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[04/07/14 12:43:42 pm] Divya Bahare: Please allow me to see when you are

[04/07/14 12:43:51 pm] Arjun Gupta: Arjun Gupta has shared contact details
with Divya Bahare.
[04/07/14 3:03:31 pm] Divya Bahare: Are you there?
[04/07/14 3:10:15 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[04/07/14 3:10:16 pm] Arjun Gupta: yes here
[04/07/14 3:14:07 pm] Divya Bahare: i want to know that which url forum want
to copy
[04/07/14 3:14:24 pm] Arjun Gupta:
[04/07/14 3:14:34 pm] Divya Bahare: okay
[04/07/14 3:14:54 pm] Arjun Gupta: the software should be capable of copying
any vbulletin forum to my own vbulletin forum
[04/07/14 3:16:33 pm] Divya Bahare: okay can you award me the project right
[04/07/14 3:16:52 pm] Divya Bahare: so that i can start with your project
[04/07/14 3:19:07 pm] Arjun Gupta: others are like
[04/07/14 3:20:02 pm] Divya Bahare: okay are you ready to award your project
[04/07/14 3:20:12 pm] Arjun Gupta: yes yes
[04/07/14 3:21:14 pm] Arjun Gupta: u r "codenlogic"??
[04/07/14 3:21:42 pm] Arjun Gupta: as in "codenlogic" from freelancer right?
[04/07/14 3:22:01 pm] Divya Bahare: yes
[04/07/14 3:22:48 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok
[04/07/14 3:22:57 pm] Arjun Gupta: so we were discussing regarding payment
thing there
[04/07/14 3:23:19 pm] Arjun Gupta: so u r ok with me sending you payments
directly to your bank account?
[04/07/14 3:23:52 pm] Divya Bahare: Okay but award me the project first
[04/07/14 3:24:20 pm] Arjun Gupta: then please change the amount in
[04/07/14 3:24:23 pm] Divya Bahare: yes
[04/07/14 3:24:58 pm] Arjun Gupta: as in please reduce it so that there are
issues afterwards
[04/07/14 3:26:32 pm] Divya Bahare: i told u in 150$
[04/07/14 3:26:53 pm] Divya Bahare: i think we decided on that amount
[04/07/14 3:27:37 pm] Arjun Gupta: i am ok with $150, but if I will pay you
directly in your bank account then there is no point of bidding $150 over
[04/07/14 3:28:14 pm] Arjun Gupta: so I will pay you $150, but in freelancer
please place a bid of the least amount as possible
[04/07/14 3:28:28 pm] Arjun Gupta: the rest amount will be paid directly to you
via bank transfer
[04/07/14 3:29:16 pm] Arjun Gupta: if you will bid for $150 and I will accept it,
then freelancer will charge $150 from me and recover there expenses
considering $150 as final amount
[04/07/14 3:29:48 pm] Divya Bahare: Okay jus wait
[05/07/14 3:02:23 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[05/07/14 6:18:49 pm] Divya Bahare: Hi
[05/07/14 6:19:23 pm] Arjun Gupta: any update on this?
[05/07/14 6:20:33 pm] Divya Bahare: actually i am really sorry to say that my
manager is not allowing me do that
[05/07/14 6:26:44 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok so you will go for freelancer option only
[05/07/14 6:26:46 pm] Arjun Gupta: right?
[05/07/14 6:27:19 pm] Divya Bahare: Yeah
[05/07/14 6:27:50 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok so lemme see, we can continue with the
freelancer option
[05/07/14 6:27:56 pm] Arjun Gupta: i will let you know
[05/07/14 6:28:02 pm] Arjun Gupta: how much time will this script take
[05/07/14 6:28:30 pm] Divya Bahare: Maximum 3 to 4 days
[05/07/14 6:28:55 pm] Divya Bahare: because sunday our company is closed
[05/07/14 6:54:09 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok
[07/07/14 12:59:11 pm] Divya Bahare: Hey
[07/07/14 1:06:23 pm] Arjun Gupta: hi
[07/07/14 1:06:44 pm] Divya Bahare: So what you decided?
[07/07/14 1:19:09 pm] Arjun Gupta: $150 is expensive for me
[07/07/14 1:19:59 pm] Divya Bahare: Okay will do but we have to go with
freelancer option only
[07/07/14 1:20:29 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok, but my budget is $100-$120
[07/07/14 1:21:36 pm] Divya Bahare: Nw you told me your budget is 150 and
now 100-200
[07/07/14 1:22:04 pm] Divya Bahare: Do you think that project is of 100$?
[07/07/14 1:22:58 pm] Arjun Gupta: hmm..
