" beo! the cear dec(-
A surv"val su"t and a ull l"e 1acket.
9a+e 1; o
)9. I" a" e#erge"c, !hat is the differe"ce bet!ee" a" i"ter#itte"t sire" a"d a
fashi"g ight6 a"d a co"ti"+o+s sire" a"d a red ight-
'nterm"ttent s"ren and lashl"+ht prepare to abandon r"+4 %hereas cont"nuous s"ren
and red l"+ht "nd"cates to abandon r"+.
);. *hat is br+c(er ca%s+e-
't "s an escape vessel. 't "s a ull& covered l"eboat.
.<. *hat are the %robe#s associated !ith the %re%aratio" a"d %ai"ti"g of
heidec(s a"d6 s%ash a"d tida &o"es-
9roblems assoc"ated are %eather cond"t"ons4 l"m"ted t"me actors4 a"r tra"c and t"de
.1. *he" !o+d heidec(s6 tida a"d s%ash &o"es are %ai"ted-
The& %"ll be pa"nted %hen there "s lo% t"des and %hen there "s no hel"copter
act"v"t& and "n da& l"+ht %ork"n+ onl&.
.). *hat co"sideratio"s sho+d be gi1e" to scaffodi"g i" the s%ash &o"e-
/emoval o boards ater %ork as the t"des %"ll %ash a%a& loose boards. 't should
be checked re+ularl&.
... *h, are rigger boots !or" at offshore-
't "s res"stant to o"ls and k"cked o >u"ckl&.
.2. *h, are ",o" o1eras +s+a, %rohibited-
3ue to stat"c electr"c"t& %h"ch can occur. The& ma& also melt.
.3. Describe three #ethods for fi7i"g a %atfor# i" %ositio".
Steel p"l"n+4 matt support and sea tanks are the three methods.
.4. *hat is derric( a, barge-
't "s a vessel or la&"n+ oshore o"l and +as p"pel"nes and sett"n+ tops"des4 r"sers and
or p"l"n+ o 1ackets.
.8. *here o" %atfor# is the s%ider dec(-
9a+e 15 o
't "s the lo%est deck. Splash zone %alk%a& bet%een braces and conductors.
.9. *ho is a sta"db, #a" or radio#a"-
$e "s a person used "n the vessel or near enclosed spaces "n cases o emer+enc&. $e
must be al%a&s present "n person and on the look out.
/ad"oman ( he "s a . %a& contact4 h"msel4 %ork team and standb& boat.
.;. :o! is a %ai"t a%%icatio" e0+i%#e"t earthed for +se at offshore-
:last clean"n+ and spra& e>u"pment shall be cont"nuousl& electr"call& bonded rom
nozzle to the surace be"n+ pa"nted and back%ard rom nozzle to the compressor4
%h"ch shall be earthed.
2< *hat is the #i"i#+# e"gth of "o&&e for !et basti"g at offshore-
#ne metre lon+.
21. Na#e three t,%es of fo+a"t-
An"mals4 plant and m"cro(or+an"sm.
2). Describe the #ea"i"g of :-1)< i" reatio" to fire %rotectio".
$ ( $&drocarbon and 12) m"nutes "s the t"me or the "re proo4 %h"ch "s re>u"red to
protect &ou.
2.. *hat is :P / A of a str+ct+ra #e#ber-
't "s the rat"o o the heated prem"er o the steel to "ts cross(sect"onal area.
22. Na#e the t!o #a5or t,%es of fire%roof coati"gs.
1. !ement"ous
2. 'ntumesceen 'ntumescent.
23. Describe a t,%ica #ethod +sed to (ee% a 1er, thic( fire %roof coati"g adhered
o" to a stee s+bstrate.
A t&p"cal method "s b& the use o %"re nett"n+ 6re"norced84 p"nned to the substrate
b& %eld"n+.
24. Na#e fo+r t,%es of a"ti-fo+i"g coati"gs a"d brief, describe ho! the, !or(.
9a+e 1- o
1. Soluble matr"5 t&pe: Water(soluble b"nder4 release o res"ns.
2. !ontact "nsoluble matr"5 t&pe: 'nsoluble b"nder4 release o cuprous o5"de.
