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A Report on

Hartal’s (Strike) Impact Towards The Fast Food
Industry in Bangladesh.
“A Case of Fast Food Industry”
Submitted to:
Kashiya !rin
#epartment o Business #ecision $aking
Faculty o School o Business
Submitted by:
Name : Md. Raihan Gafur
Batch % &nd
I# % '()'&)(''*+
#epartment o Business #ecision $aking
Submitted on:
,une ('- &'(+.
Letter of Transmitta
#ate% ('th ,une- &'(+
Kashiya !rin
#epartment o Business #ecision $aking
Faculty o School o Business
Sub!e"t: Submission of A Survey Report
#ear $adam-
This is a great pleasure or me to the sur/ey report as a part o H0# course curriculum.
The report titled 1Hartal’s (Strike) Impact towards the Fast Food Industry in Bangladesh- A
"ase of Fast Food Industry2 is the +rd outcome o successul completion o my sur/ey program
on Fast Food Industry- one o the entertrainment Industry in the country. I ha/e tried to meet my
entire proposed o.3ecti/e 4ithin the allotted schedule. To prepare this report- I ha/e gathered the
most complete inormation collected rom secondary sources- documents and discussions 4ith
the representati/e o Fast Food Industry.
It has .een a great and enlightening e5perience or me to 4ork in Fast Food Industry and prepare
this report- 4hich can .e considered as a great chance to de/elop my practical and proessional
skills through the sur/ey program. It 4ould .e my immense pleasure i you ind this report
useul and inormati/e to ha/e an apparent perspecti/e on the issue.
Sincerely 6ours
($d. 8aihan 9aur)
I# : '()'&)(''*+
#epartment o Business #ecision $aking
!s partial re;uirement o H0# program I get attached to Fast Food Industry in Bangladesh to
complete my sur/ey program and it is really a great opportunity or me to ac;uire practical
kno4ledge and e5periences rom such Industry. From its irst inception to its inal completion- I
ha/e recei/ed the contri.ution o many people 4ho ha/e inspired- inluenced and guided my
4ork and supported me cordially and constructi/ely. This magnitude o the report .ears the
imprint o some o those respecta.le persons.
!t the .eginning I ackno4ledge my aculty super/isor Kashiya !rin- "ecture o #epartment o
Business #ecision $aking< B!C or her guidance and instructions in conducting the internship
program successully. $y respected super/isor conide me- .oost me up 4ith conidence-
suggested me 4ith necessary guidelines and moreo/er her continuous ;uery a.out this report
lead to today’s successul completion. $y heartiest thanks to my super/isor or her kind
patience- tolerating my mistakes and most importantly gi/ing me so much time in spite o ha/ing
such a .usy schedule.
I 4ish to e5press a deep sense o appreciation and proound gratitude to the representati/e o
Fast Food Industry in Bangladesh. I am deeply inde.ted to all the representati/es o Fast Food
Industry- their continuous cooperation in e/ery step o my sur/ey.
I 4ould like to thank all mighty !llah or keeping e/erything on right track. Finally- I 4ould like
to thank my parents and riends 4ithout 4hose support it 4as impossi.le or me to complete this
%&e"uti'e Summary
Fast Food Industry in Bangladesh ha/ing a huge market in the sector o 8ich Food. 0o4 a days
rom poor to rich- people rom e/ery le/el mo/ing to the Fast Food or their recreation-
entertrainment- taste- outing etc. $a5imum road o Bangladesh ha/ing Fast Food Shope 4hether
it is Brand or 0on Brand. For any kind o riends party- oicail party- amily get to gather people
choose Fast Food in most cases.
=n the other hand Fast Food Industry acing an une5pected pro.lem rom our political issues
(like > Hartal?Strike) in Bangladesh like others. For this issue- their sales /olume- customer /isit-
lie security- interest are decreasing day .y day. I ha/e made a sur/ey on this issue and depending
on the sur/ey data also made a report here.