[07/07/14 1:23:13 pm] Arjun Gupta: can you give me your final offer price for
[07/07/14 1:23:27 pm] Divya Bahare: 150$
[07/07/14 1:25:56 pm] Divya Bahare: Actually you project is quit huge it not of
150$ also but still will make you project in 150$ if you want
[07/07/14 1:28:46 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok, then lets go for it
[07/07/14 1:28:59 pm] Arjun Gupta: but I want things to be done 100%
[07/07/14 1:29:17 pm] Arjun Gupta: plus this tool should be capable of
capturing multiple vbulletin based forums
[07/07/14 1:29:18 pm] Divya Bahare: you will get 100%perfection
[07/07/14 1:29:35 pm] Arjun Gupta: also it should be capable of being used on
other sites as well.
[07/07/14 1:29:42 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok?
[07/07/14 1:29:51 pm] Divya Bahare: yes sure
[07/07/14 1:29:56 pm] Arjun Gupta: chalo theek hai
[07/07/14 1:30:03 pm] Arjun Gupta: I will award this project to you
[07/07/14 1:31:03 pm] Arjun Gupta: I have awarded it to you
[07/07/14 1:31:31 pm] Divya Bahare: Okay but you to release 30% as i told you
[07/07/14 1:31:59 pm] Arjun Gupta: yes I will make a milestone of $45
[07/07/14 1:32:18 pm] Divya Bahare: Okay
[07/07/14 1:32:33 pm] Arjun Gupta: done
[07/07/14 1:32:36 pm] Arjun Gupta: please check
[07/07/14 1:33:29 pm] Divya Bahare: as we start the project i will be giving you
regular updates
[07/07/14 1:34:01 pm] Divya Bahare: by 1st update you have release 1st
milestone nd create 2nd
[07/07/14 1:34:07 pm] Divya Bahare: chalega?
[07/07/14 1:34:20 pm] Arjun Gupta: ekdam chalega :)
[07/07/14 1:34:29 pm] Divya Bahare: :D
[07/07/14 3:40:30 pm] Divya Bahare: This message has been removed.
[07/07/14 3:41:17 pm] Arjun Gupta: its showing an error
[07/07/14 3:41:18 pm] Arjun Gupta: your last message has been removed
[07/07/14 3:41:37 pm] Divya Bahare: +
[07/07/14 3:42:05 pm] Arjun Gupta: now its showing only a plus (+) mark
[07/07/14 3:42:36 pm] Divya Bahare: It happened by mistake
[08/07/14 10:02:31 am] Divya Bahare: Good morning:)
[08/07/14 10:44:28 am] Arjun Gupta: Good Morning
[08/07/14 11:50:46 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[08/07/14 11:51:05 am] Arjun Gupta: for the purpose of plagiarism, I have a text
file which is to be used as a spinner
[08/07/14 11:51:36 am] Arjun Gupta sent a file to this group:
[08/07/14 11:51:44 am] Arjun Gupta: you may use this
[08/07/14 11:51:56 am] Arjun Gupta: text is separated by | for each line
[08/07/14 12:01:59 pm] Divya Bahare: Divya Bahare created a group
[08/07/14 12:10:03 pm] Divya Bahare: the group io created can you remove
yourself it happened by mistake
[08/07/14 12:12:07 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok
[08/07/14 12:13:44 pm] Divya Bahare: i will add you with my project manager
you give discuss whole description with him
[08/07/14 12:14:18 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok
[14/07/14 11:57:08 am] Divya Bahare: are you there
[14/07/14 11:57:22 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi
[14/07/14 11:58:10 am] Arjun Gupta: You wont get legal permission from the
target site owner
[14/07/14 11:58:24 am] Arjun Gupta: You wont get xml data for the site
[14/07/14 11:58:58 am] Arjun Gupta: Max you can get is RSS2 file n that too for
the site as a whole
[14/07/14 12:00:32 pm] Arjun Gupta: Time is not much an issue from my side.
[14/07/14 12:01:25 pm] Divya Bahare: We want exact url for the forums
[14/07/14 12:01:49 pm] Arjun Gupta: That is possible
[14/07/14 12:02:06 pm] Arjun Gupta: As in the exact url thing is possible
[14/07/14 12:10:29 pm] Divya Bahare: ??
[14/07/14 1:03:32 pm] Divya Bahare: Are you there?
[14/07/14 6:15:30 pm] Divya Bahare: need url if url support then it will work
[14/07/14 6:24:06 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[14/07/14 6:24:17 pm] Arjun Gupta: Please add me as a contact
[14/07/14 6:24:52 pm] Arjun Gupta: you need specific URLs or all vbulletin
forums will work?
[14/07/14 6:25:00 pm] Divya Bahare: Divya Bahare has shared contact details
with Arjun Gupta.
[14/07/14 6:25:16 pm] Arjun Gupta:
[14/07/14 6:25:17 pm] Arjun Gupta:
[15/07/14 10:01:33 am] Divya Bahare: Gud morning are you there?
