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What are the vehicles sold in the foreign markets?

Interestingly, it‟s neither a „Discover‟ nor a „Pulsar‟
that rules the African markets. It is instead the
„Boxer‟. A new 150 cc version of the Boxer was
introduced in Africa and the Philippines during
the year. In Latin America, however, the Pulsar
135 rules the roost.
It‟s a different ball game altogether closer home,
in Sri Lanka. Here, the humble three-wheeler is
the top seller. The strong demand is due to the
fact that customers use three-wheelers as personal
vehicles, says the annual report. This is what has
perhaps led to the introduction of the four-
wheeled auto or the RE 60 at the Auto Expo
earlier this year.
Not all of Bajaj‟s export ventures are doing equally
well though. In Indonesia alone, BAL operates
through a subsidiary called „PT Bajaj Indonesia‟.
Incorporated in 2007, this company assembles
and markets Pulsars in Indonesia. As of March
2012, the subsidiary made a loss of Rs. 12 crore.
Total investment in this company is at
about Rs. 138 crore.
The focus on emerging economies where demand
remained robust has been BAL‟s strong point in
2011-12. The depreciating rupee also boosted
export realisations for the company.
However, the company may not be as lucky in
2012-13, says the report. A substantial rise in
import duty in Sri Lanka, trade restrictions in
Argentina and dollar trade embargo in Iran
challenge the growth momentum.

Even as it lost market share in domestic
motorcycle market, Bajaj Auto is racing ahead in
many overseas markets and has claimed to have
captured top positions and significant market
Bajaj‟s top motorcycle brands Discover, Pulsar
and Boxer continue to see strong sales momentum
and have emerged strong brands in several
markets where Chinese and others brands are also
While there were strong market share
improvements across South Asia, the Middle East,
Latin America and Africa, Boxer is reported to
have become No.1 brand in Africa among all
“Both, Discover and Pulsar continued to gain
market share in key markets like Colombia,
Central America, Egypt, Sri Lanka and
Bangladesh. Boxer continued to hold market
share in Africa and, in many cases, gained at the
expense of Chinese brands to further strengthen
its leadership position in markets such as East
Africa and Nigeria,” revealed company‟s latest
annual document.
Bajaj Auto is way ahead of its other Indian
competitors in terms of exports. It shipped about
1.3 million two wheelers in FY14 which is
significantly higher (accounted for 69 per cent
India‟s bike exports) than its peers.
Presently, its major export destinations are Africa
(46 per cent), South Asia and Middle East (28 per
cent), Latin America (19 per cent) and Asean (7
per cent).
Total two wheeler (upto 250 cc) export market
size is estimated at $ 7 billion and is expected to
rise further due to low penetration level in many
emerging economies of Asia, Africa and Latin
Indian Companies have lot of ground to cover in
terms of export. Myanmar, Nigeria, Argentina,
Mexico and Venezuela are some of biggest
importer of two wheelers in the world. Indian
companies are virtually absent in Latin American
market. If these markets are tapped effectively, it
will provide further growth for Indian two wheeler
makers, pointed out a report of IndiaNivesh