*.*: Authori+ation:
The sur/ey report is prepared as a re;uirement or the completion o H0# program at Business
#ecision $aking. The report is prepared .y $d. 8aihan 9aur and the date o su.mission is on
,une ('- &'(+.
*.,: -b!e"ti'e of the Report:
The purpose o the sur/ey report is to ind out the real impact o Hartal (Strike) to4ards the Fast
Food Industry. !ter the sur/ey 4e get data to research- e/eluate- recomend depending on their
.usiness scenario in Hartal (Strike). By doing this sur/ey student can meet 4ith the proesoinal
acti/ities- en/ironment- 4ordings 4hile taking ace to ace inter/ie4- 4hich 4ill help us to make
our proesoinalism perect. It also teaches a good lesson o ho4 to meet the deadline o
su.mitting the report in spite o ha/ing a .usy schedule 4hile doing a 3o. .eside study.
$oreo/er- the sur/ey report is not only helpul or the student .ut also to the organiBation- i 4e
can pro/ide a copy o this report to them. So the organiBations take a look on their .usiness
scenario rom the report.
*..: S"ope of the report:
This report has .een prepared .asically .ased on the ield /isit- ace to ace inter/ie4- gathering
data rom /arious sources that 4ere accomplished .y 4orking on Fast Food industry.
*./: Methodoo$y of the study:
1.4.1: Primary Source:
 Cersonal Inter/ie4 > Face)to)ace con/ersation and in depth inter/ie4 4ith the
respecti/e employees o Fast Food Shop’s.
 Cersonal o.ser/ation >=.ser/ing the procedure o all acti/ities o the department
ollo4ed the e/ery inormation.
 Casual con/ersation 4ith respecti/e employees o Fast Food Shop’s.
 8ele/ant inormation related to the study as pro/ided .y Fast Food Shop’s.
1.4.2: Secondary Sources:
 Some reports pro/ided .y the respecti/e employees o Fast Food Shop’s.
 Financial records pro/ided .y the respecti/e employees o Fast Food Shop’s.
 Ee.sites.
*.0: Limitations:
To prepare a report on the achie/ed practical e5perience in a short duration (only one 4eek) is
not an easy task. In preparing this report some pro.lems and limitation ha/e encountered 4hich
are as ollo4s%
 "ack o accessi.ility to inormation
 Time constraints
 Conidential inormation
 "ack o analytical a.ility
 "ack o e5perience
*.1: Report -r$ani+ation:
This report is or$ani+ed maintainin$ a !ustifiabe se2uen"e by starin$ with an introdu"tion
to Fast Food Shop3s where the history4 e$a status4 "ate$ories4 stren$ths4 wea#nesses4
"riti"ism et". of Fast Food empoyee ha'e been dis"ussed so that an idea about Fast Food
"an be
............................................................................................................................ Finay some
re"ommendations ha'e been made based on the o'era study and "omparison.
Introdu"tion to Fast Food
,.*: 5istory of Fast food
Some trace the modern history o ast ood in !merica to ,uly F- (G(&- 4ith the opening o a ast
ood restaurant called the !utomat in 0e4 6ork. The !utomat 4as a caeteria 4ith its prepared
oods .ehind small glass 4indo4s and coin)operated slots. ,oseph Horn and Frank Hardart had
already opened the irst Horn H Hardart !utomat in Chiladelphia in (G'&- .ut their 1!utomat2 at
Broad4ay and (+th Street- in 0e4 6ork City- created a sensation. 0umerous !utomat restaurants
4ere .uilt around the country to deal 4ith the demand. !utomats remained e5tremely popular
throughout the (G&'s and (G+'s. The company also populariBed the notion o 1take)out2 ood-
4ith their slogan 1"ess 4ork or $other2.