[15/07/14 10:02:45 am] Divya Bahare: Which all links is to be copied on new
[15/07/14 10:14:37 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi
[15/07/14 10:14:42 am] Arjun Gupta: Yep here now
[15/07/14 10:15:11 am] Arjun Gupta:
[15/07/14 10:15:20 am] Arjun Gupta: These urls need to be copied
[15/07/14 10:15:47 am] Divya Bahare: Okay
[15/07/14 11:57:52 am] Divya Bahare: hey
[15/07/14 12:03:34 pm] Divya Bahare: ARE YOU THERE KINDLY REPLY AS
[15/07/14 12:03:58 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi
[15/07/14 12:04:09 pm] Arjun Gupta: Yes please let me know your query
[15/07/14 12:05:05 pm] Divya Bahare: txt me in the new group
[15/07/14 12:05:19 pm] Divya Bahare: just now have created
[15/07/14 12:06:24 pm] Divya Bahare: ??
[15/07/14 12:06:26 pm] Divya Bahare: ??
[15/07/14 12:07:27 pm] Divya Bahare: have you got my message in group?
[15/07/14 12:07:35 pm] Arjun Gupta: There are two groups
[15/07/14 12:07:36 pm] Arjun Gupta: One which should i reply??
[15/07/14 12:13:45 pm] Divya Bahare: Have you added project manager
[15/07/14 12:23:47 pm] Divya Bahare: tell me u want by 3pm
[15/07/14 12:23:57 pm] Divya Bahare: them*
[15/07/14 3:42:16 pm] Divya Bahare: are you there?
[15/07/14 3:42:52 pm] Arjun Gupta: Yep
[15/07/14 3:42:55 pm] Arjun Gupta: Tell me
[15/07/14 3:43:37 pm] Divya Bahare: can you send me your id?
[15/07/14 3:44:17 pm] Divya Bahare: i need to you an update
[15/07/14 3:47:05 pm] Divya Bahare: ??
[15/07/14 3:49:42 pm] Arjun Gupta: Email id?
[15/07/14 3:49:52 pm] Arjun Gupta: Its
[15/07/14 3:51:52 pm] Divya Bahare: i am giving you an update right now
[15/07/14 3:52:03 pm] Arjun Gupta: Ok
[15/07/14 3:52:24 pm] Divya Bahare: after that you have to release me 50$ will
it do?
[15/07/14 3:52:46 pm] Arjun Gupta: Whats included in that update?
[15/07/14 3:59:59 pm] Divya Bahare: check your email
[15/07/14 4:00:50 pm] Arjun Gupta: Not received yr mail yet
[15/07/14 4:01:18 pm] Arjun Gupta: Please make sure its
[15/07/14 4:01:38 pm] Divya Bahare: wait jus now have send
[15/07/14 4:09:43 pm] Divya Bahare: have you got the mail?
[15/07/14 4:12:23 pm] Arjun Gupta: yes
[15/07/14 4:12:26 pm] Arjun Gupta: got your mail now
[15/07/14 4:18:10 pm] Divya Bahare: Have you seen
[15/07/14 4:18:20 pm] Arjun Gupta: yes
[15/07/14 4:18:47 pm] Divya Bahare: so now can you release 50$ now
[15/07/14 4:19:13 pm] Arjun Gupta: I will revert your mail
[15/07/14 4:32:41 pm] Divya Bahare: i didnt got your email yet
[15/07/14 4:32:50 pm] Arjun Gupta: please wait for 5 min
[15/07/14 4:32:54 pm] Arjun Gupta: I will send you
[15/07/14 4:33:21 pm] Divya Bahare: Okay
[15/07/14 4:45:57 pm] Divya Bahare: ??
[15/07/14 4:46:11 pm] Arjun Gupta: i hv mailed you a reply
[15/07/14 4:50:46 pm] Divya Bahare: okay now plz release 50$ for the project
[15/07/14 4:51:04 pm] Arjun Gupta: sir such show toh karo!!
[15/07/14 4:51:14 pm] Arjun Gupta: You have not shown me anything
[15/07/14 4:51:26 pm] Arjun Gupta: I should at least feel that something is
going on
[15/07/14 4:53:25 pm] Divya Bahare: whatever have been done atleast pay me
for that
[15/07/14 4:54:14 pm] Arjun Gupta: Sir, I am OK with paying you for thing that
you are doing
[15/07/14 4:54:27 pm] Arjun Gupta: but till now I have received only a mail
from your side
[15/07/14 4:54:41 pm] Arjun Gupta: and $50 just for a mail isn't justified
[15/07/14 4:54:46 pm] Arjun Gupta: right?
[15/07/14 4:58:01 pm] Divya Bahare: that was an update of your project i told
you first only you have to pay for it
[15/07/14 4:59:33 pm] Arjun Gupta: you mean to say that you have already
started working on this??