.. 3"us"on t&pe: !hlor"nated rubber or v"n&l b"nder releases or+an"c solvents and
d"uses out.
;. Wash o or sel pol"sh t&pe: !opol&mer"sed acr&l"c b"nder. Dros"on %ashes o.
't "s used "n oshore structures.
28. O" !hat %arts of a" offshore str+ct+re are a"ti-fo+a"ts a%%ied-
Sub and splash zone le+s and upto e"+ht metres o the L.A.T.
29. Na#e t!o co##o" t,%es of to7ic #ateria +sed i" a"ti-fo+a"ts.
!uprous o5"de4 or+anot"n4 mercur& arsen"c ( restr"cted use.
2;. Na#e fo+r e"1iro"#e"ta factors that !i go1er" the effecti1e ife of a"
a"ti-fo+i"g coati"g.
1. Wave speed
2. $"+h sal"n"t& o %ater
.. Water temperature eros"on
;. $"+h p$ levels
3<. *hat do ,o+ +"dersta"d b, a" e"ca%s+ated area at offshore-
The area "s ull& enclosed %ork"n+ area usuall& or saet& or cl"mate.
31. *hat t,%e of fire %roof coati"g s!es +% !he" it reaches high te#%erat+re of
3). Na#e fo+r co"sideratio"s for seecti"g the thic("ess of a s%ecific fire %roof
coati"g for %rotecti"g str+ct+ra stee.
1. T&pe o "re
2. 3urat"on o protect"on
.. $ G 9A o the structural ormat"on
;. The cr"t"cal temperature o the steel 6;))c "s most common8
3.. :o! do ce+osic fires differ fro# h,drocarbo" fires-
$&drocarbons are uel b& o"ls or +ases. !ellulos"c "res take lon+er t"me to reach
the"r ma5"mum temperature. 6$"+h thermal shock(125)c4 short t"me8
9a+e 1, o
32. Na#e fi1e !a,s a fire %rotecti1e coati"g ca" i"s+ate fro# fire.
1. A thermall& "nsulat"n+ la&er
2. A barr"er to e5clude o5&+en rom the combust"on surace
.. The ormat"on o a heat res"stant and non combust la&er
;. The evolut"on o non combust +ases or %ater to >uench the lames
5. The removal o a "re attached outer surace to reveal a cooler surace.
33. *hat t,%e of fire %roof coati"g is c+rre"t, i" fa1o+r for +se at offshore-
34. :o! are a"ti-fo+i"g coati"gs a%%ied-
't "s usuall& appl"ed b& a"rless spra&.
38. The B-gas draft s%ecificatio" e"tited A S%ecificatio" for %ai"ti"g a"d coati"g
of offshore str+ct+res reated e0+i%#e"t %ro%erties a"d %erfor#a"ce of %ai"ts
a"d coati"gsA is the - BG / OS / PS / 1)<4
39. :o! is the s%ash &o"e defi"ed-
Splash zone has a d"mens"on "n area. =o other deck has th"s d"mens"on. 't "s (2.5
2ts. to +12 2ts. o the L.A.T.
3;. Are co%%er "ic(e s+rfaces %ai"ted- If so disc+ss the reaso"s for %ai"ti"g
@es4 copper n"ckel suraces are pa"nted4 or colour cod"n+ and cosmet"c coat"n+ on
p"pe %ork.
4<. *hose res%o"sibiit, is it to %ro1ide +% to date data a"d %rod+ct safet, sheets
for the %ai"ts / coati"gs a"d so1e"ts +sed o" the co"tract-
!oat"n+ manuacturers.
41. *hat is the #i"i#+# s+rface %re%aratio" sta"dard for i"ter"a coati"g o"
SA ..
4). *hat is the a#%it+de ra"ge re0+ired for bast cea"ed s+rfaces-
5) ( ,5 m"crons.
9a+e 1A o
4.. =or !hat dista"ce #+st s+rface %re%aratio" o1era% o"to ad5ace"t %ai"ted
5) mm.
42. *hat s+rface %re%aratio" #ethod is +sed !ithi" o"e ho+r of abrasi1e !et
9r"mer coated4 pressure %ashed %"th resh potable %ater.
43. Is it %er#issibe to +se i"hibitors for !et basti"g-
=o. The& can leave a depos"t on the surace.
