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Diferent Green
Ways of using
Water Hyacinths
in Areas Near
Laguna De Bay
Agatha aye !astille"o
!ha#ter $% &ntro'uction
$($( Backgroun' of the #ro)lem
Why is Water Hyacinth consi'ere' to )e a nuisance*
+hysical +ro)lems , Water hyacinth mats clog -ater-ays. making )oating. /shing an'
almost all other -ater activities im#ossi)le( Water 0o- through -ater hyacinth mats is
greatly 'iminishe'. an acre of -ater hyacinth can -eigh more than 122 tons3
infestations can )e many acres in si4e(
Ecological &m#acts , Water hyacinth mats 'egra'e -ater 5uality )y )locking
#hotosynthesis. -hich greatly re'uces o6ygen levels in the -ater( 7his creates a
casca'ing efect )y re'ucing other un'er-ater life such as /sh an' other #lants( Water
hyacinth also re'uces )iological 'iversity. im#acts native su)merse' #lants. alters
immerse' #lant communities )y #ushing a-ay an' crushing them. an' also alter animal
communities )y )locking access to the -ater an'8or eliminating #lants the animals
'e#en' on for shelter an' nesting(
Ho- 'oes Water Hyacinth afect recreational users*
Due to the #hysical an' ecological #ro)lems create' )y Water Hyacinth. anglers.
)oaters. 9!:BA 'ivers an' s-immers are "ust a fe- of the grou#s that are signi/cantly
afecte'( Water Hyacinth 'egra'es -ater 5uality. -hich re'uces /shing o##ortunities(
When Water Hyacinth takes over a -ater -ay. it limits the use an' essentially makes it
very 'i;cult for )oaters an' s-immers( Also. -hen mats of Water Hyacinth are forme'.
un'er-ater visi)ility an' )io'iversity is signi/cantly com#romise' an' 9!:BA 'ivers are
una)le to en"oy various un'er-ater features(
$(1( 9tatement of the Research #ro)lem
Water Hyacinth can )e of a great hea'ache for those afecte' communities( Not
only it clogs -ater #assages )ut also afects livelihoo' of #eo#le that gets living in
-aters. contamination is also one of its 'isa'vantages(
7his stu'y aims to 'etermine green or environmental frien'ly -ays to get ri' an'
or minimi4e the e6istence of -ater hyacinths in areas that it serves nothing )ut -aste
an' #ro)lem(
$(1($( What are the green -ays to hel# re'uce the volume of -ater hyacinths in
afecte' )o'ies of -ater*
$(1(1( What ty#e of -ays can )e suita)le for the mem)ers of community -hen it
comes to recycling -ater hyacinths*
$(1(< Ho- can these -ater #lants turne' into -ay of living instea' of re'ucing
$(<( Research =)"ectives
All trash can )e of use for 'evelo#ment or hel# -hen utili4e' correctly( 7hese
a)un'ant -ater #lants 'oesn>t nee' s#ecial ty#e of re5uirements to gro-. it can gro-
almost on all ty#es of fresh -ater(
9ince source for this ty#e of #lant is not a #ro)lem. creating something out of it
that coul' )ene/t humans can )e not of a great #ro)lem(
$(<($ 7o 'etermine the green -ays to hel# re'uce the volume of -ater hyacinths
in afecte' )o'ies of -ater(
$(<(1 7o kno- the ty#e of -ays can )e suita)le for the mem)ers of community
-hen it comes to recycling -ater hyacinths(
$(<(< 7o 'istinguish ho- to make living out of this kin' of -aste #lants(
$(?( 9co#e an' Limitations
7his stu'y is limite' only -ith res#on'ents near !avite an' Laguna area that are
afecte' or coul' use -ater hyacinths coming from Laguna Lake 8 Laguna De Bay(
7he main focus of this stu'y is to 'etermine the means to make -ater hyacinth
#lant to )e of hel# -ith the community it is in an' -ith the activities that the area can
!ha#ter 1% Revie- of Relate' Literature
1($( Brief History
&t is only in recent years that a coor'inate' #rogramme of research has )een con'ucte'
-etlan's( &n the #ast. stu'ies -ere occasionally carrie' out on a #ro"ect )asis. )ut these
rather s#eci/c an' -ere not su;ciently com#rehensive to cover all -etlan' areas in the
7hus. for e6am#le. Laguna 'e Bay. the largest fresh-ater lake in the +hili##ines. has
stu'ie' intensively. -hile other lakes #erha#s of com#ara)le regional an' national
have scarcely )een stu'ie' at all( :ntil recently. censuses of -il'life have )een limite'
s#ora'ic( Ho-ever. since the launching of a conservation #rogramme in $@A$.
activities have )een gaining groun'. an' there has )een a great increase in -il'life
research on a
national )asis(
A consi'era)le amount of research has )een carrie' out on the mangrove resources(
+hili##ine National Mangrove !ommittee B$@ACD has recently revie-e' the status.
an' )iological an' ecological characteristics of the mangrove ecosystem in the
+hili##ines. an'
has summari4e' tra'itional usage of mangroves. commercial e6#loitation an'
conversion to other
uses( 7he !ommittee has 'iscusse' the 'evelo#ment of a National Mangrove
Management +lan.
an' has i'enti/e' a total of CA.E@< ha BEAF of the remaining mangrove forestD for
as conservation an' #reservation areas( 7he )alance -oul' )e allocate' for conversion
/sh #on's or release' for other uses(
A ma"or inventory an' assessment of +hili##ine -etlan's -as initiate' in $@AG as a
of the Asian Wetlan's &nventory( A #reliminary inventory of all -etlan' resources in the
has )een #re#are' un'er the coor'ination of the Hari)on oun'ation BHari)on
$@AGD. an' this has #rovi'e' the )asis for a com#rehensive National Wetlan's &nventory
to )e
)uilt u# in the years to come( 9urveys an' 'etaile' research #ro"ects have commence'
at many of
the nationally an' internationally im#ortant sites. an' a #rogramme of -aterfo-l
censuses has
)een initiate' in the three ma"or islan' grou#s(
7he Asian Wetlan' Bureau. in colla)oration -ith the orest Research &nstitute an' the
oun'ation. organi4e' a series of training courses on )ir',)an'ing an' -etlan' surveys
in the
+hili##ines in $@A?,AG. an' in A#ril an' May $@AC. con'ucte' a training #rogramme on
assessment techni5ues( 7he latter involve' groun' surveys at eight ma"or -etlan'
areas BHo-es.
$@ACD( &n Novem)er $@AC. the Asian Wetlan' Bureau esta)lishe' a +hili##ine o;ce at
De#artment of 9cience an' 7echnology. Region C. in Banila'( 7his o;ce -ill focus on
conservation e'ucation. training. -etlan' surveys. -etlan' an' -ater )ir' research. an'
#ro'uction of gui'elines for coastal 'evelo#ment(