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Business Dashboard

Dashboard Features

I guess we all have limited time
and email overload these days,
so it is refreshing to go directly to
the MAUS Business Dashboard
for a particular client or team,
review their current position and
upload new advice or
information for immediate
action. Its more than a
measurement tool, it is a
dynamic management system!

David Upson
UMT Consulting
Business Dashboard was developed as a tool to turn the average small-to-medium
sized businesses into a "high performance organisation.
Research indicated that the 3 key characteristics of high growth companies are
communication, collaboration and accountability.

Business Dashboard will instantly communicate your:
Business Plan
Strategies, staff objectives
Procedures & key documents employees through a web-based portal

This web-based interactive platform takes all your financials, strategies, obstacles and
action plans, and combines them into a one page dashboard. Align, engage and retain
your employees by using our metric management system. Instantly communicates your
strategies and key documents to your employees through a web publishing portal.
Develop a high performance business
Business Planning & Company Performance
1. Turns your Business Plan into a One Page living document
2. Creates a monthly snapshot of key metrics and strategies
3. Includes staff action & development plans

Document Management
1. Publish your policies and procedures into a central place
2. Publish OHS, Job Descriptions, key company links or reference material
3. Create interactive or permission based forms

Employee Management
1. Ensures company wide accountability by publishing action plans and
accountability targets
2. Records employee incidents & notifications or even staff warnings
3. Includes sick leave, annual leave forms & processes

Web based Portal
1. Remote access - logon from home, the office, airport lounge room or
anywhere that you can access the web
2. Up to the minute review
3. Access from smart phones, IPADS or any other smart device
Key Benefits
Easy to setup and use
Low cost
Instant report generation
Multi level permissions/security
Access from any device with internet
Weekly / monthly reports
Traffic light warnings
Includes strategies
Consultants Version

Professional Version

Enterprise Version

Available Versions

Based on a simplified balanced
scorecard methodology
Published by MAUS Business Systems -
Corprat Pty Ltd T/A MAUS Business Systems ABN: 55 084 644 208. Address: Suite 209, 117 Old Pittwater Rd Brookvale NSW Australia 2100
Tel: 1300 300 586 Fax: (02) 9939 5993 Email:

Business Planning

Less than 10% of strategies are successfully executed in the average business. Use
the Business Dashboard to keep your staff accountable on applying new strategies,
goals and targets. Not only will you be able to keep your staff motivated, you will also
enable you to record your monthly goals and targets for the company.

Human Resources

Use the HR documentation including Job Descriptions, Policies and Procedures,
Performance Review etc, to create documents in a fraction of the time.
After creating your forms you can use the MAUS Business Dashboard to publish
your documents onto the web-based portal. Now everyone has immediate access to
the latest information. This will help to maximise productivity and communication,
increase morale and assist with compliance to legislation.

Compliance Resources

The Compliance software can be used to save 50-90% of the time in assisting you
with creating your policies and plans. Use the Business Dashboard to publish your
policies onto the document management system. This will ensure that all employees
have access to the latest and updated expectations of the company.

Manage your employees and policies into one
web-based portal
Consultants & Investors

Accountants & Specialist Advisors

Business Dashboard will be the catalyst to implement a highly profitable business
advisory arm. The program also provides a systematic methodology that can help
establish a strong recurring revenue platform.

Business Advisory & Coaching firms

Business Dashboard offers a systemised business coaching platform. It turns an
informal meeting into a methodical process that has clear outcomes, responsibilities
and reporting at its conclusion.

Investors & Venture Capitalists

Business Dashboard helps you to protect your investment. Monthly reporting and an
accountability process is the key to a good long term partnership.
Business Dashboard bundles