44. *hat is the te#%erat+re6 de! %oi"t a"d reati1e h+#idit, restrictio" for fi"ish
3e% po"nt should be above .c above the substrate temperature. /$ should not be
h"+her than A5<.
48. Is bast cea"i"g %er#itted at "ight-
@es4 but the 1ob must be "n"shed "n morn"n+ da&l"+ht.
49. *hat t,%e of cea"i"g is "or#a, s%ecified for re%air a"d #ai"te"a"ce !or(
a"d to !hat grade-
W"re brush"n+ to St ..
4;. Are %o!er i#%act toos %er#itted-
'n spec"al occas"ons b& a+reement b& :(+as en+"neer. When other methods are not
su"table ollo% b& brush"n+ to St..
8<. Is it %er#issibe to %ai"t !ith "o"-#oist+re toera"ce s,ste# if the air
te#%erat+re is 1.c6 the #eta s+rface is 1)c a"d the de! %oi"t is ;c-
=o. 3e% po"nt "s less than .c o the metal substrate. 't should be over three
de+rees. /$ < "s not kno%n. 2anuacturer recommendat"ons are to be ollo%ed.
81. Is it %er#issibe to a%%, %ai"ts fro# a si"ge Bos+"s chair-
@es. =ot to be spra& appl"ed. :rush appl"cat"on onl& "s allo%ed.
9a+e 1* o
8). *hat a%%icatio" re0+ire#e"ts are s%ecified for the s%ra, a%%icatio" of %ai"t
to arge s+rface area-
:& a"rless spra& ollo%"n+ manuacturers "nstruct"ons. Cn"orm parallel passes have
to be ollo%ed.
8.. Na#e si7 areas o" the offshore str+ct+re that #+st ha1e coati"gs a%%ied
Hrat"n+s4 ladders4 ca+es4 handra"ls4 standard %alk%a&s4 k"ck plates and duct %ork.
82. Ca" stai"ess stee s+rfaces be %ai"ted- If so disc+ss the reaso"s for %ai"ti"g
@es4 the& can be pa"nted4 " the area "s under "nsulat"on to prevent chlor"de(
"nst"+ated corros"on and or protect"on rom heat.
83. *hich %roced+re !o+d ta(e %recede"ce if there is a co"fict bet!ee" the
%ro5ect s%ecificatio" a"d the 1) - <4 / A.
12 ( )- G :4 pro1ect spec""cat"on takes precedence.
84. Does the B-gas i"s%ector has the right to chec( scaffodi"g-
@es4 but cannot approve.
88. Ca" a+thori&atio" for o1er coati"g be gi1e" 1erba, b, the B-gas i"s%ector-
@es4 but has to put "t "n %r"t"n+ later.
89. :o! are %ai"ted s+rfaces6 da#aged to bare stee d+ri"g tra"sistor i"staatio"6
%re%ared %rior to re%air-
9reparat"ons pr"or to repa"r are4 repa"r "t to or"+"nal s&stem. D5tend 5) mm onto
sound coat ".e. use same blast standard4 pr"me "ntermed"ate and topcoats to same
8;. :o! are a#%it+des of basted s+rfaces chec(ed / #eas+red-
:& us"n+ teste5 tape 7 m"crometer4 b& pro"le +au+e4 surace needle +au+e.
9<. :o! are D.=.TAs #eas+red-
The& are measured %"th an elcometer t&pe4 dr& "lm +au+e called ma+net"c banana
+au+e. D5cept or 2.'.#. %here W.0.T. to calculate 3.0.T. "s Fs 5 W0T
9a+e 2) o
91. =or !hich coati"gs is 1<<> hoida, detectio" s%ecified-
0or all coat"n+s rom belo% cellar to seabed4 coal tar epo5&4 +lass lake epo5& and
pol& s"lo5ane.
9). :o! are adhesio" tests carried o+t-
:& J ( cut4 cross hatch or doll& test.
9.. :o! #a", coats of a"ti-fo+i"g %ai"t are a%%ied to s%ecified areas-
Three to our coats ater t"e(coat.
92. *hat %ai"t / coati"g s,ste# is s%ecified for s%ash &o"es a"d to !hat
!oal tar epo5& ( 2)) m"crons4 epo5& pr"mer ( .) m"crons4 total -.) ( m"crons.