Some historians and secondary school te5t.ooks concur that !HE- 4hich opened in (G(G and
.egan ranchising in (G&(- 4as the irst ast ood restaurant (I. Ta/ares). Thus- the !merican
company Ehite Castle is generally credited 4ith opening the second ast)ood outlet in Eichita-
Kansas in (G&(- selling ham.urgers or i/e cents apiece rom its inception and spa4ning
numerous competitors and emulators. Ehat is certain- ho4e/er- is that Ehite Castle made the
irst signiicant eort to standardiBe the ood production in- look o- and operation o ast)ood
ham.urger restaurants. Eilliam IngramJs and Ealter !ndersonJs Ehite Castle System created the
irst ast ood supply chain to pro/ide meat- .uns- paper goods- and other supplies to their
restaurants- pioneered the concept o the multistage ham.urger restaurant chain- standardiBed the
look and construction o the restaurants themsel/es- and e/en de/eloped a construction di/ision
that manuactured and .uilt the chainJs prea.ricated restaurant .uildings. The $c#onaldsJ
Speeder Ser/ice System and- much later- 8ay KrocJs $c#onaldJs outlets and Ham.urger
Kni/ersity all .uilt on principles- systems and practices that Ehite Castle had already esta.lished
.et4een (G&+ and (G+&.
Ehile ast ood restaurants usually ha/e a seating area in 4hich customers can eat the ood on
the premises- orders are designed to .e taken a4ay- and traditional ta.le ser/ice is rare. =rders
are generally taken and paid or at a 4ide counter- 4ith the customer 4aiting .y the counter or a
tray or container or their ood. ! Ldri/e)throughL ser/ice can allo4 customers to order and pick
up ood rom their cars.
0early rom its inception- ast ood has .een designed to .e eaten Lon the goL and oten does not
re;uire traditional cutlery and is eaten as a inger ood. Common menu items at ast ood outlets
include ish and chips- sand4iches- pitas- ham.urgers- ried chicken- rench ries- chicken
nuggets- tacos- piBBa- and ice cream- although many ast ood restaurants oer Lslo4erL oods
like chili- mashed potatoes- and salads. (Source% Eikipedia)
,.,: 6efinition of Fast food
 #esigned or ready a/aila.ility- use- or consumption and 4ith little consideration gi/en to
;uality or signiicance. (Source% 444.merriam)
 9eneral term used or a limited menu o oods that lend themsel/es to production)line
techni;ues< suppliers tend to specialiBe in products such as ham.urgers- piBBas- chicken-
or sand4iches. (Source%
 Fast ood is the term gi/en to ood that can .e prepared and ser/ed /ery ;uickly. Ehile
any meal 4ith lo4 preparation time can .e considered to .e ast ood- typically the term
reers to ood sold in a restaurant or store 4ith preheated or precooked ingredients- and
ser/ed to the customer in a packaged orm or take)out?take)a4ay. The term Last oodL
4as recogniBed in a dictionary .y $erriam>Ee.ster in (GA(. (Source% Eikipedia)
=utlets may .e stands or kiosks- 4hich may pro/ide no shelter or seating or ast ood restaurants
(also kno4n as ;uick ser/ice restaurants). Franchise operations 4hich are part o restaurant
chains ha/e standardiBed oodstus shipped to each restaurant rom central locations.
,.*: 5istory of the (ompanies:
For making this report- I ha/e di/ided ast Food Shop in dierent Bone. !nd I ha/e selected +
(Three) Bone or sur/ey. Here you 4ill ind ho4 I ha/e designed thisM
7one 8rand Non 8rand
Bashundhara City Food Court Capri Corn’s 8estaurant- BFC Indian $asala
Baily 8oad KFC- CiBBa Hut Sky "ark
Curana Caltan KFC- CC =lympia
(apri (orn Restaurant:
Capricorn’s Eorld is a ne4 .usiness model o a restaurant called > the Intertainment 8estaurant.
This is an e5traordinary .lend o ood and entertainment. This has a 4ide /ariety choice o ood
that comes 4ith games or all ages- git H chocolate shop and a ull range .akery H
conectionery and a Coee Shop > that makes Capricorn’s Eorld N ! one o a kind ’ hand out
place in to4n.
Capricorn’s "imited mission is to e5ceed the e5pectations o our customer- inspire and re4ard
our associates and pro/ide superior inancial results or each acti/ity undertaken.