[15/07/14 4:59:47 pm] Arjun Gupta: and you not starting from the first step
[15/07/14 4:59:49 pm] Arjun Gupta: right?
[15/07/14 5:03:27 pm] Divya Bahare: Fine but atleast release something
according to payment terms first only have to be released but for you i told you
to create it
[15/07/14 5:04:16 pm] Arjun Gupta: Sir please tell me what you have done till
[15/07/14 5:06:27 pm] Divya Bahare: okay chalo fine
[15/07/14 5:07:01 pm] Divya Bahare: have you clearified all the points with
project manager
[15/07/14 5:10:35 pm] Divya Bahare: acha listen
[15/07/14 5:14:42 pm] Divya Bahare: he want vbulloten in website
exactlly you want all forum details or some of
if we go for exactlly same then that may be not possible
[15/07/14 5:15:37 pm] Arjun Gupta: then please check for the same
[15/07/14 5:15:40 pm] Arjun Gupta: and confirm
[15/07/14 5:16:14 pm] Divya Bahare: you want it same only?
[15/07/14 5:16:38 pm] Arjun Gupta: try for the same, or else tell me how it
would differ
[15/07/14 5:17:40 pm] Divya Bahare: same it wont be possible
[15/07/14 5:24:21 pm] Arjun Gupta: sir difference kya aayega ye toh bataoo
[15/07/14 5:25:32 pm] Divya Bahare: First of all i am a female not sir
[15/07/14 5:26:07 pm] Arjun Gupta: ohh
[15/07/14 5:26:08 pm] Arjun Gupta: sorry
[15/07/14 5:26:29 pm] Arjun Gupta: so ma'am please enlighten me about the
[15/07/14 5:34:21 pm] Divya Bahare: Yes sure let me take it from my project
[15/07/14 5:34:41 pm] Arjun Gupta: okay
[16/07/14 11:10:00 am] Divya Bahare: Hey
[16/07/14 11:12:28 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi
[16/07/14 2:34:19 pm] Divya Bahare: Are you there?
[16/07/14 2:36:12 pm] Divya Bahare: ??
[16/07/14 2:42:52 pm] Divya Bahare: Will you plz reply arjun Sir
[16/07/14 2:49:08 pm] Arjun Gupta: Yes ma'am
[16/07/14 2:49:11 pm] Arjun Gupta: I m here
[16/07/14 2:49:18 pm] Arjun Gupta: Tell ne
[16/07/14 2:50:06 pm] Divya Bahare: your update
[16/07/14 2:50:37 pm] Arjun Gupta: Please tell me
[16/07/14 2:50:50 pm] Divya Bahare:
[16/07/14 2:51:14 pm] Divya Bahare: Kindly check these links
[16/07/14 2:51:19 pm] Arjun Gupta: Ok
[16/07/14 2:51:58 pm] Arjun Gupta: It's asking for a url
[16/07/14 2:52:03 pm] Arjun Gupta: What should I enter
[16/07/14 2:52:21 pm] Divya Bahare: any url which ever you want
[16/07/14 2:53:29 pm] Divya Bahare: It will show all needed data
[16/07/14 2:53:44 pm] Arjun Gupta: It is showing some 301: permanently
moved title
[16/07/14 2:54:01 pm] Arjun Gupta: And then it is showing 2 links
[16/07/14 2:54:09 pm] Arjun Gupta: Which opens up the destination website
[16/07/14 2:54:10 pm] Divya Bahare: which link you are talking about
[16/07/14 2:54:31 pm] Arjun Gupta: I tried to enter
[16/07/14 2:54:39 pm] Arjun Gupta: The first link
[16/07/14 2:54:58 pm] Arjun Gupta: Second shows some text which i am not
able to understand
[16/07/14 2:56:41 pm] Divya Bahare: when you open the 1st link just insert
your url
[16/07/14 2:57:01 pm] Arjun Gupta: Did that
[16/07/14 2:57:29 pm] Divya Bahare: Can you see the 'here' option just click on
[16/07/14 2:58:28 pm] Arjun Gupta: Not able to see here option
Only extract all urls option is there
[16/07/14 2:58:37 pm] Arjun Gupta: The next page shows this
[16/07/14 2:58:39 pm] Arjun Gupta: Extract website links

Href Image Meta Tag
Title :: 301 Moved Permanently
Links: 1

[16/07/14 2:58:59 pm] Divya Bahare: click on that option
[16/07/14 2:59:10 pm] Arjun Gupta: N clicking here opens the website page
[16/07/14 2:59:35 pm] Divya Bahare: Yes so thats what i am telling
[16/07/14 2:59:47 pm] Divya Bahare: what you want that
[16/07/14 3:00:08 pm] Arjun Gupta: What should I do now
[16/07/14 3:00:38 pm] Divya Bahare: This is an update
[16/07/14 3:00:58 pm] Divya Bahare: we finished you work that much till now
[16/07/14 3:01:10 pm] Divya Bahare: Do you agree with it or not
[16/07/14 3:02:15 pm] Arjun Gupta: Ma'am what should I agree with!!