Hlass lake epo5& ( 2 5 25) m"crons4 epo5& pr"mer ( .) m"crons4 total ( 5.)
93. Disc+ss the f+ s,ste# fro# dr, bast %re%aratio" to fi"d coat6 for coati"g the
+"derside of a ce+ar dec( o"shore.
:last clean to Sa 2 1G24 z"nc r"ch epo5& pr"mer ( t"e coat4 then . coats o h"+h bu"ld
94. *hat t,%e of %ri#er is to be +sed o" the +"derside of a cear dec( if !ire
br+shi"g is +sed i"stead of basti"g-
$"+h sol"ds alum"n"um epo5&.
98. *hat coati"g s,ste# is s%ecified for co"d+ctors-
!oal tar epo5& ( same coat"n+ as "n the zone.
99. *hat coati"g s,ste# s s%ecified for i"ter"a, coati"g caisso"s-
Sa . ( blast"n+ +lass lake4 epo5& pol&ester ( 2 mm.
9;. :o! are esca%e ro+tes to be ide"tified-
:& arro%s made rom relect"ve str"ps.
;<. =or !hat a%%icatio" is hea1,-d+t, screed s%ecified-
9a+e 21 o
$eav& dut& deck areas4 ma1or %ear4 non(sk"d areas4 copol&mers screed4 escape
route4 hel"deck4 sk"d deck and dr"ll deck.
;1. *hat fi"ish coat is s%ecified for the to%side &o"e a"d !h,-
Cltrav"olet4 urethane acr&l"cs are the "n"sh coats spec""ed. 't has +ood res"stance4
+loss retent"on4 eas"l& cleared and stron+ b"nder "mpermeable.
;). Is the %ai"ti"g of ga1a"i&ed s+rfaces s%ecified- Disc+ss.
@es. :ecause the hot d"p suraces must be "n compl"ance %"th :S ,2* also there are
s&stems or #Gcoat"n+ +alvan"zed "tems and the repa"r o dama+ed +alvan"zed areas
b& epo5& mast"cs. !olour code to be +"ven.
;.. *hat t,%e of s+rface %re%aratio" is s%ecified if it is "ecessar, to coat C+-Ni or
Ni ao,s-
The surace has to be de+reased4 l"+htl& abraded and %ashed %"th resh %ater and
dr"ed. !oat %"th urethane or epo5& etch pr"mer onl& on alum"n"um. 3o not blast
;2. =or !hat a%%icatio" #a, &i"c siicate !ith a seaer be s%ecified-
Atmospheres at h"+h elevated temperature 121c to .5)c4 lare stacks4 turb"ne
e5hausts and as per manuacturer?s spec""cat"on.
;3. :o! are da#aged coati"gs %re%ared a"d re%aired !he" the, ha1e "ot e7%osed
the #eta s+rface-
3ama+ed coat"n+s should be su"tabl& cleaned and chamered to ensure patch
coat"n+ "s cont"nuous. The bu"ld up "s to be upto the spec""ed th"ckness and
;4. Coati"g #+st "ot co#e !ithi" fift, ## for %re%ari"g !eds.
;8. *hat is i"s+atio" +sed for-
't "s used or conserv"n+ heat4 cold4 or personnel protect"on4 rost and ant"(
;9. Na#e the three ge"era t,%es of #aterias +sed i" a" i"s+atio" s,ste#.
!alc"um s"l"cate4 rock %ool4 e5panded perl"te and mod""ed sla+ %ool.
9a+e 22 o
;;. *hich B-gas s%ecificatio" a%%ies to aco+stic caddi"g-
:H! ( 9S ( 9W !1
1<<. *hat is the ai# of aco+stic caddi"g-
'ts ma"n a"m "s to cut do%n no"se level b& 1) ( 2) dec"bels.
1<1. *hat is the t,%ica thic("ess for aco+stic caddi"g-
5) ( 1)) mm.
1<). *hat is the #eta 5ac(et co#%osed for aco+stic caddi"g-
Alum"n"um allo&4 +alvan"zed m"ld steel.
