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Scott Snook Harvard Business School

Nitin Nohria Harvard Business School
Rakesh Khurana Harvard Business School
Hardcover 09-21-2011 ISBN: 9781412990943 $137.00
The last twenty-five years have witnessed an explosion in the field of leadership education. This volume brings together
leading international scholars across disciplines to chronicle the current state of leadership education and establish a solid
foundation on which to grow the field. It encourages leadership educators to explore and communicate more clearly the
theoretical underpinnings and conceptual assumptions on which their approaches are based. It provides a forum for the
discussion of current issues and challenges in the field and examines the above objectives within the broader perspective of
rapid changes in technology, organizational structure, and diversity.
Section I-- Know Thomas DeLong
Sensemaking: Framing and Acting in the Unknown Deborah Ancona
Cases in Leadership Education: Implications of Human Cognition Michael D. Mumford, David Peterson,
Issac Robledo, Kimberly Hester
Becoming Leadership Literate: A Core Cirriculum Barbara Kellerman
Educating Contemporary Princes and Princesses for Power Jos Luis Alvarez
Teaching Global Leadership Mansour Javidan
The Spirit of Leadership: New Directions in Leadership Education Ken Starkey, Carol Hall
Learning To Lead at Harvard Business School Tom DeLong, Linda Hill
The Leadership Template Michael Useem
Section II - Know Barbara Kellerman
Mastering the Art of Leadership: An Experiential Approach from the
Performing Arts
Belle Halpern, Richard Richards
Teaching Executives to be themselves more with skill: A sociological
perspective on a personal question
Rob Goffee, Gareth Jones
High Performance Leadership Andrew Meikle
Leadership Effectiveness and Development: Building Self-Awareness and
Insight Skills
Stacey Kole, Jeffrey Anderson
Developing Naturally: from Management to Organization to Society to
Henry Mintzberg
Being a Leader: Mental Strength for Leadership Louis Csoka
The Handbook for Teaching Leadership
Knowing, Doing, and Being
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Developing Leaders of Consequence Sim Sitkin Joseph LeBoeuf, James
Emery, Sanyin Siang
Section III--Be Peter Northouse
Creating Leaders: An Ontological/Phenomenological Model Werner Erhard, Michael Jensen, Kari
Transformational Leadership Development Programs: Creating Long-Term
Sustainable Change
Manfred Kets de Vries, Konstantin
An Approach to Teaching Values-Based Leadership James O'Toole
Identity Workspaces for Leadership Development Gianpiero Petriglieri
Authentic Leadership Development Bill George
Forging Consciousness and (Occasionally) Conscience: A Model Based
Approach to Leadership Development
Mihnea Moldoveanu
Learning to Lead: Pedagogy of Practice Marshall Ganz, Emily S. Lin
Section IV--Context Ken Starkey
Teaching Leadership with the Brain and Mind David Rock, Al H. Ringleb
The Company Command Forum: Teaching Leadership outside the Formal
Organizational Structure
Tony Burgess
City Year: Developing Idealistic Leaders Through National Service Max Klau
Project GLOBE: Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Education Mary Sully de Luque, Marcus Dickson,
Ariel Lelchook, Paul Hanges
Leadership Acceleration at Goldman Sachs Cary Friedman, Shoma Chatterjee & Keith
Developing Interdependent Leadership Charles Palus, John McGuire, Chris Ernst
Developing Business Innovators who Integrate Profitability and Social Value Nancy McGaw
Re-Developing Leaders: The Harvard Advanced Leadership Experiment in
Even Higher Education
Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Presents an assessment of the current state of leadership education from across a wide range of disciplines,
emphasizing the multidimensional nature of leadership development

Establishes a foundational reference for teaching leadership, providing a single reference that educators can consult to
discover current practices from within a broad conceptual framework that encourages greater theoretical rigor

Builds a respected community of practice to provide serious scholarship on leadership and how to teach it
The Handbook for Teaching Leadership
Knowing, Doing, and Being
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