[16/07/14 3:02:44 pm] Divya Bahare: Nothing
[16/07/14 3:03:17 pm] Divya Bahare: i got the first update from the developer
which i have send you
[16/07/14 3:03:53 pm] Arjun Gupta: Accha
[16/07/14 3:04:00 pm] Arjun Gupta: That is fine then
[16/07/14 3:04:56 pm] Divya Bahare: Yes so now you have to release me some
of the amount
[16/07/14 3:05:07 pm] Arjun Gupta: Ok
[16/07/14 3:05:27 pm] Arjun Gupta: I will release it in the evening
[16/07/14 3:05:46 pm] Divya Bahare: Release me 80$ atleast
[16/07/14 3:06:39 pm] Arjun Gupta: Ma'am dont you think that $80 for only this
much is unreasonably high
[16/07/14 3:06:59 pm] Arjun Gupta: Means you have shown me a script that
does nothing
[16/07/14 3:07:03 pm] Divya Bahare: So how much your going to release
[16/07/14 3:07:34 pm] Arjun Gupta: I will release $50
[16/07/14 3:07:50 pm] Arjun Gupta: And create a milestone for another $80
[16/07/14 3:08:04 pm] Divya Bahare: Chalo thik hai
[16/07/14 3:08:11 pm] Arjun Gupta: But then next time please make sure that
your script is working
[16/07/14 3:08:16 pm] Arjun Gupta: Or atleast doing something
[16/07/14 3:08:30 pm] Arjun Gupta: Abhi toh its just showing me ghe same url
that I have entered
[16/07/14 3:09:20 pm] Divya Bahare: 1. 30% kick off the project.
2. 20% design and wireframe is ready.
3. 30% when beta launch.
4. 20% when all bugs is fixed and all sources are on your server then after
[16/07/14 3:09:41 pm] Divya Bahare: These are payments terms which we
[16/07/14 3:09:45 pm] Arjun Gupta: Ok
[16/07/14 3:10:09 pm] Divya Bahare: Release now
[16/07/14 3:10:32 pm] Arjun Gupta: Any estimated time which your developer
[16/07/14 3:10:54 pm] Arjun Gupta: Wont be able to release now
But I will release it after an hour or max by evening
[16/07/14 3:11:29 pm] Divya Bahare: Why cant you release now Sir
[16/07/14 3:11:42 pm] Arjun Gupta: I am chatting with you from mobile
[16/07/14 3:12:24 pm] Arjun Gupta: Freelancer works very slow on mobile
[16/07/14 3:12:54 pm] Divya Bahare: release it in an hour because i wont be
there in the evening plz
[16/07/14 3:12:59 pm] Arjun Gupta: Ok
[16/07/14 3:30:54 pm] Divya Bahare:
[16/07/14 3:31:05 pm] Divya Bahare: check out this link
[16/07/14 3:31:50 pm] Divya Bahare: ?
[16/07/14 3:31:58 pm] Arjun Gupta: Checking
[16/07/14 3:38:01 pm] Arjun Gupta: it is a copy on one of the pages of
[16/07/14 3:41:18 pm] Divya Bahare: there is no changes or what?
[16/07/14 4:54:25 pm] Divya Bahare: Are you there?
[16/07/14 4:54:40 pm] Arjun Gupta: yes
[16/07/14 4:55:02 pm] Divya Bahare: Its almost an hour have to leave
[16/07/14 4:55:12 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok
[16/07/14 4:55:14 pm] Arjun Gupta: please wait
[16/07/14 4:55:37 pm] Divya Bahare: Yes
[16/07/14 5:00:23 pm] Arjun Gupta: I have released the first miestone
[16/07/14 5:00:26 pm] Arjun Gupta: milestone
[16/07/14 5:00:28 pm] Arjun Gupta: $45
[16/07/14 5:02:28 pm] Arjun Gupta: got it??
[16/07/14 5:02:30 pm] Arjun Gupta: please confirm
[16/07/14 5:03:14 pm] Divya Bahare: give me 2 min
[16/07/14 5:03:43 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok
[16/07/14 5:22:38 pm] Divya Bahare: Yes i got it
[22/07/14 2:36:22 pm] Divya Bahare: Hi
[22/07/14 2:36:30 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi
[22/07/14 2:37:33 pm] Divya Bahare: Actually wants to talk to you about your
project which is sent by developer'
[22/07/14 2:37:45 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok
[22/07/14 2:38:14 pm] Divya Bahare: 1) posts from client's site should be from
the exact same user who posted on the target site. The users could be in
thousands so it is better that the script is able to produce the same
and link posts and users on a one to one basis.