The CompanyJs o.3ecti/e is to achie/e gro4th .y de/eloping one all round acti/ities that
includes ood- entertainment and shopping under one roo to .uild up a .rand image and later
open outlets on each acti/ity or grouping up o acti/ities depending on the choice o location-
segment o customers and the .rand’s po4er to pre/ail. (Source%
Mana$ement Information:
(hairman : Sayeda Shamsun 0ahar Begum
Mana$in$ 6ire"tor : $r. "t Col Harun)ur)8ashid Cho4dhury
6eputy Genera Mana$er : $r. Shahadat Hossain
KFC Corporation- .ased in "ouis/ille- Kentucky- is one o the e4 .rands in !merica that can
.oast a rich- decades)long history o success and inno/ation. It all started 4ith one cook 4ho
created a soon)to).e 4orld amous recipe more than F' years ago- a list o secret her.s and
spices scratched out on the .ack o the door to his kitchen. That cook 4as Colonel Harland
Sanders o course- and no4 KFC is the 4orldJs most popular chicken restaurant chain-
specialiBing in that same =riginal 8ecipe- along 4ith I5tra Crispy chicken- home)style sides and
.uttermilk .iscuits. There are more than (A-''' KFC outlets in ('A countries and territories
around the 4orld. !nd you kno4 4hatM There’s still a cook in a kitchen in e/ery last one o
them- reshly preparing delicious- complete amily meals at aorda.le prices. (Source%

:i++a 5ut:
CiBBa Hut is an !merican restaurant chain and international ranchise that oers dierent styles
o piBBa along 4ith side dishes including salad- pasta- Bualo 4ings- .readsticks- and garlic
Corporately kno4n as CiBBa Hut- Inc.- it is a su.sidiary o 6umO Brands- Inc.- the 4orldJs largest
restaurant company.
!s o &'(&- there 4ere more than D-''' CiBBa Hut restaurants in the Knited States- and more than
A-(+G store locations in G@ other countries and territories around the 4orld.
CiBBa Hut 4as ounded on ,une (A- (GA* .y .rothers #an and Frank Carney in their hometo4n
o Eichita- Kansas. Ehen a riend suggested opening a piBBa parlorPthen a rarityPthey agreed
that the idea could pro/e successul- and they .orro4ed QD'' rom their mother to start a
.usiness 4ith partner ,ohn Bender. 8enting a small .uilding at A'+ South Blu in do4nto4n
Eichita and purchasing secondhand e;uipment to make piBBas- the Carneys and Bender opened
the irst CiBBa Hut restaurant< on opening night- they ga/e piBBa a4ay to encourage community
interest. ! year later- in (GAG- CiBBa Hut 4as incorporated in Kansas- and #ick Hassur opened
the irst ranchise unit in Topeka. (Source% http%??
BFC Is ! Bangladeshi Fast Food Company- Eidely Copular For Their Chicken Fry. They Ha/e *
Branches In #haka City. They =er Tasty Food at ! 8easona.le Crice and !l4ays $aintain
Suality !long Eith Friendly Ser/ices.
BFC Is =ne o The $ost Copular Food Chain In #haka. $ainly Copular For Its #elicious
1Friend ChickenL !nd LChicken BurgerL.
Best Fried Chicken (BFC) is a specialiBed outlet in #haka city. Their specialty is the Chicken
items- and or the ried chicken .ucket they are amous and uni;ue to many people.
It’s also a great place or amily- riends- couples and others. (Source% 444.e5plore)
This company is a su.sidiary concern o C.C. 9roup operating in Bangladesh since (GG*. The
company has .een set up its o4n Feedmill- Hatchery- and Broiler H "ayer Breeder arm at Sa/ar-
9aBipur and Chittagong. ! truly $ultinational Company 4ith registered Corporate Head Suarter
in Thailand ha/ing presents in +' countries in/ol/ed in multidimensional !gricultural H
Food Business< 9rand Carent Stock- Carent Stock- Hatchery- Feed $ill- Integration- Farming-
Fisheries- Seed- !;uaculture- Fish Farming- !nimal Health H Fast Food. (Source%