1<.. *hat is the i"s+atio" ba"di"g #ade fro#-
2etall"c and non(metall"c band"n+ must be made rom the same mater"al as that o
the 1acket.
1<2. *hat are the re0+ire#e"ts for #astic seaa"t a"d r+bber or "eo%re"e beddi"g
't must be su"table or use at temperature bet%een (2)c to +5)c and "n rare
occas"on upto A)c.
1<3. *hat are "+ts6 bots a"d !ashers #ade fro#-
The& are made o e"ther sta"nless steel or z"nc coated m"ld steel.
1<4. *hat are the fo+r basic o%eratio"s for a%%,i"g aco+stic caddi"g-
1. 9reparat"on
2. 'nsulat"on and "5"n+
.. /epeat "nsulat"on and "5"n+ " re>u"red
;. 2etal cladd"n+ and "5"n+.
1<8. *hat is the #i"i#+# o1era% for the #eta 5ac(et o" to itsef-
25 mm.
1<9. *hat actio" is ta(e" !he" caddi"g reaches a bra"ch %i%e-
A clearance o - mm "s ma"nta"ned and mast"c "lled.
9a+e 2. o
1<;. *hich s%ecificatio" a%%ies to ther#a i"s+atio"-
:H! ( 9S ( 9W !2.
11<. *hat is 1er#ic+ite-
Ferm"cul"te "s a loose +ranular "ll t&pe o "nsulat"on.
111. Na#e si7 #aterias that co+d be +sed for ther#a i"s+atio".
0oamed +lass4 rock %ool4 mod""ed sla+ %ool4 e5panded perl"te4 calc"um s"l"cate
and phenol"c oam 6not to be used "n bu"ld"n+s8.
11). *hat tota thic("ess co+d be s%ecified for ther#a i"s+atio"-
:et%een 5) ( 1)) mm and "n certa"n case upto ;)) mm.
11.. =or !hat a%%icatio" are 1a%o+r seas +sed-
't "s used or cr&o+en"c appl"cat"on.
112. *hat t,%e of #eta caddi"g is +sed for ther#a i"s+atio"-
D"ther alum"n"um allo& or +alvan"zed m"ld steel sheet"n+ %here +reater r"+"d"t& "s
113. *hat is a" ater"ati1e to #eta caddi"g for ther#a i"s+atio"-
Sel(sett"n+ cement4 +lass cloth and hard sett"n+ compos"t"on.
114. Na#e si7 bi"di"g #aterias +sed for ther#a i"s+atio".
W"re nett"n+4 b"nd"n+ %"re4 sel tap"n+ scre%s4 b"nd"n+ tape4 nuts and bolts and
adhes"ve 1o"nt sealant.
118. /ist fo+r basic o%eratio"s for a%%,i"g i"s+atio" for heat co"ser1atio" a"d
9reparat"ons repeat "nsulat"on and "5"n+ " re>u"red4 metal cladd"n+ and "5"n+ or
sel(sett"n+ or hard sett"n+ cement.
119. /ist the fi1e basic o%eratio"s for a%%,i"g i"s+atio" for cod co"ser1atio" a"d
cr,oge"ic ser1ice.
9a+e 2; o
Sta++er "nsulat"on4 "rst la&er o vapour seal"n+ compound4 scrum cloth embedded
"n "rst seal"n+4 second la&er o seal then cladd"n+ and band"n+ seal4 vapour seal and
metal cladd"n+ are the "ve bas"c operat"ons.
11;. :o! fre0+e"t, is bi"di"g !ire +sed !he" i"s+ati"g %i%e !or(s-
At 15) mm "ntervals.
1)<. :o! fre0+e"t, are fi7i"g ba"ds +sed o" e0+i%#e"t-
.)) mm.
1)1. :o! fre0+e"t, are fi7i"g ba"ds +sed o" #eta caddi"g-
;5) mm.
1)). *hat is the #i"i#+# #eta caddi"g o1era% o" %i%es greater tha" 2<-##
,5 mm.
1).. *here is a"ti-abrasi1e co#%o+"d +sed-
0or "5"n+ mater"al.
1)2. *hat is the te#%erat+re ra"ge a%%icabe to the B-gas s%ecificatio" for
ther#a i"s+atio"-
( 2))c to + 1)))c
9a+e 25 o

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