In this case just we fetch user name and all details like email/ address not
possible on screen. We have just name not other details so we have shown user
virtually, but in real it do not have account on website. This much possible. If
client ready with this condition then just scrap post name in one column of excel.
2) client wants the same threads of posts and comments as they are in the target
site. when we update the database on daily basis, only new posts and their
comments should come. If any new comments for old posts are there, then
should also come with same date, same user. Without any over-writing of data
its not possible with on-screen url scrapping. Again some other for some
other requirements to meet perfectly, we need database access of other forums
which is not at all possible. And also by doing on-screen scrapping, many
things are not possible, like linking users to posts and comments, updating
database with lots of restrictions etc.
[22/07/14 2:39:59 pm] Arjun Gupta: I am OK with the first point, but I didn't get
what this means:
If client ready with this condition then just scrap post name in one column of
[22/07/14 2:40:53 pm] Arjun Gupta: regarding the second point, how much of
the comments will show up?? (none or only till that point at which this script is
ran for the first time)
[22/07/14 2:41:08 pm] Arjun Gupta: please throw some light on these
[23/07/14 3:32:40 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[23/07/14 3:33:03 pm] Divya Bahare: HI
[23/07/14 3:33:08 pm] Arjun Gupta: how are you
[23/07/14 3:33:23 pm] Divya Bahare: I am good what about you?
[23/07/14 3:33:27 pm] Arjun Gupta: good
[23/07/14 3:33:40 pm] Arjun Gupta: I didn't got your 2nd point yesterday
[23/07/14 3:34:41 pm] Divya Bahare: In short it means we can do srapping but
we cant move further because its kind of hacking right?
[23/07/14 3:34:59 pm] Arjun Gupta: hacking!!!!
[23/07/14 3:35:04 pm] Arjun Gupta: how come this is hacking?
[23/07/14 3:36:36 pm] Divya Bahare: developer says we can scrapp like you
told from one forum to another they says its kind of hacking
[23/07/14 3:36:46 pm] Arjun Gupta: see
[23/07/14 3:36:51 pm] Arjun Gupta: till scrapping its cool
[23/07/14 3:37:04 pm] Arjun Gupta: but don't try to get anyone's database
[23/07/14 3:37:46 pm] Divya Bahare: just wait ill let you know
[25/07/14 10:51:46 am] Divya Bahare: Hi
[25/07/14 10:51:55 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi
[25/07/14 10:52:07 am] Divya Bahare: How are you?
[25/07/14 10:52:27 am] Arjun Gupta: good
[25/07/14 10:52:28 am] Arjun Gupta: u tell
[25/07/14 10:52:44 am] Divya Bahare: I am also fine thank you
[25/07/14 10:53:45 am] Divya Bahare: so actually want to tell that as developer
told me that they cant do work further because its a hacking work
[25/07/14 10:57:33 am] Arjun Gupta: give me your number
[25/07/14 10:57:40 am] Arjun Gupta: i will call you
[25/07/14 10:58:19 am] Divya Bahare: can i call you from skype right now?
[25/07/14 10:59:00 am] Divya Bahare: Call started
[25/07/14 10:59:00 am] Arjun Gupta: Call ended busy
[25/07/14 10:59:46 am] Divya Bahare: Call started
[25/07/14 10:59:46 am] Arjun Gupta: Call ended busy
[25/07/14 11:00:03 am] Divya Bahare: ??
[25/07/14 11:00:51 am] Arjun Gupta: I am in office, won't look nice if i will talk
on the speaker phone of my office
[25/07/14 11:01:00 am] Arjun Gupta: give me your phone number, I will call
[25/07/14 11:01:34 am] Divya Bahare: Just a sec
[25/07/14 11:02:35 am] Divya Bahare: 7767999116, 7767999601, 7767999114
[25/07/14 11:02:51 am] Divya Bahare: my company number you can call on this
[25/07/14 11:08:53 am] Arjun Gupta: further if you need to contact me you may
call me on 9999112999
[25/07/14 11:09:25 am] Divya Bahare: yup sure :)
[25/07/14 11:37:45 am] Divya Bahare: 1) sample vBulletine website html


row data
[25/07/14 11:37:59 am] Divya Bahare: Just check out these links
[25/07/14 11:40:58 am] Divya Bahare: :|
[25/07/14 11:41:14 am] Divya Bahare: i dont know whats going
[25/07/14 11:41:28 am] Arjun Gupta: how to use this?
[25/07/14 11:42:01 am] Divya Bahare: no y these people making so many group
[25/07/14 11:43:57 am] Divya Bahare: have you seen those links
[25/07/14 11:44:27 am] Arjun Gupta: yes
[29/07/14 12:13:54 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[29/07/14 12:14:10 pm] Divya Bahare: Hi
[29/07/14 12:14:15 pm] Divya Bahare: How are you?
[29/07/14 12:14:21 pm] Arjun Gupta: good
[29/07/14 12:14:23 pm] Arjun Gupta: u tell
[29/07/14 12:14:34 pm] Divya Bahare: yes i also fine
[29/07/14 12:15:09 pm] Arjun Gupta: can you please ask the developer for
estimated completion time of the project.
[29/07/14 12:16:20 pm] Divya Bahare: right at the morning as i came office i ask
them about the project they says they working on it as it is very big project
[29/07/14 12:19:00 pm] Arjun Gupta: still are they giving any estimation
[29/07/14 12:20:03 pm] Divya Bahare: yes they can but after sometime
[05/08/14 10:28:58 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[05/08/14 10:30:35 am] Divya Bahare: Hi
[05/08/14 10:30:39 am] Divya Bahare: How are you?
[05/08/14 10:30:42 am] Arjun Gupta: good
[05/08/14 10:30:44 am] Arjun Gupta: u tell
[05/08/14 10:31:06 am] Divya Bahare: i also gud
[05/08/14 10:31:26 am] Divya Bahare: developer is working on your project
[05/08/14 10:34:30 am] Divya Bahare: Call started
[05/08/14 10:34:30 am] Arjun Gupta: Call ended no answer
[05/08/14 10:35:10 am] Arjun Gupta: estimated time for completion of the
[05/08/14 10:35:14 am] Arjun Gupta: should I call you
[05/08/14 10:35:35 am] Divya Bahare: you cant call on skype?
[05/08/14 10:36:38 am] Arjun Gupta: quality issues are always there on skype
[05/08/14 10:36:48 am] Arjun Gupta: should I call on the same number that you
gave me before
[05/08/14 10:38:06 am] Divya Bahare: 7767999601
[05/08/14 10:38:14 am] Divya Bahare: cal me on this number
[05/08/14 10:38:47 am] Arjun Gupta: calling..
[06/08/14 9:47:27 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[06/08/14 9:47:34 am] Arjun Gupta: u had a word with him?
[06/08/14 9:48:41 am] Divya Bahare: yes he is not in office right as
soon as he will come ill give you a call
[06/08/14 9:49:31 am] Arjun Gupta: ok
[06/08/14 9:50:10 am] Divya Bahare: by the way good morning
[06/08/14 9:50:17 am] Arjun Gupta: good morning
[06/08/14 9:50:25 am] Arjun Gupta: how are you today
[06/08/14 9:50:47 am] Divya Bahare: lame climate is so horrible
[06/08/14 9:52:11 am] Arjun Gupta: where do you put on!!
[06/08/14 9:53:13 am] Divya Bahare: sorry i didnt get you
[06/08/14 9:53:22 am] Arjun Gupta: where do you live
[06/08/14 9:53:27 am] Arjun Gupta: as in which city
[06/08/14 9:53:57 am] Divya Bahare: Nashik capital of wine,maharashtra
[06/08/14 9:54:03 am] Arjun Gupta: o
[06/08/14 9:54:04 am] Arjun Gupta: ok
[06/08/14 9:54:15 am] Arjun Gupta: its a nice city
[06/08/14 9:54:27 am] Arjun Gupta: we are dying for whether to rain
[06/08/14 9:54:46 am] Divya Bahare: its raining horribly over here
[06/08/14 9:54:59 am] Divya Bahare: (angry)
[06/08/14 9:56:17 am] Divya Bahare: you stay in delhi right?
[06/08/14 9:56:48 am] Arjun Gupta: yes
[06/08/14 9:57:42 am] Divya Bahare: its is nice place similar to mumbai right
[06/08/14 9:58:01 am] Arjun Gupta: there is no natural beauty here
[06/08/14 9:58:15 am] Arjun Gupta: every thing is developed by humans only
[06/08/14 9:58:16 am] Arjun Gupta: :)
[06/08/14 9:58:36 am] Arjun Gupta: But I think mumbai is better after all its a
Political Capital
[06/08/14 9:58:48 am] Arjun Gupta: sorry financial capital
[06/08/14 9:58:54 am] Arjun Gupta: delhi is political capital
[06/08/14 9:59:22 am] Divya Bahare: yeah.... :)
[06/08/14 4:54:14 pm] Arjun Gupta: had a word with him?
[08/08/14 4:38:26 pm] Divya Bahare: Hey
[08/08/14 4:38:48 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi
[08/08/14 4:40:42 pm] Divya Bahare: you want to have a conversation with my
developer and project manager right?
[09/08/14 12:54:08 pm] Divya Bahare: ?
[09/08/14 1:39:12 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi
[09/08/14 1:39:19 pm] Arjun Gupta: I am out right now
[09/08/14 1:40:23 pm] Arjun Gupta: But I just want to know the estimated
completion time
[09/08/14 1:40:35 pm] Arjun Gupta: Please ask him and let me know
[16/08/14 3:16:50 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[16/08/14 3:29:42 pm] Arjun Gupta: Please let me know when u r available
[18/08/14 11:02:36 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[18/08/14 11:17:10 am] Arjun Gupta: ma'am reply toh kardo!!
[18/08/14 11:19:17 am] Divya Bahare: Yes
[18/08/14 11:19:17 am] Divya Bahare: tell me
[18/08/14 11:19:38 am] Arjun Gupta: please ask the developer regarding the
completion time
[18/08/14 11:19:45 am] Arjun Gupta: it has been quite a long time now
[18/08/14 11:20:09 am] Arjun Gupta: if there is some difficulties than please let
me know as well, so that we can sort things out
[18/08/14 11:21:08 am] Divya Bahare: Yes there are some difficulties regerding
your project
[18/08/14 11:21:08 am] Divya Bahare: my developer havnt came yet
[18/08/14 11:21:16 am] Divya Bahare: as soon as he will come ill let you know
[18/08/14 11:21:39 am] Divya Bahare: can you send me number once again it
has been misplaced
[18/08/14 11:21:50 am] Arjun Gupta: 09999112999
[18/08/14 11:23:44 am] Divya Bahare: Okay as soon as he will come ill give u a
[18/08/14 11:23:48 am] Divya Bahare: is it okay
[18/08/14 11:23:51 am] Arjun Gupta: ok
[18/08/14 4:58:26 pm] Arjun Gupta: Is the developer on leave today?
[19/08/14 11:29:16 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[19/08/14 3:43:18 pm] Arjun Gupta: hello,
[27/08/14 9:12:57 am] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[27/08/14 9:12:58 am] Arjun Gupta: Please let me know when you are available
[27/08/14 12:03:13 pm] Arjun Gupta: Hi!
[27/08/14 12:03:38 pm] Arjun Gupta: Divya Ji what happen
why are you not replying
and what is happening about my project??
[27/08/14 12:06:52 pm] Arjun Gupta: Call started
[27/08/14 12:07:40 pm] Arjun Gupta: Call ended
[27/08/14 12:07:49 pm] Divya Bahare: Hi
[27/08/14 12:08:04 pm] Divya Bahare: Sorry to reply so late
[27/08/14 12:08:06 pm] Arjun Gupta: what is the status of my project??
[27/08/14 12:08:32 pm] Divya Bahare: let me take a update just give me 15 min
[27/08/14 12:08:59 pm] Arjun Gupta: last time also you asked 15 min and then
you stopped replying only
[27/08/14 12:09:36 pm] Divya Bahare: yesterday i came here in the office
[27/08/14 12:09:52 pm] Divya Bahare: i was on leave
[27/08/14 12:10:33 pm] Arjun Gupta: I am trying to contact you since 8th
[27/08/14 12:10:38 pm] Arjun Gupta: for the same thing
[27/08/14 12:10:49 pm] Arjun Gupta: now please ask the developer about the
[27/08/14 12:11:21 pm] Divya Bahare: yes give me sometime
[27/08/14 12:43:17 pm] Arjun Gupta: any updat
[27/08/14 12:43:24 pm] Arjun Gupta: any update*
[27/08/14 12:43:55 pm] Divya Bahare: he didnt came yet
[27/08/14 12:44:07 pm] Divya Bahare: he is going to come at 3
[27/08/14 12:44:23 pm] Divya Bahare: the developer working on this project
[27/08/14 12:44:31 pm] Arjun Gupta: can you give me his contact details like
phone number, email id, Skype id
[27/08/14 12:45:38 pm] Divya Bahare: now he is not available so i cant right
now after he will come will ask him and can give u
[27/08/14 12:45:48 pm] Arjun Gupta: ok
[27/08/14 12:45:53 pm] Arjun Gupta: please ping me at 3
[27/08/14 12:45:59 pm] Divya Bahare: sure
[27/08/14 3:52:16 pm] Arjun Gupta: any update
[27/08/14 3:55:33 pm] Arjun Gupta: ma'am developer aaya??
[27/08/14 3:55:52 pm] Divya Bahare: No not yet
[27/08/14 5:39:24 pm] Arjun Gupta: any update regarding your developer??
[30/08/14 9:51:00 am] Arjun Gupta: It has been 4 days and no sign of your
[30/08/14 11:23:58 am] Arjun Gupta: are you there??
[30/08/14 11:29:30 am] Arjun Gupta: Divya this is very unprofessional, if you
are not willing to work on this project, then say it straightaway rather than
keeping things on bottleneck
[30/08/14 11:56:33 am] Arjun Gupta: reply toh kardo!